Do Nothing.  This is unacceptable because the Soulless creatures have left Earth and now pose a clear danger to natural life forms in the galaxy.


Destroy the planet Earth.  This is unacceptable because all life forms with the exception of the artificially created homo sapien sapien group are living in compliance with the Universal Laws and either have individual Souls or operate under a group Soul and so are creatures recognized by the Creator as legitimate life forms.  Only about 2% of the homo sapien sapien creatures have Souls.  Originally, none of these creatures had a Soul because they were manufactured and not ordained by the Creator.  It appears that, over time, wandering Souls chose to interface with these Soulless forms, became trapped in the extreme negativity present here and were unable to escape and so have remained trapped here.


Erase the homo sapien sapien forms from existence.  They have no standing with the Creator since they were manufactured.  All off world installations created by these creatures are to be destroyed.  Their presence is to be erased from existence.  The Souls of the 2% of these creatures who have become associated with a Soul are to be collected and turned over to IGP for judgment.  Those Souls who have chosen the left hand path are to be sentenced to banishment and will never return to this dimension.  Those Souls who have chosen the right hand path or are immature and uncommitted are to be allowed to incarnate in a legitimate physical form appropriate for their level of Spiritual development.  This is the only acceptable alternative which would comply with Universal Law and Directive One.

Alternative 3 is ordered under SO-1 authority.