For many things there is a dual or opposite such that when the thing is combined with its dual the two negate and together become as if they never were. The method of negation, then, is to pair everything which can be with its dual so that it disappears. Those things remaining which have no dual are called Absolute. Those things which can be negated away are relative. They are also unreal.

All mass comes in pairs - mass and anti-mass or negative mass. So, for all mass there is a negative mass such that when the two are combined there is no mass. Mass, therefore, is not real.
When mass and the equivalent in negative mass interact so that there is no mass left there is, however, something left. This is energy.


Bodies are mass. They are not real. What is left, say, a community of people when their bodies and their physical environment is negated by introducing an equal quantity of negative mass? The mass goes to energy and the people go to "intelligent energy".



Most people have by now heard something of relativity and the basic constraints placed upon mass in the environment of space-time. Without getting "mathey", the Einstein model can be explained by the diagram below.


The model is descriptive of the proposed constraints on an object attempting to exceed the speed of light (c). According to the model, as speed approaches c, mass becomes infinitely large, the space the mass takes up becomes infinitely small and time stops. The classic argument is that to try to push the mass beyond c is not possible because the force used to do this becomes mass. These notions suggest a dead end street.

Now in the lab, if you set up a particle accelerator and go close to c the particle seems to follow the Einstein model. One might guess, then, that if you were in a space craft and you wanted to exceed c, that the space craft would behave in a similar fashion to the particle in the lab.

However, one model and the other are not the same. In the lab, the "space ship" particle is powered by an external source from commercial power lines. To generalize to a real "space ship" is to suggest a space craft off somewhere in the middle of nowhere getting its power from a source back here on Earth. This is of course absurd. The point is that in a real craft the power source and the craft are together in the same space-time and in the lab model they are in completely different space-times.

It is hard to accept the notion of a self-propelled vehicle which has a finite mass to begin with accelerating towards c and suddenly having an infinite mass, especially more absurd since the totality of all mass in the universe is finite.

To leave Einstein for bigger and better things, in the diagram above the implication is that there is a dead end as one accelerates towards c.
Advanced people know that this is just not true, and the diagram is more realistically drawn as below (Figure 9-2). The classic equation E=Mc2 is more realistically rewritten


 where "n" is called the "warp factor" and where n=2 is just a special case.




The "Pyramid Symbol" is one of the basic Universal Translate Symbols. This is a discussion of the basic implications of the symbol. The schematic symbol is shown below. This is a rather "rough" drawing and if you wish to refer to a much "prettier" drawing you might want to refer to the one on the back of a US $1 bill for the remainder of the discussion.


Major Regions
The symbol divides the two dimensional area of the page into three regions; namely the A region at the top section, the B region of the bottom section and the C region of elsewhere.
Break Point

Between the A region and the B region is a break. "Pyramid" is sliced in half at this point.


Consider a group of people in the 101 band. These people are in the C region, walking around on the ground at the base of the pyramid. Then, they start to climb up, go into the B region and the 202 band. They climb and climb and get to a plateau at the top of the B region. This is the break point, the "Q" line. Now there is no straight forward way to get from the B region to the A region, which is 301.

Rather than draw this symbol, we usually just write the letter "A" which is the same symbol if you look closely.


Consider the basic Pyramid Symbol and its mirror image as drawn schematically below.


  In the expanded symbol, we see certain concepts which have been discussed elsewhere. The overall notion is a "trip" involving the passage through a barrier (Q-Line) followed by a gate (XC) followed by a barrier and so on.

The shorthand notation for the diagram is to write NCCXCCC. This shorthand is called "Universal Code" and is simpler to use than "Universal Translate Symbols" which it represents.

The "N" Codes are important in "Spirit Mechanics" which is discussed elsewhere.

In the Universal Code, "XC" and the notion of a "Gate" and the Gate Symbol convey equivalent meanings.



In the natural model, after positive and negative mass is synthesized from the source energy, it is physically placed apart and each primitive mass forms a Universe according to the classic "Big Bang" theory and the appropriate natural laws.

