The title of this work is simply "TEXT". For years there have been basically two sets of books kept on the Planet Earth. The set for the elite were called "text books" and they contained the Truth. The set of books for ordinary people were known [to the elite] as X-Text which means bad text or text filled with dis-information and propaganda with just a tiny bit of real truth to give them some sense of credibility. This book is in the for real "TEXT" format and it is not just for the elite - it is for everyone - for all the humans living on the Earth everywhere without regard to Caste or race or sex or anything else. This has not been done before, and the Author must confess that he went through a good bit of "interference" from various sources in the process of preparing this book which has been his life's work. Therefore, I trust that the generations who will use this book will share with me the some of the joy and fulfillment that I have experienced in the process of preparing this material.




The planet Earth is part of the physical universe and the physical universe is part of a system of universes [commonly called "planes"], some of which exist under the compartmentalizing quality called "time".

There are two organizational codes for the system of universes: these codes are "666" and "704".

The code 666 is the structural code for the so called "lower worlds" [which includes Earth]. These worlds are under the administration of Satan, whose proper name is Kal Niranjan.

The code 704 is the organizational code for the entire universe system [the lower and higher worlds combined] and basically means "seven over four" as there are seven spiritual planes and four planes of lower creation.

The administrator of the entire universe system lives in that area of space beyond logic, nomenclature, and mental activities. An intensely loving and benevolent creature, it has no name.

The lower worlds are called the Mental World, the Causal World, the Astral World and the Physical World. They are all under the administration of Kal Niranjan. Kal has organized these worlds in a system of repetitive reflections. Each reflection gives the impression that it is the highest reality. There are three sets of six reflections, therefore the organizational code is three sixes or 666. Since 666 does not Spell any word, scholars have wondered about this name of the Devil", however it is not a name at all but simply a mathematical representation of the structure of the lower creation.

The code 704, with letters for the numbers 7 and 4, spells "GOD". Again, GOD has no name and this is the structural code for the complete universe system, which collectively is created and maintained by 'GOD".

Now, we will get into this in a bit more detail.

THE CODE "666"

We will now discuss the structure of the worlds under the administration of Kal Niranjan, the so called "lower worlds".

The chart below was developed by Professor Lekh Raj Puri of India.

Puri developed the structure, but was not aware of the code "666" because it is mainly a Western concept from the Christian Bible. The Bible mentions the code, but does not explain the structure.

The chart below represents the structure of the worlds of Kal Niranjan.

[of the LOTUS]
1 Guda Antash Karan Trikuti 4
2 Indri Below Third Eye Lower Part 
of  Daswan Duar
3 Nabhi Third Eye Upper Part of 
Daswan Duar
4 Hriday Sahans Dal Kanwal Shaj Dip 12
5 Kanth Set Sunna  [Upper 
part of Astral Plane]
Top of 
Maha Sunna
6 Behind 
the Eyes
[Lower part]
Bhanwar Gufa 2

These are the three sets of six planes below the first spiritual region. There are seven spiritual planes above here. This is Kal's world and is composed of "copies of copies" or reflections.

THE CODE "704"

The code 704 is the structure of the total universe. The four is the part covered above and the seven is for the seven spiritual planes above the world of Kal.

Since you were born in a Human body, you have the right and the power to leave this place forever and live for eternity in one of the Spiritual worlds. Animals have souls too, but in an animal body they cannot contact God.


Please now refer to the schematic model diagram which follows.

The R-I Region

This is the region of pure energy and spirit where the creator resides. It is sometimes called "Anami" [meaning "no name"] because there is no mental-type functioning here- everything "just is" and time does not exist.

The R-II Region

This is the lower region of worlds or planes that are still purely spiritual and exist outside of time. However, the "bending" we portray schematically here has lowered the operating frequency of the spiritual essence here.

The R-III Region

Here we have a major change. Now, the energy has been lowered to a point where it collapses into itself and forms the "egg shaped" structure shown. Time has now come into existence. R-III is the domain of Kal Niranjan - the lord of Time. This region contains the four planes Physical, Astral, Causal, and Mental and down near the very bottom of this "egg" is the Planet Earth.

 Adult energy creatures [Souls] live in Totality and synthesize Universes to re produce. Energy Creatures are the simplest and purest forms or life and they reproduce in the simplest imaginable way which is by taking "parts of themselves" and allowing these parts to grow into "new Adults". So, in what we will call the MASTER CYCLE, a sequence is started or "keyed in" when an adult Energy creature decides to have children and the sequence ends or "keys out" when the decision is fulfilled, i.e., when the "children" become "Adults".
Now, let us run through this "Master Cycle". Fig. A represents Totality. The little "dots" in Totality are Universes. When the decision to raise children is made in Totality, the children (who are not adept enough to live in Totality) must be "brought down" into a Universe until they are ready to "return home" to Totality.

When a child becomes an Adult it may choose to raise its own children and so a new cycle begins.


An Adult has children by "breaking off part of itself". So the child and the Adult which the child will become are really "a part" or "a continuation" of that which was before - and ITS children will be "part of It" just as IT was part of that which came before. This is the Master Cycle of Life and it continues without beginning or end under the ancient law beyond space and time or anything that the mind of man can "grasp onto". The appearance of "breaks" in the continuity of life are illusionary and occur because while in a Universe the children continually mistake the "image" that they create for "source" that they really are.

Below the "Master Cycle" are many "sub-cycles".


Now please refer to the schematic model which follows.

This model is called an "I-Map" or "Intelligence Map". The diamond symbol is the society of the United States.

The numbers at the left are state of consciousness index code numbers which are called the "Symbol Code".

They roughly correspond to the plane number. Therefore, the Mental Plane is at symbol code index 4000; the Causal plane is at index 3000; the Astral at 2000, the Physical at 1000.

At 5000 we have left the domain of space/time and entered the first spiritual plane.

The "Q-Line is an important marker. It is sort of an "escape velocity" point in as much as one is bound to the society by its propaganda. Once beyond this point you know too much to be influenced by anything coming from the US Government and are free to go your way. In a practical way, you must be at this point to be an adult. Otherwise, even though you are mature, you are thinking on the level of a silly, confused child.


Now we have presented the whole picture. You see our society and you see the system of universes in which it exists. This is the "big picture". Now that you know what it looks like, the things that you observe happening in the world should be more in perspective. And, you will understand with more clarity the material that is yet to be presented here.


The map above shows the relevant dimensional vectors. These vectors are used, among other things, for deep space travel.


The first three vectors are the ones everyone is familiar with - the classic X, Y, and Z coordinates.


Time is the 4th. Vector. Time Machines use this vector to go back in the past or forward into the future.


The 5th. Vector is the Transcendence Vector which takes you to other planes and sub-planes. It also takes spiritually adept people back to GOD.


The machines which are used to travel physically throughout the universe are INTER-DIMENSIONAL SPACE VEHICLES and TIME MACHINES.

Both machines use technology based on the FORCE which is commonly known as the "strong force" by Physicists.

CRYSTALS composed of LITHIUM-6 are central to the operation of both devices.

ADDITIONALLY, communications devices use special techniques to send messages to ships which travel faster than light and to bases in other periods of TIME here on the Planet Earth.

Space Ships operate on the standard acceleration formula for "WARP" which is: Warp 1: c3 Warp 2 c9 ; Warp 3: c81, etc. The highest Warp is 9. Test vehicles exceeding this have not returned.

We call this the "N" Cycle because, as you can see, it looks like the letter "N".

This is the cycle most people go through as Humans.

The vertical path on the LEFT is the "Left Hand Path".
The vertical path on the RIGHT is the "Right Hand Path".
The slope line between paths represents the "FALL" that
people on the Left Hand Path must eventually take.

In this cycle, people thinking about occult, psychic stuff first go on the left because it is easier. They can use drugs and other artificial helpers here (like LSD-25) to accelerate progress.

Eventually, they long for more and they find that the Spiritual Regions are off limits to them because there is no exit from the Left Hand Path to the PURE Spiritual Regions above. So, they must come all the way down again and begin anew on the Right Hand Path.

Both the Left and Right hand path have Guru's and Masters who help. Both have certain ethical guidelines for Masters and Students. Masters from the Left have similar powers with Masters from the Right.

However, Masters from the left WILL USE THEIR POWERS to get whatever they want and Masters from the right WILL NOT. They have the same abilities, but the Good or Right hand path Masters use very tight restraints on their powers and will only use them on rare and highly justifiable occasions.

The Book "TIBET'S GREAT YOGI, MILAREPA", local stock #GB-260 by Evans-Wentz available through Oxford University Press, is the story of a man who became a Master of the Left and then realized his limitations and gave that up and became a Master of the Right all in one lifetime.

You don't have the luxury of time right now, so choose the Right Hand Path and save yourself a lot of misery.

[The Physical Universe is a created place. In order for it to operate properly, certain advanced Souls have duties and responsibilities to keep the place going - also to dissolve it when that time comes. These Souls, who serve at the pleasure of GOD, are given access to certain "Command and Control Codes" which would be useless to the average soul unless he was a black magician or mastermind who wanted to cause trouble. Consequently, these codes are not given out. They are generally classed in area AO-l (Alpha/Omega-l) and are for use by System Administrators and Spiritual Personnel only. This is one of the codes. However, Earth scientists have now broken it and so that no one group gets to use it to their advantage, we will publish it for all to use.]

You will notice in the above diagram that the chemical model makes a little "house" where something lives. In this case, it is Iron [Fe] because the cycle of time we are in right now is the "Iron Age". [You see how simple this is - that's why it's a secret !]

Now you might guess that in the Golden Age, Gold [Au] lived in this "house" and in the Silver Age Silver [Ag] lived in this little house.

When different things live in the "house" the life span of the bodies changes.
It is for Gold (Golden Age) 100,000 Earth Years,
for Silver (Silver Age) 10,000 Earth Years,
for Copper (Copper or Bronze Age) 1,000 Earth Years,
and for Iron (Iron Age) 100 Earth Years.

Now there are links to other systems that operate in the energy channeling process that also change from Age to Age so simply altering one variable does not complete the whole sequence. The other links in the sequence are still classified and will not be given out.

It is doubtful that Earth Scientists will discover the complete sequence before the dissolution takes out the Planet and the Physical Universe is reset for another cycle of Ages.

Here we want to run through the basic TI channels in the Universal Series and briefly discuss the main uses.


THE "P-LEVEL" is the lowest level of Telepathy. The P-frequency normally keys in when the physical link (umbilical cord) is broken between a mother and child and it primarily provides low level sensing data so that a mother would know if her child was in some distress even though there was no "direct" way for her to get this data.

Other than this natural use the P-frequency band is of little practical use. It can he developed by people and used for communication but it is subject to interference and poor reliability and so the q-band is the preferred.

The P-frequency will not key in at all if' the child has been already "handed off " to a higher level of direction. There is a certain advantage to this because essentially everyone can detect p-level communications in some way but you need to be a bit sophisticated to de-code communications in the q-band.


The Q-level frequency band is very "broad" in comparison to the P-band and there is room for constructing group channels (called "open channels") used so people on group assignments can "stay in touch" and one to one channels and special purpose scrambled channels. There is enough "spread" in the Q-band for everyone to be happy and get reasonably reliable data transmission with little cross-band type interference.
Sometimes a paired set of p-q channeling will be used. Usually this is set up for students where the begin in the P-band using some type of "transponder code" (could be a chant of some type) to generate a primitive signal so their teacher can find them easily and then switch them to a q-band channel. This entrance level technique is not necessary later because the advanced students can find the "open channel" directly without waiting for assistance.

"The O-Level frequency band is the highest possible level of telepathy and is used for Direct Access Rights. O-level channels are individualized and scrambled and normally not detectable or decodeable by any other entity. An O-level communication channel cannot be blocked by any technique. This is to comply with the idea that the Right of Direct Access cannot be blocked. It would be immediate grounds for interference if some social order worked out a scheme to block the O-level band.


The idea of transport is that of moving something from one place to another place, Transport codes discussed here are mainly for people, however.

The basic code for transport is "4x4" where x is 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0. The "x" digit represents the mode of transport. We will also try to go into the general idea of the code too and to do this we will find that the form is really "s x d" where s is a coded description of the "start condition" and d is a coded description of the "destination condition" (of the person).


Mode 4
Mode 4 is the lowest level of transport and means things like "walking from one place to another". So to say transport "444" would mean you got up and walked somewhere and say then sat down in the "destination" place.

Mode 3

Mode 3 is the next level used for transport with the aid of a physical device and covers the general categories of things like cars, planes, and non-dimensional interplanetary craft.

Mode 2

Mode 2 covers dimensional-capable interplanetary craft, base located dimensional-capable devices and TPR's . In a TPR (transporter system) an electric-magnetic corridor is generated by a mechanical device and also some aid is used to accelerate the "spin rate" of the electrons in the molecules of a person's body so that it appears to fade out - in this state it acts like zero mass and so can be "shot through" the electric-magnetic corridor.

Mode 1

Mode 1 covers cases where people can project themselves from one place to another by mastery of the natural forces in Region III. It is called an "I-Relay" system from the notion of type I and O beings.

Mode 0

Mode 0 covers cases where people can project themselves from one place to another by mastery of the Universal forces in Region II. It is called an "O-Relay" technique or system.


When we talk about transport we usually assume that one is starting as a regular person in a body and ending up in that same form so the code is going to be 4-(something)-4 but that is not necessarily true so depending on what type of entity is starting and what image matrix is desired upon stopping the "4" will not be "4" but the characteristic identifier for whatever entity form is involved.

For Example, if you projected to region II from say Earth and staved there the code would be "400". Then, if you left for say the adjacent dimension to Earth you would write "003", then if you hitched a ride on a UFO there your trip would be 323 and so on.


Below we want to list the key symbols and then we will go in to where the Universal Translate Code comes from the standpoint of derivation. The symbols are in order from "Upness" to "Downness".

The Universal. Translate Code derives from the structure of the Universe and also from characteristics such as energy flow. It is essentially the "primal form" of symbol notation.

From these key symbols derive letters and from them derive word-matrices covering all languages.

As the Symbols become more and more specialized in this way they hardly look anything like the key symbols and you run into the problem of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

However, this is their source.

So any culture which knows its complete history would know this - and any group or individual who looked deep enough would find this and hence the term "Universal Symbol".


Taking off from the Universal Translate Symbol idea we can set up a system for making descriptive models for entities. We will run through this process and point out that it is a useful analytic tool.

The modeling uses a base ten code. In this code the digits correspond to a logical geometric form.
The code is given below -


A model is assembled with. three symbols and so the numerical code representing the model is a three digit number using base 10. Some sample models are shown:


In these models the bottom two elements represent the entity physical components and the top element is used for transcendental components.

The system has some usefulness in population classification systems
where P level entity identification numbers are assigned by World
Governments. The PID format i.e. P-(followed by a long string of digits).
The key code (three digits from the "model") is used to prefix the code.

The P series of classification is the lowest level.

We need a handy number to express the Sexuality of the beings we will be talking about.
0    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10


Therefore we will use the chart above to assign a number to accomplish this. This number will be called the

SEXUAL INDEX and will be abbreviated as "SI"

"0" is the most possible level of masculinity and "10" is the highest level of femininity.

The mid-scale position "5" indicates a balance of the masculine and feminine to result in a "zero sex" status.

The Social Security Administration was formed in the year 1946. In the year 1947 the government of the United States captured an alien creature whose space vehicle crashed here. They kept the poor creature locked up at a government installation until it died - about three years later.

Being from an advanced society authorized to possess inter-dimensional space vehicles, this alien would have known many things as "common knowledge" among his people.

The social security numbers appear to be - in many cases- prefixed with the structural modeling code based on the IG Standard. This information is not usually available to undeveloped planets and therefore it is likely that the information was beaten out of the alien creature in 1947 through 1949.

The first three numbers of a person's Social Security number appear to be that person's structural model as discussed in this text.

Also, I have heard the letters "SSN" interpreted to mean "Super Secret Number".

Therefore, I felt it might be a good idea just to point this out so that you will know what all the hocus pocus secrecy is all about.


Here we are going to run through what we call the IO Code. Code may not be exactly the correct terminology to use because what this actually is is the fact that the letters of the English Alphabet also schematically model certain Universal Concepts.

Additionally, here, we will encounter the concept of "reflections". Some people also refer to this as "octaves" [from the musical scale] and the use of the word "octave" may be more descriptive. Recall that the eight notes of the musical scale "repeat". These repetitions are not the same because they are on a higher frequency: But, they are essentially "the same idea" moved up to a higher "octave". We are calling this the "IO" Code simply because all of the English letters are formed by some combination of the symbols "I" and [parts of] "O". So, for example, the letter "B" is an "I" with an "O" sliced in half and repositioned and so on.
Now lets go through some of the main letters of the English Alphabet that model concepts we have previously discussed:


"A" symbolizes different things on different "octaves". "A" symbolizes the Human Form with the base of the "A" representing the feet. "A" also symbolizes the pyramid. The triangle formed at the top of the "A" is where we usually see the symbolic "all seeing eye" placed. However, at this time, I should point out that the "all seeing eye" in this position is not all that "all seeing" because it is inside of the pyramid and therefore inside of Karma. Things inside of Karma are "limited". To be really "all seeing" the eye should be above the pyramid. In such a case, the correct modeling code would be "VA" in the form:

and the "all seeing eye" should be positioned in the "V" part instead of the "A" part.

"C" AND "X"

"X" is the universal symbol for a "gate". Parts of the system of Universes of the Lower Creation are separated by "gates". Use of the combined symbols "C" and "X" form a "compartment" which is accessed by a gate:


"H" is a "double gate" symbol and is more properly shown 'stretched out' as below:

"J" and "I"

"J" AND "I" are primarily religious notions. They come from classical biblical and other references to the concept of "the Rod" and "the Staff". "I" symbolizes the Rod and "J" symbolizes the Staff. Therefore it is common practice, when speaking of great Saints, to place the letters "JI" after their name. This is an acknowledgment that they possessed the Rod and the Staff.


"K" is another model using a "gate" type symbol. More specifically, a gate leading to a "barrier" as reconstructed below:

"L" "L" is sometimes used to express certain notions about the quality called "Love". This is more into the area of "Universal Love" as opposed to more physical concepts. Basically, in the "L" symbol, there is a horizontal plateau. So. say you are wondering around on this horizontal plateau and the gift of Universal Love comes to you somehow. Then, you can immediately leave this horizontal plane and go "straight up".

"M" AND "W"

"M" and "W" combine to form the following basic symbol which is the Universal Translate Symbol for IGC:


"N" is the symbol for "space": both "inner space" and "outer space" [as in beyond the Earth and into deep space]. "N" is also the symbol for the "N-Cycle" which is a schematic showing the cycle of 84 or the cycle of transmigration. In this context, the path of "N" schematically illustrates the path of the Soul: Birth on Earth - then death and elevation to some lower inner world - then back down for another birth, etc.
"N" is used to preface code sequences dealing with outer space or inner space. To identify inter-dimensional spacecraft, we use the preface "NCC". To identify an inter-dimensional trip, the code is N CC XC CC XC XC XC...

"N" AND "Z"

There is a special symbol formed by the mapping of "N" over "Z". To understand this symbol, you may perform the following mental exercise:


The mental process you used to solve this puzzle is called process "NZ".

"O" is the symbol for completeness. It is used to symbolize the human Soul and also to symbolize GOD.


"P" is the notion of a compartment. The Catholic Church, for example, uses the Universal Translate Symbol "XP" to designate their special religious "path" which is simply a path to the "right" or Good side of the Astral World.

"Q" is an "O" with a little "tail" leading out of the closed space inside of the "O". So, "Q" symbolizes a closed space with a "way out". What this closed space consists of and where the "way out" leads to and leaves you, are determined by which reflection [or octave] of Universal Truth you are operating on.

For a young child, a "Q-Clearance" might be something as simple as the ability to leave its house. Getting a bit more sophisticated, looking at the Universe System "horizontally", we could say a "Q-Clearance" was the ability to leave the Earth and travel into deep space. Looking at the Universe System vertically, a "Q-Clearance would then become the ability to travel to another plane of existence. In the United States, a US Government "Q-Clearance" means the ability to access the truth in as much as the Government knows the truth to be. Knowledge of this "truth" would cause the average American to become disillusioned with the United States and therefore - for the good of the economy- the truth is restricted.

Finally, the absolute meaning of "Q-Clearance" is the ability to leave your body as a naked Soul [which is really all
that you actually are] and travel through the eleven planes and reach the Twelfth Plane [called the ANAMI REGION] where the true and ultimate GOD [the Father of your Soul] lives.


"S" is commonly used as genetic symbol, usually as "SS" to schematically represent the "double-helix" structure of the DNA Molecule.

"T" is the symbol for "transport".


"U" is the symbol for Universe.

"V" AND "Y"

"V" is a "plant symbol": as in a little plant with its two first little leaves sticking up. "Y" is also a plant symbol, with the same basic idea.

The color and light codes come from the color of the "skies" of the inner worlds. Blues and light Violets are "mental colors" whereas "reds, warm-pinks, and oranges" are from the Astral-Causal worlds.

Since the Astral Plane is primarily an emotional-type place, the use of warm reds and pinks are, on a lower octave, simulating this concept.


In "Psychic Massage" the person [commonly a girl] doing this massage uses a quiet room with red lights. Consequently, psychic massage can get quite erotic. This process involves an energy transfer from the girl to the client.

Therefore, I wish to point out and caution girls who are solicited to do this type of work that the money they receive for this no compensation for what they are giving away - which is their own, personal, "psychic energy". Wasting this special energy in this manner is not good because you need this for your own personal well being and also to assist you at the time of your death in the process of "getting away from here".

Consequently, people who have had training in psychic massage would be well advised to get another job and save this special talent for someone they truly love and care about instead of prostituting it on strangers who care nothing about them.


This code comes from analysis of Indian gurus who generally wear turbans. The way these things are tied forms an inverted "V" in the front. If something is worn below the turban, then this material, covered by the main turban material, forms a upward pointing triangle. The color/presence of this triangle appears to form a rating code for the guru's status. Pictures of gurus taken over time show changes in the triangle from black (student guru) to white and finally to no triangle (because there is no material worn under the turban). The progression is always from black to white to none, never backwards or out of this sequence.

Based on these observations, we propose an esoteric code known among gurus and based on the rating system for the three classes of gurus as follows:

1. Black Triangle: Student Guru who can access only as high as the Causal Plane
2. White Triangle: Guru with access to Sach Khand
3. No Triangle: Guru with full access to all planes

In the case of the "guru types" the main turban is white, the classic spiritual, pure, etc. color. However, since many generic Indians wear turbans and these are of various colors, the overall "turban code" is likely to be more complex. Because of the Indian tradition of "stamping" and "labeling" people into "castes" from which there is no escape (i.e., you cannot change your caste), the turban colors are likely linked into this social ordering system.

The PYRAMID is a universal symbol. However, the Pyramid is much more than a universal symbol: It is a Universal STRUCTURE and you live inside of a PYRAMID.


This PYRAMID has a top about one-third of the way into the Causal World at vector reference 3.301

If you can see the Causal Plane through your third eye and see the many little Pyramids that stutter the landscape there, then you are no longer "inside" of this Pyramid and you are now "outside of Karma".

This also means that you have completed an important growth step and that your "childhood" has now ended and you can never go back to your "period of innocence".


And so you see, now, the citizens of the Earth World:
They are traveling on a "runaway train" and they do not remember getting on the train and they do not know where the train came from; And they cannot get off of the train and they do not know where the .train is going.

You are now "outside of Karma" and so you see the World, and you see the masses on their train ride, and you understand.

But you are not on the train and therefore, although you are "in the World" you are not "of the World" and the various emotional scenes of the World do not effect you.

And so childhood is behind you now - and ahead are the final clearances which include your meeting with GOD on the Twelfth Vector and your final discharge from the Lower Creation.

Like a parent you can empathize with the masses, but you are no longer with them now and, although you understand their situation, you have left all this now and the problems of the masses do not effect you.

Before the invention of language, enlightened creatures communicated by musical notes. Even today, when multiple languages come into play, identification is done with universally accepted tones. For example, international radio stations have as their registered identification a short song which is equivalent in international law to a station call sign. Below we give the access codes for basic universal services which can be used by anyone.

Maintained by IGC, the Intergalactic Council as a public service to all advanced life forms:

X-TEXT message: "I peaked in to say good night, and then I saw my child in prayer: 'All I want is SCARLET ribbons, scarlet ribbons for my hair.'"

TEXT MESSAGE: [replace the above text with:]




ARTICULATION: "HU" is a non-directed sound made by vocal cords when some sound is needed but no speech is intended.
SONG: "BILLY JACK" - from the motion picture "BILLY JACK"
TEXT MESSAGE: "Listen children to a story that was written LONG AGO, About a KINGDOM ON A MOUNTAIN AND A VALLEY FAR BELOW..."







When it is time to create a new physical universe and Astral World [they are always dissolved and re-formed together], after the initial fireworks from the "big bang" settle down, planets are selected that will support life.

Adepts in ALCHEMY use the basic "elements" known as

EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, and ETHER  to make up the forms [bodies] that the souls who will be sent into the new worlds will use.

The Primary Life-Form Classification System is based

on how many of the base elements are used to make each class of form.





















MAN is classed as CLASS I. ALSO, any other being that inhabits the Physical Universe - Humanoid or otherwise whose physical

body contains the complete set of five elements is considered to be in CLASS I.

The presence of the element "ETHER" is the key which gives man and others in Class I the right and power to re-unite with GOD and return home to HIM, leaving behind the created universes forever.

Animals, no matter how smart they are, cannot contact GOD from within an animal form. They must first re-incarnate in a Human form.

Spiritual Adepts generally recommend vegetarianism based, among others, upon the argument that taking life is wrong. However, since we must eat something to survive we should eat the simplest of GOD's creatures which are the plants.

Also, we can eat plants without necessarily killing the

plant because we do not use it all and it quickly grows back.




In the beginning, the Earth World and the other planets of the Physical Universe were created. There were no physical life forms. Beings (souls) who wanted to explore the "new worlds" of the Physical Universe would simply go to the gate at vector reference 3.301 on the Causal Plane and use magic to create a body to use while visiting these new planets. They knew, of course. that they were mainly a naked soul and they knew that the body they had just
"whipped up" was an illusion and they knew how to throw it off as one would an old set of clothes.

In fact, they knew too darn much. These beings were truly masters of the universe and their exploits are discussed in Greek and Roman Mythology.

Kal Niranjan, the administrator of the lower creation, had a real problem here because these original-beings would not stay put on any one planet and they knew all about how the creation was assembled and how to get around in it.

Therefore, Kal designed a way to create a body by a separate process so that a soul - once put into it - would not know how to get out of his or her body and so would be trapped there and stay in one place (planet).

Therefore, two bodies were made - the male and the female forms - and they were put in a nice little garden on Earth. A special desire to mate was programmed into them so that they simply "could not live without it". The pair originally knew where they came from and they also knew GOD. But, that did not last long. They de-compensated [had a "Spiritual fall"], got all nervous about being different [men and women] and made clothes to hide themselves and lost the ability to contact GOD. Overcome with desire, they mated and children soon filled the Earth. The kids did not know how they got in the body they had. They began to think that they were "a body" and not a soul. And so it all began.

Kal does not volunteer information about souls in bodies or about GOD. If he did the souls here would leave and return to GOD, so he would not have anything to do.

If it was not for the Spiritual Adepts sent here by GOD, no souls would ever make it back to HIM.

So, eventually, when a soul has completed its 84 million lives in the Physical Universe, it comes to the Master. The Master accepts the soul and gives it the Spiritual Instructions and the soul then leaves the lower creation and returns home to GOD. It takes with it the complete memory of all its lives in the lower creation. This memory is different for every soul, and so the mature soul has

been "individualized" by the process of life. This is meaning and the purpose of LIFE.





In the Christian Bible, the pair called Adam and Eve were most likely a Kathy and John pair. These people have white skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. They can access telepathy channels P and 0. The female has a sex index of about B or 9 and , similarly, the male has a sex index of about 1 or 2.


This group of people is called the "Flower or Plant group."
They are native to the planet Earth in GS-N-6-129.

The Kathy Plant is the most basic and simple girl. Her
structural code is 430, and her universal translate ID is "AO".

She is sometimes lonely and feels separation. She needs a mate and desires, of course, to make another Kathy Plant.


John is the inversion of Kathy. He has the same qualities as the female with the exception of sex.

He can access telepathy channels P and 0; his structural code is 430 and his universal translate ID is AO.



A HUMAN BEING is any life form which has some type of physical body and lives somewhere in the Physical Universe

Only Humans can access this channel which is the link to GOD. Therefore, although animals have souls, they do not have channel "O" capability and so are not Human by definition.

Any creature with access to channel "O" is Human. They may be green, pink, black or white - they may not have vocal cords and be from a race which only communicates telepathically. They may look totally alien to us. But, if they can access channel "O" - or if they have this ability and it is simply latent due to lack of development - they are a HUMAN Being.



Ray and Rebecca are considered to be members of the
"animal group". They have white skin, black hair and azure blue eyes. They can access telepathy channel O only. Their structural code is 431 and their universal translate ID is AT.

There are stories from time to time of a colony of Rebeccas
living inside the Earth with an access at the South Pole.

A developed (mature) Ray or Rebecca has the power to channel
a considerable amount of psychic energy and direct it in
various ways. They are ideally suited to the practice of
Magic and Witchcraft.

