The group of bodies commonly called Human and Humanoid are Class I bodies. The definition of Class I is a physical body which contains all five of the Alchemical elements, namely Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and ETHER. There is no class of body higher than Class I. The next "step up" from Class I is to leave the worlds of forms and move up to the Planes of pure Spirit.

Souls with Class I bodies outrank Angles and all of the other assorted disembodied entities who are within the limits of the lower creation or the worlds of forms. The reason they do is because a Class I body is the only situation which provides the Soul with the "exit opportunity" to leave the lower creation. An Angel, for example, no matter how good or powerful it might be, cannot leave the lower creation from its present position. It must incarnate in a Human body to do this.

People sometimes entertain thoughts of inferiority and develop a quite low opinion of themselves. It is unfortunate because for every Human on the Earth there are literately thousands of entities who would give anything to have that Human body if they could. They know what most Humans simply do not understand.

Earth Humans have no idea of the incredible potential that the form they are using has because they have not made the effort to develop it. Human bodies, balanced and "tuned up" can do almost anything. For example, they can generate the anti-gravity fields used by space vehicles which allow them to "phase out" in one part of the physical universe and "phase in" at any other location they choose. These devices came into existence when Humans lost the ability to do such things on their own. Powers such as these- as well as many others - are latent in Earth Humans and they could have them if they would only wake up and develop them and use them. They just won't do it.

Unfortunately, although Earth Humans do not know their potential, other groups of Humanoids and lesser forms DO. And so human genetic material has become a product in demand for other cultures - many of which are not Class I - to seek [by abducting Humans] to use in hybridization and amalgamation experiments to attempt to make themselves "more human".

And so, although no life form out ranks a Human, Earth Humans may be facing a "Use it or Lose it" situation because if they will not make the effort to realize their potential, other groups who know what that potential is will gradually "screw them over" and perhaps even eventually take them out all together. Should this happen, it is the fault of the Earth Humans and no one else. If Earth people were anywhere close to the full potential of their form no entity from anywhere else would dare to challenge them. But, sadly this just is not the case.



The "First Contact" experience for Earth (or at least the contact experience which is relevant
to present Earth history) is supposed to have occurred in 1913.  In this event, "friendly" aliens
came to give the Earth "gifts".  The gifts were a package of high technology and instructions.
The aliens supposedly told the recipients that the people of Earth would enter the space age
soon and these gifts would help them.  They also cautioned against misuse of the gifts and
warned that misuse would result in punishments against the Earth possibly including its
destruction.  They emphasized that the main rule that must be followed in developing these
gifts was that they were to be used "responsibly"  and  "competently".

Well, as you might guess, the recipients back in 1913 were pretty overwhelmed by all this.
It would be years before the term "UFO" was coined.  The recipients concluded that people
who "came from the sky" must be "gods".  They did not remotely understand the "gifts"
but knew they were important.  Because they thought the gifts were from god, they turned
them over to the Pope in Rome who also did not understand them but recognized them
as something special to be guarded and so locked them up "in a gold box" where they
remained for some time.

According to the story, Rome gradually shared the "gifts" with emerging scientists hoping
they could figure out what they were.  Essentially all of the technology in use today, publicly
and secretly, is supposedly related to these "gifts" from 1913.

If you do not like the "gifts" story, try the test of common sense:  In the space of a single
human lifetime - a single generation - we have seen the world go from riding horses and
reading by kerosene lanterns to flying to the Moon and bubbling over with high-tech
trinkets.  Do you really think that mankind did all that so quickly on their own with no
outside help ?




Socialized systems are generally quite pleasant social Systems. We have all spent time in socialized systems, and for most it was a good time. Children, in a family, live in a socialized system. Parents do not say to kids, "'Mommy made a great supper, but it will cost you $4.95 so go cut someone's grass or something to come up with the bucks or go to bed hungry .  There are no "coin boxes" on the refrigerator or TV. Kids take "what they need" whenever they need to do so.



In the family, that other system is the jobs that the parents have so that they can make money to keep the TV plugged in and the refrigerator stuffed with food and goodies. If they did not participate in this other system which is not socialized, the linked system which supports and maintains the kids would fail.

In the schematic of the structure of US Society on page 149 [re-displayed above for convenience] you will note that some areas are "'socialized" and other areas are not socialized. The socialized areas are supported by the non-socialized area, just as in the family example above.

The non-socialized area, where the so called  "average American" lives is a rough area. There is cut throat competition, people must work essentially until they drop dead. They are taxed to death and are constantly under pressure to "perform". The reason that they have to work so hard is that large socialized areas need to be maintained and the people in some of those areas have rather exotic desires that they want satisfied.

The socialized areas of US Society are very pleasant in some zones. Millions of people live in the special enlightened and protected areas - most of which are underground - and all their everyday needs have to be met. The "working class" (or CASTE) pays for this and generally does not even know that these areas exist.

It is part of the "national security" to make sure that the slaves stay slaves - that they do not become enlightened and revolt - and that they are worked to maximum capacity without having them fall down dead from exhaustion. This task is "the business of Government".

The elite, who live in the enlightened and protected areas, enjoy their way of life and do not want to lose it. They are prepared, if necessary, to kill all of the slaves if they get wise to the scam that they live under and try to change things. The thought of actually having to do real work to maintain themselves terrifies them, because, for one thing, they have forgotten how.




The World is NOT overpopulated - in fact it is quite under-populated.

If you took everyone in the whole world and put them in the State of Texas, each person would have about one thousand square feet of space and the rest of the world would be EMPTY. Most people do not have one thousand square feet of space reserved for themselves personally in their homes today. The myth of overpopulation is promoted by the elite because the world IS overpopulated from their standpoint which is that the only purpose of people other than themselves is to do SLAVE LABOR for THEM. And, due to advances in technology, there is less of a demand for physical slaves today than in the past, hence there is an "overpopulation" of slaves. The Planet Earth, incidentally, produces enough FOOD to FEED THREE WORLDS equivalent to the Earth. Where does it all go so that people starve to death ? Ask the ELITE


The Divine Right of Kings is a scam cooked up long ago which asserts that KINGS rule by DIVINE RIGHT because "god" talks to them and tells them what to do and so what they do cannot be questioned by "ordinary" mortals.

