The period beginning in the year 2013 seems to be shaping up as a major point in Human history. Let's spend some time on the various events involved here.

As everyone knows, the ancient Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 - the Winter solstice. And, of course, the end of the world groupies would like to argue that this might be it.

It just so happens that this date [2012.12.21] is the date that the Photon Belt - which runs through the physical universe like a river - will cross paths with the Planet Earth.

The Photon Belt is supposed to have specific effects - some of which are already noticeable-as it approaches. The effects are temporal anomalies and psychological effects upon Humans.

The temporal anomalies have already shortened the "effective length" of a day - although it is hard to notice changes in time when time is your reference. Psychological changes are in the general area of mental confusion and short term memory problems. Situations usually seen only in older people are now being seen in younger people and even children.

The full force of the Photon Belt is supposed to result in a dramatic acceleration in consciousness. Because Earth humans use very little of their mental potential and stay closer to "animal consciousness" than to legitimate "human" consciousness, it is projected that many will not be able to handle this acceleration and will die as a result. About 66% of the Human population will not make it.

No one is pre-destined to die from this event. The fifteen years or so that is left is plenty of time for anyone who wants to take steps to elevate their consciousness to a level where they will not be adversely effected. However, since Earth humans never pay any attention to warnings, it is presumed that they will simply not do it.

Government plans to detonate nuclear bombs on the Planet Jupiter in December, 1999, in the hopes of making it a second Sun and making our star system a binary system, appear to have a connection to the Photon Belt approach.

Causing dramatic changes in the gravitational fields associated with our solar system may be an attempt to divert the course of the Photon Belt. It is known that the lighting up of Jupiter is supposed to be associated with a secret project to "make corrections in the time stream"
Blowing up or lighting up planets for the purpose of re-directing the path of such a "flowing river" type event is the basis for one of the latest "Star Trek" Movies. It should be noted that such movies, including the classics such as "Star Trek", "2001" and "Close Encounters", are done in co-operation with Government propaganda and programming plans and are more than just science fiction. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, was a Government employee and actually was the author of parts of United States Space Law.

Data from many diverse areas continues to suggest a significant drop in the human population of the Earth in the 21st. Century.

Here is a short list:

1. Data from psychologists who do "past life I future life"
"regression/progression" reports show that their patients say that
their next life will be in the 22nd century - indicating
a shortage of available human bodies in the 21st. century.
2. Psychics who routinely 'look" into the future report
a "barrier" of some type which they cannot penetrate
located about the year 2012. This supports temporal
distortions that are supposed to accompany the Photon
Belt as it draws near.

3. The Mayan predictions call this a "new age" and say it is the "fifth age". It is not a new age [we will still be in the Iron Age], however, their description of it as being a "more enlightened age" would be correct if the non-enlightened people die with the passage of the Photon Belt as it is anticipated they will. Also the use of "fifth" may refer to the fifth vector - the first region if spiritual enlightenment. Consciousness of Earth People is presently centered on the fourth vector - the mental level. The next "step up" for them is the "big step" to the 5th, vector and spiritual awareness.

It should be noted that Government plans to make Jupiter a sun are old plans. The plans themselves were drawn up before there was a space program and before giant space centers and huge rockets were built. If it represents a plan to do corrections in time and/or perform a course correction on the Photon belt as it is reported to be, it should constitute proof of how sophisticated the Government people really are in their knowledge of what "is out there" and their engineering skill to calculate gravitational forces and program changes in the fabric of the universe and space-time. This is reasonably sophisticated procedure and the "average citizen" might do well to wonder what else the Government scientists and their secret space program are doing and are capable of doing. And, why are they being "left out".





To appreciate this discussion you will need the diagram above AND a US ONE DOLLAR BILL for the pretty color picture of the pyramid on the back.

Refer to the symbol on the Dollar Bill. This Pyramid symbol represents the prototype for US Society. The symbol existed before the United States did. It is the model that was used to CREATE THIS SOCIETY - and it IS A CREATED SOCIETY and is. NOT a "spontaneous democracy formed by random people wanting freedom"

First notice that the-sides and top of the Pyramid are "illuminated". Notice that the bottom of the Pyramid is "dark or darker". Logically, if a light source shined on a pyramid in such a way as to illuminate all sides, the bottom should be equally illuminated; - but it is dark. THIS OCCULT SYMBOLISM MEANS that there was never any intention form the inception of the concept of the United States that ordinary people should EVER see the light or learn the truth about ANYTHING and it was always and still is intended that they should be kept stupid and in the dark about essentially EVERYTHIG. "THE LIGHT NEVER REACHES THE BOTTOM" where the masses (known to them as he mob) live.