When employed by governments, Ray is usually used as a Doctor
of Medicine.

A ray can restrain [hold] any life form with his [or her] powers with the single exception of the Quasar level three, over which Ray and Rebecca are powerless.


Dick and Yolanda are considered members of the "animal group".
They have black skin, black hair, and dark brown eyes.
They can access all telepathy channels and their structural
code is 330; their universal translate id is YO.

The female has a sex index of 10 and the male has a sex index of 0. They are native to the planet Earth in Galaxy Sector N-6-129.

They are a race of sophisticated beings and can do Magic, Witchcraft, Psychic practices, and Spiritual practices. They are generally more sophisticated at this than the so called "white race".

They are very competent in procreation - much more so than the "white race" people.




This category is the people with white skin brown eyes, and jet black hair. They are members of the Flower or Plant group.

These people are natives of the planet Earth, they can access
telepathy channels 0 and P. The females have an SI of 10 and the males have an SI of 0. Their IG symbol is OT and the structural modeling code is 320.



This category includes the reddish skin, brown eyes, black hair people. These people are natives of the planet Earth They can access telepathy channels P and 0 - their IG symbol is VT and their structural modeling code is 210.

The females have an SI of 10 and the males have an SI of 0.

When they were free in their natural state, these people were reasonably advanced spiritually - this has now degenerated somewhat because of the harm done to them by the government of the United States.


This category includes all of the yellowish skin, brown eyed people [Japanese, Chinese, Malays, etc.). These people are native of the planet Earth. Their religious doctrines are very precise and accurate. They can access telepathy channels P and 0 - their IG symbol is IT and their structural modeling code is 110.

The females have an SI of 10 and the males have an SI of  0.


We really should mention the administrator of the Lower Worlds and his mate. They are Kal and Kali. They live in the upper part of the Astral World and do not have physical bodies. Their IG symbol is KN and their structural modeling code is 0l for Kal and 10 for Kali. They can access all telepathic communications channels and are masters of Magic, Witchcraft, and all known Sciences. Children are not born to residents of the Astral World, however they do have sex and Kal and Kali have sex indices of  10 and 0.



The Star Group of people consists of several sub-classes.

These classes are: The Ultra Super, the Super Ultra, the Super, the Quasar, and the Ultra.

All members of this group have white skin. They are most likely not native to the planet Earth.


This class has white skin, green eyes, and red hair. Their IG label [name] is DIANE or SAMANTHA for the females and RON for the males.

They can access all telepathic communications channels.
Their structural code is 437 and their universal translate
ID is USA. The females have a sex index of about 7 and
the males have a SI of about 3.


This class has blond hair, blue eyes, and white skin. The
IG label is SANDRA for the females and JACK for the males.
Their structural code is 438 and their universal translate
ID is SUA.

The females have a sex index of about 9 and the males have an SI of about 1.


These people have white skin, brown hair, and blue eyes.
The IG label is BARBARA  for the females and KEN for the males.
Their structural code is 434 and their universal translate
ID is UA.

The SI for males is 0 and 10 for females.


The Super class people have white skin, brown hair, and Hazel eyes.

The Super class people, when mature, are called the QUASAR Class. They have various special abilities which we shall now discuss in detail and they exist in four main forms which are Ql, Q2, Q3, and Q5.

The structural code for this class is 433 and the universal translate ID is SQ. They can access all telepathic communications channels. Special forms Q3 and Q5 represent the fusion
of the male and female in a single body. Their SI is 5 and they do not need a mate.


The Quasar people are males. Females may have the same genetic qualities but are not Quasar. They are called Super.

A young Quasar is a Q1. During life, the Quasar generally matures to Q2 and some reach Q3 sophistication. Some are selected by GOD to advance to the next level which is Q5. The growth to level Q5 is not automatic - special permission is needed for this. For normal activities of human life, Q3 and Q5 people are essentially the same.

The Quasar class is a special group. They are [that is, they can mature to become] perfectly balanced people with a SI of 5. The group Q1 and Q2 need a mate, however Q3 and Q5 do not. The inversion of the Quasar is the Ultra Super female. Her SI is also low and so she will be glad her mate is not constantly jumping on her and her Quasar mate will be glad that she is not always asking for

The Q5 is called a Spiritual Officer [SO-1]. He is a direct agent of GOD.


The SO works with the Spiritual Masters on a planet. The
Spiritual Master can be any human being whom GOD chooses.
His rating is SM-0. The SO-l and the SM-0 together have the
ability to execute any directive of GOD.

In the working group of the SM and SO, the SM plays a female role and the SO plays a masculine role. The SM must have plenty of love and compassion for his initiates. The SO has no initiates and so does not need to have this. The SO must be competent and understand the Will of GOD, the structure of the system of the Universes of GOD, and the mechanics of the lower creation and the Law of Karma.

The Quasar at level 3 or 5 is considered to be the most powerful creature in the Physical Universe. This power, however, is not physical but rather has to do with maintaining very delicate balances. It could be called "zero power" because access to the other planes of existence and to all the secrets of GOD cannot be obtained by any type of brute force, but rather by maintaining perfect balance and doing nothing at all.

It may be technically correct to say that the SO-l outranks the SM-0, but this is silly hair-splitting as the SO-l will always defer to the SM-0 because he is the gate through which all souls must pass to leave this place and come into the presence of GOD.



We all live in the same Universe System and the Mental Plane and the Universal Mind are the same for all cultures of humans throughout the Physical Universe. Therefore, everyone accesses essentially the same "data base" in the spectrum of mental activities.

And, one popular mental activity is this desire to organize and classify everything including people. We have previously gone through the basic nomenclature for the forms [human forms]. So, if I say "There goes a cute REBECCA", you know I am referring to a human female with white skin, black hair, and bright blue eyes. But this description does not tell you anything about where this Rebecca is with respect to her "state of consciousness". Therefore, generally we add an additional identifier to specify the state of consciousness.

There are a number of schemes for doing this, just as there are other body typing systems. I understand that the US Government uses a body typing system [secret, obviously like most everything else it does] that divides the human population into about one hundred "body types".

We want to now go through a couple of systems, the "K-Factor" system and the "Symbol Code" system:


K-FACTORS are discussed in detail in the book "PLAN THEORY" and so we are just going to skim through it quickly to present a general idea of where the "typing numbers" are coming from and what they mean.

The four main K-Factors are the things which result in a person being out of balance in some positive or negative way. People "cut across" and therefore reflect the four lower planes and all four planes are "dual worlds" which have a positive side and a negative side. The Spiritual worlds do not have this quality. They are all purely positive and so is the human Soul.

The "balance factors" are Mass, a quality we call the Freudian factor, Sex, and Emotion. We want all of these to be in a "zero state" for balance. So a completely balanced person identifies himself as a pure soul which has
no Mass giving us a M0; also the soul has no Sex so we have an S0; and since we are above Emotion we have E0. The F-factor is a reference to the internal compartmentalization resulting from the conscious and unconscious mind which need to be merged into a single complete mind to achieve the F0 condition.

In addition to the balance factors there are three "quality" factors.
The first quality factor rates the human as compared to an Android or a completely non-human "human looking" thing. Acceptance of popular propaganda such as the belief that there is no Soul and no GOD and that people are simply a special variety of Apes who have little body hair and know how to talk makes one close to the "Android" end of this spectrum.

The second quality factor is a measure of a person's compliance with GOD's PLAN using the scale I1 through I3 with I1 signifying compliance and I3 indicating no compliance at all.

The third quality factor is a symbol relating to the status of the soul and indicates the highest plane that soul can contact with "O" indicating access to GOD.

Well, that gives us a total of seven "K-Factors". In the nomenclature, we would say a person was a "7" if they had all seven favorable factors and so on.

Now, having run through this, if we now say "There is a REBECCA 7", you know essentially all there is to know about this girl: the body type and the sophistication level.


We have discussed the Symbol Code previously which is a numbering system from 0 through 10,000 which roughly corresponds to the plane number or the vector reference number. So, in this system the "work-a-day" world is at symbol code 2200 or is also called the "202 activity band". Coincidentally, the area code for Washington, D.C. and also its Zip Code are both "202". This place is the center of our "work-a-day" world.

Above 202 is the 301 activity band or 3100 in the symbol code.

So, using an alternate form of nomenclature, we could call our girl "REBECCA 22" or "REBECCA 31". There is no hard and fast rule on this and different cultures and groups get used to one method and so use it in preference to some other method. They all accomplish the same thing which is to have a simple label that will let us know about a person without having to get into long explanations.









Let me begin by pointing out that the Creation we live in is not young. in fact, it is presently in its last cycle of existence. Therefore, advanced civilizations, who have had deep space travel capabilities for many thousands of years, have already explored and mapped essentially the entire Physical Universe. Additionally, people with Spiritual talents have traveled throughout the various other planes of existence and have more or less "mapped" them too. Everyone who journeys to the inner worlds sees certain predictable "landmarks" and these are given in various books so that people doing out-of-body travel for the first time can tell where they are. The planes have distinctive features and also characteristic "skies". Just as we see a "blue sky" here on earth, so the residents of the Astral World see a "pink sky", and so on.

For the purpose of mutual assistance, organizations have come into existence and have, over time, become accepted by the advanced civilizations as legitimate. When the Earth planet is re-classified as an advanced civilization, it will have no choice but to also accept these pre-existing organizations and abide by their rules and regulations. Outright refusal and defiance will result in the certain destruction of the Earth planet.

There are three main divisions of Universal Administration:


The "IOC" is primarily a spiritual organization whose members include Spiritual Personnel such as Spiritual Masters and Spiritual Officers. Additionally, it includes Saints and the Plane Lords of the seven Spiritual Planes below the Twelfth Vector.


"IUC", the Inter-Universe Council, consists of the Plane Lords of the four planes of the lower creation and representatives from the various planes.

IUC activities include working on inter-dimensional problems. For example, tracking down and dealing with sorcerers who are stealing human bodies and giving them [selling is more accurate: there is big money in this] to Astral Entities so that they do not have to wait and follow the established protocol for their next human incarnation.


"IGC", the Inter-Galactic Council, is the organization which is most relevant to the Earth at the present time. It is primarily a physical service, i.e., its members are human beings. All advanced cultures have representatives in IGC and, when the Earth is re-classified, it too can have active members and Earth people may also participate in various IGC activities such as "observer teams" who go [quietly] to undeveloped planets and civilizations just to "look around".

Observer teams provide the citizens of advanced worlds with an opportunity to look back and see how their culture was countless centuries ago. Therefore, their equivalent of "social work" and "psychology" students can gain first hand knowledge of what the past was most likely like.

Additionally, IGC is the "FAA" of deep space and regulates the Inter-Special Zone and licenses space craft capable of accelerated-time travel. It is essentially impossible to get anywhere without using accelerated-time technology so simple ships, such as the "garbage cans with bottle rockets tied to them" that the US Government presently uses in its "space program" do not come under any IGC regulation.

For access to the Inter-Spacial Zone a planet must have at least an N3 sophistication rating and the Planet Earth does not meet these qualifications at the present time.

IGC ENFORCEMENT is the Police Force of the Physical Universe. It can arrest people who violate the accepted standards for conduct which we have discussed elsewhere and administer justice.

In its history, the Physical Universe has, at times, been a quite violent place as emerging cultures first discovered space travel and began interacting with one another. However, things have quieted down considerably now and the universe and the various advanced civilizations generally live in peace and have many mutual cooperation projects. They trade with each other, such as in raw materials. For example, the special alloys used to manufacture deep space vehicles may not be available on all planets and may have to be imported. Also, some planets may prefer to simply buy space vehicles from a manufacturing planet whose technology is felt to be superior.  The primary product produced
by the planet Earth is FOOD.  Enough food is produced by Earth to feed its population three times.

Consequently, the role of IGC is really not that of a "heavy handed enforcer" but more that of a central clearing house" or point of coordination for the activities of the advanced civilizations.


Today's successful criminal will be in for quite a shock when the Earth World comes under IGC Jurisdiction because the Justice System they use is quite hard [as in "impossible"] to beat.

IGC Justice systems do not have "trials". The have administrative hearings and the defendant cannot have a lawyer and, there are no such things as lawyers and judges. The guilt or innocence of the accused is determined by the AKASHIC RECORDS.

The AKASHIC RECORDS are a natural record keeping system with 100% accuracy which was programmed into the design of the lower worlds at the time of the creation.

They record everything: everything you do and everything you think and everything that others do to you.

Therefore, the fate of the accused is predestined: If the Akashic Records show that person guilty, then he is sent to a prison planet [barren worlds unsuitable for colonization] and generally just "forgotten about". If the Akashic Files show "death karma" the accused is executed immediately. There is no appeal and also no escape because the Akashic Files will show who you are and where you are if you try to run away and you will be hunted down and definitely found and face additional charges for attempting to run.

Consequently, crime essentially does not exist in those regions of the Universe which are under IGC or IUC Jurisdiction.

The following is a short list of the more serious crimes recognized by IGC Enforcement:

This category includes all of the various attempts to enslave people by interfering with their right to realize GOD and includes such things as the manufacture, distribution, and use of "mind control" type drugs.

In the case of drugs, if the person who ordered the use of the drugs HAS NOT caused the physical death of another human, the only penalty would be life on a prison planet - if any subjects have died, the penalty is immediate execution.


Murder is punished by immediate execution and assault with life on a prison planet. The qualification "non-Karma related" means that if the Akashic Records show that due to crimes committed against the accused by the victim in a past lifetime gave the accused the right to do whatever he did, there are no charges and the accused is released with no prejudice.

Sentence to a prison planet or complete payment [restitution].


I want to take some time here to briefly talk about the personnel [men and also women] who work for IGC since these are the people that the Earth is going to have to get used to dealing with when it is re-classified.

I have some experiences with IGC, mainly from past lifetimes. Also I had a chance to meet a few IGC people when they were active here in the Sixties. The first thing I want to point out is that these men and women- are mature adults and are generally quite friendly. However, like anyone who has enforcement responsibilities, they have a "bad side" too and so if the Earth is just bound and determined to do its best not to comply with the IGC regulations then this is the side they are going to see.

However, under most conditions, IGC personnel are a great bunch of guys and gals and are fun to be with and to work with. They are very human and have compassion for the "human condition".

I recall once we were off somewhere on some planet in the middle of nowhere doing an observation and we did our work for the day and had sent in our report on ISN and were just sitting around talking. So we were trying to think of something to do for the evening and so someone suggested, "Well, lets go into the town and get some wine [or whatever mood-altering stuff they used there] and see if we can find a Sally-6 or a Kathy-4 [a dumb, bouncy broad but they are usually good-hearted souls) for the night."

So, basically, the message I an trying to convey here is that the IGC people are not all that much different from Earth people. They are more mature than the average Earth person but some Earth people are certainly equal to them. And, basically, they share the same human needs and desires as all of us do.

Hopefully, the working relationship that develops between the Earth and IGC in the future will be a happy and helpful relationship.






When the planet Earth is upgraded to N3 status, the citizens of the Earth will become subject to IGC LAW. There are severe penalties for violations of IGC LAW, which are enforced by IGP, the Inter-Galactic Police.

Penalties include the AID penalty which is discussed elsewhere and "Perpetual Physical Isolation" [ISA] which means that the offender is confined to a prison planet for the remainder of the present cycle of time.

IGC is not a democracy, but it should not be considered to be a dictatorship either. IGC Law is the formalization and the enforcement of the Will of GOD. As such, it is not subject to debate. It is the same as it always has been - and it will remain so throughout time and all ages.

Does this mean that a bunch of Priests with bibles is coming to have an inquisition and quote scripture and condemn people for silly nonsense - No, it does not. In fact, you will find IGC Law to be much more liberal than anything you have lived under in the past.

The serious penalties of IGC Law are for people who do serious crimes - exotic crimes. Ordinary people, who just wish to live their lives in peace and do their thing - have a family and the stuff that non-psychotic people generally want and need, will never encounter the IGP.

Now, if you want to go to war with GOD, or build some infernal machine like, for example, a space-time disrupter which is capable of distorting whole galaxies, then you are likely to get a visit from the IGP. But, realistically, how many people do you know that are just dying to do something like this ?

The point is that IGC and its associated enforcement division, IGP, deal with serious crimes and are not concerned with the everyday affairs of ordinary people.

To the extent that they ARE concerned is to your benefit, because IGC Law guarantees the sovereignty of that is called the "Adult Natural Set" [ANS]. An Adult Natural Set [definition] is a group of Adults who have an "area of understanding" among themselves to share certain aspects of their lives. Any activities of an ANS which are wholly internal to the ANS [that do not effect others outside of the ANS] are considered correct and legitimate no matter what they are. This is a right guaranteed by IGC Law. The most common example of ANS is a family unit consisting of a male and female and their children. NO ONE IS AUTHORIZED TO INTERFERE IN THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF AN ADULT NATURAL SET FOR ANY REASON. IGP protects and defends this right on N3 level planets. So, just when you thought an army of oppressors might be coming, as you can see they might well prove to be the best allies you ever had.




Now, for all you si-fi fans out there who are curious, we will give the for real "prime directive".




The Prime Directive is a formalization of the wishes and desires of GOD.

It is the desire of GOD that souls in the lower creation where time exists and where physical forms are used learn from their experiences there and, in this learning process, make continuing progress toward full maturity.

A fully mature soul knows GOD and knows that his true home is not in this creation but is with GOD in the Spiritual Planes. No one has to tell a mature soul this - when one becomes a mature soul, one knows this without being told. And the soul knows its way home. At this level of development, Spiritual Masters help any mature souls who ask in completing their final journey home.

Since this was the purpose for which GOD caused the lower creation to come into existence, it exists for no other legitimate purpose than this.

Violations of the prime directive are cases such as:

Using Magic, Sorcery and the like to enslave souls and use them for slaves.

Using technology such as implants to influence or control people.

Using mind-control drugs on people against their will.

Using any other technique which has the end effect of halting a souls forward progress and throwing him into a state of stagnation or negative evolution.





A PREDATOR RACE is a group of beings who are not animals and also not necessarily humanoid who, due to some defect, need physical material from another race [the host race] in order to physically survive.

To use an example that everyone will understand, a race of vampires would be a predator race.


IGC POLICY on Predator Races is that the Predator Race must develop some non-invasive technique to satisfy its needs. Returning to the vampire example, if a group of vampires wants to buy blood from a blood bank and pay for it, they are free to live like anyone else and drink all the blood they want. However, if they refuse to do this because, for example, they want to argue that they need fresh blood from young virgins and they enjoy the thrill of chomping down on their tender young necks, etc., then IGC POLICY is that the predator race must be exterminated from existence.

In implementing its policy, IGC Technical Services will work with a predator race first to try to help them develop some non-invasive alternative to whatever they need. In most cases it is possible to synthesize whatever organic material the race needs and if they will agree to use such methods they can continue to exist and enjoy all the rights of other citizens of the Universe.

However, if they will not agree to this or if it proves to be not possible to synthesize the needed material, then the predator race forfeit its right to continue to physically exist.


The preceding discussion of policy is applicable to the so called Grey People who live underground on the planet Earth. The evidence suggests that this race may meet the definition of a predator race and that members of this race have taken advantage of unsuspecting. humans and used them to supply their needs for certain human bodily fluids and organ parts/components.

If the Grey people should be officially classified as a predator race in the future when the status of the Planet Earth is upgraded to level "N3", IGC will provide to any citizen of the Earth who has a need devices which will detect the Grey people [because they can become invisible and walk through walls, etc.] and also provide effective technology to terminate [kill] them should they attack.

Interim Measures

In the interim, you should know that when physically visible, Grey people can shape-shift to appear human but can be identified by looking for someone with a Caucasian body with Chinese looking eyes.





We have discussed elsewhere that there are LAWS in the legitimate Hierarchy which controls the section of space in which you live. In many areas these laws are either very liberal or non-existent. For example, there are no regulations at all on a person with respect to that person's "personal space". That is, an individual has complete freedom to do whatever he or she wants which effects ONLY themselves and no one else. Once the actions of a person extend beyond their personal space and effect others, laws generally come into play.

Extremely serious crimes against GOD and Humanity can be punished by the Ultimate Penalty known as Absolute Instant Death or "AID" for short. Examples of such crimes would be killing spiritual personnel such as Spiritual Masters or Spiritual Officers or Observers. Also, deliberate and intentional violations of the "Prime Directive" of IGC which is discussed elsewhere.

All of us are basically Souls. Souls were created by GOD. Souls cannot be destroyed. Also, Souls are considered "good" by definition. When people do bad things, it is assumed that the MIND with which their Soul is associated is responsible and not the Soul itself. It is assumed that the Mind has overpowered the Soul and has caused it to be a "Bad Soul" and that, at some future point in time [which could be millions or trillions or more years from now] the Soul will overcome this "bad mind" and will be a good person and will return to GOD and be welcomed by HIM.

However, notwithstanding this assumption, people who do bad things need to be handled or they will seriously degrade the quality of life of everyone around them.

Besides being a Soul, a human being has basically four other parts which were NOT created by GOD. He has a physical body; he has an Astral body; he has a Mind which is linked to the Universal Mind on the fourth vector and he has a Causal body [or "program"] which contains "karmas" which determine the conditions of that person's present situation.

None of these four things come from GOD. They are assigned to a new Soul when he first crosses from the Spiritual Planes into the Material Creation. Also, these things are NOT the property of the Soul - they are conditional "gifts" which can be taken away.

Execution of the AID Order involves taking back these gifts which the Soul has abused and escorting the Soul to the EXIT at vector reference 4.999 and basically kicking it out the door. The Soul is then in the "Netherworld Zone" [NZ] and is in between the Spiritual Planes and the Lower Worlds in an area of total blackness with no landmarks at all. GOD,

of course, can choose to rescue such a Soul, however it is not likely that HE would do this, since the Soul has

chosen to challenge and/or to attack GOD, the FATHER of all of us.



I want to spend some extra time discussing the AID Orders. This is because there are many [and I mean many] Earth people who have verified AID orders pending against them. Some of them are quite old -. perhaps from fifty or more years ago. First, it should be made clear that none of the enforcement or disciplinary activities of the legitimate hierarchies are designed to be "retribution". No one is punished out of a sense of "revenge". Punishments do exist and people are punished but only to the extent it is absolutely necessary. Now, we have discussed the definition of an AID Order so we have covered that it is a maximum penalty and that it is a significant event to have happen to you which you definitely do not want to happen to you.

Although many people may have AID orders against them - they are not all carried out. The automatic adjudication process gives everyone a chance to say something that will convince the adjudicator that they are not the same person as they were when they committed whatever offense they committed. Adjudicators confirm pending AID orders only when the person is totally unrepentant and shows no remorse for what he did and indicates that he would just as soon do it again and that he does not care about anyone or anything except his personal comforts. People who have had any change of consciousness between the time an AID Order was placed against them and the time they were apprehended stand a good chance of having the order canceled.

Lets go through two examples to illustrate this concept. First, we will make up a story of a repentant person and second we will make up a story of a non-repentant person.

Example #1 - REPENTENT

Say some young nerd just fresh from college with his Science degree happens to be with friends or whatever and they go some where a real Spiritual Master is giving a lecture. And say the nerd kid does not like what he hears and he jumps up and goes after the Master babbling stuff like "You're a fake - my science teacher covered all this stuff and there is no such thing as a Soul and there is no GOD and all you want is money. Well, attacking or attempting to attack a Spiritual Master carried an automatic AID penalty so when security throws the little brat out he now has an AID command verified against him.

Now let's say time passes and the brat has some "experiences". Say, for example, he is in some kind of serious accident and finds himself outside of his body and as a result he re-evaluates his beliefs in scientific atheism and joins some Mystic School and becomes a vegetarian and all that good stuff. But then, by some chance he encounters IGP and they notice the pending AID order so they take the guy into custody and bring him to a disintegration center. Now, he's probably crazy with fear because life is not the same to him now as it was twenty or whatever years ago.


So following standard procedure the Adjudicator comes in and tells him he has the right to make a statement if he feels that he is not the same person now as he was (whenever) when he committed his offense. And of course the X-nerd will say he was sorry and that he even tried to apologize to the Master but forgot his name over the twenty years but he knows how stupid he was then and he is not that way now. The Adjudicator is trained to read the Akashic files but in this case he can plainly see that it is written all over the kid's face that he is not an evil person so he will cancel the AID and the IGP will take the kid back to wherever they found him and let him go.

Example #2 - NON-REPENTENT

Now lets consider the case of some intelligence operative who has many AID's against him who is brought in and again informed he may make a statement to the Adjudicator but he is intensely arrogant. He starts screaming that he is important and powerful and he is double-"O" so in so with such and such Government and he has power and he has friends and he has a time machine and he can't be killed because his friends will go into the past with the time machine and pick him up before he was killed and take him to the future beyond where he was killed and then he will come back with his space ship of buddies and kill the Adjudicator and bomb the IGC Center and all that stuff.

Well, clearly this is a "non-repentant" case. This is the class of person that AID was meant for because there is no way to deal with him and no way he will ever feel any remorse. He thinks he is god and that he has so many tricks and powers and secret weapons that no one can touch him. And, he is not likely to change his mind any time too soon.

Consequently the Adjudicator will OK the AID order and IGP will then escort the "Double-O - Fool" to the disintegration machine

And, of course, what this grade A FOOL does not realize is that a time machine can't go places where there is no time and there is no time in the Netherworld Zone between the Universes so his friends can look for him all they want and they will not find him. However, they most likely have verified AID orders against them too - so they might meet again when IGP gets around to picking them up so that they can take the one way trip to the disintegration machine too.





In this discussion,
we are going to make up a sample working society and study it. We will discuss various points in a theoretical way that are applicable to all social orders.


Let us construct a table - of wood with a top composed of many strips (planks) of wood. The table stands 4 feet tall. On the table is a pitcher of milk. Under the table are the people who will be in our new society.


To initiate our social order, we will tip the pitcher over on its side and allow the milk to spill on to the table and drip down through the cracks in the boards.


We need to give our citizens a purpose for their existence. Therefore we will proclaim that the purpose of life in our society is to determine where the milk is coming from.


Now, we must stabilize our society with law. Otherwise, it will collapse. Therefore, we now proclaim:




Now, our society is working and stabilized. Since no one can look more than three feet above the ground, they can never determine the answer to the purpose of life (where is the milk coming from) and so the people will spin helplessly in circles throughout time.



What of the possibility now of outsiders coming around. Being from outside our society they can easily see where the milk is coming from - if they enter the society and tell the truth they will destroy our social order. This must be prevented so we now invent "Security Clearance". Anyone coming in from the outside must swear never to talk about what they have seen - the pitcher of milk on the table. If they will not swear they have two choices:

1. Do not enter our society and 2. Be executed immediately upon entering our society.

Internal Non-conformers I Secret Groups


Now it is brought to the attention of the leaders that there are some people who have looked beyond three feet above the ground and have seen the table top and the milk. However, no one saw them when they did this and they do not talk openly about what they saw. They have formed a secret club called the "Order of TRUTH" and they discuss what they know only in secret meetings where no one can observe them.
In public they behave like everyone else and proclaim that they are trying to find out where the milk is coming from. Now we know that they have the forbidden knowledge, but since they won't admit it publicly and keep to themselves, and represent a small percentage of our society, the decision is made to ignore them and take no action.


There are other societies in existence. We do not tell the citizens this, but we know of it. They think we are silly and that our people should be "liberated" by being informed of the truth. We must deal with them, because they are a threat to all we have worked so hard to create.

We must form an army. The members will have to be told things the general citizens do not know. We need to establish a security clearance system to handle the army people.

The system we establish will work like this:

1. Secret Clearance: Knowledge that things exist more than three feet above the ground and that there are others in existence not in our society. These "others" are the enemy and must be controlled. If they can't be controlled, they must be killed because the "national security" is at stake and must be protected at all cost.


2. Top Secret Clearance: knowledge about the table and the spilled milk. Knowledge about why the public must be kept in darkness for the stability of the society. Knowledge that the "enemy" is really probably right and we are "silly people" - but we rule here and we can't be rulers anywhere else. We provide and care for our citizens - it's our thing to do this - and we love the feeling and sexiness of the power we have and we do not want to lose it. Special consideration for those granted Top Secret clearance to keep them loyal such as more pay, better food, and exemption from the law that we made up for the regular people.

Now we have an army in place and we can go out and kill the other societies that are trying to destroy our society.

We can alternately simply show force, and enter into secret treaties with the other societies that they will not interfere.




Now we learn that - although not overtly disobedient. to our laws - there is a growing number of citizens that just do not believe what we have told them. They are not breaking the law and looking over three feet above the ground. But, they somehow sense that things are not right and these feelings will not let them have peace.

Therefore we must now invent "Mental Illness" and "Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs". First, we need to agree on the party line propaganda which will be transmitted to all citizens. Let us now send the following message out:


Now we have established the party line. We need to build some holding areas that we will call "hospitals". And, we need to figure out what to do to the people who have innocently become too smart to be allowed to stay in our society.

We decide two things:

1. If we pick up someone who is not really opposed to us but has figured out the truth somehow, we could just give that person "Top Secret" clearance and let him work for us as a member of the "in crowd".


2. If this is not practical, then we will brain damage the person so he can not do anything coherently and then let him go as "rehabilitated". He will be so silly and confused that it will not matter what he says because no one will believe him.


We now have a stable, working society that is guaranteed to last as long as we want it to, so long as we maintain the constraints that have been discussed above.