It is not clear whether GOD has ever talked to a "king" but it is very doubtful that GOD would want to talk to any of today's world leaders. However, this concept is still perpetuated by today's elite. Tracing your ancestry to an important is a requirement for entering the inner circles of the elite even today. And, in their mind, they believe that they are "chosen" to rule and that therefore it is perfectly OK for them to do anything they want to the "non-chosen" class.

"Supervising the Evolution of Mankind"

Stories abound of secret places inhabited by "beings" who are on Earth to "supervise the evolution of mankind". These characters are apparently some sub-group of the ruling elite. They are no more "supervising human evolution" than you are "supervising the evolution of tropical fish" by scooping them up out of the free waters where GOD placed them and putting them in a glass cage with plastic plants and ceramic rocks. You do this for your personal pleasure AND the Elite do the same thing to YOU for their personal pleasure.


The Planet Earth is very well defended (from exactly what it is being defended is not so clear). A defense shield extends out as far as the planet Jupiter (you know, the one they plan to light up and make into a second Sun in December , 1999).
Additionally, the people of the Earth will soon be under total control after the program to implant them with identification microchips is completed. It has not been yet, but the DEATH RAY SATELLITE PROGRAM has been completed and any person anywhere on the face of the earth can be killed at any time by shooting them in the head with the death ray laser satellites. Death appears to be "cerebral hemorrhage" (just like in the "INVADERS" TV series) and only special government doctors can tell the difference and they, of course, will not talk.

Once everyone has their microchip implant, absolute ORDER will be ensured because anyone who does anything wrong can be immediately killed by typing his identification number into the satellite control system and pushing the red (or whatever) "kill" button.


The Elite are scared of radiation. They feel someone may get it together enough to make a crude nuclear bomb and drop it on or near them. However, they have solved that problem now by developing a "vaccination" against radiation. In order to do the medical experiments necessary to develop this drug, thousands of US Citizens were "sacrificed" (killed). The Government now admits to 100,000 but will never admit why (to develop the secret radiation vaccine). In the circle of the Elite, the end always justifies the means.


If that's not enough, the classic AMA radiation treatments for CANCER seem to be just a continuation of government experiments because these treatments do not cure cancer and that is NOT the treatment the Elite use for themselves if they get cancer. What they use is a secret "aura balancing" machine which basically does what "psychic healers" have been doing for years combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine and state of the art Medical Diagnostics. The treatment is painless and actually works.


You might think "solid state electronics" was a buzz word for the 20th Century but you're WRONG. The BIBLE contains many detailed descriptions of how to build sophisticated electronic devices. When you see detailed descriptions (such as in Revelations) of "a sheet of Gold" together with detailed measurements of where to place specific crystals on the "sheet of Gold" you are looking at a schematic for some type of device. Exactly who was communicating these instructions to mankind thousands of years ago is not clear but it IS CLEAR that it was not GOD who would have no use for such devices. One set of instructions - if followed- results in the construction of a type of accumulator we know as a capacitor. Such devices can "charge themselves" if left sitting. The bible student who built the device apparently knew nothing of electrical safety and was electrocuted.


We have touched on this before, but perhaps it would be good to go into a bit more detail on forms.

Life forms can originate in a variety of ways and it is doubtful that the ultimate GOD directly participates in any of these methods. The link that Humans and other living things have with GOD is that GOD is the Father of their Soul - not of the form they may presently have.

In a new creation, advanced Souls who have been given administrative responsibilities direct the creation of forms. It is also quite possible, later in the creation, for forms to get smart enough to create forms.

We have this technology on Earth today - it was discovered by an Italian researcher some years back. It is a technique for bypassing the natural barrier that prevents different species from cross breeding. So, with this technique you can theoretically mate a roach with a pig or a cat with a dog or whatever. If you kept trying, some of these weird combinations would probably live and so you could say you had "created" a new form. Unfortunately, this does not make you god. If a form lives it is because it has a Soul and you did not create the Soul which gives life to the form - it was assigned under the Law of Karma for whatever reason to this "new form". Also, the form you "created" is not your property but rather the property of the Soul who is using it. You cannot own a living life form.

Now one of the cute explanations you hear from time to time is that another race "manufactured" the Human race long ago and they just might come back someday to take credit.

Well, let's just assume that's true and some group of somethings lands and says "Well, we're back - we made you 10,000 years ago as a project and here's the pictures and the proof and the test tubes we used and therefore you will please now turn over control of your planet to us since everything you have done belongs to us because we made you."

That's a cute argument - but not valid. It is the same as if you would call up one of your children 50 years later and tell them, "Hi kid - haven't talked to you in 30 years and I heard you were doing well and ,since I made you ,your business and home and all is really mine because you would not exist if we had not made you." Would you buy that argument ? Probably not. It's the same argument brought closer to home.

Even beyond this, Human Beings have Class I bodies which gives them the power not only to bypass any local authority but to even bypass the authority of all of the legitimate Negative Hierarchy with all its power and choose to return to GOD. The only power that has a non-revocable right to order a Human Being is the ultimate GOD, Father of the Soul.



We are going to discuss the so called "Priestcraft". By this we are referring to the group of people who make a living talking about God, the devil, heaven and hell - and, mainly in the United States, spouting all sorts of stuff about Jesus Christ.

Lets briefly explain where religion and the "priestcraft" comes from. When a legitimate Saint teaches on the Earth, people follow him. He generally does not write down anything at all. When the Saint dies, his power here ends. Access to the inner worlds - via him - is closed to all except those people whom he personally chose as "initiates". For some reason, other people generally start writing books about the Saint - what he said -what he did - what he told others to do, and so on. These books then form the foundation of a religion. There is nothing spiritual about any religion. The spiritual part of this event died with the Saint - it is gone now and is not coming back A movement is only Spiritual when it has - as its leader - a LIVING perfect Saint who is "active", that is a Saint who is accepting initiates. In all other cases it is a "dead" movement.