We will now go into a detailed discussion of the various areas we have labeled on the above diagram and discuss the characteristics of each group.


Here we have the poor, homeless, people in prisons and the like. This is a classless, socialized group. It is socialized because these people are "taken care of" with money from the main working population.


Here we have the average working person - the "Average American". This group is not socialized. People in this group must work hard for everything they get and are literally taxed to death to pay the cost of the operations in the other "socialized" segments of the population which we will discuss.


The "Q" area is the area just below the elite. People in this area must be told some things about the elite that the general population does not know. They all must have "security clearances" which means that they must promise not to tell any truths they learn to ordinary people under pain of death. These people are basically "high class slaves". Although they are treated quite well as long as they do their job and keep their mouth shut, nevertheless they are not considered to be equals of the ELITE.

The pre ceding classes are called "N6" which is the standard state of consciousness identifier for this type of society.


Once we move across the interface zone, we have a situation like night and day. The ELITE are in an N3 rated society. This group is not classed and is socialized. They can be socialized because they have no needs. Everything they need to be completely comfortable is provided by the slaves in the N6 zone through their tax money and hard work. The slaves do not even know that the Elite exist.

This is an open society - no knowledge is hidden, there are no secrets, no security clearances, no "sensitive" in formation. Anyone can order books that tell the complete truth about anything they want to know. The books, published by the same major companies that publish books for ordinary people, are complete and stripped of all dis-information. Books sent to the lower levels where the N6 population lives are highly censored and contain tons of deliberate dis-information in order to keep the masses down.

REAL BOOKS (like those available here) are called TEXT and the phony books that ordinary people can get are called X-TEXT (Bad text, meaningless text, text full of mis-information and propaganda).

At the center of this area, symbolized by the "eye" of the pyramid is the NEGATIVE CORE GROUP, THE DIRECTORATE of US SOCIETY



Here we find the "ILLUMINATI" - "The Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages". This is a PERMANANT POPULATION. The men who live here never die. True, they get old, but they have ways of transferring their soul directly to another young body with minimal inconvenience. The people here are the same ones who set policy in the past and they fully intend to remain in control as long as there is a Planet Earth to control - until, quite literally, the end of Time.

What are the "secrets" that the "guardians" are guarding. Well, we've covered most of them in this book and if you have been comprehending this stuff you now know the same things that they know.

Also, PERMANENT MONEY is in use here. Wonder where all the Gold went - wonder why your paper money is "faith money" with no value. Well, it went here - they use real money, money based on Gold and Silver. After all, when you live forever, you don't want inflation eating up your nest egg.


This is the structure of the Country you live in. This is ALL OF IT - all of it that involves the HUMAN POPULATION that is.

TREATIES also partially live inside of United States Territory.
However, they have a different social order of their own.

UNDER THESE TREATIES, the Grey People agree not to use their superior technology to attack the US and the US agrees not to attack the Grey people. It also agrees to give them food and whatever else they want IN EXCHANGE for ultra high technology light years ahead of what ordinary people know so as to guarantee that the Government will always be the boss and that the little man WILL HAVE NO HOPE OF FREEDOM.

This is the plan, at any rate. Things do change, but that is the way it is NOW and that is the way it is INTENDED TO BE FROM NOW ON.

If you don't like that, you have to do some hard work:
You (ordinary people) have to "get smart", wake up out of your dream world of beer and sports games, and do the work it takes to ENLIGHTEN yourself as to the truth about the Planet you live on and the Society you live in. If you won't do that - and it seems most people do not want to- then you have no one to blame for your miserable situation other than yourself because you are an immature, stupid, miserable excuse for a Human Being.

And, you deserve just what you get - shit.



In the overviews of how the Universe is set up we have pointed out the general areas and planes and principal figures. Now, briefly, we want to discuss some local politics and how Earth is effected by such things.

The area we want to look at is the Sub-system Administrative area below the area of the System Administrator [Kal]. In the sub-system which contains the Planet Earth we have the Administrative group [called Archangels in the Bible] of Michael, Rafael and Gabriella (not "Gabriel" - this is a female entity).

Long ago when the Earth was a dis-used abandoned planet, there was a male entity called "Prince Lucifer, Sovereign of Satania". He had administrative control over 666 Star Systems under the level of the three primary "controllers" we covered above. The star system containing Earth was one of these systems.

