Before beginning our discussions on Occult Sciences, it may be good to review the area
or subspace of the Universe which is relevant to this.  Below we repeat the overview
diagram from Chapter One:

Occult Sciences are those sciences which are wholly contained in REGION  III
which are not in the category of Conventional Sciences.



Lets briefly discuss possession, since it is a continuing problem on Earth due to the naively of the population here. We have discussed that all people have an Astral form or Astral Body which they can separate from the physical body and use for "trips" while alive and healthy.

There are practitioners of Witchcraft operating on Earth who "sell" the bodies of young healthy Humans to other beings on the Astral Plane who want a physical body and do not want to wait for the natural sequence of re-incarnation to take place. These people set themselves up as "Priests" and claim to do a ritual which will make you "born again". In this ritual, they get you to leave your physical body via some method and have arranged for the Astral Entity to whom they are selling your body to be close at hand. He or She [Astral Entities have sex] moves into the space your Astral Body is normally in and stays there - therefore you cannot return to your physical body and, although it is still alive [with its new owner in control], you have essentially been murdered and your physical lifetime is ended.

There are some checks on this sort of thing. Angels and Devils are the "good guys and bad guys" of the Astral world and they compete and check each other similar to good and bad guys in the Physical World. However, when you willingly enter into some ritual like this, you are, however unconsciously, giving permission for this to be done to you - in other words, you are committing suicide. Please be cautious about this. It is a lucrative "occult business" here on Earth.

I want now to get into a bit more detail on "possession" the act and practice of stealing another person's physical body. First I should state - for those of you who feel that dangerous secrets are being given out - that this ancient art has been known and practiced since the dawn of the creation and it is practiced today. The information we will give here is far from secret- you can find it in books dealing with witchcraft, sorcery, and the occult. Also covens of Witches who practice in the United States sell correspondence courses through the mail which teach you to become a witch and which give detailed instructions on how to do a possession.


Stealing another person's body so you can artificially extend your physical lifetime is a crime. It is equal to murder because the soul you "dispossessed" is essentially dead now even though his or her body is still alive, with you now in control of it. When IGC Enforcement comes upon these situations, the stolen body is destroyed and also the sorcerer or whoever helped you do this act receives the immediate death penalty.

It has now been published that Adolph Hitler did not die but rather faked his death and continued to live for some time in Brazil. When I heard "Brazil", I thought, "Why Brazil - of all places ?". Then I realized that Brazil has many psychic practitioners and people from the United States and other countries routinely go to Brazil for "psychic healing" and the like.

People like Hitler greatly fear death - because they sort of know what is waiting for them and the penalties that they will pay in Hell for their crimes against GOD and humanity. So, while Spiritual Students do not fear death and even sometimes look forward to it and to their release from this Creation and return to GOD, dictators and other evil masterminds try their best to avoid physical death.

Therefore it is very likely that Hitler is still physically alive and using a stolen physical body. It is also very likely that he is in the United States at some secret location and that he is assisting the United States Government in its "top secret" New World Order plans. This is because the New World Order plan is based on Nazi Philosophy. The plan is, basically, to kill all humans who DO NOT have white skin and either blue or hazel eyes. These two categories were the ones Hitler advocated as the "Master Race". So, if Hitler still lives, he would be most welcome in the United States at the present time because the US Government is doing exactly what he tried to do and failed to accomplish about fifty years ago.


Ignorance is expensive. We have already discussed the present US Government policy of simply pretending that the other realities [Astral, etc.] do not exist.

However, this policy may well backfire in the not too distant future because what it has accomplished is to make it "open season" for all those various groups that practice Witchcraft and possessions and other psychic "stuff" because they know they can do whatever they want and get off scot free since the things they do are officially classified as "nonexistent".

