Here we wish to discuss one of the functions of IGC which is planetary analysis.  By now you should know that life forms are basically energy constructs.  When they exist in a physical dimension, they can be described or cataloged by a form identifier such as UO and a state of consciousness level identifier such as 22 for primarily material and 31 for primarily Spiritual.  These lead to the standard codes such as, e.g., "UO-3108".

Since developing Souls have many lifetimes, when we look at the life forms on a planet, we want to determine the "loopback point".  This is the plane where the average Soul is likely to spend the period between lifetimes.  In the case of Earth, the loopback point is a lower Astral zone generally called the "belief system area".  Earth has been aptly described as a planet where the inhabits spend their time in a state of tribal warfare.

Let's take a closer look at how this dynamic operates.  In the first place, the belief system region of the Astral world exists because the power of peoples' beliefs created it.  Whenever you have a reasonably large enough group of people who strongly believe in something - anything - the power of the belief creates this reality in the Astral world, a very pliant medium which is shaped by thought.  So, when a member of one of the "tribes" who has spent his life fighting against one or more other tribes to defend his "belief" dies, he finds himself in the corresponding belief system zone on the Astral plane which he generally thinks is "heaven".  Now, all the other belief systems are here also, but the belief system zone in horizontally compartmentalized so people only see their belief system.  Since they are in familiar surroundings which reflect and support their belief and with friends, there is a period of positive reinforcement.  When they reincarnate back into the same social group, the subconscious impressions or samskaras will lead them to repeat their previous life which will generally mean that they will die fighting someone referenced to a different belief system.  At this point, the whole process repeats.

What would be a "fix" for a situation like this?  Well, the natural fix would be to get the mean state of consciousness above the belief system zone to a higher Astral plane with more homogeneous constructs.  Then, they could spend their physical lives in harmony or at least more harmony.

Local leaders have proposed more radical solutions.  The most popular is to simply eliminate all belief systems except one.  Then there would be peace because there would be no one else to fight with.  This "solution", which calls for a limited and carefully screened population of about 500 million, is, of course, not actually a solution at all.  The population would still loopback from the belief system zone, essentially indefinitely.  The only difference would be that everyone would be referenced to the same belief system which would be just as illusionary as any other belief system.

The leaders are also locked in a belief system.  They are actually more "frozen" in the evolution than the ordinary population because they are using life extension technology.

All this mess, of course, naturally clears itself with dissolution.  When we observe these pockets of stagnation, we can truly appreciate the wisdom of the Creator and understand why periodic dissolutions were programmed into the Causal matrix.