Negative Hierarchy personnel have the legitimate responsibility for control of events effecting the evolution of Humanity. It appears there was some political squabble between Lucifer and his superiors about how the course of evolution should proceed. The primary controllers were reportedly very conservative in their views and had a "good old boy" network similar to present Earth politics. Lucifer's recommendations were considered too liberal and progressive and, because he insisted on advocating them, he was stripped of his rank and put away. He was confined on the planet Earth which, at that time, was known by the designator "Ur.Antia".

When Humans came to the Earth, Lucifer was already there as the planet's only inhabitant. The humans called the Earth "KI" but later it was renamed Earth after the name of the first human settlement "Eridu".

Whenever Lucifer would get a chance to interact with the new humans, he would frustrate the administrative authorities by telling them tricks and shortcuts that he knew because he had worked in system administration. In religious literature, this is commonly "reported" as a "war" between Lucifer on one side and god on the other side.
Of course, the for real GOD is quite a ways away from the area of the third vector or third level of Spirit where this conflict exists. Apparently, the group consisting of Michael, Rafael and Gabriella are being referred to as "god" and Lucifer is being referred to as their enemy or adversary because he has different political views. Lucifer is not equal to the for real GOD nor is he anywhere close to HIM. Neither are Michael, Rafael and Gabriella. All of these entities are masters of the third level of Spirit - commonly called the Causal Plane. They are essentially equals and this explains the concept that "god and the devil" are equal and opposite forces that fight each other. However, this is a local political problem far removed from the abode of the for real GOD.
The main reference book used on Earth, the Bible, appears to contain information that one could obtain from the Third level but no higher information.

People have developed a simplistic view of the Universe as consisting of Heaven and Earth and feel that anything "un-earthly" must therefore be Heaven. References to "god" in the Bible seem to be references to the committee of the three "controllers". There are little "give aways" to this such as quotes attributed to "god" in which he appears to be having a conversation with some equals. When, for example, god is quoted as saying "Behold, men have now become like us and know good and evil", who are "us". It is strongly suggested that "us" is a group of entities equal to god. This is true if the statement is really a comment by one of the controllers, Michael, Gabriella or Rafael and the other two are in the conversation also. They are all equals - but none of them are GOD.

Also, similar "give-aways" suggest that Jesus is also simply a creature of the third level of Spirit because of references to "the right hand of god". There is no duality where the for real GOD exists - no right and left hand path. These duality's or paths do exist, however, at the third level.

The abilities of a master of the third level are pretty high by comparison to an ordinary Earth person. It is no problem to do miracles and healings and all the other stuff attributed to Jesus from that level of mastery. It is no problem to get data on future time to use to make prophesies. Everything in the Bible can be done from the third level without going any higher.

It is very possible, therefore, that Jesus was in a category of "helpers" who come to the Earth to try to make life better for people from time to time. All of these people do great things - they help lots of people and uplift mankind. However, as members of the Negative Administrative Hierarchy, they cannot release souls from this place - they can only make them more comfortable. The Astral World, which is apparently what the word "heaven" in the Bible really translates to, is quite nice in its positive zones. Most people would be very easily convinced that they were in some ultimate heaven there and would be happy to accept the administrators there as god or gods. Astral bodies - shiny and youthful would be dreamy to some old sick human who died and thus found himself in his astral form being led to some unimaginably beautiful place that contained just what he always wanted (one trick of the Astral world is that you can use your good karma to have all of your imaginations fulfilled).

The third level also plays an important role in Earth affairs. Masons, for example, who hold many key positions on earth, aspire as their ultimate goal to be Masters of the Third level



We are all familiar with local hierarchies such as States, Federal Government, United Nations and the like.

Theoretically, some type of continuity is supposed to exist throughout all hierarchies to facilitate the fulfillment of GOD's PLAN.

However, in the case of present day Earth, it appears that there is some break in the connection because decisions and long range plans seem to be reflecting the personal desires and whims of certain elite planners and NOT the legitimate desires and wishes of GOD.

In such a situation, when the connection is broken to the legitimate hierarchy, the planet becomes a "rogue planet" and someone from the legitimate hierarchy must come here generally bringing whatever force is likely to be needed and "set things right". This is one of the responsibilities of the Negative Hierarchy, under the direction of Kal Niranjan.

There are indications that Earth has reached a point of degeneracy now where such interference is indicated and that it is "on the way".

When Lucifer had his disagreement with his bosses, they solved the problem as is customary in today's world with complainers and whistleblowers, by having him put away and then basically "issuing a statement" that he was bad.