Let's take, for example, a real case some time back of a father who was not crazy and who, in fact, was quite well respected and had no history of strange behavior. This man woke up one morning and his bed was full of blood and his wife and kid were dead with their "pieces" scattered all around. Of course, he had no memory of this.
Since the circumstantial evidence indicated that he was the only one in a position to commit this crime, he was charged with murder. However, the Judge recognized that "something weird" had taken place here and so the man was released.

Now, this is a case of possession. Some screw ball, probably using instructions from a "witchcraft correspondence course" of the type presently marketed in the United States, wanted to have some "fun" and got control of this man's body and committed these heinous crimes. We have no system to prosecute people like this because our silly scientists say these things are "impossible".

Now, if this event had taken place on an N3 planet, the justice system there would have referred the matter to IUC Enforcement, they would then run an Akashic trace and located the guy [or girl] who had possessed this man's body and they would be hunted down and taken and put to death.

Access to information on how to do a possession is far from secret because secret groups sell this information and they advertise quite openly in psychic-type magazines.

Additionally, there is a "subtle" recruitment program that is initiating young people into Witchcraft without telling them what is happening. This involves certain popular "games" that are sold. In these games, there are sequences of "affirmations" that you do and these affirmations are calls for establishing a relationship with a "spirit guide" from the Astral World. Consequently, many young people who get into these games are becoming legitimate Witches [or Warlocks] and they do not know that this is what is really taking place. Often the games will tell the child that he or she

is going to get an "imaginary playmate". What they really get is a very real "Astral friend or guide" and they will most likely be "stuck" with this guide for life.


In this little discussion we want to get into a bit more detail about human men and women. The first observation we want to make is that men and women are not the same.


Men and Women are called "INVERSIONS" of each other. What this means is that the "same stuff" is used for both men and women but this "stuff" is arranged in an opposite configuration. This notion of "inversion" has two aspects. One is physical and the other is Astral.

In the physical plane the sexuality of the female is "inward" and the sexuality of the male is outward. They both have complementary "parts". For example, ovaries and testicles are essentially the "same stuff", one is inside and the other is outside. The same pattern follows for penis and vagina.

In the Astral spectrum, the energy pattern of the female and male is "opposite", sort of like "dextro and levo" molecules. The male energy has a clockwise "twist" to it and the female energy has a "counterclockwise twist". This is true for all life forms, incidentally, and is the scientific basis for an ancient tool that all farmers will be familiar with called the "egg sexer". An "egg sexer" is simply an iron ball on the end of a non-magnetic string or stick. To sex the egg you hold this over the egg and note the motion which is caused by the magnetic field or "aura" of the un-born baby chick. No motion indicates that the egg is not fertile or that the chick has died.

A legitimate adult female is the equal of her male counterpart. However, the developmental protocol for males and females is not the same. The female developmental protocol includes the additional step of bearing at least one child. Historically, this has always been recognized and in past cultures a barren female was "looked down upon" and recognized as "a lesser being". Also, statements in the Christian Bible by Jesus refer to this concept as "A woman will be re-born through childbirth" - which loosely translated means that a woman will complete [her developmental protocol] through childbirth. Another difference between men and women, possibly as compensation for the extra step in the developmental protocol, is the little organ called the clitoris. This "pleasure switch" allows the female to have orgasms 24 hours a day if she wants to and there is no equivalent "switch" for men. So, a female body is sort of a "fun body" and the male body is "more serious".

Assuming both a man and a woman have completed their developmental protocols, they are equal. This is because, at this point, they are no longer "men and women", but both have realized
that they are essentially "naked souls" and naked souls have no sex. Therefore, this un-equality problem does not exist.



There are a good many Psychic and Mental skills that some people presently alive on the Planet Earth possess. Here we will list the most common of them and give a brief definition of each attribute.

This is the ability to pick up "good vibes" or "bad vibes" from another person who is physically close to you and also to sense impending danger.

2. ESP

This is the ability to sense things which may take place in future time or have taken place in present time in a situation away from you which you could not know about by ordinary communication.

The ability to pick up on images and also sounds of things which are taking place far away from you.