This creates a situation as shown above. Time-out concerns two basic notions. The first, concerns the concept of the balance between the gravitational forces and their action to "pull" the expanding universe back together and the momentum of the "Big Bang" to spread the components apart. The second, which is not generally discussed, is the position of the dual universe and the mutual attraction between them which eventually causes time-out as the two systems collide.


In the dimensional model, after positive and negative mass is synthesized from the source energy, it is separated dimensionally instead of physically. In this way, as long as the dimensional barrier is maintained, the system cannot time-out but once the field is removed all is gone in the twinkling of an eye.



The natural model is essentially a free-running system. Once started, it proceeds unattended according to its internal rules until time-out. The dimensional model requires attention, however. From the standpoint of a bird and its nest, in the natural model the bird makes its nest and leaves - whatever happens happens. In the dimensional model the bird stays until there is no need for a nest any more.

From the control standpoint, the dimensional model is much nicer to use because the creating being can exercise continuing absolute control through manipulation of the dimensional barrier. For example, if it became necessary or desirable to just eliminate one plan and leave everything else more or less intact, one would proceed in the fashion shown below.

The planet and its dual would be brought together within an inter dimensional corridor. This ends all mass and leaves the free life energy of any beings trapped within the corridor. Here, they are at the mercy of the creating being for whatever he feels is appropriate.



COMPARTMENTATION is the notion associated with the "pigeonholing" of ideas, groups of ideas, and notably people, in such a manner that the feeling of totality or completeness is negated. The resulting "compartments" are functional units, but not complete, and the people have what they need but not necessarily what they want. The incompleteness generated by compartmentalization generates dependence on other "compartments" so that the parts cannot exist without the whole.

The symbol above, with the pattern extended, is the Universal Translate Symbol for "Compartmentalization".


Compartmentation comes in natural and man-made varieties and we will touch on the basic aspects of both.

Natural Compartmentation

Natural Compartmentation concerns those boundaries which exist in nature, and would exist whether or not man existed or not. The main boundaries are:

Compartmentation of the Universe Boundary (U-Line)
Compartmentation of the Galaxy Boundary (G-Line)
Compartmentation of Space-Time (T-Line)

Transient forms of Compartmentation

The significant transient form of Compartmentation is the separation of the "Q-Line" in social cultures where this is relative. We refer to the "Q-Line" as a transient form because in advanced societies all intelligence is above the line and therefore it is no longer relevant.

Synthetic forms of Compartmentation

The synthetic forms of Compartmentation are those imposed by man on man. They are purely arbitrary and quite complex, especially in primitive societies. Man is quite inventive when it comes to methods of preventing others from looking here or going there (because...) and of providing rationale for justifying the methods. There is no need to make a long list of these methods for it would prove Quite lengthy and limited only by imagination.



In a group situation, with beings using bodies, the beings enter and leave the group through the 414 type experience of birth and death.

The General Equation of Birth (Spirit Mechanics)

Recall from our discussion of the Pyramid Symbolism the notation of the A, B, and C region. In General, in a T-Space such as Earth, between two adults having children, one would guess the father to be on A and the mother to be on B. This guess is logical because of the normal genetic drive due to the genetic imbalance of an XY type male leading to a search compulsion and A) and the balance of an XX female (leading to satisfaction on B). .Now assuming all this, we write the general equation as:

1A4 * 1B4  =  1C4
where * is the notion of a Tensor Cross.

The 1 and 4 are expressions of the notion of the process used to get people in bodies, a 4 from 1 (unit) as we split first to get mass + AND - from energy and then again to get male and female (XX/2 = XX + XY)

In this general form, the children are born C, which is at the bottom of the ladder, below the "Q" line and so necessitating years of training to re-establish TI Channels lost in the mismatch 414 of childbirth.

Special Case of a Child Born on A

However, it does not necessarily have to be this way. In an advanced society all members are on A, so the equation becomes:

1A4 * 1A4 = 1A4
In the mechanics, when two advanced adults mate, they love, and with their love they request their child. The request (on TI) provides a bridge to bring the spirit to whom they are offering a body through the 414 with TI unbroken. So, the child is born complete with the totality of knowledge from the beginning of time. A child born this way is called "Starred" or a "Star-Child" and is a very beautiful thing to have.