When Jesus died, people learned that they could make money by talking about him. In an effort to make more money, they made certain changes in the writings about him - and they also fabricated other "teachings" that served specific purposes. Let us now discuss this in more detail:

We will divide the crimes of the priestcraft into two categories:



Long before the "superpower" world governments came into existence, the Priestcraft made a decision to take over the people of the Earth and place them in the bondage of fear, darkness, and ignorance. Part of this plan involved deletions and additions to the Christian Bible. Additionally, special teachings were simply invented to serve specific needs.

In making changes to the Bible, the main element that appears to have been deleted is references to the key elements in the legitimate Spiritual Life such as the inner worlds and the Third Eye. In inventing specific additional doctrines, various goals were achieved such as consolidation of power and accumulation of wealth by the PROPAGANDA OF TITHING.

And, having called TITHING propaganda, I will now pause here and explain this exactly so that there will be no doubt about what this means:


The propaganda of tithing asserts that "god wants ten per cent of your money". And, since God is not here you should therefore give this money to his "banker in residence" which is, of course, the Church. This is sort of half true:

The "true part" is the ten per-cent. The false part is "money". We have discussed GOD in detail and where he lives. Do you really think he remotely has any desire at all for your money ? References to "tithing" in religious books are references to TIME. GOD wants ten per-cent of your time - not your money. GOD loves you - he is the father of your soul. In the complex world, we all must attend to our responsibilities: family, kids, job, etc. So GOD simply asks us to remember him at least ten per-cent of the time - or about two and one-half hours a day.

So, if you are a religious person trained to believe you have a duty to "tithe", keep your money in the bank and feed your family with it. Every day, preferably during the "still hours" of 3 AM to 6 AM, wake up - be alert, and think about your GOD. This is what he really wants.

There are many Religious groups. When they have special needs, they look in the Bible and, being "creative" in interpreting certain passages, come up with some argument that "the Bible says" for you to do whatever they want you to do. There is just so much of this "stuff" that we are not going to get strung out here with all these little details.


"Active Measures" are the things Priests, Ministers, and the like tell you you should do or be doing in the course of your life. Through these Active Measures, the Priestcraft deliberately caused the downfall of humanity from the true spiritual level of evolution to the level of the animal or "beast". Now, lets see just how they did that:

Negative Spiritual Instructions

Theoretically, people hang around churches because they want help to get into Heaven when they die. What they get instead is advice that is absolutely guaranteed to fix it so they WILL NOT get into Heaven. The main element of this propaganda is the "DO NOTHING AND WAIT FOR JESUS" doctrine. The church tells people that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. Jesus is dead but is "coming back" any day now. So twiddle your thumb's and do not make any attempt at spiritual development until "Jesus comes back and tells you it's OK".


In the standard King James Bible, in GENESIS at the beginning of Chapter four, we have the account of the first children. of Eve.

Biblical scholars have confirmed that the two children, Cain and Able, constitute what is called by medical doctors a "double pregnancy". What this means is that Cain and Able resulted from two different sessions of sexual intercourse which were close to each other in time. The kids were born as twins but not necessarily of the same Father.

Apparently, LUCIFER got to Eve first; his kid was Cain. By the time Adam figured out what sex was, Eve knew all about it from her teacher LUCIFER and was not a virgin.

GOD knew that Cain was LUCIFER's kid so he "had no regard" for offerings from him because he had no regard for Lucifer who was an adversary of GOD. GOD gladly accepted offerings from Able who he knew was Adam's son. Cain, jealous, killed Able.

Lucifer has doubtless mated with MANY girls - his offspring and their descendants are "marked by GOD" and this mark is the so called "MARK OF THE BEAST" or "666 MARK". Obviously, you can't see it - it is a subtle mark and most likely refers more to negative attitudes karmatically linked to Lucifer than to genetics. Lucifer's first kid, Cain, was "like father like son" to Lucifer because he was Lucifer's direct creation. Descendants in the same genetic line would not necessarily be evil. This would be a function of the Souls assigned to that set of bodies. A group of people who are evil can, over time, using their "free choice", choose to become Good. Similarly, a group of Good people can, over time, make a sequence of bad choices and wind up utterly evil. Descendants of Lucifer who happened to make choices leading to a good and blameless life would NOT be karmatically linked to souls associated with Lucifer. Consequently, it is not correct to say that if people could be genetically identified as descendants of Lucifer it would constitute proof that they were "bad" and should be put down.

Lots of people "enjoyed" the new group of human women. Apparently, word spread fast that they were quite sensual beings. The "sons of God" screwed them too.. Some reports identify the "sons of God" as fallen Angles who still loved all the physical fleshy stuff which, of course, includes the sex trip and all of its associated foreplay/afterplay, etc. Kids from the "Sons of God" are described as "mighty men" of "renown". The "GIANTS" [most likely the "grey people"] played with the new women too.

GENESIS CHAPTER SIX is an important chapter because of the statement on the allowed age of man [120 years] attributed to GOD. Previous to this chapter, accounts give ages of about one thousand years for Man. GOD's statement here marks the END of the COPPER AGE and the beginning of the IRON AGE.




We will now discuss the Top Secrets of the United States. The Top Secret level of clearances is called the "Q-Level" and it consists of fifteen subgroups which are simply called TS1 through TS15. TS15 is the highest level. The industrialized world is operated by a common directorate. That is to say, at level TS15, all the Governments of all the industrialized nations come together and share plans, secrets, and work towards a common goal. This common goal is called the New World Order.

We shall now discuss the specific Top Secrets which currently exist by category.


The breakfast menu for active Air Force Pilots is Top Secret. Any historical fact that may embarrass the President or other high ranking official is Top Secret. Things like this we are calling the "silly secrets" because it is mainly bull shit and of little consequence.


The pure sciences, that is, Physics and Chemistry and Electrical Engineering and the like are taught in all Universities. But, key information is withheld. So, even if you get a Ph.D. degree in one or more of these sciences, you are incompetent. Certain changes have been made and logical pathways established to deliberately lead scholars off in the wrong directions. In the case of Electrical Engineering, there are a group of "original secrets of electricity", many of which were discovered by Nicoli Tesla, which show the way to do things which the ordinary published theories would lead you to conclude were impossible.