This is the ability to see the inner worlds of the lower planes through the "Third Eye".

We have previously discussed this in detail.

The Akashic Records contain every event that has and will take place on the Planet Earth as well as the other planets in the Physical Universe.

This is the Science of the transmutation of matter/energy. It is the ability - working from the Causal Plane level, to dissolve things back to the original "primal elements" or qualities [earth, air, fire, water, and ETHER] out of which they were originally manifested and brought into physical existence.

These are skills such as levitating things and bending spoons ,etc.

This means being able to directly access TEXT data from the original storehouse on the Mental Plane and means also that your personal mind has "returned to its home" and merged back into the UNIVERSAL MIND.

Self explanatory. PLEASE NOTE: Reading a person's mind without permission is an invasion of that person's psychic space and will be charged against you in your karmas


Self explanatory. PLEASE NOTE: The energy that you use to do psychic or spiritual healing comes from your personal storehouse of energy. If you use it up this way, you will likely not have enough - at the time of your death - to enable you to reach the higher worlds. See TRAINING FILM:


Self explanatory. PLEASE NOTE: Hypnotizing a person against his/her wishes is a Spiritual Crime carrying severe penalties.

We have discussed this in detail elsewhere. See TRAINING FILM:

This involves leaving your physical body as a naked soul. Actually, all that you really are is a naked soul and this naked soul is the "son" of GOD. People using this method would feel that they were "a cloud with eyes and ears". PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT attempt to run around outside of your body unless you are an initiate and under the protection of a legitimate  Master  who is competent in the various aspects of the specific inner planes you wish to explore. You have no idea of the problems you may encounter and, in some cases, the link with your physical body may break which means that you could not "find it" and therefore it would die.

We have discussed this in detail elsewhere.


The so- called "mind-expanding drugs", of which LSD-25 is probably the best with few or no physical side-effects are not good to use. It is correct to say that these drugs "open people up" for inner experiences. But, they do this "out of the natural sequence". Suppose you took a five year old kid out of the First Grade  and took him to a University and put him in a room with professors representing the masters of all known Arts and Sciences and they - all at once - began educating this kid with everything they knew. Now, this is going to be some confused child. Similarly, when you access the inner worlds artificially and by "random chance" depending on drug dosage level and personal susceptibility, you cannot be adequately prepared for what will happen - there is just no way that you can be. So, there are likely to be consequential problems that can be quite serious. In normal Spiritual development, without drugs and with a Perfect Saint as your guide, you will have all these experiences and much much more. But, you will have them when - and ONLY when, you are legitimately mature and balanced enough to handle them. They will be beneficial to you then - and not an unfortunate setback.



"Remote Viewing" is the U.S. Governments' name for its super secret
spy technique for obtaining information from the present, past and future. Remote Viewers are typically military people - trained to be "killing machines" - and have no Spiritual aspirations.
However, they seem to have no trouble "viewing". Remote Viewing is a latent human talent. Humans have been around for some time and so have their "talents". Consequently, the Government's claim to have invented Remote Viewing is suspicious.

Let's take a look at the Government technique first as it has been described by "Remote Viewers" who have left Government service and decided to talk publicly about their exploits:

The Government Technique:

Remote Viewers meet in a gray room. Everything is gray. They each take a seat in their gray reclining chairs and are hooked up to medical equipment.
A "theta brain wave" [about 4 cycles per second] reference is activated to be used by the viewers to enter an altered state of consciousness. One viewer is the "team leader". The team "travels" mentally to their target remote location.
All team members stay together and are physically conscious and relating to their "controllers" [one for each team member] the things they observe at the remote location.

Now, let's take a look at a technique used by Adepts [called "Shamans"] in rituals done by Native Americans (American Indians) when they need to get "remote" information:

The Shaman Technique:

The Shaman [team leader] and some disciples sit quietly with other tribe members.
A drum is beat at 200 beats per minute [about 4 beats per second].
The Shaman and the chosen disciples enter an altered state of consciousness and all get into an "imaginary canoe" which the Shaman "rows" to the remote location of interest.
The details and information needed are then relayed in real time to the other members of the tribe.