Although uncommon in primitive cultures it is routine in advanced societies. In fact, children born on B and C were never intended, it was loss of the knowledge early on which used this aberration here on Earth, e.g., and it may be melannia before it is corrected.


Within the compartmentalized regions of the Space-Time continuum, there are certain "rules of the road" which are commonly called "Natural Laws". Perhaps the most significant of these is Time. These compartmentalized regions are called "Interspace", and in these regions the "Natural Laws" hold true.

Things which do not operate according to the laws of Interspace are said to operate in "SUBSPACE". There are many such things, such as the ESP phenomena which operate independent of a "time factor" and other observable phenomena which are described as "instantaneous", etc., and go against all "traditional logic".

The Universal Translate Symbol for "Interspace" is:
And so, logically, the Universal Translate Symbol for "SUBSPACE" is:

When intelligence has life experiences in "SUBSPACE", in the nomenclature of 101, 202, etc., these experiences are called "Type 5".

Experiences involving "warp-traps", interdimentional spaces, and the like are examples of type "5" experiences. An interdimention trip, e.g., would be a 515 in the standard nomenclature of Universal Coding.

Because SUBSPACE is time-independent, it is a convenient place to operate when movement or communication would be seriously inhibited by time-dependence. Communication is not difficult (TI Channels operate in subspace and are available to all advanced people on a shared basis) however, movement can be a problem. It is important to be familiar with the rules, especially the "escape codes" when using SUBSPACE for physical types of trips or you may not return.

The coding system used in SUESPACE is the URIVERSAL TONE CODE, and like the Translate Symbols, and other codes it is recognized by all who are members of the so called "advanced people". The Tone Code is data, and it is available on 301, which comes well before one is ready to do a type 5. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the code at that developmental level because in some regions of SUBSPACE, the 301 channel may be blocked and one could be lost essentially forever.

The basic code for "escape" is HQCQ and the basic code to request information is "NPTFTS" (Now Please Translate For This System), however the code refers to a sequence of tones and not written data.

The tones for HQCQ are similar to those used in the song "Scarlet Ribbons" and the tomes for NPTFTS are similar to those in the theme from "Billy Jack".


A GALAXY-SECTOR is a compartmentalized region of the Universe. GALAXY-SECTORS (GS) are identified by a standard code having the general form
N -x- yyy
where N is the standard identifier for space, x is a one digit code signifying sophistication level, and yyy is a three digit code.

In the nomenclature the x identifier is usually 6, 3, or 0. The type 6 Galaxy Sector is the lowest level of development and the code N6 is used in cases where life is destabilized, showing evidence of severe social instability due to "Q" Line transition problems and the routine effects of T-Space.

The type 3 Galaxy Sector is an A-Space type system with no significant evidence of Q-Line problems and inhabited by advanced people using bodies.

The type 0 Galaxy Sector is a physical space, but with beings who no longer need to use bodies (Type I beings) and so there is no corporal life.

The Galaxy-Sector containing planet Earth is commonly called N-6-129.

A UNIVERSAL IDENTIFIER is a code having the general form N xx- yyy
used to identify a particular individual. The code is dynamic, and subject to continuous revision as a function of time.

In the nomenclature, the identifier N is for space, the xx is a two letter code fixed by genetics, subject to change with a change of bodies, and the yyy is a three digit code for class rank, subject to change throughout an individual's life in a fixed body.

A FUNCTION IDENTIFIER is a four digit code for general use in forming logical classifications. The code has the general form xxyy where xx is a two digit code corresponding to the activity band code (compressed) so that for 202 we would write 22, 301, write 31, etc. and the yy represents a two digit code for sub-class.

This code is also called the "Symbol code" and is used in I-Maps discussed elsewhere.


When earlier we discussed methods. of searching for absolutes, we noted that energy and specifically intelligent energy would remain if mass were negated by pairing it with it's anti-form.