Originally Lucifer was all alone because the planet was dis-used. when Humans came, and Lucifer associated with them and used Human bodies, however, he also came under the special rules that apply to Humans.

People who have long assignments in the Negative Hierarchy may benefit from the experiences in the area of personal growth and maturity, but they are "signed up" for the length of the assignment and cannot just "walk away". They have access to their own local "compartment" of the Hierarchy but no direct access to GOD or to the Spiritual Regions.

Humans are special and have a special relationship with GOD because, although Human life is short, if they choose to make the correct choices, they can "exit the system" from the human form and return to GOD.

This "exit opportunity" is not available to other entities no matter how powerful or important they are, nor is available to other physical life forms using bodies outside of Class I.

Because Humans have this chance to be back with GOD rather quickly - the Spiritual Hierarchy personnel listen to them. Consequently, although Lucifer had no chance of "bucking the system" as a member of the Negative Hierarchy, as a Human he had a chance that his recommendations for changes or reforms just might betaken seriously by someone in the Positive (Spiritual) Hierarchy. Should this occur, and orders from the Positive Hierarchy were sent down through the chains of command to his old bosses in the Negative Hierarchy, they would be compelled to accept them and obey.

Consequently, it was apparently decided that Lucifer would be "safer" if he was not on the Earth but rather back on the third level where he would NOT have these special opportunities.

To accomplish this, a recovery team is supposed to be operating on the Earth to bring Lucifer back home. Souls have unlimited growth potential but forms are limited and advanced souls cannot fully manifest in a single form. Lucifer is supposed to be "spread across" 144,000 Human forms and to get him back these 144,000 people have to be identified and isolated. The RAPTURE, then (the word "rapture" is nowhere in the Bible), was coined to make it sound attractive to the effected people who will be physically collected and killed (raptured away) to release Lucifer and take him home. Only these people are "targeted".






People in the present generation have the opportunity to move into the next century and develop into competent adults (or at least competent "young adults") in the eyes of GOD and to make some real progress.

In this book we have given out all of the relevant codes and knowledge that is needed to do this. It is plain text, not encrypted, and has no double or triple meanings. Anyone with half a brain who can read should be able to comprehend it.

This is your last chance for a very long time to make it as informed, intelligent, competent people.

Don't blow it

If you do you will likely end up back in a "dark age" under some oppressive regime which will watch everything you do and make all your decisions for you and tell you nothing at all. And, you will have to put up with this for a few thousand more years until the opportunity presents itself again and System Administrators and other people from the legitimate hierarchies come here to try once again.


You have the right to all of the things which GOD has provided for you. Things like your planet, designed to sustain life in your particular physical form. You have the right to all the normal needs that people need in order to live and grow such as adequate food, the knowledge to be comfortable against the elements of nature, good air and water and the like. You have the right to ALL knowledge stored in the CC-1 data base on the Mental Plane (cosmic consciousness). You have the right to choose to have a mate IF you are willing to accept the karmas that this situation generates.

YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to use any of the knowledge and abilities that you may learn to violate the laws of GOD by hurting other people for no legitimate reason or trying to make other people your slave or exploiting them because they know less than you do.

You, as well as all other life forms, have the right to life. You have the right to defend yourself using any power at your command if threatened with extinction by another life form. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to over react to non threatening situations or because your feelings are hurt or you feel scared because you are personally inadequate to deal with some situation.





As we move into a new century, people in the present generation may be living in a very unique phase of Earth history.

As we have discussed elsewhere, the supervisory responsibility for the administration of the Government of the Earth is vested in Kal Niranjan, who is the system administrator for this section of space. Kal does not live on the Earth, but from time to time when things get too far out of line here, he physically comes to straighten the mess out.

In psychic and new age circles you may hear mention of Maitraya Acharya. The story is that this person is born and grown up now and ready to do his thing. Maitraya Acharya is the tenth reincarnation of Kal (or possibly a representative with equal power and authority). He is in the class of creatures known as the Avatars of Vishnu and when he comes he will order the government of the Earth to make certain changes. They cannot refuse these orders, and Kal has full power to force the government of Earth to obey if it refuses.

Since there have been only nine previous incarnations of this type on the Earth, considering the amount of time which has passed since humans were first placed here, this is a brief and rare moment and the present generation, which will be alive physically to see the results of this, are granted a unique opportunity to observe.

In addition to having the System Administrator [SA-1], we also have physically present at this point in history various legitimate Spiritual Masters [SM-0] as well as Spiritual Observers [SO-1] on the set.

This combination of "heavyweights" is unique and does not occur all that often. Therefore, we can expect to see some rather rapid and decisive changes here within the lifetime of the present generation.