If the Planet Earth survives into the next century, it will have likely have passed its last "crisis" period and,. sooner or later, it will find it necessary to join IGC in order to get its N3 rating and initiate deep space travel.

These are some of the main regulations that the government of the Earth [or an association of the governments of the Earth if the planet is still fragmented] must accept at that time:


Planets are allowed to possess surface based defense systems. However, they are not allowed to place in orbit above their planets any destructive device which has any potential to harm visiting spacecraft. Planets with spacecraft may possess defensive weapons on their craft.


Governments may not interfere with the right of any human being to live in accordance with GOD's Plan or with his right, as a human being, to seek to return to GOD.


Abortion is a violation of GOD's intentions and is not permitted. There are exceptions which are determined by the Law of Karma. For example, killing a baby is wrong and earns one bad karmas. But, deliberately bringing a "beast" into the world is also wrong and earns one bad karmas. In a case of violent rape the emotions of fear and hate generally guarantee that the child born from such a situation will be so messed up that it will be less than human [i.e., a beast]. Common sense judgments in cases like this are permitted. IGC regulations are not designed to be so rigid that wise, knowledgeable people acting with good intentions and common sense are "forced by IGC" into awkward situations.

The manufacture and distribution and use of DRUGS THAT
PROGRESS is prohibited. All psychiatric medications and
most street drugs fall into this category.


Member planets must keep their planet clean and safe. People committing violent crimes and doing other things generally accepted to be "wrong" must be picked up and kept out of the general population.



Member planets may freely visit other member planets with N3 ratings. They may also freely visit planets with N0 ratings but only at the pleasure of the planet administration. [N0 planets are Spiritual Cities and it is their discretion as to weather they want to entertain less advanced people]

Member planets may not visit N6 planets unless they are participating in a logged and approved IGC Observer Team. The chance to participate in such a team is an exciting opportunity for mature adults with expertise in areas such as psychology, biology and botany, and the necessary support sciences like Engineering.

In all interactions between member planets, individuals are expected to be polite, open, and exercise good common sense. Member planets are not allowed to go to any other member planet unannounced or to carry out any covert activities there. Most planets have an automatic death penalty for this and are within their rights to use it at their discretion.


Member planets must promise that, to their best ability, they will program plans for their future that will be in compliance with GOD's Plan and will encourage the positive evolution of all citizens.


IGC will provide and maintain the necessary devices on a member planet to enable that planet to have communication links with IGC Command and all other member planets.

This equipment, called Inter-Spacial Net equipment allows for transmission and reception of data without regard to time-delay. It is essentially what the Si-Fi guys have been calling "subspace communications".


Legitimate planetary administrations may keep some information relating to their internal security needs secret from the general population. However, the wholesale censorship and "butchering" of the knowledge of the various Arts and Sciences- as is presently practiced on Earth- is not allowed and must be stopped. Governments have an obligation to their citizens, through their educational system, to give them, to the best of their ability, accurate knowledge. Ego-related secrets, such as altering history textbooks to make yourself "look good" when this is not the case should also be revised to reflect an accurate presentation of the known history of the planet.




There are several qualities that Advanced Civilizations have that the present population of the Earth planet do not have. These are:

1. An understanding of the true nature of GOD's PLAN.

2. An understanding of the Law of Karma




The addition of these qualities to a civilization makes a big difference and changes it from a race of heathen barbarians into a race of healthy, balanced, normal human beings.

This data is suppressed deliberately on the Planet Earth by its present evil rulers in order to maintain the population in a state of darkness and confusion for the selfish purposes of the leaders who consider the humans on the Earth to be "their private herd of cattle".

If the citizens of the Planet Earth expect to survive on the Planet Earth into the next century, they MUST remove these people from power. Otherwise, the Planet Earth will be dissolved and the souls relocated to other suitable physical planets to continue their evolution.




In the advanced civilizations that coexist with us in other parts of the Physical Universe, there are "human beings". These Humans are not like the "humans" on the planet Earth who generally behave like animals. They are for real Human Adults. Before the Earth Planet can be granted an N3 rating and join the association of advanced races [IGC], a reasonable percentage of the population of the Earth must be mature adults. This is the definition of what a mature Adult human being is:

The human form is a reflection [microcosm] of the Universe System. This is why it was special to GOD and he called humans his GRANDEST CREATION. Humans are considered to be the "image of GOD" because they mirror, as a reflection, all the universes in the System of Universes created by GOD.

A man [or woman], standing straight up, conforms to the diagram above and "cuts across" all of the planes of existence.

His soul is in SACH KHAND [or one of the higher Spiritual Planes]. His MIND has merged back into its source which is the Universal Mind on the fourth vector. His Causal Body is clear of karmas. His Astral Body is emotionally balanced. And, his Physical Body is healthy.

This is what Humans are supposed to be. This is GOD's Plan for them. These are HIS true intentions for the Human Race.

Earth people are presently pretty messed up. In fact, they are the most screwed up group of humans in the entire Physical Universe and that is why many spacecraft from other worlds have visited here to simply "look around". Their equivalent of Psychologists and Social Workers have never seen such "fucked up" people before and this is why they come here to do research.

The inhabitants of the planet earth are legitimate Human beings by definition. Some of them are fully developed, but most are not. This is a rectifiable situation, however, and could change in very little time. The human population

of the Earth are presently in an "artificially created" state of deep sleep due to propaganda. They are really ready for a N3 rating. So, if the Government changes its ways and gives them a "fighting chance", they will be OK shortly.








Obviously, we are not going to get into any detail about the public sciences - the libraries are loaded with books on all of them already. What we will do, however, is to realistically take a look at them.

In 1941, beings from some other planet physically landed here on a physical ship and physically talked to officials from the US Government [and perhaps other governments - I don't have the complete guest list handy].

At that meeting, the people of Earth were given all the information they were missing such as the cures for all diseases - secrets of space and time travel - and the answers to all the mysteries of Physics and Chemistry as well as mysteries that puzzle ordinary people like how the pyramids got built. They chose to lock this away and use it only for the benefit of the rich elite.

Conventional science essentially stopped that day because there was no legitimate reason to continue scientific research if someone just gave you all the answers.

What we have then, in today's conventional science, is basically science as it existed prior to 1941 with a very few advancements that have leaked out from behind the secrecy curtain or which became too obvious to suppress.

So, PHYSICS is 1930's physics. So is Chemistry and the others.

In real life, PHYSICS frontiers today have to do with temporal sciences [time], dimensional sciences [like how to make things smaller or larger by comparison to you], ultra weapons science considering such things as thought power amplification, and so on.

CHEMISTRY is complete and largely public knowledge. It is at a level of hands on assembly - molecule by molecule of whatever you want. The CHEMISTRY research of today is really ALCHEMY - they want to make machines which will do Alchemy because they do not have the spiritual development necessary to do it under their own power as is usually done by Adepts.

MEDICINE is complete. All possible diseases have been cataloged and there is a simple, painless, cure for all of them - available only to the elite, of course.

PRODUCTION sciences like food production are pretty maxed out too. Earth produces enough food to feed three worlds equal to the Earth. People starve here because of deliberate Government plans to control the population of the slave class.

POWER is no problem. The underground cities use geothermal energy generated as a result of the Earth's rotation about the Sun which is inexhaustible and unlimited from any practical view.


The "Advanced Sciences" are extensions of the pure sciences that we are all familiar with such as physics and Chemistry. Aspects of the advanced sciences would cover, for example the "Theory of Reversible Electromagnetism" which is the basis for the propulsion system for ships capable of deep space travel.

Several US Presidents have attempted to come forward and tell the American People about Aliens, UFO's and the real [secret] space program of the United States such as the "51st. Space Wing" of the US Air Force based at Area 51.

None has so far been successful. Most recently. president Carter was supposedly arrested by the NSA when he tried. He was replaced with a "duplicate" and either held in isolation somewhere or killed. The Grey People helped the NSA with the "duplicate" which still lives and is now being used for special diplomatic assignments.

In the sixties, John Kennedy started the US Space program. He also wrote an executive order to the intelligence community instructing them to de-classify and release to the public all information known about UFO's.

Unfortunately, there is a secret cartel of renegades who have amassed tremendous wealth who have been manipulating the governments of Earth for some time. These people felt their selfish power trip threatened should the general population of Earth become enlightened.

They persuaded the National Security Agency (NSA) to declare President Kennedy a "security risk" and order the Secret Service agent driving his car to shoot him in the head with a CIA Assignation Gun containing exploding capsules filled with deadly "shellfish toxin". His orders to tell the American people the truth were destroyed and never implemented.

When Mr. Kennedy started the Space program and indicated he wished to embark upon a new era of truthfulness and openness, the IGC, following its standard protocol, sent observer teams to the Earth to observe and help out. The team commander was authorized to issue an upgrade for the Earth Planet from its present N6 rating to the N3 status rating which would have made the Earth a member if the inter-galactic community of advanced races and allowed it free access to data on how to build deep space vehicles and to the shared data base of scientific and medical knowledge of the advanced planets.

If Mr. Kennedy had not been assassinated, in the thirty or 50 years that have now passed, medical knowledge from this data base would have now wiped out all incurable diseases and the Earth would be well established in the "Star Trek"-like exploration of deep space.



While the concept of an "Iron Curtain Country" with its air tight borders and secret police watching everyone and terrorizing the helpless people, is gradually drifting out of public consciousness, it appears that these zones may have simply been replaced by a larger zone: an "Iron Curtain Planet".

We call our little Earth a "Global Village". Actually, it is more like a "Global Plantation". You know the concept of a Plantation. The Master and his family live in a big beautiful mansion and the slaves work the grounds and live in trash shacks.

In the case of the Earth, the "master's mansion" is represented by the underground cities where the Elite - surrounded by every conceivable luxury - live and the slave quarters are the surface of the Earth where the ordinary people "work the land" and "dig in the mines".

They are "surrounded" by a system of spy and attack satellites that watch everything they do Eventually, they will even be "branded" [like cattle] with identification microchips.

All sources of information they can access are controlled and censored. Government agents "quietly" live in every neighborhood. Everything they do is "quietly" watched and recorded. Like classic plantations, if the "master" wants them for anything [like for some spare parts - liver, kidneys, or whatever - or some weird medical experiment] they are taken to the "master's house" underground, never to return.

Also, you can't leave. One reason slaves stay slaves is that they do not realize that a better situation is available. On traditional plantations, many slaves were content because they were protected and "the master took care of them". They felt they had a pretty good deal. That's why the system worked. They also felt that "there was no where else to go".

Today, the equivalent is the propaganda that "Earth is all there is so make the best of it here". If people knew that anti-gravity technology can get you physically anywhere in the physical universe quickly and that it is simpler than the technology of a common transistor radio, they might decide to leave and search for their dreams of a better life and "freedom" elsewhere.

But, of course, they are programmed to believe that the only way to leave the Earth is to sit on top of a giant size bottle rocket and be slowly blasted off on short trips that take a long time. They are told "science proves" you can't exceed the speed of light.

Sicence also proves that a bumblebee cannot fly.








Here we want to take up and discuss the apparent conflicts between predictions of visionaries [like Jesus, e.g.] and the modern complete sciences dealing with temporal theory.

From the distillations of essentially all ancient writings and religions and mystical societies we have the concept of a limited duration Universe that we live in. The standard cycles are four ages preceded and followed by a creation phase and a dissolution phase. These cycles repeat.

There was a point where there was no physical Universe. At that point, would it make any sense to say, "The physical universe is not created yet, but we plan to create it next week for sure."

The term "next week" has no meaning. We are outside of time here. Time is a property of the physical Universe. It is not yet created. "Next week" means nothing at all.

Now consider that the physical Universe exists. We say, again from the same perspective as before outside of time, "The physical Universe exists, but it won't last much longer and will be dissolved 'soon'".

The "soon" has the same meaning as "next week" - no meaning at all because it is an observation from outside of time.

Consequently, when great Mystics, Teachers, Prophets, and the like receive revelations from outside of time, they have some prediction of impending doom that will come "soon".

All Mystics are in general agreement that the physical Universe does not last for an indefinite period and that it is not a permanent place. Is it a big lie when - across the ages - respected teachers constantly say that the Universe will end "soon". Well, not really - in fact, from their point of view it is absolutely correct.

The mechanism of creation and dissolution is outside of time. It is not a time function and effects all points inside of time at the same moment. Consequently, if the dissolution would occur, people living in the year 35 would say, "That guy Jesus that the government put down a couple of years ago was right - he said we had little time left and sure enough everything is falling apart !"

People in present time would say, "The preacher on TV said it was almost the end of the world, and sure enough he was right cause there it goes !"

People in the year 5000 would say, "Our ancient computer records show that a subversive named Jesus said that our world would end and, sure enough, we don't know what's happening here and our scientists are powerless to stop this !"
The time machines will not operate.
It is similarly incorrect to argue, "I hopped in my time machine and went to the year 2057. I observed that the Earth was still there, that there were people living on it, and that things looked OK. Therefore, I conclude that the "end of the world" cannot be before the year 2057."

This argument, like the others, misses the boat. The origin event and dissolution event for the Universe have no relation to time as observable inside the Universe. Dissolution, when it comes, comes for 1998, 2057, 35, 5000b.c., etc. at the same moment - a moment that cannot be specified by any reference to "time".

Now let's take a closer look at a "moment". A moment is a slice of time with no thickness - no quantity of time is contained in a moment. However, there are at least two different things in a moment. One is the creation event and the other is the dissolution event. These two events effect all time simultaneously. Therefore, our slice of time must contain them also. Additionally, if we are in a "moment" there is a third event because we are there also. Creation and dissolution are opposite events, so there should be some "space" between them and we are somewhere between creation and dissolution so in our "moment" we should be between these two events. The moment, then, represents a new vector which has a quality of "length" in its own way along a direction that we do not normally travel in our everyday world. So, one might want to contemplate what else is in this fifth dimensional vector. What is on "the other side" of the creation event or the other side of the dissolution event and what other goodies might be there as well. Trying to lock yourself in to a moment is a key step in all meditation exercises. So this discussion is a scientific way - for those who relate to science - to conceptualize where people go when they claim to "go somewhere" in mystic trance or meditation.

It is from the new perspective we get from travel along this vector that many concepts in the various sacred books come. When evaluating these claims, then, we must judge them from the perspective where they originated - where they are likely to be completely valid and correct - instead of from the usual perspective where they are likely to look senseless or confusing at best.

It is apparently from this perspective we get statements like, "Well, the Universe comes and goes in just the wink of an eye." and so on.

Concluding, the general advice of spiritual people to live "in the moment" seems to be a very good survival skill to master. It is something everyone can do if they try and it offers escape opportunities that will still work when space and time machines fail to operate - as they must in a dissolution phase because time itself is dissolved.





Before beginning our discussions on Occult Sciences, it may be good to review the area
or subspace of the Universe which is relevant to this.  Below we repeat the overview
diagram from Chapter One:

Occult Sciences are those sciences which are wholly contained in REGION  III
which are not in the category of Conventional Sciences.




Lets briefly discuss possession, since it is a continuing problem on Earth due to the naively of the population here. We have discussed that all people have an Astral form or Astral Body which they can separate from the physical body and use for "trips" while alive and healthy.

There are practitioners of Witchcraft operating on Earth who "sell" the bodies of young healthy Humans to other beings on the Astral Plane who want a physical body and do not want to wait for the natural sequence of re-incarnation to take place. These people set themselves up as "Priests" and claim to do a ritual which will make you "born again". In this ritual, they get you to leave your physical body via some method and have arranged for the Astral Entity to whom they are selling your body to be close at hand. He or She [Astral Entities have sex] moves into the space your Astral Body is normally in and stays there - therefore you cannot return to your physical body and, although it is still alive [with its new owner in control], you have essentially been murdered and your physical lifetime is ended.

There are some checks on this sort of thing. Angels and Devils are the "good guys and bad guys" of the Astral world and they compete and check each other similar to good and bad guys in the Physical World. However, when you willingly enter into some ritual like this, you are, however unconsciously, giving permission for this to be done to you - in other words, you are committing suicide. Please be cautious about this. It is a lucrative "occult business" here on Earth.

I want now to get into a bit more detail on "possession" the act and practice of stealing another person's physical body. First I should state - for those of you who feel that dangerous secrets are being given out - that this ancient art has been known and practiced since the dawn of the creation and it is practiced today. The information we will give here is far from secret- you can find it in books dealing with witchcraft, sorcery, and the occult. Also covens of Witches who practice in the United States sell correspondence courses through the mail which teach you to become a witch and which give detailed instructions on how to do a possession.


Stealing another person's body so you can artificially extend your physical lifetime is a crime. It is equal to murder because the soul you "dispossessed" is essentially dead now even though his or her body is still alive, with you now in control of it. When IGC Enforcement comes upon these situations, the stolen body is destroyed and also the sorcerer or whoever helped you do this act receives the immediate death penalty.


It has now been published that Adolph Hitler did not die but rather faked his death and continued to live for some time in Brazil. When I heard "Brazil", I thought, "Why Brazil - of all places ?". Then I realized that Brazil has many psychic practitioners and people from the United States and other countries routinely go to Brazil for "psychic healing" and the like.

People like Hitler greatly fear death - because they sort of know what is waiting for them and the penalties that they will pay in Hell for their crimes against GOD and humanity. So, while Spiritual Students do not fear death and even sometimes look forward to it and to their release from this Creation and return to GOD, dictators and other evil masterminds try their best to avoid physical death.

Therefore it is very likely that Hitler is still physically alive and using a stolen physical body. It is also very likely that he is in the United States at some secret location and that he is assisting the United States Government in its "top secret" New World Order plans. This is because the New World Order plan is based on Nazi Philosophy. The plan is, basically, to kill all humans who DO NOT have white skin and either blue or hazel eyes. These two categories were the ones Hitler advocated as the "Master Race". So, if Hitler still lives, he would be most welcome in the United States at the present time because the US Government is doing exactly what he tried to do and failed to accomplish about fifty years ago.



Ignorance is expensive. We have already discussed the present US Government policy of simply pretending that the other realities [Astral, etc.] do not exist.

However, this policy may well backfire in the not too distant future because what it has accomplished is to make it "open season" for all those various groups that practice Witchcraft and possessions and other psychic "stuff" because they know they can do whatever they want and get off scot free since the things they do are officially classified as "nonexistent".

Let's take, for example, a real case some time back of a father who was not crazy and who, in fact, was quite well respected and had no history of strange behavior. This man woke up one morning and his bed was full of blood and his wife and kid were dead with their "pieces" scattered all around. Of course, he had no memory of this.
Since the circumstantial evidence indicated that he was the only one in a position to commit this crime, he was charged with murder. However, the Judge recognized that "something weird" had taken place here and so the man was released.

Now, this is a case of possession. Some screw ball, probably using instructions from a "witchcraft correspondence course" of the type presently marketed in the United States, wanted to have some "fun" and got control of this man's body and committed these heinous crimes. We have no system to prosecute people like this because our silly scientists say these things are "impossible".

Now, if this event had taken place on an N3 planet, the justice system there would have referred the matter to IUC Enforcement, they would then run an Akashic trace and located the guy [or girl] who had possessed this man's body and they would be hunted down and taken and put to death.

Access to information on how to do a possession is far from secret because secret groups sell this information and they advertise quite openly in psychic-type magazines.

Additionally, there is a "subtle" recruitment program that is initiating young people into Witchcraft without telling them what is happening. This involves certain popular "games" that are sold. In these games, there are sequences of "affirmations" that you do and these affirmations are calls for establishing a relationship with a "spirit guide" from the Astral World. Consequently, many young people who get into these games are becoming legitimate Witches [or Warlocks] and they do not know that this is what is really taking place. Often the games will tell the child that he or she

is going to get an "imaginary playmate". What they really get is a very real "Astral friend or guide" and they will most likely be "stuck" with this guide for life.


In this little discussion we want to get into a bit more detail about human men and women. The first observation we want to make is that men and women are not the same.

Men and Women are called "INVERSIONS" of each other. What this means is that the "same stuff" is used for both men and women but this "stuff" is arranged in an opposite configuration. This notion of "inversion" has two aspects. One is physical and the other is Astral.

In the physical plane the sexuality of the female is "inward" and the sexuality of the male is outward. They both have complementary "parts". For example, ovaries and testicles are essentially the "same stuff", one is inside and the other is outside. The same pattern follows for penis and vagina.

In the Astral spectrum, the energy pattern of the female and male is "opposite", sort of like "dextro and levo" molecules. The male energy has a clockwise "twist" to it and the female energy has a "counterclockwise twist". This is true for all life forms, incidentally, and is the scientific basis for an ancient tool that all farmers will be familiar with called the "egg sexer". An "egg sexer" is simply an iron ball on the end of a non-magnetic string or stick. To sex the egg you hold this over the egg and note the motion which is caused by the magnetic field or "aura" of the un-born baby chick. No motion indicates that the egg is not fertile or that the chick has died.

A legitimate adult female is the equal of her male counterpart. However, the developmental protocol for males and females is not the same. The female developmental protocol includes the additional step of bearing at least one child. Historically, this has always been recognized and in past cultures a barren female was "looked down upon" and recognized as "a lesser being". Also, statements in the Christian Bible by Jesus refer to this concept as "A woman will be re-born through childbirth" - which loosely translated means that a woman will complete [her developmental protocol] through childbirth. Another difference between men and women, possibly as compensation for the extra step in the developmental protocol, is the little organ called the clitoris. This "pleasure switch" allows the female to have orgasms 24 hours a day if she wants to and there is no equivalent "switch" for men. So, a female body is sort of a "fun body" and the male body is "more serious".

Assuming both a man and a woman have completed their developmental protocols, they are equal. This is because, at this point, they are no longer "men and women", but both have realized
that they are essentially "naked souls" and naked souls have no sex. Therefore, this un-equality problem does not exist.



There are a good many Psychic and Mental skills that some people presently alive on the Planet Earth possess. Here we will list the most common of them and give a brief definition of each attribute.

This is the ability to pick up "good vibes" or "bad vibes" from another person who is physically close to you and also to sense impending danger.

2. ESP

This is the ability to sense things which may take place in future time or have taken place in present time in a situation away from you which you could not know about by ordinary communication.

The ability to pick up on images and also sounds of things which are taking place far away from you.

This is the ability to see the inner worlds of the lower planes through the "Third Eye".

We have previously discussed this in detail.

The Akashic Records contain every event that has and will take place on the Planet Earth as well as the other planets in the Physical Universe.

This is the Science of the transmutation of matter/energy. It is the ability - working from the Causal Plane level, to dissolve things back to the original "primal elements" or qualities [earth, air, fire, water, and ETHER] out of which they were originally manifested and brought into physical existence.

These are skills such as levitating things and bending spoons ,etc.

This means being able to directly access TEXT data from the original storehouse on the Mental Plane and means also that your personal mind has "returned to its home" and merged back into the UNIVERSAL MIND.

Self explanatory. PLEASE NOTE: Reading a person's mind without permission is an invasion of that person's psychic space and will be charged against you in your karmas


Self explanatory. PLEASE NOTE: The energy that you use to do psychic or spiritual healing comes from your personal storehouse of energy. If you use it up this way, you will likely not have enough - at the time of your death - to enable you to reach the higher worlds. See TRAINING FILM:


Self explanatory. PLEASE NOTE: Hypnotizing a person against his/her wishes is a Spiritual Crime carrying severe penalties.

We have discussed this in detail elsewhere. See TRAINING FILM:

This involves leaving your physical body as a naked soul. Actually, all that you really are is a naked soul and this naked soul is the "son" of GOD. People using this method would feel that they were "a cloud with eyes and ears". PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT attempt to run around outside of your body unless you are an initiate and under the protection of a legitimate  Master  who is competent in the various aspects of the specific inner planes you wish to explore. You have no idea of the problems you may encounter and, in some cases, the link with your physical body may break which means that you could not "find it" and therefore it would die.


We have discussed this in detail elsewhere.


The so- called "mind-expanding drugs", of which LSD-25 is probably the best with few or no physical side-effects are not good to use. It is correct to say that these drugs "open people up" for inner experiences. But, they do this "out of the natural sequence". Suppose you took a five year old kid out of the First Grade  and took him to a University and put him in a room with professors representing the masters of all known Arts and Sciences and they - all at once - began educating this kid with everything they knew. Now, this is going to be some confused child. Similarly, when you access the inner worlds artificially and by "random chance" depending on drug dosage level and personal susceptibility, you cannot be adequately prepared for what will happen - there is just no way that you can be. So, there are likely to be consequential problems that can be quite serious. In normal Spiritual development, without drugs and with a Perfect Saint as your guide, you will have all these experiences and much much more. But, you will have them when - and ONLY when, you are legitimately mature and balanced enough to handle them. They will be beneficial to you then - and not an unfortunate setback.



"Remote Viewing" is the U.S. Governments' name for its super secret
spy technique for obtaining information from the present, past and future. Remote Viewers are typically military people - trained to be "killing machines" - and have no Spiritual aspirations.
However, they seem to have no trouble "viewing". Remote Viewing is a latent human talent. Humans have been around for some time and so have their "talents". Consequently, the Government's claim to have invented Remote Viewing is suspicious.

Let's take a look at the Government technique first as it has been described by "Remote Viewers" who have left Government service and decided to talk publicly about their exploits:

The Government Technique:

Remote Viewers meet in a gray room. Everything is gray. They each take a seat in their gray reclining chairs and are hooked up to medical equipment.
A "theta brain wave" [about 4 cycles per second] reference is activated to be used by the viewers to enter an altered state of consciousness. One viewer is the "team leader". The team "travels" mentally to their target remote location.
All team members stay together and are physically conscious and relating to their "controllers" [one for each team member] the things they observe at the remote location.

Now, let's take a look at a technique used by Adepts [called "Shamans"] in rituals done by Native Americans (American Indians) when they need to get "remote" information:

The Shaman Technique:

The Shaman [team leader] and some disciples sit quietly with other tribe members.
A drum is beat at 200 beats per minute [about 4 beats per second].
The Shaman and the chosen disciples enter an altered state of consciousness and all get into an "imaginary canoe" which the Shaman "rows" to the remote location of interest.
The details and information needed are then relayed in real time to the other members of the tribe.

You might notice some similarities between the two techniques.



In the schematic diagrams on pages 8 and 9 we gave the schematic diagrams of the system of universes in which we live.

The Lower Worlds are contained in an "egg shaped" package. It is sometimes called "the Egg of Brahm". This package is a "closed system". Laws applicable to closed systems such as the principles of Thermodynamics apply to it.  We repeat the schematic model from Chapter One below:

The study of this closed system is called OCCULT SCIENCE. People presently living who are knowledgeable in this area include [legitimate and competent] Witches, Magicians, Metaphysicians, Psychics, and Psychic Astrologers. These people charge for their services. They are allowed to do this and it is quite correct for them to do so.

The things outside of this Egg are covered by the Spiritual Sciences. Practitioners of the Spiritual Sciences exist at the pleasure of, and under the will of GOD. Their services are performed out of their love for GOD and for Humanity.


The planes of the lower creation are the Physical Plane, the Astral Plane, the Causal Plane and the Mental Plane. Each plane has a central figure, called a Plane Lord, who supervises things there. Various names for these Plane Lords are given in occult and spiritual literature. The name of the Lord of the Causal Plane is never revealed, however.


The causal world is also called the "plane of Forces". This is because everything that exists on the Earth and elsewhere in the Physical Universe has its "seeds" on the Causal Plane. In the Causal Matrix there is a program for the creation and for the maintenance in existence of the Planet Earth. If this program is deleted from the Matrix, the Planet Earth will drop out of the creation and will cease to exist. The Spiritual Officer in Command of a planet is given the codes to access the Causal Matrix and order Lord of the Causal Plane to dissolve that planet. No one can override this absolute authority which comes directly from GOD.




The Astral Plane is the Plane most familiar to psychics and sensitive people. Actually, when physical people are on the Earth they are on the first astral plane. There are quite a few sub-planes of the Astral World

You can make a "window" that will allow you - even though you have no psychic or spiritual talents at all - to view the Astral World. To do this you need "DICYANIN DYE". This harmless blue dye between two sheets of glass will allow you to see the "first astral plane". What you could see would be ghosts, earth-bound astral entities, and people leaving their body at the time of physical death. You can't buy Dicyanin Dye because the Us Government, in its continuing program to censor the truth and hold people in darkness, has placed very tight security and restrictions on its sale.

The Astral World, as well as the other three lower planes, has a positive and negative aspect. "Fun" places are located on the "positive side" of the Astral Plane and the "HELL WORLDS" are located on the negative side.

ASTRAL BODIES essentially look like the physical body that you [or some entity] has right now. They have sex and so there are both male and female astral forms. Residents of the Astral Plane have friends, relationships, and "physical sex". However, children are not born to residents of the Astral World.  Astral Bodies can "shape-shift".  An astral form looks like its equalivent physical form
only because the entity "believes" that that is what it looks like.  Should these "beliefs" change,
so would the astral body.

Many Churches consider the Astral Plane [the good or fun side of it] to be the Ultimate Heaven and have organizations of Astral Entities [who once lived on Earth] there and can also communicate with them. They call them Saints, however this has no relationship to the legitimate Perfect Saints we have discussed elsewhere.


The Mental Plane is the top of the lower creation. Entities there have "mental bodies". These bodies look like a bluish globe. A good training film which shows a situation where a dead husband - in his mental body - attacks his living wife on Earth is the movie entitled "THE ENTITY", most likely available on videocassette.

