Obviously, we are not going to get into any detail about the public sciences - the libraries are loaded with books on all of them already. What we will do, however, is to realistically take a look at them.


In 1941, beings from some other planet physically landed here on a physical ship and physically talked to officials from the US Government [and perhaps other governments - I don't have the complete guest list handy].

At that meeting, the people of Earth were given all the information they were missing such as the cures for all diseases - secrets of space and time travel - and the answers to all the mysteries of Physics and Chemistry as well as mysteries that puzzle ordinary people like how the pyramids got built. They chose to lock this away and use it only for the benefit of the rich elite.

Conventional science essentially stopped that day because there was no legitimate reason to continue scientific research if someone just gave you all the answers.

What we have then, in today's conventional science, is basically science as it existed prior to 1941 with a very few advancements that have leaked out from behind the secrecy curtain or which became too obvious to suppress.

So, PHYSICS is 1930's physics. So is Chemistry and the others.

In real life, PHYSICS frontiers today have to do with temporal sciences [time], dimensional sciences [like how to make things smaller or larger by comparison to you], ultra weapons science considering such things as thought power amplification, and so on.

CHEMISTRY is complete and largely public knowledge. It is at a level of hands on assembly - molecule by molecule of whatever you want. The CHEMISTRY research of today is really ALCHEMY - they want to make machines which will do Alchemy because they do not have the spiritual development necessary to do it under their own power as is usually done by Adepts.

MEDICINE is complete. All possible diseases have been cataloged and there is a simple, painless, cure for all of them - available only to the elite, of course.

PRODUCTION sciences like food production are pretty maxed out too. Earth produces enough food to feed three worlds equal to the Earth. People starve here because of deliberate Government plans to control the population of the slave class.

POWER is no problem. The underground cities use geothermal energy generated as a result of the Earth's rotation about the Sun which is inexhaustible and unlimited from any practical view.



The "Advanced Sciences" are extensions of the pure sciences that we are all familiar with such as physics and Chemistry. Aspects of the advanced sciences would cover, for example the "Theory of Reversible Electromagnetism" which is the basis for the propulsion system for ships capable of deep space travel.

Several US Presidents have attempted to come forward and tell the American People about Aliens, UFO's and the real [secret] space program of the United States such as the "51st. Space Wing" of the US Air Force based at Area 51.

None has so far been successful. Most recently. president Carter was supposedly arrested by the NSA when he tried. He was replaced with a "duplicate" and either held in isolation somewhere or killed. The Grey People helped the NSA with the "duplicate" which still lives and is now being used for special diplomatic assignments.

In the sixties, John Kennedy started the US Space program. He also wrote an executive order to the intelligence community instructing them to de-classify and release to the public all information known about UFO's.

Unfortunately, there is a secret cartel of renegades who have amassed tremendous wealth who have been manipulating the governments of Earth for some time. These people felt their selfish power trip threatened should the general population of Earth become enlightened.

They persuaded the National Security Agency (NSA) to declare President Kennedy a "security risk" and order the Secret Service agent driving his car to shoot him in the head with a CIA Assignation Gun containing exploding capsules filled with deadly "shellfish toxin". His orders to tell the American people the truth were destroyed and never implemented.

When Mr. Kennedy started the Space program and indicated he wished to embark upon a new era of truthfulness and openness, the IGC, following its standard protocol, sent observer teams to the Earth to observe and help out. The team commander was authorized to issue an upgrade for the Earth Planet from its present N6 rating to the N3 status rating which would have made the Earth a member if the inter-galactic community of advanced races and allowed it free access to data on how to build deep space vehicles and to the shared data base of scientific and medical knowledge of the advanced planets.

If Mr. Kennedy had not been assassinated, in the thirty or 50 years that have now passed, medical knowledge from this data base would have now wiped out all incurable diseases and the Earth would be well established in the "Star Trek"-like exploration of deep space.


While the concept of an "Iron Curtain Country" with its air tight borders and secret police watching everyone and terrorizing the helpless people, is gradually drifting out of public consciousness, it appears that these zones may have simply been replaced by a larger zone: an "Iron Curtain Planet".

We call our little Earth a "Global Village". Actually, it is more like a "Global Plantation". You know the concept of a Plantation. The Master and his family live in a big beautiful mansion and the slaves work the grounds and live in trash shacks.

In the case of the Earth, the "master's mansion" is represented by the underground cities where the Elite - surrounded by every conceivable luxury - live and the slave quarters are the surface of the Earth where the ordinary people "work the land" and "dig in the mines".

They are "surrounded" by a system of spy and attack satellites that watch everything they do Eventually, they will even be "branded" [like cattle] with identification microchips.

All sources of information they can access are controlled and censored. Government agents "quietly" live in every neighborhood. Everything they do is "quietly" watched and recorded. Like classic plantations, if the "master" wants them for anything [like for some spare parts - liver, kidneys, or whatever - or some weird medical experiment] they are taken to the "master's house" underground, never to return.

Also, you can't leave. One reason slaves stay slaves is that they do not realize that a better situation is available. On traditional plantations, many slaves were content because they were protected and "the master took care of them". They felt they had a pretty good deal. That's why the system worked. They also felt that "there was no where else to go".

Today, the equivalent is the propaganda that "Earth is all there is so make the best of it here". If people knew that anti-gravity technology can get you physically anywhere in the physical universe quickly and that it is simpler than the technology of a common transistor radio, they might decide to leave and search for their dreams of a better life and "freedom" elsewhere.

But, of course, they are programmed to believe that the only way to leave the Earth is to sit on top of a giant size bottle rocket and be slowly blasted off on short trips that take a long time. They are told "science proves" you can't exceed the speed of light.

Sicence also proves that a bumblebee cannot fly.