And, to balance out for the "bad guys" we have, of course various ranks of black magicians and occult practitioners who feel because no real authority has come to the Earth since they killed Jesus Christ, that they are very safe here and that no one has the power to cope with their black arts (dream on, it's over now).

So we should see some fireworks if these people are to be stubborn to realize that their day of glory is ending.

All in all, the beginning of the next century proves to be a very interesting and fast paced time in history and we should all be grateful to have the opportunity to observe these events.





PRIMARY COLINIZATION was the period when man explored the home planet Earth and discovered where all the useable land was and set up house there.

SECONDARY COLINIZATION is the period when man leaves Earth and explores the physical universe and sets up - or tries to - set up house there.

For the planet EARTH, secondary colonization began in the 1940's when the technology for "flying saucers" was discovered. And, although no one has decided to tell the ordinary people of the world yet, governments have been running around the Universe ever since. A secret plant to manufacture "UFO's" was operating in CANADA before the first UFO was sighted in 1947 and the term "UFO's" entered the vocabulary of the ordinary man.

Whether the government ever intends to get around to the job of telling everyone this is not clear, but you can bet that all the various governments of the various nation-states on the planet are quite up to date and very well informed.

Secondary Colonization offers essentially a reflection of Primary Colonization. That is, people leaving, making a "new world", fighting with the "parent world" over "taxation without representation", going to war, and all that good stuff.

The day to day problems of man do not change in Secondary Colonization no more than they would move to another state or another country - people are still people with all the emotional and psychological stuff that goes along with that.

However, it is another "exploration phase" to stimulate the mind of man and prompt him to "quest into the Unknown".

A key consideration in Secondary Colonization, however, is the human body. It is aligned to match with this place (EARTH) and other planetary systems do not operate on the same vibratory frequencies. These are more problems to keep molecular biologists busy for a few hundred years and guarantee them some job security.

Unfortunately, the chance for having "STAR TREK" like experiences of meeting new "exotic aliens" seems bleak. Advanced probes report that the rest of the universe is essentially empty.

The "star trek" aliens, if they exist, are therefore likely to be in the physical universe on another sup-plane, which would require "transcendental drive" in addition to "warp drive" to get to. Also, they just might fight back, bigtime !



Let's begin with a little discussion of the Garden. We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

Now, we don't want to get sidetracked here arguing whether there really was a garden, or whether GOD personally made Adam and Eve or whether they were manufactured by reptile people from the Orion Empire.

The point is, the people are here now. They have Class I bodies that contain the five elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Ether. The fact that they have the "Ether" element gives them the power and right to contact GOD and to leave this place and go home to HIM (actually IT, for as we have said, GOD has no sex).

Now, back to the Garden. Recall the statement of Satin, "Eat all you want of Knowledge - you won't die"; and recall the statement of GOD, "If you do this you will-surely die." Also recall the warning later, "Because you made this choice, you can and will eat knowledge all the days of your life:
misery, suffering, etc. will come to you now..."

These statements and questions by Satin and God are trick questions. And, so everyone understands, let's go see just what they mean.

Lets's start with the original condition in which Adam and Eve existed. Since they had no "knowledge of good and evil", what knowledge did they have. Well, more than you probably do. Adam and Eve were placed in a state of perfect balance, that state which all living Saints have begged us to try to return to - the state where the mind is stilled - the state where we can personally realize GOD. This was the state of Adam and Eve. And, any time that they had wanted to, they could have quit the human form and returned to GOD.

Now, we begin to see the trick of Satin. Asking for "the knowledge of good and evil" is essentially asking for instability because this knowledge causes the mind to run out and contemplate all sorts of things which cuts off the perfect balance and so cuts off the contact with GOD.

So, God was right when he said "You shall surely die" in the sense that they would lose touch with HIM and Satin was also right - physically speaking - to say "You won't die - you'll know what GOD knows !"

The problem with knowing what GOD knows as an immature soul is that you are quickly overwhelmed with knowledge and are utterly confused.

Clearly, we see this in the Biblical description of what happened next. Adam and Eve were all shook up just by realizing that they were of opposite sex, and immediately hid their private parts etc.



Happy ? Content? All stuffed with the best food your gold can buy ?

Riding in your bullet-proof car - on your way to the underground tunnel that leads to your underground golf course ?

You might notice, on the street, as you pass, some brainless street person, limping along on his way to look for some food in a dumpster. Perhaps, you might think to yourself, "we should authorize a black project to spray poison in dumpsters to get rid of these useless eaters - they really are not a pleasing sight !"