If you get a Ph.D. degree and then sign up with the Government and promise never to leave them and to obey them, you are told the missing knowledge.


Medical Science is considered by the Government to be the ultimate tool for the control of the masses and, through it, the Government perceives itself as a god with the power of death - and eternal life for special people.

The cures for classic diseases: AIDS, Cancer, etc. exist and are Top Secret. The secrets of genetics are Top Secret. A technique to override the natural protection system which prevents different species from mating and producing offspring [like a dog mating with a cat or a horse] has been developed and is Top Secret.

Modifications to extend and perhaps allow certain special people to physically live indefinitely exists and is Top Secret.

Although the US Government denies the existence of other realities, it is aware that they exist. It is especially interested in the Astral World. When the government does projects with people [spies] who are trained to leave their body  to spy on others and then return to their physical body and report, it calls this "Remote Viewing" and this research is Top Secret.

Additionally, there is an indication that the Government may receive guidance and information from certain entities which are residents of the Astral Plane - that is, spirit beings. The type of information the Government is seeking, how to have power and control over others and the total world as a whole, indicates that any contact they have made would be with evil forces.


In recent times, research organizations secretly sponsored by the US Government have lured legitimate Gurus into programs which allow them to be hooked up to medical scanning equipment while they enter the "trance state". The secret purpose of this research is to develop secret drugs that will allow evil people - who by the laws of the universe cannot access certain esoteric information, to be able to force their way into other planes of existence and obtain secret knowledge which will then be used for purely evil purposes against the inhabitants of the Earth.






We have been talking a lot about top secret this and that. I wish now to present the formal coding and layout of a security clearance credential.


First, it should be noted that, in the industrialized world, all security clearance credentials look the same, The fact that they do indicates that a World Order or World Government of sorts already exists in place.


The basic design of the front of security clearance credentials presently in use in the industrialized world is shown above. On the right side of the picture there is a colored stripe which indicates the actual level of security clearance. The color code is:

[G2,  MI-5,  etc.]

There is optional information on the left of the picture such as an expiration date. At the bottom of the card there is either a symbol, such as a diamond or a circle or a triangle or there is a cross hatch pattern as shown in the example. This cross hatch pattern is a schematic of the design of compartmentalization under which the society is designed. At the level of top secret and above, there is no longer the need for this compartmentalization. It is used to keep the masses separated and ignorant and confused so that they may easily be used. The symbol below is the schematic design or organizational model of the US society:


What this schematic model says is that the factor which separates rulers from slaves is knowledge. The masses are trained to specialize and learn about only one thing and then practice that one thing all their lives as a trade or livelihood.

But, the rulers have the knowledge of all parts of knowledge and the perspective of an overview of the interactions of the world and so are not constrained by compartmentalization.

On clearance cards with special symbols, the "STAR" indicates authority and the color of the star indicates the source of the authority. Other symbols such as the circle, triangle, and diamond symbol may contain letters inside of the symbol.

For example, the bottom of a Secret Service credential uses the diamond symbol and the two letters " SS ". Now you might guess that the "SS" is for Secret Service, but it is not. The SS is a schematic for the "double-helix" of the DNA Molecule and it means that the agent has been specially genetically selected and is a member of the genetically screened perfect people "in crowd", basically equivalent to the "Master Race" teachings of Hitler.

The reverse side of the card contains the sponsoring Nation information. Security clearances issued by the United States say "Property of the US Government". Similarly, a security clearance issued by the UK would say "Property of the UK" and a soviet clearance would say "Property of the CCCP". This information is written in the native language of the respective country.

On the front side, all the cards look the same - regardless of the country.

Some cards also have colored borders. The colored boarder indicates access to a place where only people with security clearances equal to or better than the color of the border can enter. For example, if the border [all around the edge of the card] is "YELLOW" , then this is a place where only Top Secret clearances and above may enter. No one else within this place is any lower than Top Secret [and this includes maids, janitors, etc.]. The secret underground cities would be examples of such places.




Most people living on the Earth today have lived here for a long time - in other bodies. In a way of speaking, everyone here "lives physically forever" because they keep coming back over and over. But, because most people do not understand that life is continuous, they feel the present life is "special" and that they are "new creations" and they probably also feel that death is the "end" and so they want to cram all the fun they can into the present life. Such an attitude essentially GUARANTEES future lives here on Earth.


The BUDHIST LAMAS make no secret that the life of a High Lama is continuous. When a Lama dies, everyone knows that he will be reincarnated "somewhere". Because people on the Right Hand Path do not wish to go against GOD, the incarnation is left up to HIM and so could be in any family anywhere on the Earth. The students of the departed master do various rituals and consult Oracles to guess where the young child, who was [and still is] their master and guide has been reborn. Then they test the candidate by spreading out before the child an assortment of trinkets - some of which were the favorite things of the departed Lama. When the right child is found, he invariably picks the special things which he remembers from his past life. He is then taken back to the Monastery where he is raised and cared for until, as an adult, he continues his duties as a High Lama.


There are techniques given in Witchcraft training books for guaranteeing that the next incarnation will be human and that it will be a "good life".

Essentially ALL groups which study the mysteries know of some technique that they use to keep continuity between lifetimes. Only the ordinary, ignorant, masses, are totally at the mercy of the Law Of Karma and Reincarnation.

Members of the Right Hand Path under the hierarchy of the
Spiritual Masters are not subject to the Law Of Karma and
Reincarnation because the Law is part of the Negative
Hierarchy. The Spiritual Master alone determines the future
of his students.


Tyrants and dictators who kill millions of people in their
quest for power and glory do not qualify, under the Law
Of Karma and Reincarnation to receive another Human body.
They would normally be sent back as some lower form [dog,etc.]
Clearly, these wealthy evil masters do not want to be a dog or a cat or whatever - they want to continue to be human and they want to avoid being judged by the Angles of Death who come for the ordinary man and take him away to face judgment

With their gold and power and influence, they spend a good part of their energy on the goal of everlasting physical life in the Human form regardless of how seriously they have transgressed the Laws of GOD or how many innocent people they have killed and tortured to get to the position of power they are in.