You might notice some similarities between the two techniques.


In the schematic diagrams on pages 8 and 9 we gave the schematic diagrams of the system of universes in which we live.

The Lower Worlds are contained in an "egg shaped" package. It is sometimes called "the Egg of Brahm". This package is a "closed system". Laws applicable to closed systems such as the principles of Thermodynamics apply to it.  We repeat the schematic model from Chapter One below:

The study of this closed system is called OCCULT SCIENCE. People presently living who are knowledgeable in this area include [legitimate and competent] Witches, Magicians, Metaphysicians, Psychics, and Psychic Astrologers. These people charge for their services. They are allowed to do this and it is quite correct for them to do so.

The things outside of this Egg are covered by the Spiritual Sciences. Practitioners of the Spiritual Sciences exist at the pleasure of, and under the will of GOD. Their services are performed out of their love for GOD and for Humanity.


The planes of the lower creation are the Physical Plane, the Astral Plane, the Causal Plane and the Mental Plane. Each plane has a central figure, called a Plane Lord, who supervises things there. Various names for these Plane Lords are given in occult and spiritual literature. The name of the Lord of the Causal Plane is never revealed, however.


The causal world is also called the "plane of Forces". This is because everything that exists on the Earth and elsewhere in the Physical Universe has its "seeds" on the Causal Plane. In the Causal Matrix there is a program for the creation and for the maintenance in existence of the Planet Earth. If this program is deleted from the Matrix, the Planet Earth will drop out of the creation and will cease to exist. The Spiritual Officer in Command of a planet is given the codes to access the Causal Matrix and order Lord of the Causal Plane to dissolve that planet. No one can override this absolute authority which comes directly from GOD.




The Astral Plane is the Plane most familiar to psychics and sensitive people. Actually, when physical people are on the Earth they are on the first astral plane. There are quite a few sub-planes of the Astral World


You can make a "window" that will allow you - even though you have no psychic or spiritual talents at all - to view the Astral World. To do this you need "DICYANIN DYE". This harmless blue dye between two sheets of glass will allow you to see the "first astral plane". What you could see would be ghosts, earth-bound astral entities, and people leaving their body at the time of physical death. You can't buy Dicyanin Dye because the Us Government, in its continuing program to censor the truth and hold people in darkness, has placed very tight security and restrictions on its sale.

The Astral World, as well as the other three lower planes, has a positive and negative aspect. "Fun" places are located on the "positive side" of the Astral Plane and the "HELL WORLDS" are located on the negative side.

ASTRAL BODIES essentially look like the physical body that you [or some entity] has right now. They have sex and so there are both male and female astral forms. Residents of the Astral Plane have friends, relationships, and "physical sex". However, children are not born to residents of the Astral World.  Astral Bodies can "shape-shift".  An astral form looks like its equalivent physical form
only because the entity "believes" that that is what it looks like.  Should these "beliefs" change,
so would the astral body.

Many Churches consider the Astral Plane [the good or fun side of it] to be the Ultimate Heaven and have organizations of Astral Entities [who once lived on Earth] there and can also communicate with them. They call them Saints, however this has no relationship to the legitimate Perfect Saints we have discussed elsewhere.


The Mental Plane is the top of the lower creation. Entities there have "mental bodies". These bodies look like a bluish globe. A good training film which shows a situation where a dead husband - in his mental body - attacks his living wife on Earth is the movie entitled "THE ENTITY", most likely available on videocassette.

The Astral World and the astral body relate to "emotion". If a. person dies and goes to the Astral world and then clears his Astral [emotional] karmas, he can move up to the Mental World. Should he do this, his Astral body is dropped. A human body cannot remain alive with no soul in it.
An astral form, however, can. So an empty Astral Form, which is a harmless brainless thing and cannot harm you, should it drift down to the first Astral plane and wander into your house is the true definition of what GHOSTS are.