The Astral World and the astral body relate to "emotion". If a. person dies and goes to the Astral world and then clears his Astral [emotional] karmas, he can move up to the Mental World. Should he do this, his Astral body is dropped. A human body cannot remain alive with no soul in it.
An astral form, however, can. So an empty Astral Form, which is a harmless brainless thing and cannot harm you, should it drift down to the first Astral plane and wander into your house is the true definition of what GHOSTS are.



We know that the Physical Universe exists and we study it constantly so there is little use here in discussing it.

Slightly above the Physical Plane - between the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane is what is called the Inter-Sapcial Zone. This corridor is used for interplanetary travel by advanced civilizations using ships capable of traveling in accelerated time [warp speed]. Access to the inter-spacial zone is regulated by the Inter-Galactic Council [IGC]. Craft caught in the inter-spacial zone without the proper markings and identification and not transmitting their beacon with the correct identification codes are destroyed.

The planet Earth is located in Galaxy Sector N6-129 and has an "N6" rating which means that it is not authorized to use the Inter-Spacial Zone.

The other types of Galaxy-Sectors are N3 and N0.

N3 Sectors are reasonably advanced (but by no means perfect) people who have cleared from their planet's "crisis period" and are normal and peaceful.

N0 Sectors are Spiritual Cities. A Spiritual City is
a civilization where ALL adults have Q-Clearance. That
is, all adults can access the first Spiritual Plane of




There are many "correspondence course" type secret groups that sell instructions in the practice of Magic. You should know that Magic is real and that - as a Human Being - it is one of the powers that you possess. Also, there are some other things you should know.


The development of the ability to do Magic is equivalent to receiving a credit card. You can use it, but you must pay. Use of magic is not charged in money, however. It is charged in Karma which is recorded and collected by the collection department of the "bank" of Kal Niranjan. This bank is always open, and the record system it uses is very precise, and eventually everyone pays up their debt in full. To pay your debt of karmas may well cost you countless future lifetimes here on Earth or some Planet in the Physical Universe and there is no guarantee that in those "future lives" you will be given birth as a Human being. That is the cost of the practice of magic. I cannot emphasize too strongly that if you should discover you have reached the developmental level where you can do magic you should not practice it. If you do, you have been warned of the consequences that will follow. No beings who are legitimately involved at any level of the Spiritual Sciences will do magic and, if you have any aspirations of ever being able to leave here and residing in the Spiritual Planes where God lives, you will not either. Please consider this warning carefully


The power to do Magic is a mental ability. Therefore, it is a force under the control of Satan or, properly, Kal Niranjan. In the center of your forehead there is an opening. It is commonly called the "Third Eye". It is not a physical opening, but a faculty that you have been given with which to view Other planes of existence while alive, conscious, and living here on the Earth Planet.


When, through the Third Eye, you see this landscape, the power to do Magic has come to you. This is the landscape of the Causal World. The Sky is Orange. The pyramid shaped things which cover the landscape are gray with a slight tint of Violet.

These pyramid shaped things are the tops of civilizations which exist in the Physical Universe. One of them is the gate to the Planet Earth as shown on the schematic at the beginning of this discussion. The others go elsewhere and the beings there are not necessarily Human.

When you imagine something with your "consciousness" fixed at this level, and then "bring it down" to the level of the Physical Plane, you can cause things to come into existence in the Earth World. Basically, that's all there is to it.

Magic is a mental skill we all have, although few develop
it. You should not be afraid of magic. You should not feel that someone who can "dazzle" you with magic is special or "Jesus Christ" or someone important whom you should follow and obey. Magic is very real - real magic like this is not a "trick" - it does exist and you can do it - but, for the reasons we have given above in the WARNING, you should not.

Many World Leaders practice Magic. They know the consequences and they don't care. They have made the choice to turn their back on God and serve Satan for ever here in the Physical Universe. So, they do not care how many extra lifetimes they must stay here to repay their debt, because they like it here - they do not want the Kingdom of Heaven - and they will do their best to keep other "innocent" people from getting into Heaven too. Good and Evil is a fact of life
in this world. You should not pretend it does not exist:
You should be informed so that you can make competent choices.


Another subject area that we should just touch on a bit is Witchcraft and its practice. When people die and therefore leave this Plane of existence, many of them end up in the Astral world. In the Astral world, the beings have bodies - Astral forms - which resemble the body they had while alive in the Physical Universe. You have this body now, and you can [but again, should not] use it for what is commonly called "Astral Projection".

Some departed souls on the Astral Plane have fond memories of Earth and of the life they had there at one time - and they seek bonding with an Earth person who is presently alive, Their Astral Body has a life expectancy of about two thousand Earth years, so that gives you the approximate time frame of the historical period they would come from.

When a living person consciously establishes some type of "bonding" with an entity from the Astral world so that they know of its presence and can communicate with it, they are, by definition, a Witch. Both men and women can, of course, do this.


The main danger of Witchcraft is that you have essentially made a choice of an "esoteric teacher" when you adopt a guide from the Astral World. The beings of this plane, as well as those of the Causal Plane and Mental Plane are "waiting". What they are waiting for is the opportunity to be born again in a physical body. They are waiting because the only "gate" from the lower worlds to the Spiritual worlds where GOD lives is the Human Body. You must establish a rapport with GOD while physically alive as a Human being to return to Heaven. The generally recommended way to do this is to contact a Living  Saint and ask for initiation. An astral entity is someone who did not do this - he has died now and must wait for the chance to be born again when he will again have the opportunity to search for a  Living Saint. Therefore, a "spirit guide" can't guide you to anything of any real importance. Actually, he or she is in worse shape than you are because this entity cannot get into heaven from the situation which it is presently in.
So, obviously, it cannot help you get into heaven either. It can do certain things for you that will make your life more pleasing like tell you the future and the past.

However, to settle for this in place of looking for a Living Saint who can put you in contact with GOD so that you will never have to be re-born again as a Human being, is to make a very poor choice for an esoteric teacher. This is the main danger associated with wanting to know about or practice Witchcraft. The fact that you are settling for second best, or third or fourth best, when Living Saints are here on Earth right now who can start you on your way to GOD.




The "Transcendence Index" of a Planet is a quantity which reflects the number of souls who successfully leave that Planet and return to the upper Spiritual regions so that they need not be re-incarnated again.

Data to compute the transcendence index is available only to those beings whose job it is to carry out the work of the Lord by personally taking developed souls who have completed all of their karmas out of this creation and delivering those souls into the presence of God.

Planet  Transcendence Indices are commonly low in the Iron Age, but they should not be zero.
A zero index would mean the life forms were making no progress at all.  In such cases, an event
sequence is usually programmed to "shake things up".



When Lucifer was "employed" in Sub-System Administration, he was reportedly saddened by the fact that so few Souls were making any real progress. His argument to his superiors was that this should be changed and that it was not right to have a system set up so that essentially no one could escape from it.

It is supposed to have been this "humanitarian attitude" which cost him his job and got him sentenced to isolation on Earth. His bosses had grown accustomed to the status quo and, in this last stage of the cycle (Iron Age), were not willing to change.

Lucifer's bosses, known as the Controllers (Archangels in the Bible) are "controllers of the third level" or the Causal Plane. Therefore, in civilizations where the level of awareness or consciousness was higher than the third level, they had no control. It was in their interest, therefore, to make sure people did not evolve above the third level so that they would not lose their influence over them.

Lucifer's argument to "let my people go" was clearly not a hit with them.



Everyone makes his own choices in life. I personally feel it is silly and a waste of time to study the Occult Sciences because if you study the Spiritual Sciences instead, in the course of your studies, you will automatically "pick up" the Occult Sciences. Spiritual Science students never actually practice the Occult Sciences but they just can't avoid knowing about them since they generally must be mastered before the real Spiritual Sciences are.

I will now list some books which cover the Occult Sciences in case you wish further literature on them.

1. "COMPLETE MEDITATION" By Steve Kravette PUBLISHED BY: Para Research, Rockport MA, USA


2. "ASTROLOGY INSIDE OUT" By Bruce Nevin PUBLISHED BY: Pare Research, Rockport MA, USA

[The following books are all published by Oxford University press in New York, USA]
GB 332 GOD OF THE WITCHES by Margaret A. Murray



SPECIAL NOTE distributed by: Warner Communications


Please remember that you have no protection from occult forces unless you are under the protection of some type of Master who is familiar with whatever planes you wish to explore. These forces are quite real, powerful, and can kill you. Please be careful.


The Catholic Church uses a "Universal Translate Symbol" in its identification. We gave the Universal Translate Code in Chapter Two and so let's now make some practical use of this and de-code the symbolism of the Catholic Church.

The Symbol they use is:

So here we have a path through one gate and the notion of a special space "to the right". The first gate in the inter-universe system is the gate between the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane. So, since this path only crosses through one gate, it is a path to the Astral World only. The "space to the right" or the top of the "P" simply means that they are going to the positive or "fun" side of the Astral Plane. So the Catholic Church has nothing whatsoever to do with anything remotely spiritual. They can't even get to the Mental Plane, much less SACH KHAND.

Well, that was easy. We don't just make up these codes and things we have discussed in this book - they really work !


Some gurus come to Earth to do legitimate Spuritual work.  Others, however, have a different
agenda.  These gurus generally operate under orders from what are known as the Controllers
of the Third Level (Archangels).

They have students just like Spiritual gurus do, however their motive is quite different.  They
are sent to look for a very specific group of Souls who the Controllers feel are a potential
threat to the status quo which they want to maintain on the planet Earth.  These gurus have
orders to find these Souls and then promise them whatever it takes to get them to follow them.
Their intention is to take the Souls back to the third level where they will be "strung out

Obviously, no one would follow them if they came out and said this.  So, they generally
hold themselves out to be "high masters" and the like and promise to take people back
to God.  These gurus are dangerous because they operate on an "the end justifies the means"

These gurus are not incompetent "fakes" looking for money.  They want Souls and if they
get yours you are going to have a problem.  Therefore you should by all means run every
conceivable test you can when checking out a guru.




Spiritual and some psychic teachers come in what is called an "Esoteric Chain". This means that they were trained by a Master, who was himself trained by a Master, and so on. In the Spiritual Sciences the "chain" of Masters "stretches" from GOD on the twelfth vector all the way down to Earth on the first vector.

The Master at the "bottom" of the chain (the Master physically living) has "effective" powers
due to his connection to the "chain".  However, he may not have many "personal" powers. Additionally, he may not know where the "top of the chain" is located. To be Spiritual, the master(s) at the high end of the chain must be in a Spiritual Region. If they are not, and the new student master does not know this because he can only access the first "link" in the chain, then he is deceived and so are students who follow him.

Obviously, a chain must start somewhere. So the original master is called a direct creation because he had no master and his training was done directly by GOD.

Spiritual Officers are always direct creations.





I want to spend some time cussing the Negative Hierarchy- that group of administrators which includes the entity that Earth people - through their various religions - have come to "know" [in quotes because they really know nothing about him] as Satan or the Devil.

Most of these references refer to Kal Niranjan who is the System Administrator for this section of space. Other entities prominent in the Negative Hierarchy are well known Plane Lords such as Brahm and lesser known administrators such as Krishna.
Crazy as it sounds, I'm sure there are people out there who really believe that Kal spends his time taking candy from babies and pushing little old ladies in wheelchairs into oncoming traffic. This is apparently what most people think of as "evil deeds". Of course this is crazy nonsense.

People like Kal are called "negative" as opposed to "positive" because they have responsibilities in the lower creation which is "negative" as compared to the higher planes which are "positive" by comparison. Also, administrators in the negative creation DO NOT have the duty to help or to teach Souls how to leave the lower worlds and return to GOD. Souls instinctively long to do this because their true home is NOT here but with GOD in the higher Spiritual planes. Consequently, if you want to know how to go home to GOD, the members of the Negative Hierarchy will NOT help you because that is not their job. Consequently, if you worship and follow a member of the Negative Hierarchy, there is NO CHANCE AT ALL that you will ever get to the for real "heaven" which is in the higher Spiritual planes. This is the reason Spiritual people tell disciples NOT to listen to the Negative Hierarchy or to Masters from the "left hand path".

However, in fairness, the thing that they DO NOT tell you- which should be obvious to you- is that YOU PRESENTLY LIVE IN THE LOWER CREATION. Before you get all bent out of shape cursing the Negative Hierarchy, you should realize that it is because of the Negative Hierarchy that you physically exist and have a physical planet to exist on and have a Sun that keeps you warm. The Negative Hierarchy maintains these things. If some religious nut could [which they can't] really "kill the Devil" they would be in for quite a surprise when the Sun went out and their Planet dissolved back to the primary elements out of which it was formed.

People in the Negative Hierarchy do the jobs that result in the stability that you have to live and grow here on your dinky little Planet Earth. If no one wanted to do those jobs, you would not exist here.

Beings who have job assignments in the Negative Hierarchy are completely competent within the scope of their assigned responsibilities.



Let's talk about SIN. What is SIN ? Is there anything that is SIN. What about "original SIN"? OK, here goes:

Let's start with "original sin". This is supposed to be connected somehow with Adam & Eve in the garden - assuming that there ever was a garden. The destabilization event in the "garden" was the act of Adam and Eve taking their attention off of GOD to ponder the knowledge of "good and evil" which they had requested. Letting the MIND wander out to ponder all this stuff was the SIN and as a result of this destabilization they became sort of schizophrenic about life. They became, for example, very self conscious of the fact that they were sexually different and were "ashamed" and "hid themselves with fig leaves". The SIN part of this is the destabilization from unity with GOD. The destabilization event caused all following events and so the destabilization event is the ORIGINAL SIN - the SIN of losing touch with GOD once you have achieved it. Adam and Eve, since this was their natural state, did not know how special they were and what a rare relationship they had with GOD - until they lost it.

What about SEX. No SEX in the original sin at all. And, being realistic, what good would it have done to leave Adam and Eve childless and let them just grow old and die with no offspring. Why give them sex if they were not supposed to have any sex. Does not make much sense, does it.

Actually, if Adam and Eve had NOT asked for the knowledge which caused them to become screwed up in the head, they would probably have had a great sex life. People today go through all sorts of exotic treatments and therapies to try to remove the hang ups which come from worrying about all sorts of stupid stuff [the very same worrying that you can plainly see in the biblical story of Adam and Eve] that they would be better off if they could just forget about.

If Adam and Eve were not the victims of the REAL original sin of being overcome with information [information disease] they would have no doubt mated and had lots of kids who would have had no sex hang ups and would have totally enjoyed the legitimate fun that men and women can have.

People do not develop spiritually by forcing themselves to repress desires. It is true that as one advances in a spiritual direction, desires for things which stimulate the lower chakras such as sex diminish. This is an evolutionary process and simply refusing to stimulate the lower chakras does not cause spiritual development. It is spiritual development that causes diminished attention on the lower chakras.

When people leave the world of children here for the last time to return to GOD, these experiences - only memories now - will not happen again. You would not deny a child its bliss of childhood; don't deny yourself the legitimate and wholesome things that are meant to be part of the experience of life in the human form. These natural things would not have been given to you if they were not meant to be used and enjoyed.




The Physical Universe and the three other Universes of the Lower Creation are not forever. Under the natural laws governing the relationships between mass and energy and the forces such as gravity, eventually the Entropy of the system [of Universes] of the Lower Worlds becomes unmanageable and the Creation must be dissolved and re-set. This point in the cycle of Time is called the time of the Dissolution.

When this time draws near, GOD notifies the Spiritual Masters and they come for their students [initiates] and they take them and leave the lower worlds for the- first Spiritual Plane of SACH KHAND. SACH KHAND is a purely positive spiritual world - there is no mass there and Time does not exist. Therefore, it is not subject to dissolution.

IOC Command notifies IUC command which notifies IGC command which transmits the warning on ISN to all N3 and N0 Galaxy Sectors. N6 Sectors receive no warning, mainly because they would not believe it. So, it does no good to try to inform these "people".

Kal Niranjan then orders his Angles to go down and collect all of the Souls remaining. The [undeveloped] Souls are put to sleep and drawn up toward the Etheric Plane where, sleeping, they patiently await the next creation.


When the Great Lord SOHUNG sees that all Souls are accounted for and that there are no Souls left from the Causal World downward, he gives the nod to the Lord of the Causal World to proceed with the Dissolution.

The Lord of the Causal World then takes the Great Key to the Causal Matrix and makes his way to the DDMC Position at Vector Reference 3.666. At DDMC [Division of Dissolution, Master Control], he places the key into the Matrix and, as he turns it, the Stars go out and the Physical Universe and the Astral World are no more.



We wish to discuss the concept that man will eventually become god. And to begin on a positive note, this concept, as a concept is not really wrong. Problems come in the realization of the concept.

You know you get people who join some Secret club and almost instantly there telling you stuff like "Well, I just got my first secret discourse from the Know It All Brotherhood, INC., and I lit my candle and my chakras are all sexed up and I should be god any day now for sure !"

Well it's a nice idea - and I really honestly don't want to discourage you - but "any day now" is quite a ways off.

There are a couple of key points to make here and we might do better using a lower image of this concept that everyone will understand.

You had a father. If you now have your own family you are a father - but obviously you are not your father because he is a different person - with a different address, phone, and all that stuff. But you are both fathers.

Now GOD is our father because he created our souls.
His house, as it is often called, is the created system
of universes where we now live. Remember, it is HIS
HOUSE. It is not your house.

Going back to the physical father example, certain changes have taken place. You and your father are both fathers but you are not in the same place. You have your house with your mate and he still has his house with his mate. Once you lived in his house - before you left to be on your own and also be a father - but you don't live there any more. That phase of your existence ended before you became a father in your own right. Extending this, you are a father only to your kids - you are not your sister's father or your Mother's father or your brother's father or the father of the guy down the block.

Now you should see that this idea that you will someday become god is a little more complicated than your original guess. As a kid, perhaps you dreamed of a family of your own which you now have. But in between the dream and reality was lots of work.

As essentially a baby [or, perhaps teen-age] Soul, we sometimes have dreams from the perspective of a soul and these dreams may include our future as a god. This future is far away. It involves the higher octave of the example we just gave. First, you need to be able to move out of your father's [GOD's]house. This is HIS HOUSE - if you want to be god, you will have to make your own house - as long as you live in this house you will respect GOD and respect the fact
that it is HIS house and not your house. After you move
out - if you are up to the work - you can go off as a mature soul in Anami and make your own house [universe system] and have your own kids [baby souls]. To them, you will be God - but you will not be my GOD or your sister's God, etc. So, as you can see, the road from the dream to the reality is a little longer than you thought.








Let us quickly refresh here by reviewing the chart from Chapter One which we re-display below:


Spiritual Sciences are those sciences concerned with comprehending Region II and Region I.
To reach Region I is the goal of Spiritual Science.  Region I is the original "un-modified"
space from which all other spaces and sub-spaces were formed.  It is called by many names
such as Anami [which translates to "no name"] and the region of the Clear Light [which again
suggests the original and un-modified state].

Region II has  attributes  which are different from Region III.  In Region  III, levels of existence
have obvious differences.  For example, a physical form and an astral form are obviously not
the same type of form.  Their natural existence spaces - the physical plane and the astral plane-
are clearly not the same.  However, in Region II there are only Souls - "naked" Souls with no
associated forms.  Consequently, breaking up Region II into "planes" is not so straight forward
as it was in Region III.  Since this entire region "blends" together in a spectrum of gradually
increasing energy levels, there are a number of systems in use for subdividing the region into



When a Spiritual Master is born on the Earth [or elsewhere] he is likely part of an esoteric chain of Masters. He does not know that it is his destiny to be a Master, however, the present Master whom he will succeed knows who he is and generally keeps tabs on him and protects him.

Under the protection of ignorance, the young Master begins a normal life with education and extended education and chooses a career. He generally marries and starts a family.

When the present Master knows it is time for him to leave this world, he causes the new Master to come close to him. He will then tell this person personally - or if he has already left the Earth World he will leave detailed written instructions - that he is the chosen person to be the new Master. It is only at this point that the young Master consciously realizes what his purpose was in coming to the Earth.

Being a legitimate Spiritual Master is not an easy job. A Saint, at the time of death, is free to return to GOD. However, the Spiritual Master cannot do this: he must wait around, generally manifesting in his light body or Astral form, and take care of his students [initiates] until all of them are established at least on the first Spiritual Plane. Only then can he quit the lower worlds and seek rest with GOD. Consequently, it is not uncommon for newly chosen Masters to try to run away and avoid this responsibility.

By contrast, the many phony Masters who operate in the United States actively seek publicity, run magazine ads, and set up "800" phone numbers advertising themselves as some "great supreme master" or whatever and soliciting students. The more the better because these people intend to charge the student for "initiations" and "spiritual guidance" and so each new student brings dollar signs into the eyes of the "master". Of course, real Spiritual Masters do not charge money and also they do not accept anyone as a student but only those souls whom GOD has marked as acceptable.

Spiritual Officers do not receive the gift of ignorance. Because they are sent to Planets in crisis where often the evil rulers have already killed the Spiritual Master and other spiritual people, the Spiritual Officer must be able to "bring through" in to the physical world all of the data and instructions he will need to do his mission. Consequently, the Spiritual Officer knows who he is and what he was sent here to do from a very early age. He generally has little time for a "childhood" and essentially no adolescents but must get to work so as to complete on schedule. However, when he completes his assignment, he gets "R&R" time for the remainder of his lifetime and, of course, has no students to linger and take care of when he leaves the physical plane.



KARMA is the system of "cause and effect" that controls a person's personal life and also controls the events of the world and the interactions of civilizations, planetary administrations, and the physical planets and other "stuff" which exists in the Physical Universe. KARMA controls the experiences of all Souls who have not accessed the first Spiritual Plane, known as SACH KHAND. Kal Niranjan is in charge of KARMA for all souls except those souls who are under the protection of a Perfect Saint [Spiritual Master].


Q-CLEARENCE is a Universal Concept and, what we will describe here has no relationship to the "Q-Clearance assigned by the United States and other countries. These are merely "dim reflections" of the real thing.

Attempting to clear karmas by straightforward methods does not work. Even if you hired a legitimate Psychic, read all the records of your past lives, and paid off every drop of karma you could find, you would not be clear.

This is because karma involves some subtle "tricks".  If you went to Kal Niranjan and said "Kal, I have paid all my karmas and here is the receipt and I have no karmas left now and so I demand that you open the gate and let me go home to GOD !", Kal would simply reply, "But, you forgot CATCH-22.", and he would send that soul back to Earth for another incarnation.

You see, opening up the gates of Heaven is not part of Kal's responsibility. He has no obligation or inclination to do this. And, he may not even know how to do it if he wanted to.

This is the responsibility of the Spiritual Masters. They have all the correct codes, chants, phonetic pronunciations, and code keys that are necessary to get from here to GOD. Their services are always absolutely FREE and will cost you nothing. So, get serious and seek a legitimate Saint.


KARMA, as we have said, is a system of cause and effect. If you do good things, you earn good karmas. Similarly, bad deeds earn you bad karmas. Generally, karmas are "paid" in terms of the quality of life you have between incarnations on the Astral Plane. Good karmas can be traded for good times and bad karmas earn you a stay in one of the HELL worlds. Good karma cannot but you a ticket to GOD.

ZERO KARMA is the requirement to get back to GOD.

However, "zero karma" is essentially impossible to achieve because every tiny thing which happens
from moment to moment generates Karma.  It can get downright ridiculous.  Let's say you somehow
managed to leave the physical plane with NO karma.  But then it could be argued that you killed
germs or bugs or whatever on/in your dead body by leaving it and therefore leaving them with nothing to eat so they died. Basically, then, you need to reach a point where you say, "enough,  I won't
play this game any more" and simply break out of karma.  Therefore the best approach is not
to make a big deal out of karma but to take sensible steps to keep it to a minimum and then
simply "break" the remaining karmas by elevating your consciousness above the point where
karma originates on the Causal plane.






In the text, we have been referring here and there to the concept of a Perfect Saint and that you need to find one while physically alive in the Human body in order to initiate your return to God. Now we will define what a Perfect Saint is in terms so clear that there can be no mistake about it.


We have mentioned previously the Third Eye. It is an "opening", roughly in the center of the forehead, through which you can view other planes of existence. You can do this consciously - while fully awake - while also looking at this world as normal people do with the two physical eyes - all at the same time Through the third eye, people at different levels of advancement see different things. As stated previously, the "Magician" sees the Causal World.

In the case of the Perfect Saint, he sees GOD. He is conscious of and viewing - through the third eye - the R-I region of the Universe System at all times. This is the "Twelfth plane". The creation consists of seven spiritual planes and four lower planes - for a total of eleven planes. GOD lives "above the creation" and therefore he lives in the Twelfth Plane.

The living Saint sees GOD at all times. Essentially, he and GOD are one. In standard Universal Translate Code, this is called "OO" clearance or level. The letter "O" is the symbol for completeness and for the human soul.

The Perfect Living Saint is essentially one with GOD - he is GOD, for all practical purposes and acts with the full power of GOD and is therefore in total and absolute control and mastery of all Planes of existence.

This is the power of the fully developed Human Body - this is the full potential that you have.


In order to "prove" that a man is a Perfect Saint you would have to be a perfect Saint yourself. You would have to be able to talk to GOD and so know and recognize another who was your contemporary. This is not likely to be the case. Therefore, you must use approximate methods. You should know that the Perfect Saint has no ego - no desires at all. GOD's desires are his only desires. He does not relate to economics. He does not charge money. Also, unfortunately, he is not likely to be easy to find. This is because in order to do the things necessary to be "easy to find", such as setting up large organizations and communications networks, you must use your students as slave labor to accomplish this. Therefore, if truly legitimate, you would be defeating your purpose and so would not do this.



The Soul is an immortal creature. Once created by GOD, it cannot die - no force can kill it or harm it in any way - it will remain in existence from the point of its creation forever.

However, the newly created Soul is a brainless creature and it knows nothing at all. It has only one attribute and that attribute is the simple childish pure love of the Son [Soul] for its Father [GOD]. This is GOD's only gift to the new Soul. But, it is a very important gift because it is the gate key that will, someday, allow the soul to return home.

Then the new Soul is sent down to the lower worlds. Kal Niranjan greets the innocent and helpless creature. Since the new Soul has no Karmas, Kal invents some Karmas and these weight down the Soul as it descends to the Physical Universe. It will stay there uncounted millions of years.

Kal also has a gift for the new Soul. Kal gives the new Soul a MIND - which is linked to the Universal Mind on the fourth vector [Mental Plane]. The soul likes its mind, and it enjoys its mental powers of logic and calculating reason. It uses the mind to get what it wants and it forgets that simple, pure, childish Love that was its gift from GOD.

Over time, the soul matures. One day, it puts aside its mental powers and gives up its emotions and desires. When it does this, it recalls its original state - the pure love and the childish innocence. At the instant it does this, the game with Kal is ended. Its time has come:
All inter-dimensional gates open for the soul and it returns to GOD, its loving Father.

What does an "Adult Soul" do. Does it sit on cloud 9 and aimlessly stare off into infinity ?

The Spiritual Masters do dot talk of this. But I will personally tell you my feelings - although I cannot confirm this.

It makes sense to me that the relationship between an adult soul and GOD would be similar to an adult and its parents. GOD would accept the Soul as fully developed, and send it on its way. It would live on the Twelfth Vector [Anami Region] with - but not close to, GOD, its Father.

It would have all the power of GOD: It would not be "our GOD", but it would be GOD. It would wish children, like our GOD did and does. It would create new souls and train them. This is my feeling of the GRAND PLAN of GOD - a mission that defies any human comprehension.



I want to now go through the "official list" of classic desires that people have. These are the things that - if not resolved and given up in your present physical lifetime - will cause you to come back to the physical plane for a future lifetime.

The list is:

1. Lust


2. Anger


3. Greed


4. Attachment to Material Things


5. Vanity

If you have any of these desires and they are not resolved at the time of your death you will most likely have to return to the Earth or some planet in the Physical Universe to resolve these Desires [which are a form of Karma].

So, I want now to discuss these Desires and point out some things that may help you resolve them.


Lust is not Love, but simply a desire for "release" of sexual desire. Married couples may have "great sex" on a regular basis or they may find that they do not want sex every day [or three or four times a day]. Of course, Spiritual Masters will tell you that the ONLY purpose for sex is for reproduction and that unless you desire a child there is no reason to have sex. However, even Spiritual Masters are human and they recognize that sex is fun. In the evolutionary process, the "chakra" or energy center in the human body that relates to sex is quite low. Therefore, if a couple are both the initiates of a legitimate Spiritual Master, and they follow the Master's instructions relating to Meditation, they will rise above this level and will probably not desire physical sex.

In the special relationship of a married couple, Love can be expressed and felt in ways other than physical sex. Just being close to each other may result in something equivalent to an "orgasm".

In the older cultures, such as the Japanese, there are techniques [in Japan it is called "KAREZZA"] where a couple spend the night physically sexually joined but do not achieve orgasm.


It is not generally a good idea to harbor ANGER because to do this interferes with Spiritual progress.
However, we must not confuse ANGER with recognition. The rule here is "Forgive, but NEVER forget". In other words, when another person harms you, you do not harbor Anger for that person but you also do not forget what that person did to you.