Enter the "steal-a-new-body-machine".

We call it this for want of a better word and it is an electric- magnetic device that creates the illusion of a separate Universe [unified field] in which things can be tailored to the wishes of the elite.

Consequently, when a crooked politician ages and is near death, he goes to the secret underground center where this equipment is set up.

In the artificially created universe are only three things:
The old man, a "freshly pregnant girl" and the unborn child of the girl which, because she is "freshly pregnant" does not yet have a soul. The Law Of Karma, which is mechanical in nature, searches for the appropriate candidate for the reincarnation of the old man. If he would have died "in the open" this would likely be a dog, cat, rat, etc. to "reward" him for his life of evil.

However, the only possible candidate is the "freshly pregnant" girl's unborn child because the special fields generated by the "steal-a-new-body-machine" have "tricked" mother nature into believing that the Universe contains only the man, girl, and unborn child. The man is not available because his body is now dead. The girl already has a soul and so the only choice mother nature can find in this "fake universe" is the unborn child and therefore the crooked politician gets that body.

At about the age of five, teams of psychologists work with this "child" to break down the natural barriers that prevent him from knowing his past live using chemicals (like LSD-25).

Once the "waking up" process [that's what they call it] has been completed, the dictator, in his fresh new body, picks up all his gold from his past life which has been kept waiting for him by his Brothers in the Illuminati and continues on his way.

The process is reported to have reached complete perfection in the 1960's and is said to be now 100% efficient with no losses at all. If you get the feeling, when you watch government people that they are very arrogant, this is one of the reasons why. They physically live forever and their personal wealth consistently increases with time.


For politicians who do not like the "waiting period" [and apparently most do not], there is
an alternate "steal a new body" method.

This method was developed by accident after repeated failures by Nicola Tesla to perfect
a "Star Trek" style transporter.  Tesla was able to transport non living things, but living
creatures always turned up dead at the other end.

Eventually, occult advisors suggested that living things were dying in transport because only
the physical part of the life form was being moved.  The other four parts, the Astral, Causal
and Mental "bodies" as well as the Soul, were not being transported and remained at the
origin point.

Tesla did not solve this problem, but the "broken" transporter and the occult explanation
gave rise to a new use for this "failed invention".  It could be used to transfer from one
body to another.  In this process, two people [one who needs a new physical body and
one who is going to be "screwed over"] are put into the transporter.  The transporter
dematerializes the physical bodies and rematerializes in reverse positions.  The Astral
[etc.] bodies do not move.  No one dies because this time there is a support matrix
[Astral, etc.] in place at the materialization position - but it is from the other person.

This is essentially "backwards" from classic possession where an adept separates his
Astral body and moves it to look for a [stationary] physical body to take over.  Here
it is the physical body that is moved by the machine and the Astral is stationary.
The advantage is, of course, that you do not have to be any kind of "adept" to use
this method.  You just need the [top secret, of course] machine.

Getting a new body this way is described as "just as easy as stepping in to a telephone
booth".  The advantage is you get a new young body which you can "pick out" which
is fully grown and ready to go.  The disadvantage is that some sucker is going to
have his young life cut short so you can extend yours.  However, killing people has
never been a big moral concern for governments and their bigwigs.






This is a "new variable" used in top secret physics. The time pressure is not the same in different parts of the physical universe. Changes in time pressure determine the stability of elements. For example, high weight elements such as Einsteinium are unstable on Earth but very stable at a different "time pressure" such as that found on distant planets.


Not that hard. The theories on -weather have been completely re-written. What you know by listening to TV Weathermen is mostly hog wash and dis-information. Weather control machines operate by using high power radio frequency transmitters on select frequencies to alter the electric charge in the atmosphere.


Augmented people have been produced in a variety of models. Continuing in its quest for medical knowledge via Hitler style mad-scientist medical experiments, the Government has learned quite a bit. There are physical implants to make people do essentially anything as well as intelligence enhancing drugs to convert people (children are generally used) into super geniuses who have four or five Ph.D. degrees by the age of twelve. The intelligence technique involves the removal of ALL Uric Acid from the person's system which then allows the brain to be used at 100% of potential.


Research into the SUN indicates that its mass is a constant. The reactions which produce light and heat do not consume the mass because the sun is "time-stabilized" and "wobbles" in and out of the space-time continuum at a frequency of  70 Hz. All SUNS operate this way and when there is a problem with a sun it is due to an external event and not because the sun "ran out of gas". FUSION BALLS made in the lab behave the same way and are the technology for the manufacture of "Star Trek" like "phasors". A hand held fusion ball weapon could be used to "slice" up skyscrapers in a major city like a hot knife through sticks of butter.


There is more stuff underground today than on the surface of the Earth. Tunnels, dug by lasers powered by nuclear devices can cut giant tunnels essentially instantly. Today, the planet looks like a lump of Swiss cheese and the whole world is covered and connected by the secret tunnel system. Underground cities, complete with golf courses, parks, "skyscrapers" of 60, 80, and more levels can be found there. This is the private world of the elite which YOU PAY FOR



A personal computer is the most deadly "Trojan horse" that you can possibly bring into your home. Everything you do on it can be directly seen in real time by anyone with the computer tapping technology which is not even a secret. A computer transmits radio frequency energy which can be intercepted and decoded by someone out front your house in surveillance van or by satellites.

Additionally, when you connect to ANY online service, the people at the other end can get you personal data. Computer microprocessors from P-6 up have special circuits built into the chip itself so that the Government - not you - will have final control over your computer and will have total access to anything you have stored in it.

It is important that the "ordinary people" wake up and realize this.


The Government is engaged in a program to identify all live human births that take place on the Planet Earth and record and document them.

One possible use of this would be a re-incarnation tracking system to identify people not by who they appear to be (the son/daughter of so-and-so ) but by actually assigning identification numbers to individual souls who will have more than one physical lifetime as a human being.