Intelligent energy or just Intelligence, to be less formal, is an absolute. In the language of Images and Sources, we say that Intelligence is a "Source" and the things which come from the Source (Intelligence) are the Image (of the source).

Sources create Images and operate through Images but they are not Images. Intelligence creates mass and operates through. mass but it is not mass. And there is no guarantee that mass will be around forever- in fact there is a pretty certain guarantee that it will not. However, Intelligence is timeless and non-negateable as opposed to mass which comes in duals which exist only as long as they are kept apart and collapse to energy when you put them together..

Images exist at the pleasure of Sources for their use in the course of development. We can approximate a Source by looking at its Image(s) but the approximation is never totally equivalent to the source. For example, we can speculate upon what an "Egyptian" (old Egyptian) might be by looking at Pyramids and trying to guess what mind built them and why, etc. We can even dig up some pretty well preserved bodies. But the Source is gone. These are the Image of Source and they tell us that that at some point Source passed through here and that Source saw some needs and fulfilled them using these Images - but Source (Intelligence and Motive) are elusive.



An.. I-Map (Intelligence Map) is a handy way to graphically illustrate certain concepts that we have been discussing. In an I-Map, the "symbol code" which we touched on elsewhere is used to create a matrix or grid on which characteristics of societies are easily seen.

Recall, that in the symbol code, the classic markers such as the 101, 202, etc. activity bands are shortened to two digits - 11, 22, etc. and to this we add two additional digits. The two additional digits are for "SPREAD" or a measurement of how much into the (101, 202, etc.) trip you may be.


An unprofessional definition of what we mean by a CORRIDOR- is that a corridor is a place between two limits where a person is smart enough to see the bait and dumb enough to take it. Being more practical and formal, corridors can be specifically defined by the Symbol Code.

To get the "hang" of specifying corridors, e.g., we can call the 202 activity band the "22 corridor". This "corridor" like the general idea of the -word "corridor", stretches out in both directions but not "up and down". The two boundaries (up and down) are the limits which form the corridor. We can specify these limits with the symbol code.

Additionally, if we entertain the idea of blocking the corridor at two points along its "spread" we can convert the corridor into what we call a COMPARTMENT. And, we can write the two ends of this compartment also using the symbol code.


When we set up a matrix of "upness and downness" vs. "spread" we can draw a I-Map on the matrix and this is a simple pictorial two-dimensional array representing a situation which is quite complex.

To illustrate by example what a typical I-Map might we present one showing the status of U.S. Society. This is a convenient example, since we live here and so are familiar with the basic set.
On the Map, we also show the complete matrix in case anyone would care to see what else is available outside of the "compartment" in which most people get born, grow old, and die.



We have discussed elsewhere the notion of intelligent energy and we have discussed the interface of intelligent energy with images. Intelligent energy, or spirit, apart from association with an image system, is free to travel according to the constraints of forces and lines of forces in the Universal matrix. Certain notions in "vector mechanics" are useful in making models and predicting courses and directions.


An intelligent energy configuration alone is not constrained by the usual forces which we associate with mass (image) systems such as gravity, etc. However this does not mean that it is completely unconstrained. The constraint(s) on an intelligent energy configuration (or a spirit,- if you prefer) are directly related to certain internal characteristics of the spirit. These characteristics are mainly associated with the notion of balance. We covered the main idea of balance when we went through "K-Factors" earlier. These internal characteristics can "bind" the spirit to a fixed point or they can let the spirit "slide"(dimensionally restrained) or they can allow the spirit to do essentially anything it wants to do (in the line of travel).

In standard vector mechanics the notions of a "free-vector", a "sliding vector" and a "bound vector" which are useful in, e.g., engineering mechanics, are equally useful in the notion of Spirit Mechanics.

The concept of a bound vector would be used to model a spirit bound to a fixed point in the Universe (due to dependencies or inadequacies in balance). For, example, the classic notion of a spirit which is "Earth-bound"

The concept of a sliding vector would be used to model a spirit which could "slide" along a force line but could not leave the line. A special case would be intelligent energy using an artificial corridor (the rotating field projecting into space from three-phase power transmission lines such as those which run essentially all over the country is an example of an "artificial corridor")

The concept of a free vector would be a perfectly balanced spirit such as the "balanced-quad" configuration of a Type-I being. There would be no relevant constraints on where such a being could go.