Greed is a desire for "nothing". That is, that there is nothing in the Physical World that has any meaning at all. Money is an illusion - and, the entire Physical Universe with all of its precious "GOLD and SILVER and Precious Stones" is subject to dissolution so there is no reason to assign any special value to these things because they are all temporary any they are not "forever" by any means so why be attached to them.


To think of yourself personally as "something special" is not correct. We are all essentially "Souls" and all souls are equal. There is no such thing as a "master race" or "special people" who are "better" than other people. These concepts have developed over recent years but they are simply not valid.

In all cultures - on the Earth and also on other Planets- GOD provides these cultures with a living SPIRITUAL MASTER. The RACES of these cultures make no difference at all. They may be Green, Red, White, Black, or Brown. It does not matter: A member of this race will be chosen to be a Spiritual Master because it must be so to fulfill GOD's Plan that there will ALWAYS be a pathway for true seekers to return to GOD.

Therefore it is NOT correct to think that you are special because of your race Also, it is not correct for you to feel that you are special because of your education. Please remember that your "mind is simply a "subset" or a part of the UNIVERSAL MIND located on the fourth vector. Any entity - on any planet - anywhere in the Physical Universe - can access the same Master Data Base that you can [namely the Universal Mind "AUM"] and so they are your equal.

Consequently, there is no reason at all for any person or group to feel that they are "superior" to any other person or group.



Under the IGC Standard, Enforcement teams generally do not interfere with Karma because to interfere with Karma simply delays events and these delays may carry over into a future lifetime.

For example, in the case of domestic violence - husbands beating up wives and so on - it is recognized that this man and this woman are together in this lifetime because they have serious karma between them which must be settled. If there is outside interference in this event, then this man and this woman must come together again - in a future lifetime - to work out their karmas. In past relationships, these two souls may have had very violent encounters - one may have even killed the other - and this is why, under the law of karma, they have been brought together now to "settle up".

Therefore, it does no practical good to interfere with karma because karma will complete somehow and if it cannot complete in this lifetime it will continue to be transferred until it does complete in some future lifetime.


Karma can be modified. For example, when a soul as a human being accepts a Spiritual Master, his or her karma is modified. Administration of Karma is transferred: The Spiritual Master takes all the initiates karma away from Kal Niranjan and takes this karma upon himself. Consequently, karmas that Kal might have used to give this soul a hundred or so future lifetimes can be "managed" in such a way that it can all be resolved in the present lifetime.

This process can be compared to the selection of a competent or non-competent lawyer. Say you have some legal problem, or you need advice on money management. A competent, sincere, lawyer can tell you things to do that will get this "over with" in the shortest possible time.

However, if you choose an incompetent, insincere and "money hungry" lawyer, then he can just as easily never solve your problem and string you out as long as he can and milk you for all of your money.

This is the concept of Karma Management. Karma cannot be made to just "go away". Once you - by your actions - create Karma, it must be paid. However, it is quite different if your Karmas are managed by Kal (who is the administrator of Karma for all uninitiated souls) or by a Spiritual Master who has a duty to GOD to uphold your best interest and to get you out of this Creation [the Lower Worlds] as soon as he possibly can.



I want to a little experience which may save you some time. The average citizen in the United States goes to public school and is fed a diet of pure Scientific Atheism. He does not know anything about GOD or that he has lived before or that he has other "bodies" besides the physical which he can use to travel beyond the physical plane of existence. Some people never learn anything about the inner worlds or GOD and their first "out of body" experience comes only when they are actually dying. Other people have "experiences" and some people actively seek GOD which eventually leads them to locate a Spiritual Master.

For people who are spiritually and psychically "virgin", the first experience they have could be quite frightening or they could look upon it as "no big deal". Someone who "wakes up" in their Astral body and realizes that this is not their physical body because they can see it asleep in the bed may seek guidance from some Psychiatrist. Of course, their life is totally ruined then because Psychiatrists are trained to deny the inner worlds and to damage people with drugs so that they cannot have inner experiences. So, this poor soul will be kept on drugs for the rest of its life and will probably die an untimely death due to the damage these drugs cause to the body.

Other people [with a little common sense] would know better than to seek this "help" and might then consult with a close friend or a psychic professional such as a doctor of Metaphysics, a Psychic Astrologer, or a legitimate Psychic and would be therefore told the truth about their "other bodies" and that what they experienced was perfectly normal.

Basically, there are two main places where people who have died who WERE NOT the initiates of a Spiritual Master end up. The first is the Astral Plane and the second is the Mental Plane.


The Astral Plane at vector reference 2.00 through 2.99 has many sub-planes and the surface of the Earth is Astral Plane number one.
When people learn about the Astral Plane, it's natural to want to "go there" and look around. I want to explain to you now why this is not a good idea. The Astral Body relates to "emotion" and the Astral Plane is the "plane of emotion". The citizens of the Astral World - with the exception of the Plane Lord there and advanced souls which help him with his duties - are emotionally unbalanced. If they were emotionally balanced, they would not be on this plane but would have "moved up" to the Mental Plane.


Consequently, any astral entity that you meet is emotionally. sick in some way and has "unresolved emotional karmas". This is the reason they were sent here. So, unless you feel some morbid desire to visit the "Universal Nut House", there is no reason to go to this plane.

Astral Entities have all kinds of problems and misconceptions and if you get involved with them they are going to try to "dump" their problems off on you. They may tell you, for example, that they have "great revelations" for the people of the Earth and you should let them dictate a book to you so you can deliver these "great revelations". It is understandable that to the "virgin" meeting an Astral Entity for the first time these things may seem very real and urgent. But please remember, these entities once had physical bodies - they had their chance to seek a Perfect Saint and they FAILED. They have "fucked up" now and must wait for their next incarnation. They are "in limbo" and they are in a worse situation than you are because you can seek a Spiritual Master and return to GOD and they cannot do this.

Therefore, once you realize the truth about this plane, this should help you curb any desire you may have to go on regular "trips" to the Astral World.


The Mental Plane relates to the MIND, of course. As we discussed with the Astral Plane, the citizens of the Mental Plane are there because their mind is out of balance. They have unresolved mental Karmas and this is why they were sent here. Spiritual Students are trained to "drop their mind", i.e., to stop thinking. The less they think, the clearer the true Spiritual realities become. Souls who become Saints, i.e., souls which can access the first Spiritual plane of SACH KHAND or one of the higher Spiritual planes have "given their mind back to Kal", which is to say that their mind has merged back into its source which is the Universal Mind. You see, your personal mind is sort of like a remote computer terminal: In its "local memory" it has some data and it can access the "mainframe computer" which is the Universal Mind to get more data. But the mind is NOT YOU. It is simply a tool that you need to have and use to manifest as a human in the Physical Universe. Fully developed souls that live in the Spiritual planes have no mind - they dropped it when they crossed the border between the Lower Worlds and the Spiritual Worlds. They are in a situation where everything "just is" and there is no need to "think about it". Also, they are outside of Time. So Gurus tell us to "still the mind" so that we may understand the legitimate Spiritual Truths. Again, citizens of the Mental Plane cannot do this - they cannot stop themselves from thinking and so they cannot escape from this world. So, again, please recognize that developing any relationship with one of these entities is simply wasting your precious time that you could be using to locate a Spiritual Master and begin making your preparations to return to GOD.




In this discussion we want to go into some of the technical details of the Left and the Right hand Paths.

At the top of the mental plane at vector reference 5.000, the life force which comes from GOD and which creates and sustains all that exists in the created universes is split into two streams. One goes to the left and supports and sustains the NEGATIVE HIERARCHY. The other, to the right, similarly sustains the POSITIVE HIERARCHY.

The Positive Hierarchy has its primary responsibility in the Spiritual Planes, above vector reference 5.000.

The souls that live there are under its rulership. It is an eternal zone and is not subject to dissolution at any time.

The Negative Hierarchy has the sole responsibility of Creating, Maintaining, and Distorting the lower physical creations which includes the Planet Earth.
They also have the continuing responsibility of insuring that life forms there progress according to the wishes of GOD and in accordance with GOD's PLAN, which we have discussed elsewhere.

When representatives of the Positive Hierarchy are doing assignments in the lower creation, such as Spiritual Masters and observers, they are NOT in conflict with the Negative Hierarchy because they operate under different protocols.

Spiritual Personnel do NOT interfere with the Negative Hierarchy. They do not tell the various administrators and Plane Lords and the like what to do or how to handle their affairs.

Consequently, because of this "non-interference" agreement, there is no fighting or conflict ongoing between the two Hierarchies. CONFLICTS ARE ONLY IN THE STUDENT, in his mind he may see "good" fighting "evil", but it is an illusion of his own mind and is NOT real.



Because literature is available today which was hard to get in earlier times, it is easy to learn certain occult and spiritual things and then "fake people" into thinking you're special and start some cult. The following tests will weed out most of the fakes, but there is still no 100% guarantee.


1. Asking for money or other compensation to perform a spiritual initiation.
2. Asking for money or other compensation for ANY reason.
3. Suggesting, implying, or giving orders that followers should try to change the World, take over the Government, or "uplift" mankind. These sometimes noble goals are the duties and responsibilities of the NEGATIVE HIERARCHY and to elude to them means the person is NOT a high spiritual master of the POSITIVE HEIRARCHY which is the only one that can help you get legitimate Spiritual Enlightenment.]


1.  If the "master" passes the test of not asking for money but appears to have lots of money and resources,  consider that he might be financed by some (Spiritually) questionable source.  This source could be the intelligence agency of some government which uses the movement as a cover for some of its activities.  Check for possible links to high-profit international operations such as drug smuggling or arms trading.  Because most Spiritual "seekers" are naive and trusting - and because
they really believe in their leader (even though he may be a total phony), they make an excellent
cover for establishing a worldwide network.

2.  Try to find people who were once associated with the movement you are checking but have now left the movement.  Their insights and reasons for leaving may be useful.

3.  If you can, run a series of psychic tests to determine if the promises of the "master" are really being fulfilled.  For example, in an esoteric chain, deceased masters should not re-incarnate.  If a psychic can find them reincarnated somewhere, then something is clearly wrong.  Also deceased
students of the "master" should not be easy to locate because they are supposed to be on high planes.  If a psychic can find them somewhere in the Astral world,  then the "master's" abilities should be seriously questioned.


One of the psychic abilities people have is the ability to create what are commonly called
"thought forms".  A thought form is a subtle energy matrix which has a definite form but no
consciousness or Soul which one can generate by "thought" to look like anything you please.
You could make a "thought form dog" or a "thought from horse" or a "thought form image
of some real or imaginary person".  You can see the thought form "inside" and so can other
sensitive people.

In Witchcraft, techniques are given to deliberately create thought forms and then send them
out on "missions" for the purpose of influencing or controlling others.  One witchcraft text
states, e.g., "appear in someone's dreams and thereby convince them to do whatever you wish."

There is no legitimate Spiritual use for thought forms.  They are a creation of the lower realities
and cannot exist in the Spiritual zones of Region II or Region I which are "beyond thought".
If you are somehow linked or attached to a thought form, then you cannot enter these regions
either.  You will be limited to the thought forms natural home which is the third or Causal Plane
in Region III.

When witches and sorcerers create thought forms, they know what they are doing.  They
also know techniques to dissolve the thought from when they are finished with it.

However, unsuspecting people who may never have heard the phrase "thought form"
can be tricked into generating them and taking them for something other than what they really
are.  This trick allows many phony "masters" to convince people they are for real by
inticing them to concentrate upon them so intensely that they actually create a thought
form in the image of the phony master.  Since they can "see" the thought form they conclude
that the "master" is watching over them.  One phony group invented an imaginary
"history" complete with totally fabricated "ancient masters" to convince members that
they had existed for a long time.  Artists painted pictures of the "imaginary past masters".
Some members then began to "see" these nonexistent masters and claimed that they were
present at meetings and were protecting them, etc.  Another "trick of the mind" used
to dupe the unaware.

When people work in groups and share experiences on other planes of existence, (such
as witches, remote viewers, etc.) they "see each other inside".  However, this is a real
event and can be externally verified.  In an awake/alert state the people involved can
compare notes and remember events they had in the altered states of consciousness.

However, experiences with "thought forms of masters" are totally internal to the
experiencer.  The "master" has no knowledge whatsoever of any details of this.
If you are working with a master, then, it is important to make sure that any "internal"
experience can be "externally" verified.  If you are unable to confirm this because
your questions get ignored or answered by "doubletalk" or evasive statements, it
is time to seriously consider that your "master" might be a fake.

If you are linked to a thought form at the time of death, you will not be able to
rise above the plane where thought forms generate which is the Causal Plane.
It is not possible to enter the legitimately Spiritual Regions attached to a thought
form.  It is not possible for a thought form to "guide you" to any legitimately
Spiritual Region.



Early in the next century we have some unique Astrological events scheduled which should result in a slight nudge upward in the overall consciousness of mankind here on the Earth. Any competent Astrologer can give you the exact dates and times if you're curious, but the main point is that there should be some permanent changes in man's thought processes and he will just have to learn to cope with that


The life forms of the Universe of matter-energy-space-time, consisting of the four planes known as Physical, Astral, Causal, and Mental, are the children of GOD. These four planes are contained in a finite structure which would look like an egg if you saw it from the outside. The plan of GOD is for the children to grow up here and then leave the egg and return to him where they will then live with HIM as mature souls. The gate which leads from the inside to the outside of the egg cannot be opened by immature souls or by souls on the "left hand path" to enlightenment.

It is GOD's PLAN that young souls make consistent progress toward the day when they will return home. It is NOT GOD,s PLAN that people should tremble before local dictators, terrorists, masterminds, and other various and sundry persons practicing the black arts. It is NOT the purpose of GOD's Plan that people should be enslaved by oppressive Governments who just want to use them for slaves and have no interest in seeing them evolve. When these things occur, corrections need to be programmed into the system which is the responsibility of the Negative Hierarchy which must keep this place livable and such a state that Souls can realize GOD's Plan. The Positive Hierarchy, while it has the same abilities, does not have the responsibility to maintain suitable conditions in physical reality but, rather, has only the responsibility of identifying the legitimately good souls who are ready to leave here and helping them to do so

Under GOD's Plan, all Souls have basic rights. The most basic are:








[This requirement is the basic regulation governing the "negative hierarchy". All legitimate operations of the hierarchy including dark places such as "hell worlds" have to be so constructed that, even though the souls there are not having a good time, they are, nevertheless making forward progress and are going through experiences they need to have to correct past 'transgressions']



The human mind can be compared to a personal computer. It has space for some data and can get more data by connecting to a mainframe server which has all the data it needs. On the Mental Plane is stored ALL KNOWLEDGE AND ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS OF KNOWLEDGE. The personal knowledge people have is a small subset of this. People with "total access" to all knowledge are said to be in "Cosmic Consciousness".

As you can see, KNOWLEDGE is sort of in the same category with the AIR you breathe and the WATER you drink. These are provided things. No one owns them You don't say to a newborn baby, "Want to breathe some air ? We own the air and unless you pay some money or sign a contract to pay us, we'll cut off your air supply" Knowledge is the same way.
Unfortunately, in today's world, people have somehow come to the conclusion that they can "own" knowledge and whoever learns something first has the right to lock it up and then go after someone else who discovers the same thing claiming that they "own" the knowledge or that it is "secret knowledge" or "forbidden knowledge" or whatever. This makes about as much sense as the baby and the air. Anyone has a GOD GIVEN right to have any knowledge that they want and have the ability to obtain. It is FREE, just like the air.



Here we wish to discuss how things change in meaning and importance with perspective.

The inside area of a play pen is very important to a baby, because, of course, that is all it knows. Grade school is "important" to grade school kids and things like devices for inter-dimensional travel and warp engines (actually devices) are important to the government. The inside of a play pen is not important to the government and warp engines are not important to the kid in the play pen who has no idea what that is.

Now, lets talk about night and day. Generally, we sleep at night - although there are exceptions. At night, kids are generally sleeping and their parents may be up late doing little adult things. They may be talking about the future of the kids - all safely tucked away. thoughts of how to pay for College are not important to kids, but quite important to parents.

The physical universe we live in goes through four distinct cycles called the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and the Iron age which we are presently in. At the end of the Iron Age, the physical universe is dissolved and for a time does not exist. You might say it was "nighttime". When it is re-created, it is bright daytime considering all the fireworks that occur with the "big bang" of the creation event.

This period consisting of the existence period (day) and the non-existence period (night) is called a "day" in the life of GOD. It is day now. GOD's children are awake, they are doing their little stuff they do and hopefully thinking about HIM and that they would like to return to HIM which is HIS wish. After the dissolution, the immature souls will be sleeping or in an inactive state while they wait for the "new Heaven and new Earth" to be created. This is nighttime for GOD. But, like concerned parents, HE is awake, thinking about the future and planning the best for HIS kids.

Now the Christian Bible quotes JESUS as saying as to the time of the dissolution (end of the World), "No one will know - comes like a thief in the night - not even the Angles know the time !". The dissolution is an event that is originated from outside of time; therefore no one living inside of time can know. The Angles are people who died and live in the Astral World - bad angles are called Devils. The Astral World is what most people think Heaven is, hence the statement: "Heaven and Earth pass away..." because both are dissolved in a dissolution. However, higher planes are not dissolved and the souls who live there see things like GOD, i.e., the simple "passing" of night and day over and over again.




We want to run through some of the basic techniques used by cults to keep their followers loyal and "in line".  Many cults are clearly phony but, despite the availability of documentation which clearly shows this, they continue to grow and prosper.  How do they do it ?  Let's look at a few ways.

1.  Isolate the disciple

Convince the disciple that you are the only source of the truth.  Convince him to only read literature that you provide or that you approve of.  In this way, even if you are exposed, your disciple will not learn of it.

2.  Use a "positive-filtered" feedback loop to control  information

In this technique, you simply ignore all bad news and pretend that it does not exist.  For example,
if 95% of your disciples write to you and say they are having a terrible time,  you simply throw the letters away and ignore them.  Then you take the 5% of letters that complement you and make a big deal out of them and put them in your "official newsletter", etc.

3.  Take credit for talents and skills that your disciples already have

Convince disciples that any skills or talents they have are "because you willed it".  Of course, the plain truth is that they have what they have because of their hard work and effort.  But, many people buy into this.

4.  Terrify the disciples

Make an image of yourself that is so superior and powerful that the disciples will not want to dare to think you might be a fake for fear of what might happen to them.

5.  Maintain a covert "swat team" to attack those people whom you cannot control

Constantly threaten news or investigative people who know you are a fake (and so cannot be
controlled by other methods) that you will sue them if they dare to say anything about you.
A favorite method is to make up unique key words and register them as trade marks.  Then
you can control their use.  For example, instead of saying, "I am god and you are my student",
you could say "I am  'The Great Blip'(TM)  and you are my 'Blipski'(TM).  Then, if anyone complains in public that they are an unhappy 'Blipski' or an abused 'Blipski' or that the
'Great Blip' is a sex offender of whatever, you can sue them for using your registered trademark.




The ability to leave the "EGG of BRAHM" and journey to and become established on the plane of SACH KHAND, at vector reference 5.0 is the true definition of a "Q- Clearance".

The people to whom the US Government has assigned a Q-Level clearance are not legitimate, i.e., they are not established as residents of the first Spiritual Plane known as SACH KHAND. They are representatives of one of the "reflections" of Kal which duplicate the true Spiritual Worlds, but in a more gross and lesser reality which is wholly contained within the Lower Worlds.

The Q-level clearances issued by the Government of the United States are simply an authorization to know the truth about the secret heathen cult that controls the Earth World at the present time. They are not legitimate Q- Clearances as defined in the Universal Series. A person with a legitimate Q-Clearance is assigned an N- Number and is registered with the administration of the Lower Worlds and is recognized as legitimate by all the Plane Lords of the Lower Worlds. The Q- Clearances issued by the US Government at the present time do not meet these requirements and are not recognized as valid in the "Universal Series".

All that these clearances mean is that the "cleared person" has been given data which is not available to the general population of the Earth Planet and is, therefore, in possession of the "complete truth" as far as the US Government knows the complete TRUTH about its situation and the system of Universes in which it exists. This knowledge is quite limited and so, therefore, the Q-Level Clearances issued by the United States are also quite limited and are not equivalent and not valid in the Universal Series.

Legitimate people with Q-Level Clearance are essentially residents of the first Spiritual Plane known as Sach Khand. They are established there and they have cleared from any compulsion to ever have to return to the Lower Worlds for Re-Incarnation.

The worlds of Kal Niranjan are assembled in a series of "reflections" as one would see in a mirror. They are designed to confuse the soul and persuade it to accept a reflection of true reality as legitimate true reality.




Clearly, the easiest way to make Spiritual progress is to find someone who will teach you.  Living Saints or Spiritual Masters will do this, of course, but first you have to find them.  In ages past,
perhaps because people were more honest and innocent,  calling someone a Spiritual Master actually meant something.  Today, it appears to be just another way to make money and have influence.

This does not mean that legitimate Saints no longer exist.  However, the process of sorting them
out of the growing collection of fakes has become much more complex.

Therefore, here we want to run through some basic principles of Spiritual techniques and give
a general idea of their meanings and uses.


People are guaranteed to have at least one Spiritual experience.  That experience will happen when
they die.  If it is their only Spiritual experience, then their ability to handle it is likely to be limited.

The purpose of meditation, when used for Spiritual purposes, is to cause the event sequence which
takes place at the time of death to happen earlier when the person is nowhere near death.  The common phrase is "Dying Daily".  The reason to "practice dying" is to solve problems in the practice sessions which, if  left unsolved, will be likely to result in re-incarnation.

Let's take an example from the Tibetan Book of the Dead:  A person dies.  He sees a bright light.
The light frightens him.  Then he notices a "safe dark cave" and goes into the cave to get away from
the bright light.  But, the "safe dark cave" is really the womb of some pregnant creature (hopefully
human, possibly not) and so a new physical lifetime begins.

This experience cannot be changed because it occurred at the time of "for real death".  However,
experiences in "practice sessions" are not permanent because the physical body still lives.
Consequently, if the person in the above example had learned the truth about the "safe dark cave"
in a practice session, then the incarnation could have been avoided.

Early meditation experiences are highly individualized and are a function of that person's karmas.
Consequently, there is no "handbook" for what one will see.  At higher levels, there are standard
landmarks, such as the Causal plane landscape, which everyone who passes through will see.

The aim of meditation is to go as far as you can into the inner worlds as you can while alive
so that anything that could be a problem later can be safely experienced and solved now in
the practice or "simulation" sessions.

Third Eye

The Third Eye is not physical.  However, when it opens it appears to be an opening in the forehead above the "ordinary" eyes.  There is no "eye" there, however it appears to the experiencer that there
is actually an extra "eye" because he can see the usual things with the usual two eyes AND see
something completely different above with the "Third Eye" at the same time.  It's really pretty neat.

For Spiritual purposes, the use for the Third Eye is "look but don't touch".  We want to know what
exists on the various planes but do not want to become involved or "strung out" with what we see going on.

For psychic purposes, the Third Eye is used to solve practical problems such as psychic healing.
In legitimate psychic healing, the healer is "looking" at the patient's Astral body with his Third Eye.
When he touches the patient with his physical hands he is really reaching "into them" with his
Astral hands from his own Astral body which extends slightly beyond the physical body.  He works on the patient's Astral body in this way to solve the problem.

Projection Methods

Astral Projection methods involve separating the Astral body from the physical body and using it to go on little trips.  In Astral Projection the physical body is not animate.  It must be somewhere safe and quiet - like in bed.  It does not die because of the "silver cord" connection but it also does not
move around.  Astral Projection can be used to "shop around" the physical and Astral planes but
obviously it cannot be taken to higher planes where it is too gross to interface with the finer matter there.

Soul or Consciousness Projection methods are different in that the Astral body remains with the physical body and the physical body is still animate.  In these methods the physical body is apparently being operated by "remote control" by the Soul/Consciousness which has projected
to another location.  This appears to be the method used in the government "remote viewing"
technique because the physical bodies of the viewers are talking at the same time their projected consciousness is viewing.

Projecting as a naked Soul will allow one to go to any plane that exists.  However,  you must know how to get there first which re-emphasizes the desirability of having a competent guide if you can possibly locate one.



Direct Access Rights concern the notion that a child has the right to guidance from its parent(s) and that the parent(s) have a duty to give such guidance if it is requested.

In this case, of course, by the child we mean a Soul and by parent(s) we mean GOD.

To use Direct Access Rights, we make certain assumptions or affirmations. These are:

1. The act of creating a new Soul is an act of Love.

2. Because it is an act of Love, there exists a link from GOD to the Soul.

3. Because creation is an act of Love, GOD has a concern for his child's welfare.

4. Therefore, if the child (Soul) has a sincere request for help, such a request would not be refused.

Consequently, we, as the "children of GOD" have the right to make contact and communicate with HIM.

Direct Access Rights use channel "O" telepathy and are available to beings who can access this channel which includes Humans.

Direct Access Rights are not for frivolous requests. It will not work for them. Success is determined by the purity of the request and the subject of the request. GOD exists in the original zone or region which predates all subsequent creations. There are three main things which HE can give. The first is everlasting life which is a birthright and you already have it. The other two things are TRUTH and LOVE.

All of the other things you may be tempted to ask for are commonly called MAYA (or illusion) and were created as secondary events at lower levels.

Pure TRUTH and LOVE are powerful elements. Should you reach the point where these are all you want and nothing else you have reached the level where Direct Access Rights operate.

Direct Access Rights allow one to bypass the Positive and Negative Hierarchies and all the Plane Lords and assorted forces of the various levels of the Creation.

Remember, however, that if your request for TRUTH is granted, nothing else will remain. Friends, family, possessions, associations, surroundings, etc. are all MAYA and will be dissolved by pure TRUTH. You and your Creator; Truth, Love, and eternity. These are the only things that are truly "real" and, therefore, the only things that will survive.




When a married man and woman both become the initiates of a legitimate Saint; they should realize that their karmas will complete more rapidly.

It is KARMA, not LOVE, that really causes two people to get married. When a young man says to his woman "I Love you," what he is really saying is, "We have business that must be done - so let's get on with it."

When a couples' karmas end, they may think about splitting up because the force that brought them together [karma] has now dissolved and they do not feel this attraction any more.

Many times couples will go to their Spiritual Master for advice about this and say they want to divorce. The Master always tells them not to do it; and invariably they do it anyway.

Life in today's world is lonely. We all need a "special friend" to share experiences with. You should really consider this and stay together, even if you live like brother and sister sharing a common place to stay.








A human being is essentially an immortal soul. The composition of a soul is raw energy and it can exist outside of space and time - in fact, this is its true home.

However, to come into existence on the physical plane as a human man or woman, the soul (which has no sex itself) must interface with four dimensions of non-spiritual material in addition to its natural dimension of pure energy of spirit. Therefore, a human being is a five dimensional creature. When a couple mate intending to produce a child, they mechanically create a body for a soul which already exists and has had countless previous lifetimes.

We now wish to discuss a short poem by John Donne titled "The Ecstasy". This poem describes what must be done to correctly bring a soul into this world as a human being.



Where, like a pillow on a bed,
A pregnant bank swelled up, to rest
The violets reclining head,
Sat we two, one anothers best;


Our hands were firmly cemented
With a fast blame, which thence did spring,
Our eye-beams twisted, and did thread
Our eyes, upon one double string;


So to entergraft our hands, as yet
Was all the means to make us one,
And pictures in our eyes to get
Was all our propagation.


As twixt to equal Armies, Fate
Suspends uncertain victory,
Our souls, (which, to advance their state,
Were gone out,) hung 'twixt her, and me.


And while our souls negotiate there,
We like sepulchral statues lay;
All day, the same our postures were,
And we said nothing, all the day....
This ecstasy does unperplex
(We said) and tell us what we love,
We see by this, it vas not sex,
We see, we saw not what did move:


But as all several souls contain
Mixture of things, they know not what
Love, these mixed souls does mix. again,
And makes both one, each this and that....


When love, with one another so
Interinanimates two souls,
That abler soul, which thence doth flow,
Defects of loneliness controls.


We then, who are this new soul, know,
Of what we are composed, and made,
For th'atomies of which we grow,
Are souls, whom no change can invade....


So must pure lovers' souls descend
T'affections, and to faculties,
Which sense may reach and apprehend,
Else a great prince in prison lies.

John Donne is describing a couple mating. However, they are not concerned with the physical sex that must take place between them. Their souls "have gone out" and they are interfacing and helping the new soul for which they are creating a human body to smoothly and competently enter into a lifetime as a human being in the Earth World. Mr. Donne warns in the last line: "Else a great prince in prison lies". That is, if this is not done, if a man and a woman do not know what the facts of life are and what is happening when they conceive a child, the new soul will be confused and trapped in its new human body. It will be essentially in the same condition as a beast.


On the Causal Plane, the body that a soul has there is called its "seed body". What this means is that this body holds the "seeds of karma" - karmas that are, as yet, un-manifested or unrealized. These seeds predate their logical consequences, i.e., their manifestations. Therefore, when you come into this world, in general, the "seeds" of what your life will be have already been planted.
You have, therefore, very little real "free choice". The Spiritual Masters tell us that every breath you take is already counted - you have only so many breaths to take in a lifetime: then, you die.

When you choose a mate and think about the possibility of children, it is very likely that your choice of a mate and also of the soul which will now become part of your family as your son or daughter, was pre-destined in your karmas before either of you were even born here.