You won't notice the little sparkle in the old bum's eyes as he limps along wrinkled and worn by the elements.

But, as you speed away, with your security escort, there's a little something you should know.

That brainless creature - can't read, can't write, with no home, phone, e-mail address, satellite receiver - can leave this place: The "golden gate" at vector reference 4.999 will open for him; but it will not open for you.

You will never leave this place. The progression of the ages will come over and over again - golden age to iron age - un-calculatable expanses time - your supercomputer would blow a fuse searching for the number - and you will still be here.

Happy in your hole in the ground plugged into your satellite spy camera ? You know this stuff gets old after a few trillion years go by. But hopefully, you won't get bored because that can be awful frustrating. Kind of lonely too.

You lost the key - missed the boat. All the gold in the physical universe can't buy that key back - it's gone.

The old homeless guy has the key. He would probably sell it to you for a hamburger. But, he can't. He doesn't know he has it. It is not a physical thing - can't find it in his pockets. Psychologists can't wrench it out of his brain - cause he's brainless - he doesn't even know how to spell or write the word "key".

Gee, life sure is unfair. Work your way to the top and find that you actually worked your way to the bottom. Not your fault. They did not teach you in the private schools and ivy league colleges. when you joined the Order, they said knowledge was power, that a person who did not develop his intelligence and use it to get wealth and power was stupid. So, how were you to know any better ?

Boredom is hell, don't you think ?



In the standard King James Bible, in Revelations, the vision of a "new Heaven and new Earth" is discussed. what this is a peak into the next cycle of time following the present cycle of time. We are in the Iron Age now. This is the last phase of the present cycle. At the end of this age, the physical universe (Earth) and the Astral universe (Heaven) will be dissolved. Souls will then be in an inactive state (except for the advanced souls who have left for the higher planes) and will wait while the "new" Heaven and Earth (physical plane and Astral plane) are created. They will then all return and be placed according to their karmas to begin a new phase of their existence in the Universe of forms and matter.

In the new "Earth" which will now start in the Golden Age,. everyone will be there. The Builderberger people, the Tri-lateral people, the Illuminati people will all be there too. You won't notice them, however, because they will be the trees.

Big, beautiful trees - trees that live for millions of years. Trees that bear luscious fruit that actually has vitamins in it.

If the trees could talk, which they can't, they would tell you about their plans for a new world order and all about money and economics and interest rates. They would complain that you should be paying for their fruit instead of getting it for free. But, who listens to trees !

Eventually, through the natural progression of the ages, the Iron age will come again. By then, the "trees" will have gradually earned the right to get the human form again and will have a chance to do all their good stuff with money, mind control, and power playing again.

These are the cycles of Time and the inevitable laws of Karma at work. These systems, although managed by "lords" of various rank, are under the final control and authority of GOD. No one escapes the law of GOD - not on time machines, space ships, or unified field subspaces - no one escapes: now or ever. However, some people never give up trying. But that's all right. They can keep trying - knock themselves out with Physics and Chemistry and Biology till the end of time (literally).

Will Adam eat the fruit in the next "golden age". Well, stay tuned to find out.



Everyone has probably heard the classic "RHYME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER"

Let's just think about this poem for a bit because it important to know the moral of this story for the events that will come to the Earth World in the near future.

Recall that the Ancient Mariner - sailing away in some
Ocean somewhere was bored and looking for some amusement.
Then he happened to see a big stupid bird - the Albatross
flying near him.

He was not starving - he did not need food. The Albatross was just minding its own business.

The ancient Mariner [the classic phrase would be: "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop] thinks to himself:
"Why not shoot the stupid bird ? - It can't do anything about it and I have my crossbow - it will be fun - I don't have anything else to do so why not ?"

So the Ancient Mariner shoots the Albatross and it falls into the ocean and dies.

Then, gradually, it dawns on the Ancient Mariner that for some reason he has lost his bearings - he is lost - can't get HOME. He laments his fate - he regrets that he did the "wanton act" and killed the Albatross. But, the deed is done [the moving finger writes, and having writ...] and the Ancient Mariner NEVER SEES HOME AGAIN.

There are some modern mariners in the world today who should take note of this story.

Not everyone is a genius at biochemistry. People may not figure out, for example, that in a Government lab some scientist deliberately manufactured the germs that killed them. The Government and Scientists will think- like the Ancient Mariner: "What can the people do - they can't hurt us - we have lots of guns - they can't figure out what we do to them - they are helpless and at our mercy - we can do anything we want - do it secretly - get away scot free - so why not do it ?"