We did not attempt to go into any advanced math in the text however we present this link-notion so that a reader who is familiar with, say, tensor analysis, celestial mechanics, and other such "cute" tools cam appreciate that they have uses beyond the humdrum everyday "engineering" uses.



When technology was synthesized, the people who did this saw certain needs or desires that required fulfillment. They created what is commonly called "technology" to do this. By special example, we will use the representative group of needs "communication, transportation, and health". These are not a complete list, but they will serve the purpose of example.

People saw technology as an answer to these needs. However, it is not necessarily the only answer or the best answer.


Technology is really a "sublimation" to fulfillment. By this it is meant that it is a "next best" or "I can't get there but I can get close" concept. The basic motivations which lead to the synthesis of technology can never be completely fulfilled by technology.


Using our examples, communication, transportation, and health, we know that technology facilitates desires in these areas but we also see, emerging on the set, certain abilities that have always existed that make technology "obsolete" - and quickly.

To begin with communication - a sublimation of the original ability to communicate telepathically. When the old knowledge is recalled, all those phones and teleprinters and radios become meaningless toys - and telepathic communication is independent of time, whereas technology is limited to the speed of light minus efficiency (c-e).

Moving on to transportation, well if' you can do astral projection you can go where no plane or bus can - and there's an added bonus - it is free - like all the other "best things in life" it is totally free.

And last to health. Well, what about it. If you can do all the advanced things - good health usually "just comes" but health refers to the state of the body which you do not really need to exist anyway - you can get another one or just trip on off as pure spirit.


So, when we speak of the "end of the age" we speak of a time when the original solutions are again available and the "compromise", "sublimation-type" solutions are left scattered about as toys with no one to use them - the real is so much better - and it lasts much longer - and it is totally free.

Now, technology could "go out with a bang", or it could just grind to a halt and stop, or it could do something in between. But it will go. Once the sophistication level reaches a point where the "old knowledge" is within grasp, the age of technology is in its last days.


When we began section 3, we pointed out that we would be attempting to inch our way into-- the vicinity of "Unit Knowledge". We won't get there, of course, but we will get close enough to generate a reasonable probability that some reader may "jump" from where we leave off to "Unit". Unit, as we said, is elusive. However, for what it's worth, if you see Unit, you will know it is Unit.


A good schematic for the structure of knowledge is a pyramid. We can label the top of the pyramid "Unit". Since Unit cannot be described as such, we want to look and see what is just below "Unit" because it can be described.


The closest thing below unit in contemporary science is a concept called "Unified Field Theory" which is theoretically the union of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, etc.- all explained by a single group of "laws" or "hypotheses". Unified Field Theory has not (at least not publicly) been enumerated - it is the "official goal" of science.

We pause hereto point out that every "classic field" of knowledge is associated with a "transcendental component". Lets go through this with an example. Consider Chemistry. The chemist in his little lab mixing up things, guessing or predicting what will happen, writing down formulas and rules to predict and explain, etc. The "transcendental component" of what the Chemist is doing is classically called "Witchcraft". The Chemist is working in a physical "realm". He sees the things he uses as mass and the interactions as a physical effect.

The Witch, say, for want of a better word, works with the same things but when he is in his little "lab", mixing things up, guessing or predicting what will happen, writing down formulas, etc., he is looking not at the "physical" compound or element, but at the "electric and magnetic" field or "aura" which exists in the neighborhood of the compound or element. The physical "mess" that results from what he does would "delight" the Chemist (who can't see the aura and does not know it is there) but Witch is oblivious to this and seeks a result in the "electric/magnetic" interface with whatever force he is playing with.

Consequently, when we use the schematic of a pyramid to show the structure of knowledge, we must remember that there are really two pyramids slightly dimensionally apart and that this dual pyramid is the structure, and not just the single dimension model. It is hard to draw multi-dimentional figures, but the human mind can conceive them quite well and so we will leave it there and not try to make a figure.