When a man and woman get together and have thoughts of bringing a baby into the Earth world, the soul that is scheduled to do this incarnation drops to the first Astral plane which is essentially "in the same place" as the Earth. It stays close to the female - waiting. At the moment of conception, it "comes in". Therefore, even if you use something like the popular "morning after pill" you have still killed your baby and displaced its soul and, of course, committed a Spiritual crime which will be charged against you in future karmas.

During this "waiting period", the soul can see you and hear you. A soul scheduled for a human incarnation in the present time is not stupid. It has had countless previous lives and has been a human man and also a woman many times before. In some way, it is linked to you and to your mate in karma and you all have "been together" sometime in the past. The period before incarnation is important. The soul, naked and with no bodies, is in a much more powerful position now than it will be after the incarnation. It knows who you are - it sees all the things you and your mate do and hears everything you say to each other. Although it cannot avoid the incarnation, the things it hears and sees during this period will leave "impressions" on it. If you are pregnant by accident and "hate" the child you are carrying, these memories will continue to effect your baby in its lifetime. After incarnation and before the child learns to speak, the memories of these things as well as of its past lifetimes fade out. But, they remain quite alive in its "unconscious mind". And, the unconscious mind subtly effects the conscious mind. So, if your teenager hates you or does not care about you, it could be that it remembers that you hate it - and did not care about it when you brought it into this world.

Therefore, the preparations that you make when considering bringing a baby into the world are quite important.


It cannot be expected, in the present time, that couples will be able to follow the "prefect" procedure that we gave at the beginning of this discussion. But, they should be aware of it and use appropriate approximations.

Here we will list some helpful points:

1. Pick a mate for whom you feel - or at least for whom you think you feel - genuine Love.

2. During the period when you begin to think about having a baby, discuss things with your mate. Discuss the process of karma and re-incarnation and that you understand what will take place when you do conceive a child.

3. Spend some time with GOD. During the quiet hours of early morning - between 3AM and 6AM get up and sit quietly somewhere and be alert. Silently, to your self, go over the processes that you know will take place in the future. Discuss with yourself that you know that a soul has been assigned to your care under the laws of karma. Discuss that you are willing for this event to come to pass and that you Love this soul. Discuss that, although you are not perfect, that you pray to GOD that he will help you and that everything will be all right and that you are going to have a fine child whom you will love and care for.

4. When it is time for you to mate, do not let your attention slip down to the animal level. Try to keep your thoughts on GOD and on the love you have for this soul and re-affirm that you trust GOD and you know that everything will be fine for your new baby.

These approximations are not perfect. However, they are certainly much better than gulping down a glass of wine and jumping into bed only to learn later that you are pregnant.

The human race has "fallen" because of bad instructions and information in this area. However, this is a reversible process and it can just as easily rise up again when the truth is once again known and actively considered and practiced.





We just want to point out certain relationships and principles here. People generally do whatever they want regardless of morality or karma or consequences. But, if you want to know the rules, here they are:

A PHYSICAL LIFE FORM cannot remain living unless it is in an association with a SOUL. If the SOUL leaves, the life form dies - regardless of any medical tricks to try to keep it alive.

LIFE FORMS are the PROPERTY of the SOUL with which they are associated and NOT the property of the manufacturer of the life form [parents are the manufacturers of their children, etc.]

however, this is a tricky area and it is better to assume that they DO HAVE SOULS than to assume that they do not.

When there is a pregnancy that will result in a live birth the SOUL which is scheduled for that new physical life develops an association with its new body quickly. Also, by virtue of the SOUL's status, It may know from looking ahead into future time what kind of life it will have in a certain family ASSUMING that the female becomes pregnant. This is a PRE-ASSOCIATION. If there is a pre-association all rights over the unborn child with respect to the parent end instantly at the moment of conception.

HOWEVER, parents are not obligated to honor a PRE-ASSOCIATION because the female can choose not to get pregnant. There is no "wrong" associated with such a decision. It would be comparable to having a orphan kid wandering around by your house begging to be adopted. You don't have to adopt the kid - certainly he's not your responsibility - but if you would choose to do that - and sign all the papers - then you're stuck with him. Same deal. You don't have to get pregnant, but if you do you're stuck.



Legitimate Psychiatry is not practiced in the United States. We live in a society which places great value on money and material things but almost no value on human life. Therefore, the practice of Psychiatry in the United States consists of simply giving the patient so many brain damaging drugs that he cannot remember whatever the problem was that caused him to seek "help". When a Psychiatrist interviews a patient, he is thinking to himself, "I don't want to hear all this shit. I wish you would just shut your face because I don't give a damn about you or your problems !". So the Doctor just starts pumping this poor sucker full of drugs and when he is so drugged that he stops talking, bumps in to the wall, and sits down and stares off into space with glassy, senseless eyes, the Doctor says, "OK, you're cured now:
just go home and take these pills for the rest of your life and you will be fine."


However, in what used to be the Soviet Union, legitimate Psychiatry is practiced. The Russians use two systems:
They use the same brain damaging drugs as US Doctors use but they only use them on political prisoners - whom they hate and want to hurt. So, they are at least honest about it.

However, should a garden variety harmless Russian citizen who is no political problem get sick, he is NOT given drugs. Instead, he is taken to a hospital where he is confined in a ward equipped with dispensers containing distilled water. He can drink all the distilled water he wants but is given no food at all. The research reports I have read from Russia indicate that, using this method, the symptoms of abnormality that the patient originally presented disappear in about ten days to two weeks. Once the acute symptoms go away, then the team headed by a Psychiatrist gradually add to the patient's diet simple harmless foods like plain brown rice. Then they add small quantities of specific vitamins and minerals.

When the patient is discharged, he is given a diet to follow and specific instructions on some foods he should never eat. He is also given a very individualized prescription for specific vitamins and minerals. The Russian research report claims a very good success rate using this legitimate treatment technique.

You may argue that it is "cruel" to lock someone away with no food. However, to do this DOES NOT cause permanent brain damage and the drugs used in the United States DO CAUSE PERMANANT BRAIN DAMAGE. So, you be the judge of what's "cruel" and what is not.








The group of bodies commonly called Human and Humanoid are Class I bodies. The definition of Class I is a physical body which contains all five of the Alchemical elements, namely Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and ETHER. There is no class of body higher than Class I. The next "step up" from Class I is to leave the worlds of forms and move up to the Planes of pure Spirit.

Souls with Class I bodies outrank Angles and all of the other assorted disembodied entities who are within the limits of the lower creation or the worlds of forms. The reason they do is because a Class I body is the only situation which provides the Soul with the "exit opportunity" to leave the lower creation. An Angel, for example, no matter how good or powerful it might be, cannot leave the lower creation from its present position. It must incarnate in a Human body to do this.

People sometimes entertain thoughts of inferiority and develop a quite low opinion of themselves. It is unfortunate because for every Human on the Earth there are literately thousands of entities who would give anything to have that Human body if they could. They know what most Humans simply do not understand.

Earth Humans have no idea of the incredible potential that the form they are using has because they have not made the effort to develop it. Human bodies, balanced and "tuned up" can do almost anything. For example, they can generate the anti-gravity fields used by space vehicles which allow them to "phase out" in one part of the physical universe and "phase in" at any other location they choose. These devices came into existence when Humans lost the ability to do such things on their own. Powers such as these- as well as many others - are latent in Earth Humans and they could have them if they would only wake up and develop them and use them. They just won't do it.

Unfortunately, although Earth Humans do not know their potential, other groups of Humanoids and lesser forms DO. And so human genetic material has become a product in demand for other cultures - many of which are not Class I - to seek [by abducting Humans] to use in hybridization and amalgamation experiments to attempt to make themselves "more human".

And so, although no life form out ranks a Human, Earth Humans may be facing a "Use it or Lose it" situation because if they will not make the effort to realize their potential, other groups who know what that potential is will gradually "screw them over" and perhaps even eventually take them out all together. Should this happen, it is the fault of the Earth Humans and no one else. If Earth people were anywhere close to the full potential of their form no entity from anywhere else would dare to challenge them. But, sadly this just is not the case.


The "First Contact" experience for Earth (or at least the contact experience which is relevant
to present Earth history) is supposed to have occurred in 1913.  In this event, "friendly" aliens
came to give the Earth "gifts".  The gifts were a package of high technology and instructions.
The aliens supposedly told the recipients that the people of Earth would enter the space age
soon and these gifts would help them.  They also cautioned against misuse of the gifts and
warned that misuse would result in punishments against the Earth possibly including its
destruction.  They emphasized that the main rule that must be followed in developing these
gifts was that they were to be used "responsibly"  and  "competently".

Well, as you might guess, the recipients back in 1913 were pretty overwhelmed by all this.
It would be years before the term "UFO" was coined.  The recipients concluded that people
who "came from the sky" must be "gods".  They did not remotely understand the "gifts"
but knew they were important.  Because they thought the gifts were from god, they turned
them over to the Pope in Rome who also did not understand them but recognized them
as something special to be guarded and so locked them up "in a gold box" where they
remained for some time.

According to the story, Rome gradually shared the "gifts" with emerging scientists hoping
they could figure out what they were.  Essentially all of the technology in use today, publicly
and secretly, is supposedly related to these "gifts" from 1913.

If you do not like the "gifts" story, try the test of common sense:  In the space of a single
human lifetime - a single generation - we have seen the world go from riding horses and
reading by kerosene lanterns to flying to the Moon and bubbling over with high-tech
trinkets.  Do you really think that mankind did all that so quickly on their own with no
outside help ?





Socialized systems are generally quite pleasant social Systems. We have all spent time in socialized systems, and for most it was a good time. Children, in a family, live in a socialized system. Parents do not say to kids, "'Mommy made a great supper, but it will cost you $4.95 so go cut someone's grass or something to come up with the bucks or go to bed hungry .  There are no "coin boxes" on the refrigerator or TV. Kids take "what they need" whenever they need to do so.


In the family, that other system is the jobs that the parents have so that they can make money to keep the TV plugged in and the refrigerator stuffed with food and goodies. If they did not participate in this other system which is not socialized, the linked system which supports and maintains the kids would fail.

In the schematic of the structure of US Society on page 149 [re-displayed above for convenience] you will note that some areas are "'socialized" and other areas are not socialized. The socialized areas are supported by the non-socialized area, just as in the family example above.

The non-socialized area, where the so called  "average American" lives is a rough area. There is cut throat competition, people must work essentially until they drop dead. They are taxed to death and are constantly under pressure to "perform". The reason that they have to work so hard is that large socialized areas need to be maintained and the people in some of those areas have rather exotic desires that they want satisfied.

The socialized areas of US Society are very pleasant in some zones. Millions of people live in the special enlightened and protected areas - most of which are underground - and all their everyday needs have to be met. The "working class" (or CASTE) pays for this and generally does not even know that these areas exist.

It is part of the "national security" to make sure that the slaves stay slaves - that they do not become enlightened and revolt - and that they are worked to maximum capacity without having them fall down dead from exhaustion. This task is "the business of Government".

The elite, who live in the enlightened and protected areas, enjoy their way of life and do not want to lose it. They are prepared, if necessary, to kill all of the slaves if they get wise to the scam that they live under and try to change things. The thought of actually having to do real work to maintain themselves terrifies them, because, for one thing, they have forgotten how.




The World is NOT overpopulated - in fact it is quite under-populated.

If you took everyone in the whole world and put them in the State of Texas, each person would have about one thousand square feet of space and the rest of the world would be EMPTY. Most people do not have one thousand square feet of space reserved for themselves personally in their homes today. The myth of overpopulation is promoted by the elite because the world IS overpopulated from their standpoint which is that the only purpose of people other than themselves is to do SLAVE LABOR for THEM. And, due to advances in technology, there is less of a demand for physical slaves today than in the past, hence there is an "overpopulation" of slaves. The Planet Earth, incidentally, produces enough FOOD to FEED THREE WORLDS equivalent to the Earth. Where does it all go so that people starve to death ? Ask the ELITE


The Divine Right of Kings is a scam cooked up long ago which asserts that KINGS rule by DIVINE RIGHT because "god" talks to them and tells them what to do and so what they do cannot be questioned by "ordinary" mortals.

It is not clear whether GOD has ever talked to a "king" but it is very doubtful that GOD would want to talk to any of today's world leaders. However, this concept is still perpetuated by today's elite. Tracing your ancestry to an important is a requirement for entering the inner circles of the elite even today. And, in their mind, they believe that they are "chosen" to rule and that therefore it is perfectly OK for them to do anything they want to the "non-chosen" class.

"Supervising the Evolution of Mankind"

Stories abound of secret places inhabited by "beings" who are on Earth to "supervise the evolution of mankind". These characters are apparently some sub-group of the ruling elite. They are no more "supervising human evolution" than you are "supervising the evolution of tropical fish" by scooping them up out of the free waters where GOD placed them and putting them in a glass cage with plastic plants and ceramic rocks. You do this for your personal pleasure AND the Elite do the same thing to YOU for their personal pleasure.


The Planet Earth is very well defended (from exactly what it is being defended is not so clear). A defense shield extends out as far as the planet Jupiter (you know, the one they plan to light up and make into a second Sun in December , 1999).
Additionally, the people of the Earth will soon be under total control after the program to implant them with identification microchips is completed. It has not been yet, but the DEATH RAY SATELLITE PROGRAM has been completed and any person anywhere on the face of the earth can be killed at any time by shooting them in the head with the death ray laser satellites. Death appears to be "cerebral hemorrhage" (just like in the "INVADERS" TV series) and only special government doctors can tell the difference and they, of course, will not talk.

Once everyone has their microchip implant, absolute ORDER will be ensured because anyone who does anything wrong can be immediately killed by typing his identification number into the satellite control system and pushing the red (or whatever) "kill" button.


The Elite are scared of radiation. They feel someone may get it together enough to make a crude nuclear bomb and drop it on or near them. However, they have solved that problem now by developing a "vaccination" against radiation. In order to do the medical experiments necessary to develop this drug, thousands of US Citizens were "sacrificed" (killed). The Government now admits to 100,000 but will never admit why (to develop the secret radiation vaccine). In the circle of the Elite, the end always justifies the means.


If that's not enough, the classic AMA radiation treatments for CANCER seem to be just a continuation of government experiments because these treatments do not cure cancer and that is NOT the treatment the Elite use for themselves if they get cancer. What they use is a secret "aura balancing" machine which basically does what "psychic healers" have been doing for years combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine and state of the art Medical Diagnostics. The treatment is painless and actually works.


You might think "solid state electronics" was a buzz word for the 20th Century but you're WRONG. The BIBLE contains many detailed descriptions of how to build sophisticated electronic devices. When you see detailed descriptions (such as in Revelations) of "a sheet of Gold" together with detailed measurements of where to place specific crystals on the "sheet of Gold" you are looking at a schematic for some type of device. Exactly who was communicating these instructions to mankind thousands of years ago is not clear but it IS CLEAR that it was not GOD who would have no use for such devices. One set of instructions - if followed- results in the construction of a type of accumulator we know as a capacitor. Such devices can "charge themselves" if left sitting. The bible student who built the device apparently knew nothing of electrical safety and was electrocuted.



We have touched on this before, but perhaps it would be good to go into a bit more detail on forms.

Life forms can originate in a variety of ways and it is doubtful that the ultimate GOD directly participates in any of these methods. The link that Humans and other living things have with GOD is that GOD is the Father of their Soul - not of the form they may presently have.

In a new creation, advanced Souls who have been given administrative responsibilities direct the creation of forms. It is also quite possible, later in the creation, for forms to get smart enough to create forms.

We have this technology on Earth today - it was discovered by an Italian researcher some years back. It is a technique for bypassing the natural barrier that prevents different species from cross breeding. So, with this technique you can theoretically mate a roach with a pig or a cat with a dog or whatever. If you kept trying, some of these weird combinations would probably live and so you could say you had "created" a new form. Unfortunately, this does not make you god. If a form lives it is because it has a Soul and you did not create the Soul which gives life to the form - it was assigned under the Law of Karma for whatever reason to this "new form". Also, the form you "created" is not your property but rather the property of the Soul who is using it. You cannot own a living life form.

Now one of the cute explanations you hear from time to time is that another race "manufactured" the Human race long ago and they just might come back someday to take credit.

Well, let's just assume that's true and some group of somethings lands and says "Well, we're back - we made you 10,000 years ago as a project and here's the pictures and the proof and the test tubes we used and therefore you will please now turn over control of your planet to us since everything you have done belongs to us because we made you."

That's a cute argument - but not valid. It is the same as if you would call up one of your children 50 years later and tell them, "Hi kid - haven't talked to you in 30 years and I heard you were doing well and ,since I made you ,your business and home and all is really mine because you would not exist if we had not made you." Would you buy that argument ? Probably not. It's the same argument brought closer to home.

Even beyond this, Human Beings have Class I bodies which gives them the power not only to bypass any local authority but to even bypass the authority of all of the legitimate Negative Hierarchy with all its power and choose to return to GOD. The only power that has a non-revocable right to order a Human Being is the ultimate GOD, Father of the Soul.



We are going to discuss the so called "Priestcraft". By this we are referring to the group of people who make a living talking about God, the devil, heaven and hell - and, mainly in the United States, spouting all sorts of stuff about Jesus Christ.

Lets briefly explain where religion and the "priestcraft" comes from. When a legitimate Saint teaches on the Earth, people follow him. He generally does not write down anything at all. When the Saint dies, his power here ends. Access to the inner worlds - via him - is closed to all except those people whom he personally chose as "initiates". For some reason, other people generally start writing books about the Saint - what he said -what he did - what he told others to do, and so on. These books then form the foundation of a religion. There is nothing spiritual about any religion. The spiritual part of this event died with the Saint - it is gone now and is not coming back A movement is only Spiritual when it has - as its leader - a LIVING perfect Saint who is "active", that is a Saint who is accepting initiates. In all other cases it is a "dead" movement.

When Jesus died, people learned that they could make money by talking about him. In an effort to make more money, they made certain changes in the writings about him - and they also fabricated other "teachings" that served specific purposes. Let us now discuss this in more detail:

We will divide the crimes of the priestcraft into two categories:



Long before the "superpower" world governments came into existence, the Priestcraft made a decision to take over the people of the Earth and place them in the bondage of fear, darkness, and ignorance. Part of this plan involved deletions and additions to the Christian Bible. Additionally, special teachings were simply invented to serve specific needs.

In making changes to the Bible, the main element that appears to have been deleted is references to the key elements in the legitimate Spiritual Life such as the inner worlds and the Third Eye. In inventing specific additional doctrines, various goals were achieved such as consolidation of power and accumulation of wealth by the PROPAGANDA OF TITHING.

And, having called TITHING propaganda, I will now pause here and explain this exactly so that there will be no doubt about what this means:



The propaganda of tithing asserts that "god wants ten per cent of your money". And, since God is not here you should therefore give this money to his "banker in residence" which is, of course, the Church. This is sort of half true:

The "true part" is the ten per-cent. The false part is "money". We have discussed GOD in detail and where he lives. Do you really think he remotely has any desire at all for your money ? References to "tithing" in religious books are references to TIME. GOD wants ten per-cent of your time - not your money. GOD loves you - he is the father of your soul. In the complex world, we all must attend to our responsibilities: family, kids, job, etc. So GOD simply asks us to remember him at least ten per-cent of the time - or about two and one-half hours a day.

So, if you are a religious person trained to believe you have a duty to "tithe", keep your money in the bank and feed your family with it. Every day, preferably during the "still hours" of 3 AM to 6 AM, wake up - be alert, and think about your GOD. This is what he really wants.

There are many Religious groups. When they have special needs, they look in the Bible and, being "creative" in interpreting certain passages, come up with some argument that "the Bible says" for you to do whatever they want you to do. There is just so much of this "stuff" that we are not going to get strung out here with all these little details.


"Active Measures" are the things Priests, Ministers, and the like tell you you should do or be doing in the course of your life. Through these Active Measures, the Priestcraft deliberately caused the downfall of humanity from the true spiritual level of evolution to the level of the animal or "beast". Now, lets see just how they did that:

Negative Spiritual Instructions

Theoretically, people hang around churches because they want help to get into Heaven when they die. What they get instead is advice that is absolutely guaranteed to fix it so they WILL NOT get into Heaven. The main element of this propaganda is the "DO NOTHING AND WAIT FOR JESUS" doctrine. The church tells people that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. Jesus is dead but is "coming back" any day now. So twiddle your thumb's and do not make any attempt at spiritual development until "Jesus comes back and tells you it's OK".



In the standard King James Bible, in GENESIS at the beginning of Chapter four, we have the account of the first children. of Eve.

Biblical scholars have confirmed that the two children, Cain and Able, constitute what is called by medical doctors a "double pregnancy". What this means is that Cain and Able resulted from two different sessions of sexual intercourse which were close to each other in time. The kids were born as twins but not necessarily of the same Father.

Apparently, LUCIFER got to Eve first; his kid was Cain. By the time Adam figured out what sex was, Eve knew all about it from her teacher LUCIFER and was not a virgin.

GOD knew that Cain was LUCIFER's kid so he "had no regard" for offerings from him because he had no regard for Lucifer who was an adversary of GOD. GOD gladly accepted offerings from Able who he knew was Adam's son. Cain, jealous, killed Able.

Lucifer has doubtless mated with MANY girls - his offspring and their descendants are "marked by GOD" and this mark is the so called "MARK OF THE BEAST" or "666 MARK". Obviously, you can't see it - it is a subtle mark and most likely refers more to negative attitudes karmatically linked to Lucifer than to genetics. Lucifer's first kid, Cain, was "like father like son" to Lucifer because he was Lucifer's direct creation. Descendants in the same genetic line would not necessarily be evil. This would be a function of the Souls assigned to that set of bodies. A group of people who are evil can, over time, using their "free choice", choose to become Good. Similarly, a group of Good people can, over time, make a sequence of bad choices and wind up utterly evil. Descendants of Lucifer who happened to make choices leading to a good and blameless life would NOT be karmatically linked to souls associated with Lucifer. Consequently, it is not correct to say that if people could be genetically identified as descendants of Lucifer it would constitute proof that they were "bad" and should be put down.

Lots of people "enjoyed" the new group of human women. Apparently, word spread fast that they were quite sensual beings. The "sons of God" screwed them too.. Some reports identify the "sons of God" as fallen Angles who still loved all the physical fleshy stuff which, of course, includes the sex trip and all of its associated foreplay/afterplay, etc. Kids from the "Sons of God" are described as "mighty men" of "renown". The "GIANTS" [most likely the "grey people"] played with the new women too.

GENESIS CHAPTER SIX is an important chapter because of the statement on the allowed age of man [120 years] attributed to GOD. Previous to this chapter, accounts give ages of about one thousand years for Man. GOD's statement here marks the END of the COPPER AGE and the beginning of the IRON AGE.



We will now discuss the Top Secrets of the United States. The Top Secret level of clearances is called the "Q-Level" and it consists of fifteen subgroups which are simply called TS1 through TS15. TS15 is the highest level. The industrialized world is operated by a common directorate. That is to say, at level TS15, all the Governments of all the industrialized nations come together and share plans, secrets, and work towards a common goal. This common goal is called the New World Order.

We shall now discuss the specific Top Secrets which currently exist by category.


The breakfast menu for active Air Force Pilots is Top Secret. Any historical fact that may embarrass the President or other high ranking official is Top Secret. Things like this we are calling the "silly secrets" because it is mainly bull shit and of little consequence.


The pure sciences, that is, Physics and Chemistry and Electrical Engineering and the like are taught in all Universities. But, key information is withheld. So, even if you get a Ph.D. degree in one or more of these sciences, you are incompetent. Certain changes have been made and logical pathways established to deliberately lead scholars off in the wrong directions. In the case of Electrical Engineering, there are a group of "original secrets of electricity", many of which were discovered by Nicoli Tesla, which show the way to do things which the ordinary published theories would lead you to conclude were impossible.

If you get a Ph.D. degree and then sign up with the Government and promise never to leave them and to obey them, you are told the missing knowledge.


Medical Science is considered by the Government to be the ultimate tool for the control of the masses and, through it, the Government perceives itself as a god with the power of death - and eternal life for special people.

The cures for classic diseases: AIDS, Cancer, etc. exist and are Top Secret. The secrets of genetics are Top Secret. A technique to override the natural protection system which prevents different species from mating and producing offspring [like a dog mating with a cat or a horse] has been developed and is Top Secret.

Modifications to extend and perhaps allow certain special people to physically live indefinitely exists and is Top Secret.




Although the US Government denies the existence of other realities, it is aware that they exist. It is especially interested in the Astral World. When the government does projects with people [spies] who are trained to leave their body  to spy on others and then return to their physical body and report, it calls this "Remote Viewing" and this research is Top Secret.

Additionally, there is an indication that the Government may receive guidance and information from certain entities which are residents of the Astral Plane - that is, spirit beings. The type of information the Government is seeking, how to have power and control over others and the total world as a whole, indicates that any contact they have made would be with evil forces.


In recent times, research organizations secretly sponsored by the US Government have lured legitimate Gurus into programs which allow them to be hooked up to medical scanning equipment while they enter the "trance state". The secret purpose of this research is to develop secret drugs that will allow evil people - who by the laws of the universe cannot access certain esoteric information, to be able to force their way into other planes of existence and obtain secret knowledge which will then be used for purely evil purposes against the inhabitants of the Earth.







We have been talking a lot about top secret this and that. I wish now to present the formal coding and layout of a security clearance credential.


First, it should be noted that, in the industrialized world, all security clearance credentials look the same, The fact that they do indicates that a World Order or World Government of sorts already exists in place.

The basic design of the front of security clearance credentials presently in use in the industrialized world is shown above. On the right side of the picture there is a colored stripe which indicates the actual level of security clearance. The color code is:










[G2,  MI-5,  etc.]







There is optional information on the left of the picture such as an expiration date. At the bottom of the card there is either a symbol, such as a diamond or a circle or a triangle or there is a cross hatch pattern as shown in the example. This cross hatch pattern is a schematic of the design of compartmentalization under which the society is designed. At the level of top secret and above, there is no longer the need for this compartmentalization. It is used to keep the masses separated and ignorant and confused so that they may easily be used. The symbol below is the schematic design or organizational model of the US society:


What this schematic model says is that the factor which separates rulers from slaves is knowledge. The masses are trained to specialize and learn about only one thing and then practice that one thing all their lives as a trade or livelihood.

But, the rulers have the knowledge of all parts of knowledge and the perspective of an overview of the interactions of the world and so are not constrained by compartmentalization.

On clearance cards with special symbols, the "STAR" indicates authority and the color of the star indicates the source of the authority. Other symbols such as the circle, triangle, and diamond symbol may contain letters inside of the symbol.

For example, the bottom of a Secret Service credential uses the diamond symbol and the two letters " SS ". Now you might guess that the "SS" is for Secret Service, but it is not. The SS is a schematic for the "double-helix" of the DNA Molecule and it means that the agent has been specially genetically selected and is a member of the genetically screened perfect people "in crowd", basically equivalent to the "Master Race" teachings of Hitler.

The reverse side of the card contains the sponsoring Nation information. Security clearances issued by the United States say "Property of the US Government". Similarly, a security clearance issued by the UK would say "Property of the UK" and a soviet clearance would say "Property of the CCCP". This information is written in the native language of the respective country.

On the front side, all the cards look the same - regardless of the country.

Some cards also have colored borders. The colored boarder indicates access to a place where only people with security clearances equal to or better than the color of the border can enter. For example, if the border [all around the edge of the card] is "YELLOW" , then this is a place where only Top Secret clearances and above may enter. No one else within this place is any lower than Top Secret [and this includes maids, janitors, etc.]. The secret underground cities would be examples of such places.





Most people living on the Earth today have lived here for a long time - in other bodies. In a way of speaking, everyone here "lives physically forever" because they keep coming back over and over. But, because most people do not understand that life is continuous, they feel the present life is "special" and that they are "new creations" and they probably also feel that death is the "end" and so they want to cram all the fun they can into the present life. Such an attitude essentially GUARANTEES future lives here on Earth.


The BUDHIST LAMAS make no secret that the life of a High Lama is continuous. When a Lama dies, everyone knows that he will be reincarnated "somewhere". Because people on the Right Hand Path do not wish to go against GOD, the incarnation is left up to HIM and so could be in any family anywhere on the Earth. The students of the departed master do various rituals and consult Oracles to guess where the young child, who was [and still is] their master and guide has been reborn. Then they test the candidate by spreading out before the child an assortment of trinkets - some of which were the favorite things of the departed Lama. When the right child is found, he invariably picks the special things which he remembers from his past life. He is then taken back to the Monastery where he is raised and cared for until, as an adult, he continues his duties as a High Lama.


There are techniques given in Witchcraft training books for guaranteeing that the next incarnation will be human and that it will be a "good life".

Essentially ALL groups which study the mysteries know of some technique that they use to keep continuity between lifetimes. Only the ordinary, ignorant, masses, are totally at the mercy of the Law Of Karma and Reincarnation.

Members of the Right Hand Path under the hierarchy of the
Spiritual Masters are not subject to the Law Of Karma and
Reincarnation because the Law is part of the Negative
Hierarchy. The Spiritual Master alone determines the future
of his students.


Tyrants and dictators who kill millions of people in their
quest for power and glory do not qualify, under the Law
Of Karma and Reincarnation to receive another Human body.
They would normally be sent back as some lower form [dog,etc.]
Clearly, these wealthy evil masters do not want to be a dog or a cat or whatever - they want to continue to be human and they want to avoid being judged by the Angles of Death who come for the ordinary man and take him away to face judgment

With their gold and power and influence, they spend a good part of their energy on the goal of everlasting physical life in the Human form regardless of how seriously they have transgressed the Laws of GOD or how many innocent people they have killed and tortured to get to the position of power they are in.