We know that the Physical Universe exists and we study it constantly so there is little use here in discussing it.

Slightly above the Physical Plane - between the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane is what is called the Inter-Sapcial Zone. This corridor is used for interplanetary travel by advanced civilizations using ships capable of traveling in accelerated time [warp speed]. Access to the inter-spacial zone is regulated by the Inter-Galactic Council [IGC]. Craft caught in the inter-spacial zone without the proper markings and identification and not transmitting their beacon with the correct identification codes are destroyed.

The planet Earth is located in Galaxy Sector N6-129 and has an "N6" rating which means that it is not authorized to use the Inter-Spacial Zone.

The other types of Galaxy-Sectors are N3 and N0.

N3 Sectors are reasonably advanced (but by no means perfect) people who have cleared from their planet's "crisis period" and are normal and peaceful.

N0 Sectors are Spiritual Cities. A Spiritual City is
a civilization where ALL adults have Q-Clearance. That
is, all adults can access the first Spiritual Plane of



There are many "correspondence course" type secret groups that sell instructions in the practice of Magic. You should know that Magic is real and that - as a Human Being - it is one of the powers that you possess. Also, there are some other things you should know.


The development of the ability to do Magic is equivalent to receiving a credit card. You can use it, but you must pay. Use of magic is not charged in money, however. It is charged in Karma which is recorded and collected by the collection department of the "bank" of Kal Niranjan. This bank is always open, and the record system it uses is very precise, and eventually everyone pays up their debt in full. To pay your debt of karmas may well cost you countless future lifetimes here on Earth or some Planet in the Physical Universe and there is no guarantee that in those "future lives" you will be given birth as a Human being. That is the cost of the practice of magic. I cannot emphasize too strongly that if you should discover you have reached the developmental level where you can do magic you should not practice it. If you do, you have been warned of the consequences that will follow. No beings who are legitimately involved at any level of the Spiritual Sciences will do magic and, if you have any aspirations of ever being able to leave here and residing in the Spiritual Planes where God lives, you will not either. Please consider this warning carefully


The power to do Magic is a mental ability. Therefore, it is a force under the control of Satan or, properly, Kal Niranjan. In the center of your forehead there is an opening. It is commonly called the "Third Eye". It is not a physical opening, but a faculty that you have been given with which to view Other planes of existence while alive, conscious, and living here on the Earth Planet.


When, through the Third Eye, you see this landscape, the power to do Magic has come to you. This is the landscape of the Causal World. The Sky is Orange. The pyramid shaped things which cover the landscape are gray with a slight tint of Violet.

These pyramid shaped things are the tops of civilizations which exist in the Physical Universe. One of them is the gate to the Planet Earth as shown on the schematic at the beginning of this discussion. The others go elsewhere and the beings there are not necessarily Human.

When you imagine something with your "consciousness" fixed at this level, and then "bring it down" to the level of the Physical Plane, you can cause things to come into existence in the Earth World. Basically, that's all there is to it.

Magic is a mental skill we all have, although few develop
it. You should not be afraid of magic. You should not feel that someone who can "dazzle" you with magic is special or "Jesus Christ" or someone important whom you should follow and obey. Magic is very real - real magic like this is not a "trick" - it does exist and you can do it - but, for the reasons we have given above in the WARNING, you should not.

Many World Leaders practice Magic. They know the consequences and they don't care. They have made the choice to turn their back on God and serve Satan for ever here in the Physical Universe. So, they do not care how many extra lifetimes they must stay here to repay their debt, because they like it here - they do not want the Kingdom of Heaven - and they will do their best to keep other "innocent" people from getting into Heaven too. Good and Evil is a fact of life
in this world. You should not pretend it does not exist:
You should be informed so that you can make competent choices.