Unit Knowledge implies classical knowledge and the transcendental components and a few additional things involving interrelationships.

We certainly do not propose to start listing field after field of classical knowledge and transcendental component here, but we do want to point one in the direction of the "ballpark".



Recall, earlier, when we touched on the standard nomenclature for Galaxy Sectors, that in an N-0 sector we would find beings who were comfortable as intelligent energy configurations and had out grown their need to use physical bodies. Here, we want to go a bit more into the type N-0 sector.


The beings in a N-0 Galaxy Sector, in the nomenclature of 101, 301, etc., are doing their type. "6" experience. In this experience, the beings are called type "I" and the general model for their structure is a "balanced-quad" type arrangement which would look like an "X" in two dimensions. The mathematical model for the structure would be a tensor of rank 4, however, we did not discuss advanced math in this text and the picture of the balanced quad is sufficient to get the basic idea.

In N-0, beings are making final preparations to cross the Final Gate and clear from the Universe. The sophistication of the intelligence on either side of the Gate is essentially equal but the act of cross over includes a change in the structure of the energy from the balanced quad (Type I) to the extremely stable type "O" configuration which has permanent stability.

A type I is still subject to destabilization but a type 0 simply cannot be de-stabilized. Consequently, as the being crosses Final Gate and is changed from I to 0 it passes the point beyond which there is no return ahead is totality forever.

Things relevant to activities beyond Universe Boundaries are covered in The General Theory or Absolutes in Chapter 10.



Recall from previous discussions that in an N-3 Galaxy sector advanced people have thoroughly mastered the 31 and 41 corridors and therefore freely interface with their bodies. Also, because of this, they freely interface with N-0 galaxy sectors and there is a minimal "boundary" between the two. N-3 is distinguished from N-0 from the low level observation that corporal life still exists in N-3 but is absent in N-0 and by other defining characteristics to which we will now turn our attention.


On an I Map, an N-3 sector is wholly above the Q-line. This fact has certain (very nice) implications. First, since the Q-line is the boundary between the classic forces of "good" and "evil" and an N-3 sector is well away from the corridor where the conflict is most vicious, the beings in an N-3 can live oblivious to the forces and even to the knowledge of good and evil.


At the level of mastery common in N-3 sectors, beings feel only the onward and upward surges which lead eventually N-0, the final gate, and totality and fulfillment. Negative forces are minimal or non-existent.

In N-3 sectors, beings using bodies would be at a level of total mastery of the birth and death mechanics used in changing bodies. Therefore, it would be a pure A-Space with the equation always being 1A4 * 1A4 = 1A4.


An N-3 social order shows stability and systematic "smooth" transcendence as it clears to N-0 as a function of time. The society has little need for "technological toys" found in low level systems and each individual has the power to direct his destiny. This is not a gift - it is an earned state of competence, understanding and mastery of the forces of the universe, and balance.

Anv individual has the potential to do this if he will choose his course and maintain the desire and will to follow through.



N-0 and N-3 galaxy sectors are rather simple to describe. Here, locked onto universal references, competent beings move towards fulfillment The N-6-Galexy sector, however, is more complex. It is not more complex to describe because beings are more sophisticated but, paradoxically, because they are less sophisticated and may be in essentially total ignorance.

There are two logical ways to "get to" a N-6 type configuration - from the "top down" and from the "bottom up". We will begin from "the top down" because it is much easier as from the top you can see the bottom, but from the bottom you cannot see the top.


Let us begin with a stabilized N-3 configuration. The system "works" as it does because the beings are in touch ("locked on") to universal markers and follow natural law.

Now suppose someone "forgets" (or whatever) to do this. In an N-3 parents, e.g., must balance the fields to bring a child through on A. Suppose we are in an N-3 and someone forgets to do this. A child comes out on B or C.

As shown schematically above, failure to balance the field has closed a gate at each end (XC) and thrown the child down below the Q-line. This is a rough trip and a severe psychic shock. At this point technically the Galaxy Sector must be re-classified as "N-6- transient".