Enter the "steal-a-new-body-machine".

We call it this for want of a better word and it is an electric- magnetic device that creates the illusion of a separate Universe [unified field] in which things can be tailored to the wishes of the elite.

Consequently, when a crooked politician ages and is near death, he goes to the secret underground center where this equipment is set up.

In the artificially created universe are only three things:
The old man, a "freshly pregnant girl" and the unborn child of the girl which, because she is "freshly pregnant" does not yet have a soul. The Law Of Karma, which is mechanical in nature, searches for the appropriate candidate for the reincarnation of the old man. If he would have died "in the open" this would likely be a dog, cat, rat, etc. to "reward" him for his life of evil.

However, the only possible candidate is the "freshly pregnant" girl's unborn child because the special fields generated by the "steal-a-new-body-machine" have "tricked" mother nature into believing that the Universe contains only the man, girl, and unborn child. The man is not available because his body is now dead. The girl already has a soul and so the only choice mother nature can find in this "fake universe" is the unborn child and therefore the crooked politician gets that body.

At about the age of five, teams of psychologists work with this "child" to break down the natural barriers that prevent him from knowing his past live using chemicals (like LSD-25).

Once the "waking up" process [that's what they call it] has been completed, the dictator, in his fresh new body, picks up all his gold from his past life which has been kept waiting for him by his Brothers in the Illuminati and continues on his way.

The process is reported to have reached complete perfection in the 1960's and is said to be now 100% efficient with no losses at all. If you get the feeling, when you watch government people that they are very arrogant, this is one of the reasons why. They physically live forever and their personal wealth consistently increases with time.


For politicians who do not like the "waiting period" [and apparently most do not], there is
an alternate "steal a new body" method.

This method was developed by accident after repeated failures by Nicola Tesla to perfect
a "Star Trek" style transporter.  Tesla was able to transport non living things, but living
creatures always turned up dead at the other end.

Eventually, occult advisors suggested that living things were dying in transport because only
the physical part of the life form was being moved.  The other four parts, the Astral, Causal
and Mental "bodies" as well as the Soul, were not being transported and remained at the
origin point.

Tesla did not solve this problem, but the "broken" transporter and the occult explanation
gave rise to a new use for this "failed invention".  It could be used to transfer from one
body to another.  In this process, two people [one who needs a new physical body and
one who is going to be "screwed over"] are put into the transporter.  The transporter
dematerializes the physical bodies and rematerializes in reverse positions.  The Astral
[etc.] bodies do not move.  No one dies because this time there is a support matrix
[Astral, etc.] in place at the materialization position - but it is from the other person.

This is essentially "backwards" from classic possession where an adept separates his
Astral body and moves it to look for a [stationary] physical body to take over.  Here
it is the physical body that is moved by the machine and the Astral is stationary.
The advantage is, of course, that you do not have to be any kind of "adept" to use
this method.  You just need the [top secret, of course] machine.

Getting a new body this way is described as "just as easy as stepping in to a telephone
booth".  The advantage is you get a new young body which you can "pick out" which
is fully grown and ready to go.  The disadvantage is that some sucker is going to
have his young life cut short so you can extend yours.  However, killing people has
never been a big moral concern for governments and their bigwigs.







This is a "new variable" used in top secret physics. The time pressure is not the same in different parts of the physical universe. Changes in time pressure determine the stability of elements. For example, high weight elements such as Einsteinium are unstable on Earth but very stable at a different "time pressure" such as that found on distant planets.


Not that hard. The theories on -weather have been completely re-written. What you know by listening to TV Weathermen is mostly hog wash and dis-information. Weather control machines operate by using high power radio frequency transmitters on select frequencies to alter the electric charge in the atmosphere.


Augmented people have been produced in a variety of models. Continuing in its quest for medical knowledge via Hitler style mad-scientist medical experiments, the Government has learned quite a bit. There are physical implants to make people do essentially anything as well as intelligence enhancing drugs to convert people (children are generally used) into super geniuses who have four or five Ph.D. degrees by the age of twelve. The intelligence technique involves the removal of ALL Uric Acid from the person's system which then allows the brain to be used at 100% of potential.


Research into the SUN indicates that its mass is a constant. The reactions which produce light and heat do not consume the mass because the sun is "time-stabilized" and "wobbles" in and out of the space-time continuum at a frequency of  70 Hz. All SUNS operate this way and when there is a problem with a sun it is due to an external event and not because the sun "ran out of gas". FUSION BALLS made in the lab behave the same way and are the technology for the manufacture of "Star Trek" like "phasors". A hand held fusion ball weapon could be used to "slice" up skyscrapers in a major city like a hot knife through sticks of butter.


There is more stuff underground today than on the surface of the Earth. Tunnels, dug by lasers powered by nuclear devices can cut giant tunnels essentially instantly. Today, the planet looks like a lump of Swiss cheese and the whole world is covered and connected by the secret tunnel system. Underground cities, complete with golf courses, parks, "skyscrapers" of 60, 80, and more levels can be found there. This is the private world of the elite which YOU PAY FOR


A personal computer is the most deadly "Trojan horse" that you can possibly bring into your home. Everything you do on it can be directly seen in real time by anyone with the computer tapping technology which is not even a secret. A computer transmits radio frequency energy which can be intercepted and decoded by someone out front your house in surveillance van or by satellites.

Additionally, when you connect to ANY online service, the people at the other end can get you personal data. Computer microprocessors from P-6 up have special circuits built into the chip itself so that the Government - not you - will have final control over your computer and will have total access to anything you have stored in it.

It is important that the "ordinary people" wake up and realize this.


The Government is engaged in a program to identify all live human births that take place on the Planet Earth and record and document them.

One possible use of this would be a re-incarnation tracking system to identify people not by who they appear to be (the son/daughter of so-and-so ) but by actually assigning identification numbers to individual souls who will have more than one physical lifetime as a human being.

The most likely reason to spend money on this as a high priority project is to try to determine - as was done in the time of JESUS - where there is a newborn child who might be an important soul (a future leader) and then hurry up and kill the child before he grows up and poses any real threat to "the establishment".

There is no legitimate reason for the U S Government to want all the records of live births from other countries unless it is to compile some type of shared database for the use of all the countries in the "new world order".


The deep space port linking the Planet Earth with the rest of the physical universe is supposed to be located on the dark side of the Moon. If you check old books, you will find it recorded that the Moon had a slight "wobble" - one side stayed towards the Earth but it was NOT perfectly still - it moved a bit from side to side over time. Now, it is perfectly still and to do this some engineering team with some equipment of a sizable nature had to have gone there and done it.




Here we wish to discuss recent history - the history of the last fifty years or so. The people in the present generation have lived most of their lives under the influence of
an intense created illusion and have been shaped and molded by pressures and forces that are simply not real.


The two World Wars that we have had were pre-planned and orchestrated events agreed upon in advance by the participating nations. The Vietnam War was a medical experiment in war and was designed so as to keep a perpetual "controlled war" going at all times so that researchers who needed a "war set" for experiments could have one ready and waiting.

In the case of the Japanese attack upon the United States, there was lots of advance warning of this and the politicians deliberately let it happen because they wanted war. There is also reports that the United States met secretly with Japan and "asked them to attack".  Other reports suggest that it was worse than that and Americans disguised as Japanese attacked themselves in a plan to influence
public opinion.

The main types of professionals sought after by "intelligence agencies" are theatrical people -
the same kinds of people you would assemble to make a movie.  This is so they can
"orchestrate" key events (like wars and other dramatic situations) which will then be magnified
by the controlled press and have the effect of "moving" the masses in the desired directions.


The Communist Conspiracy never existed. The Soviet Union has always been secretly financed from within the United States of America. We created Russia and its revolutions. We created the "Communist Threat". We financed it. There was never any chance of the Soviet Union attacking the United States. There was never any threat of global nuclear war. It never existed.. The purpose of all this was to create intense pressure to motivate the masses to work harder both in the United States and the Soviet Union. They both effectively used the story that "the other one was coming". It was
never true and at the highest and most secret levels of the United States and the Soviet Union there was a common directorate - that is, the United States and the Soviet Union were essentially the same country.


There has been for some time a shared data base and a shared "private club of rulership" among all of the industrialized nations in the world. At the "Top Secret" level these governments all come together and have common leadership. Whenever events take place that indicate a conflict between these Governments, it is a contrived illusion for some covert purpose such as to stimulate the economy.

The "Third World" is in a different category. It has not yet "joined the club".




In an ordinary farm, the farmer makes a place for the animals he is using so that they will feel at home and comfortable. There are fences, in case they get uncomfortable and decide to leave. There is food, protection from extreme elements, a maintained "defense system" for predators, sex when the farmer deems it appropriate, and all that good stuff. The animals might think they were born in heaven, not having to search and fight for food (at least until the slaughterhouse wagon comes).

YOU ALSO LIVE IN SUCH A PLACE. We call it a People Farm. You are comfy - there are government programs if you're short on cash or food. The place is "defended".

However, everything in it is FAKE. Your money is worthless paper and has no value except that which you give to it by "believing that it has value". The information stream consisting of TV, newspapers, magazines, and the like is specifically constructed and coordinated to brainwash you into the desired mode of thinking and acting. Your "valuable possessions" such as TV, VCR, and Computer are obsolete by many years and are always breaking. Your religion, assuming it is Christianity, is shear craziness (Christianity states that "souls" are created when parents mate and have no existence beyond death - this is total insanity ! Also, Jesus is NOT coming back, either !)

YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT AN EMPTY DREAM - a dream that can END anytime the Government, which maintains the dream, decides to stop maintaining it.

Get Real




The MASONS is a group based on Babylonian Mythology. The MASONS worship LUCIFER as their GOD. Their argument for worshipping Lucifer is: "In the Garden of Eden, GOD (the for real GOD) wanted to keep people stupid and that's why he forbid them to eat the fruit from the tree of Knowledge. But Lucifer saved man from this goodie goodie life by encouraging him to eat the forbidden fruit. Therefore, Lucifer is their god because he gave them knowledge - and with knowledge they developed the cunning skills which have allowed them to control others and take over the Earth.

It should be noted that ALL of the founding fathers of the United States were MASONS and that, therefore, when the word "god" is used in the originating documents for the United States such as the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution for the United States, it is a reference to LUCIFER and not to the true GOD. TO A MASON, GOD = LUCIFER.


The KNIGHT'S TEMPLARS are simply the ELITE of the MASONS


The Knights of Malta are the secret guard for the POPE. They carry diplomatic passports from MALTA and are therefore above the law wherever they go. They are supposed to keep a low profile and "spring into action" if the POPE is in danger for any reason or decides to activate them in his quest to "take over the World".


These people are an occult school teaching MIND CONTROL. The boss is called "THE IMPERITOR". The school is divided into work on the Right and Left hand paths. So, there are "good" and "bad" Rosicrucians.

The CIA was dominated by MASONS. However, they have shown a tendency to "go off on their own" lately and perhaps develop some new philosophy. It is likely to be along the same lines as Masonic stuff, however.

THE ILLUMINATI are the MASTER SECRET GROUP. At one time, the various secret groups worked independently of one another. However, they have all joined together - secretly, of course,- under the single banner of the Illuminati.

With this consolidation, came the hope that the "Great Work" or "Externalization of the Hierarchy" or "New World Order" could be achieved soon. All these terms mean the same thing which is the making of the Planet Earth into a single dictatorship consisting of two classes - the MASTERS and the SLAVES.
And, of course, they would be the MASTERS.

The scheduled completion date for "THE PLAN" is the year 2002. However, things may be not quite on schedule because a key point in the plan, the DISTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, has not yet been achieved. Some estimates put the plan as much as ten years behind schedule. But, The Plan will become reality someday unless ordinary people wake up and realize what's happening and make some meaningful effort to alter "THE PLAN"

Central Headquarters for the Directorate for the Control of the Planet Earth is supposed to be located in CENTRAL AFRICA in a secret city which is shielded and defended by every conceivable high-tech gadget that has ever been invented.




What are the present powers and abilities of the Government of the United States? What sort of things does it know how to do? What sort of things does it have the power to do if it wants to ? The answer is, unfortunately, quite a bit. Lets see what they are:


The US Government operates many spy satellites. They watch and listen to essentially everything that takes place upon the Earth Planet. They intercept all international telephone calls and data transmissions. They optically observe the surface of the earth and they probe the surface with specific scanning devices.

The satellites launched by the United States are not tiny things - they are about the size of a railroad box car and are powerful devices, in many cases nuclear-powered devices which have no shortage at all of available electrical energy.

Satellites with lasers using very low frequency infra-red beams can map the surface of the bottoms of all oceans and can instantly locate and track and identify all submarines.

They can communicate with other satellites so that a simple hand-held device would allow a US Spy to have contact with his base at any time from any place in the world.

Additionally there are active satellites with considerable power. They can send force beams and death rays. The most likely explanation for the mysterious patterns found in open fields [claimed to be from UFO landings] is the testing of these new high-power satellites which are designed to be able to select a man or a building on the ground and kill or destroy it with the touch of a button.


The Government is in possession of special secret drugs that can turn a person into a programmed robot who will obey exactly any command. These drugs act by opening up a pathway to parts of the brain we generally do not use. It is essentially "empty memory space". Here, a programming team creates
a new personality which is programmed to believe that whatever it is being commanded to do is natural, logical, and correct. There is an indication that Siran Siran was programmed by the CIA using these techniques.

Additionally, the government has an assortment of poisons designed to cause a natural-looking death as well as quickly cause the onset of fatal disease such as cancer.
The Government has already created and released the AIDS virus and is working on new designer viruses that have the potential to wipe out all unprotected human life on the face of the Earth


The government has files on everything and everybody.
A tiny new born baby is considered a possible threat
to the National Security because it might grow up to be
a person who would learn the truth and mess up their game.

When a person graduates from High School, the principal and guidance counselors write a report on him as to what he has done [significantly] and what they think of him. This report is sent to the FBI and is the start of that person's FBI file. Beyond that point, more is added as needed.

Medical Records - including results of tests you don't even know were administered to you - are in a special data base that can be accessed by those with proper clearances.


Privacy, in connection with the use of the telephone, does not exist. The phone company records everyone you call from your home and everyone who calls you. These records are maintained for a period of 45 days back on every person and are given out to any influential person or politician or government agency that is curious about you.

Computers listen to all phone calls and look for key words [such as "murder" ]. If a key word is detected, the computer immediately sends your conversation in real time to a center where a government agent listens to the call.

Local police departments are supplied by the phone company with equipment tied directly into their central office which lets the local police listen to any phone they want to with no restrictions, checks, or controls.

If this was not enough, many people now buy and use "cordless phones" which can be listened to by any citizen who owns a "scanner" which can be freely and openly purchased and operated.


The Government has developed matter-energy transport. However, it is not perfected to the "beam me up Scotty" level quite yet. Live things do not re-materialize alive. But small non-living things can be transmitted and the system is likely installed in satellites at this time. This is the most likely explanation for the people found to have unexplainable small metallic fragments inside their bodies and brains. The classic explanation of UFO's is improbable.





All gone ! Satellites watch you wherever you go. Your phone is tapped by computers listening for "key words". X-RAY Satellites can make a video of you in your house in bed with your wife, girlfriend, or whatever. Whenever you pick up the phone who you call is logged - also incoming calls - and the log goes in your PERMANENT government file. Cell Phone companies can "track" your cell phone correct to two feet square - print a map of everywhere you go and the exact times and send it to the government to add to your file. Infra-red remote controls "scan" for infrared signals from the "remote control" - but you - hot body - also give off infrared so they scan you too and this data can be accessed by satellite beams which are designed to read data from your TV set or VCR. And, there's not enough space to go into all the neat stuff the Cable TV Company can do.



Top secret services (TSS) are services to the elite that you pay for but do not get because you're a slave. For example, there's FREE pay phone usage to anywhere in the world if you dial "911" and immediately dial the correct secret code. There are very professional and legitimately helpful medical services at any full-service hospital if you are important and know the code (the base code in the medical world is to ask for DR. RAY - Doctor Ray does not exist but it is a codeword that will alert the doctor who has Top Secret Clearances to come see you - he can order all the secret antidotes for things like AIDS, EBOLA, and of course, the legitimate cure for CANCER that is painless and really works). If you need to communicate you can go to essentially any public place where a computer terminal is (like a public library) and pretend to be looking something up. If you know the codes you can instantly connect the terminal to the CIA, NSA, NRO, or whatever good place you want to communicate with.



Like all this good stuff - it can all be yours if you are accepted as a member of the ELITE. But, it's hard to join, you see the ELITE transfer to new physical bodies when they get old and so do not physically "die". So they have no need of "replacements". You're going to have to be pretty good for them to want you. If you love conspiracies are terminally evil, love to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive people, you are cultivating the right qualities but that may not be enough. Mainly, under the concept of "the divine right of Kings" you must be able to trace your bloodline to some very very very important figure from the past. If you can do that, you may have a chance. Also, YOU MUST BE WHITE - no blacks are allowed in the inner world of the ELITE.





Here we will discuss the secret conspiracy which presently runs the United States Government and also the industrialized nations of the present Earth World.

The earliest records of this conspiracy date back to May 1, 1776. On this date a man named Adam Weisap founded a secret group he called the "Order of the Illuminati" and he gave himself the secret "code name" "SPARTICUS". He drew up the original plans, at that time, to unite all the nations of the world under a single government which would be an absolute dictatorship. The philosophy of life in this "New World Order" would be "HUMANISM" - the worship of logic and reason. The existence of GOD was to be denied and all religion was to be stamped out.

Later, in the year 1891, Cecil Rhodes [of the famous RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS] also formed a secret society following in the footsteps of "SPARTICUS". This secret society presently runs the Government of the United States of America.

The front organization of this secret cult is known as The Council on Foreign Relations and is located in New York City. It has been in absolute control of the United States for approximately the last fifty years. So, adults in the present generation have been "ruled" by this group of heathens all their life.

The power of this secret group comes from control of the money system of the United States and the other industrialized nations. Using complex economic "tricks", new money is "created out of nothing". Then this new imaginary money is "loaned" to governments and they go into debt. They can hardly pay the interest on their national debt - much less ever hope to clear the original debt itself.

The group of people known as International Bankers hold this debt over the heads of the legitimate leaders of the nations and so, therefore, own them and can order them to do whatever they personally want. What they want, is the absolute world dictatorship they call "The New World Order".

The primary list of International Bankers is:

1. Rothschild & Morgan
2. Barring
3. Hammbros
4. Lazard
5. Erlanger


6. Warburg
7. Schroder
8. Selingman
9. The Speyers
10. Mirabauld
11. Mallet
12. Fould

Each year the US Governments gives these men, collectively, twenty billion dollars. This is the interest on the present national debt.


We have discussed the evil plans of the present world bosses.
They involve mass murder, assassinations, conspiracies against
GOD and Humanity, etc.

If these leaders continue to remain in power, they will make the Earth into a place so alien to the intentions of GOD that the Planet Earth will have to be dissolved and taken out of existence so as to free the trapped souls there and allow them to resume their normal evolution in accordance with GOD's PLAN.

We have discussed that the "big money" involved here is really "funny money" - un-real money - money "created out of nothing". There is no real reason why Congress cannot simply "declare" that fraud was involved in the process that created the National Debt of the United States - then declare the debt to be "null and void", seize the assets of the International Bankers, and throw them all in jail for conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States.

However, the apparent reason that such a simple solution is not used, is that all the leaders of Congress as well as the President of the United States and the leaders of the intelligence and military community are all members of the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] which is the front organization of the present New World Order conspiracy.

Therefore, although they could theoretically put a stop to the things now happening, they agree with these things and do not want them to change. Also, it is historically true that the ultra-rich cartels ruling the World immediately kill anyone who threatens them, e.g., John Kennedy.

Therefore, it is now up to the general public, or the average American, to wake up from their deep illusionary sleep and do something to change the present situation.





Suppose I were to tell you to give me your money and, in exchange for your money, I would absolutely promise you that the SUN would rise on schedule tomorrow morning.

Well, you would most likely guess that the SUN would rise anyway - regardless of any deal that you make with me - and that I have no control over the SUN. And, you would be absolutely right.

Now, suppose I tell you to give your money to the CHURCH and, in exchange, the Church will absolutely promise you that you will go to Heaven when you die - and that, if you do not do this, you will be barbecued in HELL forever.

Well, you might believe me then since the Churches are quite wealthy with all their tax-exempt money so clearly there are people who believe this line.

However, this argument makes about as much sense as the first because the automatic protocol that determines where you go when you die was established at the beginning of the creation and it is the very same today as it was then.

That protocol is, basically, that if you have few or no bad deeds charged against you, and you live a descent life and harm no one and actually help some people, your good karmas will automatically guarantee that you will spend some time on the good side - or right hand side - or positive side of the Astral Plane. This place is what the ordinary, garden variety, Churches think is the "Ultimate Heaven". And because the life expectancy of your Astral form is quite long - about two-thousand Earth years - there is the impression that your stay in Heaven is eternal.

If you never saw the inside (or even the outside) of a Church, never heard the name Jesus Christ, never opened a Holy Book of any kind, but have good karmas as we have discussed above, you would automatically go to this place.

Therefore, there is absolutely no relationship at all between the Churches and your destiny which is determined by your karmas and certainly not by some babbling minister or priest saying a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

Churches are mainly "social clubs". People are lonely and want a place to go where they are unlikely to be mugged, killed, or raped. Churches provide this service. If you use this service, it is only fair to contribute to the Church as payment for services rendered - but forget this nonsense about your contributions putting you "in with GOD". It is just not so.




[The Government generally does not provide citizens with a plain language statement of what it wants from them. However, it does want specific things and - if it told the plain truth - it would sound something like this. To spice things up,  we have moved up in time a bit to a point where the New World Order has been totally externalized.]

Greetings Work Unit:
This document contains our disclosure of your rights and responsibilities now that you are considered to be an adult member of our world.

You are a Slave Worker of the Empire of the Order of the Illuminati. Your purpose in life is to serve and worship us. You should be grateful that we allowed you to be born into our world. Our power is absolute and we are Living Gods. We control space and time and have everlasting physical life. You are temporary. It is useless for you to resist our will and you should abandon now any hope of resistance.

You have been trained and will now begin your life as a work unit in your assigned area. If you are obedient, we will treat you well and will provide you with a balanced existence as determined by our Social Scientists.
In this existence, you will be allowed intervals for relaxing activities and rest. You will be given a list of permitted activities - activities not specifically permitted are forbidden.

In general, you are permitted those activities which are considered healthy by the Division of Psychology which are, among others, sex play, physical games, and moderate use of approved recreational drugs.

If you are a breeder (female), be aware of the population limitations that are in effect and take note of your maximum new work unit production quota because you will be sterilized at the point that your quota is reached.
Remember that children are the property of the state in the conditional custody of their parents and can be taken away at any time.

We provide our work units with all reasonable benefits during their period of productivity. However, we are businessmen and we cannot afford needless losses. Therefore you will be terminated at the point where your productivity falls below accepted norms.

At the time of your birth, you received certain implants in accordance with our World Security Regulations. You are being made aware that your physical location is known to us at all times and that we also monitor your brain activity for any sign of resistance to our will which is punishable by death.

We reserve the right to terminate you at any time even though you have done nothing offensive in order to adjust our "herd size" for maximum productivity.

1. Cooper, William  "Behold a Pale Horse"
Originally a self-published book it is now
supposed to be generally available at stores
2. Icke, David "... And the Truth Shall Set You Free"
This book is still self published at last check.
Contact address for ordering information:
Bridge of  Love Publications
PO Box 30
Isle of Wright
PO33 2NJ
United Kingdom







The period beginning in the year 2013 seems to be shaping up as a major point in Human history. Let's spend some time on the various events involved here.

As everyone knows, the ancient Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 - the Winter solstice. And, of course, the end of the world groupies would like to argue that this might be it.

It just so happens that this date [2012.12.21] is the date that the Photon Belt - which runs through the physical universe like a river - will cross paths with the Planet Earth.

The Photon Belt is supposed to have specific effects - some of which are already noticeable-as it approaches. The effects are temporal anomalies and psychological effects upon Humans.

The temporal anomalies have already shortened the "effective length" of a day - although it is hard to notice changes in time when time is your reference. Psychological changes are in the general area of mental confusion and short term memory problems. Situations usually seen only in older people are now being seen in younger people and even children.

The full force of the Photon Belt is supposed to result in a dramatic acceleration in consciousness. Because Earth humans use very little of their mental potential and stay closer to "animal consciousness" than to legitimate "human" consciousness, it is projected that many will not be able to handle this acceleration and will die as a result. About 66% of the Human population will not make it.

No one is pre-destined to die from this event. The fifteen years or so that is left is plenty of time for anyone who wants to take steps to elevate their consciousness to a level where they will not be adversely effected. However, since Earth humans never pay any attention to warnings, it is presumed that they will simply not do it.

Government plans to detonate nuclear bombs on the Planet Jupiter in December, 1999, in the hopes of making it a second Sun and making our star system a binary system, appear to have a connection to the Photon Belt approach.

Causing dramatic changes in the gravitational fields associated with our solar system may be an attempt to divert the course of the Photon Belt. It is known that the lighting up of Jupiter is supposed to be associated with a secret project to "make corrections in the time stream"
Blowing up or lighting up planets for the purpose of re-directing the path of such a "flowing river" type event is the basis for one of the latest "Star Trek" Movies. It should be noted that such movies, including the classics such as "Star Trek", "2001" and "Close Encounters", are done in co-operation with Government propaganda and programming plans and are more than just science fiction. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was a Government employee and actually was the author of parts of United States Space Law.

Data from many diverse areas continues to suggest a significant drop in the human population of the Earth in the 21st. Century.

Here is a short list:

1. Data from psychologists who do "past life I future life"
"regression/progression" reports show that their patients say that
their next life will be in the 22nd century - indicating
a shortage of available human bodies in the 21st. century.

2. Psychics who routinely 'look" into the future report
a "barrier" of some type which they cannot penetrate
located about the year 2012. This supports temporal
distortions that are supposed to accompany the Photon
Belt as it draws near.

3. The Mayan predictions call this a "new age" and say it is the "fifth age". It is not a new age [we will still be in the Iron Age], however, their description of it as being a "more enlightened age" would be correct if the non-enlightened people die with the passage of the Photon Belt as it is anticipated they will. Also the use of "fifth" may refer to the fifth vector - the first region if spiritual enlightenment. Consciousness of Earth People is presently centered on the fourth vector - the mental level. The next "step up" for them is the "big step" to the 5th, vector and spiritual awareness.

It should be noted that Government plans to make Jupiter a sun are old plans. The plans themselves were drawn up before there was a space program and before giant space centers and huge rockets were built. If it represents a plan to do corrections in time and/or perform a course correction on the Photon belt as it is reported to be, it should constitute proof of how sophisticated the Government people really are in their knowledge of what "is out there" and their engineering skill to calculate gravitational forces and program changes in the fabric of the universe and space-time. This is reasonably sophisticated procedure and the "average citizen" might do well to wonder what else the Government scientists and their secret space program are doing and are capable of doing. And, why are they being "left out".




To appreciate this discussion you will need the diagram above AND a US ONE DOLLAR BILL for the pretty color picture of the pyramid on the back.

Refer to the symbol on the Dollar Bill. This Pyramid symbol represents the prototype for US Society. The symbol existed before the United States did. It is the model that was used to CREATE THIS SOCIETY - and it IS A CREATED SOCIETY and is. NOT a "spontaneous democracy formed by random people wanting freedom"

First notice that the-sides and top of the Pyramid are "illuminated". Notice that the bottom of the Pyramid is "dark or darker". Logically, if a light source shined on a pyramid in such a way as to illuminate all sides, the bottom should be equally illuminated; - but it is dark. THIS OCCULT SYMBOLISM MEANS that there was never any intention form the inception of the concept of the United States that ordinary people should EVER see the light or learn the truth about ANYTHING and it was always and still is intended that they should be kept stupid and in the dark about essentially EVERYTHIG. "THE LIGHT NEVER REACHES THE BOTTOM" where the masses (known to them as he mob) live.

We will now go into a detailed discussion of the various areas we have labeled on the above diagram and discuss the characteristics of each group.



Here we have the poor, homeless, people in prisons and the like. This is a classless, socialized group. It is socialized because these people are "taken care of" with money from the main working population.


Here we have the average working person - the "Average American". This group is not socialized. People in this group must work hard for everything they get and are literally taxed to death to pay the cost of the operations in the other "socialized" segments of the population which we will discuss.


The "Q" area is the area just below the elite. People in this area must be told some things about the elite that the general population does not know. They all must have "security clearances" which means that they must promise not to tell any truths they learn to ordinary people under pain of death. These people are basically "high class slaves". Although they are treated quite well as long as they do their job and keep their mouth shut, nevertheless they are not considered to be equals of the ELITE.

The pre ceding classes are called "N6" which is the standard state of consciousness identifier for this type of society.


Once we move across the interface zone, we have a situation like night and day. The ELITE are in an N3 rated society. This group is not classed and is socialized. They can be socialized because they have no needs. Everything they need to be completely comfortable is provided by the slaves in the N6 zone through their tax money and hard work. The slaves do not even know that the Elite exist.

