The current physical creation [universe] is expected to go into dissolution at a point within the next 30 years.  As the scheduled event draws closer, we will do watches and warnings.  However, at this point, we wish to go over the general events involved.  Dissolutions are scheduled events.  The time of dissolution is preset at the time of creation, when the so called "singularity" which creates a physical universe is initialized, and therefore cannot be changed.  The event is determined by this time function only and has no relationship to people being "good" or "bad".  It is strictly mechanical. 

The upcoming dissolution is a "minor dissolution" which will effect the physical and astral planes only.  To survive such a dissolution in an alert state, a Soul must be at least competent at the level of the causal plane.  Those less competent will go into suspense at the lower levels of the causal plane where they will remain until the physical and astral planes are recreated.  This will be a period equal to the period of the existence of the previous creation.  Because of this, the alert Souls will complete their lower world development tasks on the causal and mental planes and then leave for the upper Spiritual planes.  They will not experience physical reality again unless they choose to return to a new creation someday as a developed Spiritual Master on assignment.  The new creation will be populated by the Souls in suspense and will begin with a "golden age" and gradually progress through the classic four stages until it, too, goes into dissolution.  These standardized cycles continue, essentially, indefinitely.