Now, child, running around on C-band simply does not know what a universal marker is, has fallen into the 101 activity band, and to him the rest of the people look like "freaks" of some type.

As a practical example of the "image" of the fall or psychic shock in an N-6 sector, note that essentially all children have blue eyes at the moment of birth and that sometimes they stay that way but usually they fall to green, to brown, and then to darker and darker brown as the "fall" continues. Of course you can stop at any point or not fall at all, for what its worth.

To continue with decompensation, Child, as an "adult child" would have more C band children because he would have no knowledge of how to balance fields or even that they exist at all. So, if this process continued, eventually a substantial percentage of the beings would be below the Q-line and a substantial percentage above the line on the "other side".


Having reached now a 50-50 point, say, with population divided equally above and below the Q-Line, we have an ideal model for N-6-Transient.

The primary key to understanding what will predictably happen in an N-6-Transient type configuration is the implication of the Q-Line passing through the center of the population as it would appear schematically on an I-Map Since logical conclusions and interpretations from a point above the line are essentially exactly the opposite of those from a point below the line, in the neighborhood of the line there will be vicious conflict. And, since the line divides the society, one can predict a state of constant war.

In the "battle",each side, in it's "own reality" is right and from each (opposite) standpoint there is a survival-linked drive to obliterate the other side.

People from the N-3 side, recalling the "bliss" of a life in harmony with the Universe know the N-6 group are in a "dangerous state of ignorance".

People from the N-6 side, having forgot all of the advanced-knowledge, conclude logically that it "does not exist" and, unable to comprehend how N-3 people think, see them as a threat to their security.


Now, battles do not last forever and so there eventually develops two possibilities. First, the stabilized N-3 configuration could triumph and the system would be re-classified N-3. We have already covered stabilized N-3, so we will now cover possibility two which is a stabilized N-6.

In a stabilized N-6 configuration, the entire population has been pulled down below the Q-Line. Therefore the conflict has ended. In a stabilized N-6, unfortunately, much more than the conflict has also ended.

In its final form, a stabilized N-6 has these main defining characteristics: First, as people get born and die, there is always a random chance that somehow the old knowledge would be recalled; to eliminate this, a stabilized N-6 usually has worked out how to keep bodies alive indefinitely. To compensate for the possibility that someone might "tune in" and lock onto a universal reference, it is usually found that the population has been surgically, genetically, or chemically altered so that they are so far out of balance that this cannot happen. Since the primary corridor is the 22 corridor (image band), there is predictably a high level of technology and dependence upon external devices in the search of fulfillment.

The motivation here is that in an N-6 stabilized, the beings recall intuitively the real desires of life, but having forgot the real and accepted the image band as the real band, they constantly strive for a fulfillment that will never come. Everything they do is a sublimation of a real motivation. Since they have forgotten the "real answer" to the "real motivation", they sublimate and choose an image answer since the answer is not real, they are never satisfied with it and generate "hoards" of technology filling the 22 corridor in the course of the futile search.
Seen from the outside an N-6 stabilized is a sad place although it is stable and from low level observations looks similar to a N-3 stabilized it functions as a "spirit trap". There is no escape from it. Without considering the possibility of outside interference the prognosis for a stabilized N-6 is very bad.

The beings become inseparable from their images and in time, when the Universe times out, and the images dissolve into oblivion, so the beings go also with their images into oblivion as though they never existed at all.


The theoretical stabilized N-6 configuration is not allowed under IGC Law (discussed elsewhere). Should an N-6 transient space show a predisposition to go to N-6 stabilized, interference is justified at the point where there is no reasonable hope of a spontaneous reversal.

Basically conversion routines involve the execution of AID commands against any I3 life forms, the re-education of 12 life forms, and the enforcement and protection of safe passage for I1 life forms away from the set to a secure area.

The definitions for I1, 12, and 13 are discussed elsewhere.

TSDS Commands are sometimes useful to clear all of the junk (technology) which has been accumulated in the 22 corridor. A TSDS Command (destruct sequence) is best accomplished with antimatter but nuclear devices will work if antimatter is not available.