This is an open society - no knowledge is hidden, there are no secrets, no security clearances, no "sensitive" in formation. Anyone can order books that tell the complete truth about anything they want to know. The books, published by the same major companies that publish books for ordinary people, are complete and stripped of all dis-information. Books sent to the lower levels where the N6 population lives are highly censored and contain tons of deliberate dis-information in order to keep the masses down.

REAL BOOKS (like those available here) are called TEXT and the phony books that ordinary people can get are called X-TEXT (Bad text, meaningless text, text full of mis-information and propaganda).

At the center of this area, symbolized by the "eye" of the pyramid is the NEGATIVE CORE GROUP, THE DIRECTORATE of US SOCIETY




Here we find the "ILLUMINATI" - "The Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages". This is a PERMANANT POPULATION. The men who live here never die. True, they get old, but they have ways of transferring their soul directly to another young body with minimal inconvenience. The people here are the same ones who set policy in the past and they fully intend to remain in control as long as there is a Planet Earth to control - until, quite literally, the end of Time.

What are the "secrets" that the "guardians" are guarding. Well, we've covered most of them in this book and if you have been comprehending this stuff you now know the same things that they know.

Also, PERMANENT MONEY is in use here. Wonder where all the Gold went - wonder why your paper money is "faith money" with no value. Well, it went here - they use real money, money based on Gold and Silver. After all, when you live forever, you don't want inflation eating up your nest egg.


This is the structure of the Country you live in. This is ALL OF IT - all of it that involves the HUMAN POPULATION that is.

TREATIES also partially live inside of United States Territory.
However, they have a different social order of their own.

UNDER THESE TREATIES, the Grey People agree not to use their superior technology to attack the US and the US agrees not to attack the Grey people. It also agrees to give them food and whatever else they want IN EXCHANGE for ultra high technology light years ahead of what ordinary people know so as to guarantee that the Government will always be the boss and that the little man WILL HAVE NO HOPE OF FREEDOM.

This is the plan, at any rate. Things do change, but that is the way it is NOW and that is the way it is INTENDED TO BE FROM NOW ON.

If you don't like that, you have to do some hard work:
You (ordinary people) have to "get smart", wake up out of your dream world of beer and sports games, and do the work it takes to ENLIGHTEN yourself as to the truth about the Planet you live on and the Society you live in. If you won't do that - and it seems most people do not want to- then you have no one to blame for your miserable situation other than yourself because you are an immature, stupid, miserable excuse for a Human Being.

And, you deserve just what you get - shit.


In the overviews of how the Universe is set up we have pointed out the general areas and planes and principal figures. Now, briefly, we want to discuss some local politics and how Earth is effected by such things.


The area we want to look at is the Sub-system Administrative area below the area of the System Administrator [Kal]. In the sub-system which contains the Planet Earth we have the Administrative group [called Archangels in the Bible] of Michael, Rafael and Gabriella (not "Gabriel" - this is a female entity).

Long ago when the Earth was a dis-used abandoned planet, there was a male entity called "Prince Lucifer, Sovereign of Satania". He had administrative control over 666 Star Systems under the level of the three primary "controllers" we covered above. The star system containing Earth was one of these systems.

Negative Hierarchy personnel have the legitimate responsibility for control of events effecting the evolution of Humanity. It appears there was some political squabble between Lucifer and his superiors about how the course of evolution should proceed. The primary controllers were reportedly very conservative in their views and had a "good old boy" network similar to present Earth politics. Lucifer's recommendations were considered too liberal and progressive and, because he insisted on advocating them, he was stripped of his rank and put away. He was confined on the planet Earth which, at that time, was known by the designator "Ur.Antia".

When Humans came to the Earth, Lucifer was already there as the planet's only inhabitant. The humans called the Earth "KI" but later it was renamed Earth after the name of the first human settlement "Eridu".

Whenever Lucifer would get a chance to interact with the new humans, he would frustrate the administrative authorities by telling them tricks and shortcuts that he knew because he had worked in system administration. In religious literature, this is commonly "reported" as a "war" between Lucifer on one side and god on the other side.
Of course, the for real GOD is quite a ways away from the area of the third vector or third level of Spirit where this conflict exists. Apparently, the group consisting of Michael, Rafael and Gabriella are being referred to as "god" and Lucifer is being referred to as their enemy or adversary because he has different political views. Lucifer is not equal to the for real GOD nor is he anywhere close to HIM. Neither are Michael, Rafael and Gabriella. All of these entities are masters of the third level of Spirit - commonly called the Causal Plane. They are essentially equals and this explains the concept that "god and the devil" are equal and opposite forces that fight each other. However, this is a local political problem far removed from the abode of the for real GOD.
The main reference book used on Earth, the Bible, appears to contain information that one could obtain from the Third level but no higher information.

People have developed a simplistic view of the Universe as consisting of Heaven and Earth and feel that anything "un-earthly" must therefore be Heaven. References to "god" in the Bible seem to be references to the committee of the three "controllers". There are little "give aways" to this such as quotes attributed to "god" in which he appears to be having a conversation with some equals. When, for example, god is quoted as saying "Behold, men have now become like us and know good and evil", who are "us". It is strongly suggested that "us" is a group of entities equal to god. This is true if the statement is really a comment by one of the controllers, Michael, Gabriella or Rafael and the other two are in the conversation also. They are all equals - but none of them are GOD.

Also, similar "give-aways" suggest that Jesus is also simply a creature of the third level of Spirit because of references to "the right hand of god". There is no duality where the for real GOD exists - no right and left hand path. These duality's or paths do exist, however, at the third level.

The abilities of a master of the third level are pretty high by comparison to an ordinary Earth person. It is no problem to do miracles and healings and all the other stuff attributed to Jesus from that level of mastery. It is no problem to get data on future time to use to make prophesies. Everything in the Bible can be done from the third level without going any higher.


It is very possible, therefore, that Jesus was in a category of "helpers" who come to the Earth to try to make life better for people from time to time. All of these people do great things - they help lots of people and uplift mankind. However, as members of the Negative Administrative Hierarchy, they cannot release souls from this place - they can only make them more comfortable. The Astral World, which is apparently what the word "heaven" in the Bible really translates to, is quite nice in its positive zones. Most people would be very easily convinced that they were in some ultimate heaven there and would be happy to accept the administrators there as god or gods. Astral bodies - shiny and youthful would be dreamy to some old sick human who died and thus found himself in his astral form being led to some unimaginably beautiful place that contained just what he always wanted (one trick of the Astral world is that you can use your good karma to have all of your imaginations fulfilled).

The third level also plays an important role in Earth affairs. Masons, for example, who hold many key positions on earth, aspire as their ultimate goal to be Masters of the Third level



We are all familiar with local hierarchies such as States, Federal Government, United Nations and the like.

Theoretically, some type of continuity is supposed to exist throughout all hierarchies to facilitate the fulfillment of GOD's PLAN.

However, in the case of present day Earth, it appears that there is some break in the connection because decisions and long range plans seem to be reflecting the personal desires and whims of certain elite planners and NOT the legitimate desires and wishes of GOD.

In such a situation, when the connection is broken to the legitimate hierarchy, the planet becomes a "rogue planet" and someone from the legitimate hierarchy must come here generally bringing whatever force is likely to be needed and "set things right". This is one of the responsibilities of the Negative Hierarchy, under the direction of Kal Niranjan.

There are indications that Earth has reached a point of degeneracy now where such interference is indicated and that it is "on the way".

When Lucifer had his disagreement with his bosses, they solved the problem as is customary in today's world with complainers and whistleblowers, by having him put away and then basically "issuing a statement" that he was bad.

Originally Lucifer was all alone because the planet was dis-used. when Humans came, and Lucifer associated with them and used Human bodies, however, he also came under the special rules that apply to Humans.

People who have long assignments in the Negative Hierarchy may benefit from the experiences in the area of personal growth and maturity, but they are "signed up" for the length of the assignment and cannot just "walk away". They have access to their own local "compartment" of the Hierarchy but no direct access to GOD or to the Spiritual Regions.

Humans are special and have a special relationship with GOD because, although Human life is short, if they choose to make the correct choices, they can "exit the system" from the human form and return to GOD.

This "exit opportunity" is not available to other entities no matter how powerful or important they are, nor is available to other physical life forms using bodies outside of Class I.

Because Humans have this chance to be back with GOD rather quickly - the Spiritual Hierarchy personnel listen to them. Consequently, although Lucifer had no chance of "bucking the system" as a member of the Negative Hierarchy, as a Human he had a chance that his recommendations for changes or reforms just might betaken seriously by someone in the Positive (Spiritual) Hierarchy. Should this occur, and orders from the Positive Hierarchy were sent down through the chains of command to his old bosses in the Negative Hierarchy, they would be compelled to accept them and obey.

Consequently, it was apparently decided that Lucifer would be "safer" if he was not on the Earth but rather back on the third level where he would NOT have these special opportunities.

To accomplish this, a recovery team is supposed to be operating on the Earth to bring Lucifer back home. Souls have unlimited growth potential but forms are limited and advanced souls cannot fully manifest in a single form. Lucifer is supposed to be "spread across" 144,000 Human forms and to get him back these 144,000 people have to be identified and isolated. The RAPTURE, then (the word "rapture" is nowhere in the Bible), was coined to make it sound attractive to the effected people who will be physically collected and killed (raptured away) to release Lucifer and take him home. Only these people are "targeted".






People in the present generation have the opportunity to move into the next century and develop into competent adults (or at least competent "young adults") in the eyes of GOD and to make some real progress.

In this book we have given out all of the relevant codes and knowledge that is needed to do this. It is plain text, not encrypted, and has no double or triple meanings. Anyone with half a brain who can read should be able to comprehend it.

This is your last chance for a very long time to make it as informed, intelligent, competent people.

Don't blow it

If you do you will likely end up back in a "dark age" under some oppressive regime which will watch everything you do and make all your decisions for you and tell you nothing at all. And, you will have to put up with this for a few thousand more years until the opportunity presents itself again and System Administrators and other people from the legitimate hierarchies come here to try once again.


You have the right to all of the things which GOD has provided for you. Things like your planet, designed to sustain life in your particular physical form. You have the right to all the normal needs that people need in order to live and grow such as adequate food, the knowledge to be comfortable against the elements of nature, good air and water and the like. You have the right to ALL knowledge stored in the CC-1 data base on the Mental Plane (cosmic consciousness). You have the right to choose to have a mate IF you are willing to accept the karmas that this situation generates.

YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to use any of the knowledge and abilities that you may learn to violate the laws of GOD by hurting other people for no legitimate reason or trying to make other people your slave or exploiting them because they know less than you do.

You, as well as all other life forms, have the right to life. You have the right to defend yourself using any power at your command if threatened with extinction by another life form. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to over react to non threatening situations or because your feelings are hurt or you feel scared because you are personally inadequate to deal with some situation.





As we move into a new century, people in the present generation may be living in a very unique phase of Earth history.

As we have discussed elsewhere, the supervisory responsibility for the administration of the Government of the Earth is vested in Kal Niranjan, who is the system administrator for this section of space. Kal does not live on the Earth, but from time to time when things get too far out of line here, he physically comes to straighten the mess out.

In psychic and new age circles you may hear mention of Maitraya Acharya. The story is that this person is born and grown up now and ready to do his thing. Maitraya Acharya is the tenth reincarnation of Kal (or possibly a representative with equal power and authority). He is in the class of creatures known as the Avatars of Vishnu and when he comes he will order the government of the Earth to make certain changes. They cannot refuse these orders, and Kal has full power to force the government of Earth to obey if it refuses.

Since there have been only nine previous incarnations of this type on the Earth, considering the amount of time which has passed since humans were first placed here, this is a brief and rare moment and the present generation, which will be alive physically to see the results of this, are granted a unique opportunity to observe.

In addition to having the System Administrator [SA-1], we also have physically present at this point in history various legitimate Spiritual Masters [SM-0] as well as Spiritual Observers [SO-1] on the set.

This combination of "heavyweights" is unique and does not occur all that often. Therefore, we can expect to see some rather rapid and decisive changes here within the lifetime of the present generation.

And, to balance out for the "bad guys" we have, of course various ranks of black magicians and occult practitioners who feel because no real authority has come to the Earth since they killed Jesus Christ, that they are very safe here and that no one has the power to cope with their black arts (dream on, it's over now).

So we should see some fireworks if these people are to be stubborn to realize that their day of glory is ending.

All in all, the beginning of the next century proves to be a very interesting and fast paced time in history and we should all be grateful to have the opportunity to observe these events.





PRIMARY COLINIZATION was the period when man explored the home planet Earth and discovered where all the useable land was and set up house there.

SECONDARY COLINIZATION is the period when man leaves Earth and explores the physical universe and sets up - or tries to - set up house there.

For the planet EARTH, secondary colonization began in the 1940's when the technology for "flying saucers" was discovered. And, although no one has decided to tell the ordinary people of the world yet, governments have been running around the Universe ever since. A secret plant to manufacture "UFO's" was operating in CANADA before the first UFO was sighted in 1947 and the term "UFO's" entered the vocabulary of the ordinary man.

Whether the government ever intends to get around to the job of telling everyone this is not clear, but you can bet that all the various governments of the various nation-states on the planet are quite up to date and very well informed.

Secondary Colonization offers essentially a reflection of Primary Colonization. That is, people leaving, making a "new world", fighting with the "parent world" over "taxation without representation", going to war, and all that good stuff.

The day to day problems of man do not change in Secondary Colonization no more than they would move to another state or another country - people are still people with all the emotional and psychological stuff that goes along with that.

However, it is another "exploration phase" to stimulate the mind of man and prompt him to "quest into the Unknown".

A key consideration in Secondary Colonization, however, is the human body. It is aligned to match with this place (EARTH) and other planetary systems do not operate on the same vibratory frequencies. These are more problems to keep molecular biologists busy for a few hundred years and guarantee them some job security.

Unfortunately, the chance for having "STAR TREK" like experiences of meeting new "exotic aliens" seems bleak. Advanced probes report that the rest of the universe is essentially empty.

The "star trek" aliens, if they exist, are therefore likely to be in the physical universe on another sup-plane, which would require "transcendental drive" in addition to "warp drive" to get to. Also, they just might fight back, bigtime !




Let's begin with a little discussion of the Garden. We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

Now, we don't want to get sidetracked here arguing whether there really was a garden, or whether GOD personally made Adam and Eve or whether they were manufactured by reptile people from the Orion Empire.

The point is, the people are here now. They have Class I bodies that contain the five elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Ether. The fact that they have the "Ether" element gives them the power and right to contact GOD and to leave this place and go home to HIM (actually IT, for as we have said, GOD has no sex).

Now, back to the Garden. Recall the statement of Satin, "Eat all you want of Knowledge - you won't die"; and recall the statement of GOD, "If you do this you will-surely die." Also recall the warning later, "Because you made this choice, you can and will eat knowledge all the days of your life:
misery, suffering, etc. will come to you now..."

These statements and questions by Satin and God are trick questions. And, so everyone understands, let's go see just what they mean.

Lets's start with the original condition in which Adam and Eve existed. Since they had no "knowledge of good and evil", what knowledge did they have. Well, more than you probably do. Adam and Eve were placed in a state of perfect balance, that state which all living Saints have begged us to try to return to - the state where the mind is stilled - the state where we can personally realize GOD. This was the state of Adam and Eve. And, any time that they had wanted to, they could have quit the human form and returned to GOD.

Now, we begin to see the trick of Satin. Asking for "the knowledge of good and evil" is essentially asking for instability because this knowledge causes the mind to run out and contemplate all sorts of things which cuts off the perfect balance and so cuts off the contact with GOD.

So, God was right when he said "You shall surely die" in the sense that they would lose touch with HIM and Satin was also right - physically speaking - to say "You won't die - you'll know what GOD knows !"

The problem with knowing what GOD knows as an immature soul is that you are quickly overwhelmed with knowledge and are utterly confused.

Clearly, we see this in the Biblical description of what happened next. Adam and Eve were all shook up just by realizing that they were of opposite sex, and immediately hid their private parts etc.



Happy ? Content? All stuffed with the best food your gold can buy ?

Riding in your bullet-proof car - on your way to the underground tunnel that leads to your underground golf course ?

You might notice, on the street, as you pass, some brainless street person, limping along on his way to look for some food in a dumpster. Perhaps, you might think to yourself, "we should authorize a black project to spray poison in dumpsters to get rid of these useless eaters - they really are not a pleasing sight !"

You won't notice the little sparkle in the old bum's eyes as he limps along wrinkled and worn by the elements.

But, as you speed away, with your security escort, there's a little something you should know.

That brainless creature - can't read, can't write, with no home, phone, e-mail address, satellite receiver - can leave this place: The "golden gate" at vector reference 4.999 will open for him; but it will not open for you.

You will never leave this place. The progression of the ages will come over and over again - golden age to iron age - un-calculatable expanses time - your supercomputer would blow a fuse searching for the number - and you will still be here.

Happy in your hole in the ground plugged into your satellite spy camera ? You know this stuff gets old after a few trillion years go by. But hopefully, you won't get bored because that can be awful frustrating. Kind of lonely too.

You lost the key - missed the boat. All the gold in the physical universe can't buy that key back - it's gone.

The old homeless guy has the key. He would probably sell it to you for a hamburger. But, he can't. He doesn't know he has it. It is not a physical thing - can't find it in his pockets. Psychologists can't wrench it out of his brain - cause he's brainless - he doesn't even know how to spell or write the word "key".

Gee, life sure is unfair. Work your way to the top and find that you actually worked your way to the bottom. Not your fault. They did not teach you in the private schools and ivy league colleges. when you joined the Order, they said knowledge was power, that a person who did not develop his intelligence and use it to get wealth and power was stupid. So, how were you to know any better ?

Boredom is hell, don't you think ?



In the standard King James Bible, in Revelations, the vision of a "new Heaven and new Earth" is discussed. what this is a peak into the next cycle of time following the present cycle of time. We are in the Iron Age now. This is the last phase of the present cycle. At the end of this age, the physical universe (Earth) and the Astral universe (Heaven) will be dissolved. Souls will then be in an inactive state (except for the advanced souls who have left for the higher planes) and will wait while the "new" Heaven and Earth (physical plane and Astral plane) are created. They will then all return and be placed according to their karmas to begin a new phase of their existence in the Universe of forms and matter.

In the new "Earth" which will now start in the Golden Age,. everyone will be there. The Builderberger people, the Tri-lateral people, the Illuminati people will all be there too. You won't notice them, however, because they will be the trees.

Big, beautiful trees - trees that live for millions of years. Trees that bear luscious fruit that actually has vitamins in it.

If the trees could talk, which they can't, they would tell you about their plans for a new world order and all about money and economics and interest rates. They would complain that you should be paying for their fruit instead of getting it for free. But, who listens to trees !

Eventually, through the natural progression of the ages, the Iron age will come again. By then, the "trees" will have gradually earned the right to get the human form again and will have a chance to do all their good stuff with money, mind control, and power playing again.

These are the cycles of Time and the inevitable laws of Karma at work. These systems, although managed by "lords" of various rank, are under the final control and authority of GOD. No one escapes the law of GOD - not on time machines, space ships, or unified field subspaces - no one escapes: now or ever. However, some people never give up trying. But that's all right. They can keep trying - knock themselves out with Physics and Chemistry and Biology till the end of time (literally).

Will Adam eat the fruit in the next "golden age". Well, stay tuned to find out.



Everyone has probably heard the classic "RHYME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER"

Let's just think about this poem for a bit because it important to know the moral of this story for the events that will come to the Earth World in the near future.

Recall that the Ancient Mariner - sailing away in some
Ocean somewhere was bored and looking for some amusement.
Then he happened to see a big stupid bird - the Albatross
flying near him.

He was not starving - he did not need food. The Albatross was just minding its own business.

The ancient Mariner [the classic phrase would be: "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop] thinks to himself:
"Why not shoot the stupid bird ? - It can't do anything about it and I have my crossbow - it will be fun - I don't have anything else to do so why not ?"

So the Ancient Mariner shoots the Albatross and it falls into the ocean and dies.

Then, gradually, it dawns on the Ancient Mariner that for some reason he has lost his bearings - he is lost - can't get HOME. He laments his fate - he regrets that he did the "wanton act" and killed the Albatross. But, the deed is done [the moving finger writes, and having writ...] and the Ancient Mariner NEVER SEES HOME AGAIN.

There are some modern mariners in the world today who should take note of this story.

Not everyone is a genius at biochemistry. People may not figure out, for example, that in a Government lab some scientist deliberately manufactured the germs that killed them. The Government and Scientists will think- like the Ancient Mariner: "What can the people do - they can't hurt us - we have lots of guns - they can't figure out what we do to them - they are helpless and at our mercy - we can do anything we want - do it secretly - get away scot free - so why not do it ?"

The answer to "Why not ?" is: "Because you will NEVER GET HOME."



In the "first contact" experience for the planet Earth, the people who visited here appear to have been humans. or humanoids. They were friendly. However, the leaders of the Earth could not get along with them- most likely because they were actually normal, ethical beings living in compliance with established Universal laws.

Next, came the Grey "people". The Greys are not people but rather some evolved form if INSECT and their body type appears to be Class IV. Class IV consists of creatures such as insects, reptiles and worms. The Alchemical elements used in Class IV are Fire and Earth.

Evolutionary Theory

We have insects and reptiles on the Earth; however they do not have space ships or high technology. How did these "things" evolve to such a level limited within such a low class of form ?

On the Earth, the total spectrum bodies is available. Souls evolve by moving up to a higher form - but the form itself does not evolve until we get to the Human (Class I) form. Since there is no higher form for Souls to move up to, evolution then consists of advancements within the form.

For example, a "housewife" in ancient Egypt is not in the same state of consciousness as a housewife today. But, a house cat from ancient Egypt is roughly in the same "cat consciousness" as it is today. The Egyptian cat does not need to advance itself by becoming a "more evolved cat" because it can move up to a higher level of form and eventually get a human form.

Now consider the possibility of a planet somewhere where the only life  forms are Class V (plants) and Class IV. Souls using plant bodies can move up to the next class of insects, reptiles and worms but no higher because no higher physical form is available. Therefore, over time, they have evolved within the limits of their lesser form to the limit of the capabilities of that form.

They Greys are reported to have an association with another group of Class IV creatures - this time reptilian - who are not physically on the Earth in any significant numbers. They are supposed to come from the Orion Empire.

Greys on the Earth

In 1953, the Greys are said to have established formal agreements with the Earth by means of a contract signed by President Eisenhower. This contract promises that the Greys will give high technology and that the Earth will give the Greys whatever they need to survive.
The Greys are parasites and what they "need to survive" is a stockpile of human beings to consume. Also, they have come to the end of their natural cycle of existence under the Universal Laws: They cannot reproduce and the cloning techniques that they have been using are now failing.

Feeding the Greys

The Greys need to eat - we promised to feed them in the contract (or, rather, our "leaders" promised to feed them).

Food, for the Greys, is supposed to consist of two classes of components. One is physical, the other Astral.

The physical component is a chemical or chemicals that can be found in Humans when they are in highly agitated emotional states. The corresponding Astral component is raw emotional "energy".

To provide the Astral "food", a sufficiently large group of Humans needs to be kept emotionally "sexed up". The preferred way to do this is to have them involved in a war - the more terrible the war and the more atrocities committed the higher is the level of "food production".

To provide the physical component of the food, physical people (citizens) must be abducted and then "prepared" for feeding by being terrified which maximizes the quantity of the desired substance.


The Greys absorb this substance through their bodies as  opposed to eating. To do this, they hop into what is essentially a bowl of "soup" and in this soup are the chopped up physical bodies of the humans.   Children have been found to be most desirable for making this "soup" because they can be easily terrified (ever wonder where all those "missing children" went).

Survival Techniques

Various life forms have all developed techniques for survival. Mosquitoes, for example, who also feed on humans, first inject the person with anesthetic so they won't feel them biting them. The hope is that they can get a "mouth" full of blood and get away before the drug wears off. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it does not in which case the bug usually gets swatted dead.

The Greys use brain implants to control the humans they want to use. Attached to the optic nerve, these devices reportedly cannot be removed without causing death to the effected human. Communication signals to/from the devices use time-independent (subspace-type) technology. The method may be similar to "ESP" communications between humans which has also been shown to be instantaneous.

Common Areas of Interest


As a general rule, when you get into contractual relationships, there is some area of common interest. There is a pretty wide "spread" between humans and a bunch of overgrown bugs but there is a common interest. That interest is SURVIVAL.

The Greys are a doomed race. Under the laws of nature, they have reached the end of their time. They cannot re produce any more. Their cloning tricks are failing; Their latest trick of attempting to make a new "hybrid" body for themselves by kidnapping pregnant human women and splicing "bug genes" into the unborn child to make some new "creature" is not working too good either.

The Illuminati people who work with the Greys and control the Earth, are also doomed. They have violated every Universal Law, committed every possible sin, and gone against every principle of Good that it is possible to do.

They cannot get another Human body by lawful means. They must either keep their present body alive or steal someone else's body to continue to physically exist. They do both.

The common bond, then, sort of a "marriage made in Hell", is the seeking of all sorts to medical information and occult information and high-technology information that they hope will allow them to continue to survive physically.

To get this information they sacrifice (kill) the ordinary human population of the Earth as needed.

Lifestyles of the Greys

Like our garden variety insects, such as ants and termites, the Greys live in underground tunnels. There are quite a few large colonies around the world and the leaders of other industrialized nations play ball with them also under the same arrangement: Let them kill ordinary people if they will give Government leaders "high technology".

The Greys are reported to have no emotions - consistent with a simple, inferior, class of life. They are opinionated and feel humans are "ugly things" but admit they are good to eat. They are supposed to be pathological liars which certainly gives them a communications bond with Government leaders.

And, of course, like the Illuminati people, they are "on a quest" for dominance, everlasting physical life, mastery over everything including GOD - the regular megalomaniac routine.

Their argument for continued support and association with Earth Government is that they will help defend the Earth (i.e., its Elite) from their reptile friends if they attack.

Applicable Law


Human beings do not have to submit to overgrown grey ants - or to any other creepy crawly thing for that matter and this concept is supported at ALL levels of law.

The law of the Bible clearly proclaims that GOD gave Man dominion over all of the sub-creatures of the Earth.

Universal law recognizes Class I life forms as superior to all other forms.

And even local laws recognize that no one is obligated to stand by and let someone or something kill or mutilate them.

Now, of course, the Elite of the world have their own "law" which is "IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF US, YOU ARE NOTHING".

That is the basis of their belief system.

Defense Techniques

If you are approached by any of these "things", you have the right to defend yourself. You have the same right to kill them as you have to swat a mosquito. They are parasite bugs. They offer nothing and take everything.

If they are supported by any of their human friends during an attack, you have the right to kill them also.

No Karma is associated with legitimate self-defense. No one is obligated to allow another anything destroy. them - no matter what it is. We all have the right to life and we all have the right and duty to defend our lives.

These concepts are in accordance with Universal Law and have been affirmed by Spiritual Masters. They supersede any law of the Government of the United States or of any other Nation.

People who may have been implanted with mind control devices can jam the control signals to/from these devices using high frequency ultrasonic generators such as those sold for rodent and INSECT control.

Physical Locations

In the United States, the primary base and "feeding center" is Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Dayton, Ohio.

Worldwide, perhaps the largest Grey base is below the North Sea. There are many smaller bases. Remember, any point in the World can be accessed through the secret underground tunnel system that links underground cities and installations. "Rapid Transit" tubes are kept in a vacuum for high speed transport.




I wish to discuss with you the concept of cycles. There are cycles that you are all familiar with - the cycles of the Seasons from the Spring to Winter - the cycles of days and years and centuries. Cycles are and have been part of your existence for as long as anyone can remember.

There are also personal cycles - youth to old age. Everyone goes through these cycles.

On a larger scale there are great cycles with which the Astrologers have always been familiar. These cycles, when drawn on a two dimensional diagram, resemble the gear wheels of an ancient clock. And, over time, they slowly turn.

No one can alter any of these cycles. GOD can't change them. I can't change them. The men and women who serve in special positions in both Positive and Negative Hierarchies can't change them either. All any of us can do is to do our best to adapt to them.

Programmed and pre-set at the beginning of time, these cycles slowly and methodically progress.

Shortly the planet Earth will begin a new cycle - more than just a new age it is a cycle of Adulthood - it the passage which we must all eventually go through from the world of children to the world of Adults.

Parents, who love their children, do all they can to prepare them for the day when society will consider them to no longer be children. This day must come - parents know this - young kids do not. Parents know they cannot stop time - although they may dream of a "peter pan" world where childhood is forever - they know that such a world does not exist.

Throughout the ages of Man, special beings, known as Sages and Avatars and the like have come to the Earth and - based on the needs of the period in which they chose to live, have done their best - as sort of "parents of Humanity" to steer the kids of the Earth in directions that would prepare them gradually for Adulthood, which they all knew must eventually come.

For a person, society has certain rituals, for want of a better word, that it performs when a person becomes legal age [18, in the case of the present day Earth]. Young Adults can register to vote - they can likely get a VISA card - they can buy recreational drugs like alcohol and go get smashed legally.

For a Planet, there is also a right of passage which is the official recognition by the Hierarchies formalized by what is called a "classification upgrade" to N3 status which is Adult status. The Planet Earth will be upgraded soon, and I take this opportunity to wish all citizens of Earth the best.