The answer to "Why not ?" is: "Because you will NEVER GET HOME."
In the "first contact" experience for the planet Earth, the people who visited here appear to have been humans. or humanoids. They were friendly. However, the leaders of the Earth could not get along with them- most likely because they were actually normal, ethical beings living in compliance with established Universal laws.

Next, came the Grey "people". The Greys are not people but rather some evolved form if INSECT and their body type appears to be Class IV. Class IV consists of creatures such as insects, reptiles and worms. The Alchemical elements used in Class IV are Fire and Earth.

Evolutionary Theory

We have insects and reptiles on the Earth; however they do not have space ships or high technology. How did these "things" evolve to such a level limited within such a low class of form ?

On the Earth, the total spectrum bodies is available. Souls evolve by moving up to a higher form - but the form itself does not evolve until we get to the Human (Class I) form. Since there is no higher form for Souls to move up to, evolution then consists of advancements within the form.

For example, a "housewife" in ancient Egypt is not in the same state of consciousness as a housewife today. But, a house cat from ancient Egypt is roughly in the same "cat consciousness" as it is today. The Egyptian cat does not need to advance itself by becoming a "more evolved cat" because it can move up to a higher level of form and eventually get a human form.

Now consider the possibility of a planet somewhere where the only life  forms are Class V (plants) and Class IV. Souls using plant bodies can move up to the next class of insects, reptiles and worms but no higher because no higher physical form is available. Therefore, over time, they have evolved within the limits of their lesser form to the limit of the capabilities of that form.

They Greys are reported to have an association with another group of Class IV creatures - this time reptilian - who are not physically on the Earth in any significant numbers. They are supposed to come from the Orion Empire.

Greys on the Earth

In 1953, the Greys are said to have established formal agreements with the Earth by means of a contract signed by President Eisenhower. This contract promises that the Greys will give high technology and that the Earth will give the Greys whatever they need to survive.
The Greys are parasites and what they "need to survive" is a stockpile of human beings to consume. Also, they have come to the end of their natural cycle of existence under the Universal Laws: They cannot reproduce and the cloning techniques that they have been using are now failing.

Feeding the Greys

The Greys need to eat - we promised to feed them in the contract (or, rather, our "leaders" promised to feed them).

Food, for the Greys, is supposed to consist of two classes of components. One is physical, the other Astral.

The physical component is a chemical or chemicals that can be found in Humans when they are in highly agitated emotional states. The corresponding Astral component is raw emotional "energy".

To provide the Astral "food", a sufficiently large group of Humans needs to be kept emotionally "sexed up". The preferred way to do this is to have them involved in a war - the more terrible the war and the more atrocities committed the higher is the level of "food production".

To provide the physical component of the food, physical people (citizens) must be abducted and then "prepared" for feeding by being terrified which maximizes the quantity of the desired substance.

The Greys absorb this substance through their bodies as  opposed to eating. To do this, they hop into what is essentially a bowl of "soup" and in this soup are the chopped up physical bodies of the humans.   Children have been found to be most desirable for making this "soup" because they can be easily terrified (ever wonder where all those "missing children" went).

Survival Techniques

Various life forms have all developed techniques for survival. Mosquitoes, for example, who also feed on humans, first inject the person with anesthetic so they won't feel them biting them. The hope is that they can get a "mouth" full of blood and get away before the drug wears off. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it does not in which case the bug usually gets swatted dead.

The Greys use brain implants to control the humans they want to use. Attached to the optic nerve, these devices reportedly cannot be removed without causing death to the effected human. Communication signals to/from the devices use time-independent (subspace-type) technology. The method may be similar to "ESP" communications between humans which has also been shown to be instantaneous.

Common Areas of Interest

As a general rule, when you get into contractual relationships, there is some area of common interest. There is a pretty wide "spread" between humans and a bunch of overgrown bugs but there is a common interest. That interest is SURVIVAL.

The Greys are a doomed race. Under the laws of nature, they have reached the end of their time. They cannot re produce any more. Their cloning tricks are failing; Their latest trick of attempting to make a new "hybrid" body for themselves by kidnapping pregnant human women and splicing "bug genes" into the unborn child to make some new "creature" is not working too good either.

The Illuminati people who work with the Greys and control the Earth, are also doomed. They have violated every Universal Law, committed every possible sin, and gone against every principle of Good that it is possible to do.

They cannot get another Human body by lawful means. They must either keep their present body alive or steal someone else's body to continue to physically exist. They do both.