The most likely reason to spend money on this as a high priority project is to try to determine - as was done in the time of JESUS - where there is a newborn child who might be an important soul (a future leader) and then hurry up and kill the child before he grows up and poses any real threat to "the establishment".

There is no legitimate reason for the U S Government to want all the records of live births from other countries unless it is to compile some type of shared database for the use of all the countries in the "new world order".



The deep space port linking the Planet Earth with the rest of the physical universe is supposed to be located on the dark side of the Moon. If you check old books, you will find it recorded that the Moon had a slight "wobble" - one side stayed towards the Earth but it was NOT perfectly still - it moved a bit from side to side over time. Now, it is perfectly still and to do this some engineering team with some equipment of a sizable nature had to have gone there and done it.



Here we wish to discuss recent history - the history of the last fifty years or so. The people in the present generation have lived most of their lives under the influence of
an intense created illusion and have been shaped and molded by pressures and forces that are simply not real.


The two World Wars that we have had were pre-planned and orchestrated events agreed upon in advance by the participating nations. The Vietnam War was a medical experiment in war and was designed so as to keep a perpetual "controlled war" going at all times so that researchers who needed a "war set" for experiments could have one ready and waiting.

In the case of the Japanese attack upon the United States, there was lots of advance warning of this and the politicians deliberately let it happen because they wanted war. There is also reports that the United States met secretly with Japan and "asked them to attack".  Other reports suggest that it was worse than that and Americans disguised as Japanese attacked themselves in a plan to influence
public opinion.

The main types of professionals sought after by "intelligence agencies" are theatrical people -
the same kinds of people you would assemble to make a movie.  This is so they can
"orchestrate" key events (like wars and other dramatic situations) which will then be magnified
by the controlled press and have the effect of "moving" the masses in the desired directions.


The Communist Conspiracy never existed. The Soviet Union has always been secretly financed from within the United States of America. We created Russia and its revolutions. We created the "Communist Threat". We financed it. There was never any chance of the Soviet Union attacking the United States. There was never any threat of global nuclear war. It never existed.. The purpose of all this was to create intense pressure to motivate the masses to work harder both in the United States and the Soviet Union. They both effectively used the story that "the other one was coming". It was
never true and at the highest and most secret levels of the United States and the Soviet Union there was a common directorate - that is, the United States and the Soviet Union were essentially the same country.


There has been for some time a shared data base and a shared "private club of rulership" among all of the industrialized nations in the world. At the "Top Secret" level these governments all come together and have common leadership. Whenever events take place that indicate a conflict between these Governments, it is a contrived illusion for some covert purpose such as to stimulate the economy.

The "Third World" is in a different category. It has not yet "joined the club".





In an ordinary farm, the farmer makes a place for the animals he is using so that they will feel at home and comfortable. There are fences, in case they get uncomfortable and decide to leave. There is food, protection from extreme elements, a maintained "defense system" for predators, sex when the farmer deems it appropriate, and all that good stuff. The animals might think they were born in heaven, not having to search and fight for food (at least until the slaughterhouse wagon comes).

YOU ALSO LIVE IN SUCH A PLACE. We call it a People Farm. You are comfy - there are government programs if you're short on cash or food. The place is "defended".

However, everything in it is FAKE. Your money is worthless paper and has no value except that which you give to it by "believing that it has value". The information stream consisting of TV, newspapers, magazines, and the like is specifically constructed and coordinated to brainwash you into the desired mode of thinking and acting. Your "valuable possessions" such as TV, VCR, and Computer are obsolete by many years and are always breaking. Your religion, assuming it is Christianity, is shear craziness (Christianity states that "souls" are created when parents mate and have no existence beyond death - this is total insanity ! Also, Jesus is NOT coming back, either !)

YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT AN EMPTY DREAM - a dream that can END anytime the Government, which maintains the dream, decides to stop maintaining it.

Get Real





The MASONS is a group based on Babylonian Mythology. The MASONS worship LUCIFER as their GOD. Their argument for worshipping Lucifer is: "In the Garden of Eden, GOD (the for real GOD) wanted to keep people stupid and that's why he forbid them to eat the fruit from the tree of Knowledge. But Lucifer saved man from this goodie goodie life by encouraging him to eat the forbidden fruit. Therefore, Lucifer is their god because he gave them knowledge - and with knowledge they developed the cunning skills which have allowed them to control others and take over the Earth.

It should be noted that ALL of the founding fathers of the United States were MASONS and that, therefore, when the word "god" is used in the originating documents for the United States such as the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution for the United States, it is a reference to LUCIFER and not to the true GOD. TO A MASON, GOD = LUCIFER.



The KNIGHT'S TEMPLARS are simply the ELITE of the MASONS



The Knights of Malta are the secret guard for the POPE. They carry diplomatic passports from MALTA and are therefore above the law wherever they go. They are supposed to keep a low profile and "spring into action" if the POPE is in danger for any reason or decides to activate them in his quest to "take over the World".



These people are an occult school teaching MIND CONTROL. The boss is called "THE IMPERITOR". The school is divided into work on the Right and Left hand paths. So, there are "good" and "bad" Rosicrucians.

The CIA was dominated by MASONS. However, they have shown a tendency to "go off on their own" lately and perhaps develop some new philosophy. It is likely to be along the same lines as Masonic stuff, however.

THE ILLUMINATI are the MASTER SECRET GROUP. At one time, the various secret groups worked independently of one another. However, they have all joined together - secretly, of course,- under the single banner of the Illuminati.

With this consolidation, came the hope that the "Great Work" or "Externalization of the Hierarchy" or "New World Order" could be achieved soon. All these terms mean the same thing which is the making of the Planet Earth into a single dictatorship consisting of two classes - the MASTERS and the SLAVES.
And, of course, they would be the MASTERS.

The scheduled completion date for "THE PLAN" is the year 2002. However, things may be not quite on schedule because a key point in the plan, the DISTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, has not yet been achieved. Some estimates put the plan as much as ten years behind schedule. But, The Plan will become reality someday unless ordinary people wake up and realize what's happening and make some meaningful effort to alter "THE PLAN"

Central Headquarters for the Directorate for the Control of the Planet Earth is supposed to be located in CENTRAL AFRICA in a secret city which is shielded and defended by every conceivable high-tech gadget that has ever been invented.



What are the present powers and abilities of the Government of the United States? What sort of things does it know how to do? What sort of things does it have the power to do if it wants to ? The answer is, unfortunately, quite a bit. Lets see what they are:


The US Government operates many spy satellites. They watch and listen to essentially everything that takes place upon the Earth Planet. They intercept all international telephone calls and data transmissions. They optically observe the surface of the earth and they probe the surface with specific scanning devices.

The satellites launched by the United States are not tiny things - they are about the size of a railroad box car and are powerful devices, in many cases nuclear-powered devices which have no shortage at all of available electrical energy.

Satellites with lasers using very low frequency infra-red beams can map the surface of the bottoms of all oceans and can instantly locate and track and identify all submarines.

They can communicate with other satellites so that a simple hand-held device would allow a US Spy to have contact with his base at any time from any place in the world.

Additionally there are active satellites with considerable power. They can send force beams and death rays. The most likely explanation for the mysterious patterns found in open fields [claimed to be from UFO landings] is the testing of these new high-power satellites which are designed to be able to select a man or a building on the ground and kill or destroy it with the touch of a button.


The Government is in possession of special secret drugs that can turn a person into a programmed robot who will obey exactly any command. These drugs act by opening up a pathway to parts of the brain we generally do not use. It is essentially "empty memory space". Here, a programming team creates
a new personality which is programmed to believe that whatever it is being commanded to do is natural, logical, and correct. There is an indication that Siran Siran was programmed by the CIA using these techniques.

Additionally, the government has an assortment of poisons designed to cause a natural-looking death as well as quickly cause the onset of fatal disease such as cancer.
The Government has already created and released the AIDS virus and is working on new designer viruses that have the potential to wipe out all unprotected human life on the face of the Earth


The government has files on everything and everybody.
A tiny new born baby is considered a possible threat
to the National Security because it might grow up to be
a person who would learn the truth and mess up their game.

When a person graduates from High School, the principal and guidance counselors write a report on him as to what he has done [significantly] and what they think of him. This report is sent to the FBI and is the start of that person's FBI file. Beyond that point, more is added as needed.

Medical Records - including results of tests you don't even know were administered to you - are in a special data base that can be accessed by those with proper clearances.


Privacy, in connection with the use of the telephone, does not exist. The phone company records everyone you call from your home and everyone who calls you. These records are maintained for a period of 45 days back on every person and are given out to any influential person or politician or government agency that is curious about you.

Computers listen to all phone calls and look for key words [such as "murder" ]. If a key word is detected, the computer immediately sends your conversation in real time to a center where a government agent listens to the call.

Local police departments are supplied by the phone company with equipment tied directly into their central office which lets the local police listen to any phone they want to with no restrictions, checks, or controls.

If this was not enough, many people now buy and use "cordless phones" which can be listened to by any citizen who owns a "scanner" which can be freely and openly purchased and operated.


The Government has developed matter-energy transport. However, it is not perfected to the "beam me up Scotty" level quite yet. Live things do not re-materialize alive. But small non-living things can be transmitted and the system is likely installed in satellites at this time. This is the most likely explanation for the people found to have unexplainable small metallic fragments inside their bodies and brains. The classic explanation of UFO's is improbable.





All gone ! Satellites watch you wherever you go. Your phone is tapped by computers listening for "key words". X-RAY Satellites can make a video of you in your house in bed with your wife, girlfriend, or whatever. Whenever you pick up the phone who you call is logged - also incoming calls - and the log goes in your PERMANENT government file. Cell Phone companies can "track" your cell phone correct to two feet square - print a map of everywhere you go and the exact times and send it to the government to add to your file. Infra-red remote controls "scan" for infrared signals from the "remote control" - but you - hot body - also give off infrared so they scan you too and this data can be accessed by satellite beams which are designed to read data from your TV set or VCR. And, there's not enough space to go into all the neat stuff the Cable TV Company can do.



Top secret services (TSS) are services to the elite that you pay for but do not get because you're a slave. For example, there's FREE pay phone usage to anywhere in the world if you dial "911" and immediately dial the correct secret code. There are very professional and legitimately helpful medical services at any full-service hospital if you are important and know the code (the base code in the medical world is to ask for DR. RAY - Doctor Ray does not exist but it is a codeword that will alert the doctor who has Top Secret Clearances to come see you - he can order all the secret antidotes for things like AIDS, EBOLA, and of course, the legitimate cure for CANCER that is painless and really works). If you need to communicate you can go to essentially any public place where a computer terminal is (like a public library) and pretend to be looking something up. If you know the codes you can instantly connect the terminal to the CIA, NSA, NRO, or whatever good place you want to communicate with.



Like all this good stuff - it can all be yours if you are accepted as a member of the ELITE. But, it's hard to join, you see the ELITE transfer to new physical bodies when they get old and so do not physically "die". So they have no need of "replacements". You're going to have to be pretty good for them to want you. If you love conspiracies are terminally evil, love to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive people, you are cultivating the right qualities but that may not be enough. Mainly, under the concept of "the divine right of Kings" you must be able to trace your bloodline to some very very very important figure from the past. If you can do that, you may have a chance. Also, YOU MUST BE WHITE - no blacks are allowed in the inner world of the ELITE.





Here we will discuss the secret conspiracy which presently runs the United States Government and also the industrialized nations of the present Earth World.

The earliest records of this conspiracy date back to May 1, 1776. On this date a man named Adam Weisap founded a secret group he called the "Order of the Illuminati" and he gave himself the secret "code name" "SPARTICUS". He drew up the original plans, at that time, to unite all the nations of the world under a single government which would be an absolute dictatorship. The philosophy of life in this "New World Order" would be "HUMANISM" - the worship of logic and reason. The existence of GOD was to be denied and all religion was to be stamped out.

Later, in the year 1891, Cecil Rhodes [of the famous RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS] also formed a secret society following in the footsteps of "SPARTICUS". This secret society presently runs the Government of the United States of America.