The common bond, then, sort of a "marriage made in Hell", is the seeking of all sorts to medical information and occult information and high-technology information that they hope will allow them to continue to survive physically.

To get this information they sacrifice (kill) the ordinary human population of the Earth as needed.

Lifestyles of the Greys

Like our garden variety insects, such as ants and termites, the Greys live in underground tunnels. There are quite a few large colonies around the world and the leaders of other industrialized nations play ball with them also under the same arrangement: Let them kill ordinary people if they will give Government leaders "high technology".

The Greys are reported to have no emotions - consistent with a simple, inferior, class of life. They are opinionated and feel humans are "ugly things" but admit they are good to eat. They are supposed to be pathological liars which certainly gives them a communications bond with Government leaders.

And, of course, like the Illuminati people, they are "on a quest" for dominance, everlasting physical life, mastery over everything including GOD - the regular megalomaniac routine.

Their argument for continued support and association with Earth Government is that they will help defend the Earth (i.e., its Elite) from their reptile friends if they attack.

Applicable Law

Human beings do not have to submit to overgrown grey ants - or to any other creepy crawly thing for that matter and this concept is supported at ALL levels of law.

The law of the Bible clearly proclaims that GOD gave Man dominion over all of the sub-creatures of the Earth.

Universal law recognizes Class I life forms as superior to all other forms.

And even local laws recognize that no one is obligated to stand by and let someone or something kill or mutilate them.

Now, of course, the Elite of the world have their own "law" which is "IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF US, YOU ARE NOTHING".

That is the basis of their belief system.

Defense Techniques

If you are approached by any of these "things", you have the right to defend yourself. You have the same right to kill them as you have to swat a mosquito. They are parasite bugs. They offer nothing and take everything.

If they are supported by any of their human friends during an attack, you have the right to kill them also.

No Karma is associated with legitimate self-defense. No one is obligated to allow another anything destroy. them - no matter what it is. We all have the right to life and we all have the right and duty to defend our lives.

These concepts are in accordance with Universal Law and have been affirmed by Spiritual Masters. They supersede any law of the Government of the United States or of any other Nation.

People who may have been implanted with mind control devices can jam the control signals to/from these devices using high frequency ultrasonic generators such as those sold for rodent and INSECT control.

Physical Locations

In the United States, the primary base and "feeding center" is Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Dayton, Ohio.

Worldwide, perhaps the largest Grey base is below the North Sea. There are many smaller bases. Remember, any point in the World can be accessed through the secret underground tunnel system that links underground cities and installations. "Rapid Transit" tubes are kept in a vacuum for high speed transport.



I wish to discuss with you the concept of cycles. There are cycles that you are all familiar with - the cycles of the Seasons from the Spring to Winter - the cycles of days and years and centuries. Cycles are and have been part of your existence for as long as anyone can remember.

There are also personal cycles - youth to old age. Everyone goes through these cycles.

On a larger scale there are great cycles with which the Astrologers have always been familiar. These cycles, when drawn on a two dimensional diagram, resemble the gear wheels of an ancient clock. And, over time, they slowly turn.

No one can alter any of these cycles. GOD can't change them. I can't change them. The men and women who serve in special positions in both Positive and Negative Hierarchies can't change them either. All any of us can do is to do our best to adapt to them.

Programmed and pre-set at the beginning of time, these cycles slowly and methodically progress.

Shortly the planet Earth will begin a new cycle - more than just a new age it is a cycle of Adulthood - it the passage which we must all eventually go through from the world of children to the world of Adults.

Parents, who love their children, do all they can to prepare them for the day when society will consider them to no longer be children. This day must come - parents know this - young kids do not. Parents know they cannot stop time - although they may dream of a "peter pan" world where childhood is forever - they know that such a world does not exist.

Throughout the ages of Man, special beings, known as Sages and Avatars and the like have come to the Earth and - based on the needs of the period in which they chose to live, have done their best - as sort of "parents of Humanity" to steer the kids of the Earth in directions that would prepare them gradually for Adulthood, which they all knew must eventually come.

For a person, society has certain rituals, for want of a better word, that it performs when a person becomes legal age [18, in the case of the present day Earth]. Young Adults can register to vote - they can likely get a VISA card - they can buy recreational drugs like alcohol and go get smashed legally.

For a Planet, there is also a right of passage which is the official recognition by the Hierarchies formalized by what is called a "classification upgrade" to N3 status which is Adult status. The Planet Earth will be upgraded soon, and I take this opportunity to wish all citizens of Earth the best.