The front organization of this secret cult is known as The Council on Foreign Relations and is located in New York City. It has been in absolute control of the United States for approximately the last fifty years. So, adults in the present generation have been "ruled" by this group of heathens all their life.

The power of this secret group comes from control of the money system of the United States and the other industrialized nations. Using complex economic "tricks", new money is "created out of nothing". Then this new imaginary money is "loaned" to governments and they go into debt. They can hardly pay the interest on their national debt - much less ever hope to clear the original debt itself.

The group of people known as International Bankers hold this debt over the heads of the legitimate leaders of the nations and so, therefore, own them and can order them to do whatever they personally want. What they want, is the absolute world dictatorship they call "The New World Order".

The primary list of International Bankers is:

1. Rothschild & Morgan
2. Barring
3. Hammbros
4. Lazard
5. Erlanger
6. Warburg
7. Schroder
8. Selingman
9. The Speyers
10. Mirabauld
11. Mallet
12. Fould
Each year the US Governments gives these men, collectively, twenty billion dollars. This is the interest on the present national debt.


We have discussed the evil plans of the present world bosses.
They involve mass murder, assassinations, conspiracies against
GOD and Humanity, etc.

If these leaders continue to remain in power, they will make the Earth into a place so alien to the intentions of GOD that the Planet Earth will have to be dissolved and taken out of existence so as to free the trapped souls there and allow them to resume their normal evolution in accordance with GOD's PLAN.

We have discussed that the "big money" involved here is really "funny money" - un-real money - money "created out of nothing". There is no real reason why Congress cannot simply "declare" that fraud was involved in the process that created the National Debt of the United States - then declare the debt to be "null and void", seize the assets of the International Bankers, and throw them all in jail for conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States.

However, the apparent reason that such a simple solution is not used, is that all the leaders of Congress as well as the President of the United States and the leaders of the intelligence and military community are all members of the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] which is the front organization of the present New World Order conspiracy.

Therefore, although they could theoretically put a stop to the things now happening, they agree with these things and do not want them to change. Also, it is historically true that the ultra-rich cartels ruling the World immediately kill anyone who threatens them, e.g., John Kennedy.

Therefore, it is now up to the general public, or the average American, to wake up from their deep illusionary sleep and do something to change the present situation.





Suppose I were to tell you to give me your money and, in exchange for your money, I would absolutely promise you that the SUN would rise on schedule tomorrow morning.

Well, you would most likely guess that the SUN would rise anyway - regardless of any deal that you make with me - and that I have no control over the SUN. And, you would be absolutely right.

Now, suppose I tell you to give your money to the CHURCH and, in exchange, the Church will absolutely promise you that you will go to Heaven when you die - and that, if you do not do this, you will be barbecued in HELL forever.

Well, you might believe me then since the Churches are quite wealthy with all their tax-exempt money so clearly there are people who believe this line.

However, this argument makes about as much sense as the first because the automatic protocol that determines where you go when you die was established at the beginning of the creation and it is the very same today as it was then.

That protocol is, basically, that if you have few or no bad deeds charged against you, and you live a descent life and harm no one and actually help some people, your good karmas will automatically guarantee that you will spend some time on the good side - or right hand side - or positive side of the Astral Plane. This place is what the ordinary, garden variety, Churches think is the "Ultimate Heaven". And because the life expectancy of your Astral form is quite long - about two-thousand Earth years - there is the impression that your stay in Heaven is eternal.

If you never saw the inside (or even the outside) of a Church, never heard the name Jesus Christ, never opened a Holy Book of any kind, but have good karmas as we have discussed above, you would automatically go to this place.

Therefore, there is absolutely no relationship at all between the Churches and your destiny which is determined by your karmas and certainly not by some babbling minister or priest saying a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

Churches are mainly "social clubs". People are lonely and want a place to go where they are unlikely to be mugged, killed, or raped. Churches provide this service. If you use this service, it is only fair to contribute to the Church as payment for services rendered - but forget this nonsense about your contributions putting you "in with GOD". It is just not so.



[The Government generally does not provide citizens with a plain language statement of what it wants from them. However, it does want specific things and - if it told the plain truth - it would sound something like this. To spice things up,  we have moved up in time a bit to a point where the New World Order has been totally externalized.]

Greetings Work Unit:

This document contains our disclosure of your rights and responsibilities now that you are considered to be an adult member of our world.

You are a Slave Worker of the Empire of the Order of the Illuminati. Your purpose in life is to serve and worship us. You should be grateful that we allowed you to be born into our world. Our power is absolute and we are Living Gods. We control space and time and have everlasting physical life. You are temporary. It is useless for you to resist our will and you should abandon now any hope of resistance.

You have been trained and will now begin your life as a work unit in your assigned area. If you are obedient, we will treat you well and will provide you with a balanced existence as determined by our Social Scientists.
In this existence, you will be allowed intervals for relaxing activities and rest. You will be given a list of permitted activities - activities not specifically permitted are forbidden.

In general, you are permitted those activities which are considered healthy by the Division of Psychology which are, among others, sex play, physical games, and moderate use of approved recreational drugs.

If you are a breeder (female), be aware of the population limitations that are in effect and take note of your maximum new work unit production quota because you will be sterilized at the point that your quota is reached.
Remember that children are the property of the state in the conditional custody of their parents and can be taken away at any time.

We provide our work units with all reasonable benefits during their period of productivity. However, we are businessmen and we cannot afford needless losses. Therefore you will be terminated at the point where your productivity falls below accepted norms.

At the time of your birth, you received certain implants in accordance with our World Security Regulations. You are being made aware that your physical location is known to us at all times and that we also monitor your brain activity for any sign of resistance to our will which is punishable by death.

We reserve the right to terminate you at any time even though you have done nothing offensive in order to adjust our "herd size" for maximum productivity.

1. Cooper, William  "Behold a Pale Horse"
Originally a self-published book it is now
supposed to be generally available at stores
2. Icke, David "... And the Truth Shall Set You Free"
This book is still self published at last check.
Contact address for ordering information:
Bridge of  Love Publications
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