Another subject area that we should just touch on a bit is Witchcraft and its practice. When people die and therefore leave this Plane of existence, many of them end up in the Astral world. In the Astral world, the beings have bodies - Astral forms - which resemble the body they had while alive in the Physical Universe. You have this body now, and you can [but again, should not] use it for what is commonly called "Astral Projection".

Some departed souls on the Astral Plane have fond memories of Earth and of the life they had there at one time - and they seek bonding with an Earth person who is presently alive, Their Astral Body has a life expectancy of about two thousand Earth years, so that gives you the approximate time frame of the historical period they would come from.

When a living person consciously establishes some type of "bonding" with an entity from the Astral world so that they know of its presence and can communicate with it, they are, by definition, a Witch. Both men and women can, of course, do this.


The main danger of Witchcraft is that you have essentially made a choice of an "esoteric teacher" when you adopt a guide from the Astral World. The beings of this plane, as well as those of the Causal Plane and Mental Plane are "waiting". What they are waiting for is the opportunity to be born again in a physical body. They are waiting because the only "gate" from the lower worlds to the Spiritual worlds where GOD lives is the Human Body. You must establish a rapport with GOD while physically alive as a Human being to return to Heaven. The generally recommended way to do this is to contact a Living  Saint and ask for initiation. An astral entity is someone who did not do this - he has died now and must wait for the chance to be born again when he will again have the opportunity to search for a  Living Saint. Therefore, a "spirit guide" can't guide you to anything of any real importance. Actually, he or she is in worse shape than you are because this entity cannot get into heaven from the situation which it is presently in.
So, obviously, it cannot help you get into heaven either. It can do certain things for you that will make your life more pleasing like tell you the future and the past.

However, to settle for this in place of looking for a Living Saint who can put you in contact with GOD so that you will never have to be re-born again as a Human being, is to make a very poor choice for an esoteric teacher. This is the main danger associated with wanting to know about or practice Witchcraft. The fact that you are settling for second best, or third or fourth best, when Living Saints are here on Earth right now who can start you on your way to GOD.



The "Transcendence Index" of a Planet is a quantity which reflects the number of souls who successfully leave that Planet and return to the upper Spiritual regions so that they need not be re-incarnated again.

Data to compute the transcendence index is available only to those beings whose job it is to carry out the work of the Lord by personally taking developed souls who have completed all of their karmas out of this creation and delivering those souls into the presence of God.

Planet  Transcendence Indices are commonly low in the Iron Age, but they should not be zero.
A zero index would mean the life forms were making no progress at all.  In such cases, an event
sequence is usually programmed to "shake things up".



When Lucifer was "employed" in Sub-System Administration, he was reportedly saddened by the fact that so few Souls were making any real progress. His argument to his superiors was that this should be changed and that it was not right to have a system set up so that essentially no one could escape from it.

It is supposed to have been this "humanitarian attitude" which cost him his job and got him sentenced to isolation on Earth. His bosses had grown accustomed to the status quo and, in this last stage of the cycle (Iron Age), were not willing to change.

Lucifer's bosses, known as the Controllers (Archangels in the Bible) are "controllers of the third level" or the Causal Plane. Therefore, in civilizations where the level of awareness or consciousness was higher than the third level, they had no control. It was in their interest, therefore, to make sure people did not evolve above the third level so that they would not lose their influence over them.

Lucifer's argument to "let my people go" was clearly not a hit with them.


Everyone makes his own choices in life. I personally feel it is silly and a waste of time to study the Occult Sciences because if you study the Spiritual Sciences instead, in the course of your studies, you will automatically "pick up" the Occult Sciences. Spiritual Science students never actually practice the Occult Sciences but they just can't avoid knowing about them since they generally must be mastered before the real Spiritual Sciences are.

I will now list some books which cover the Occult Sciences in case you wish further literature on them.

1. "COMPLETE MEDITATION" By Steve Kravette PUBLISHED BY: Para Research, Rockport MA, USA
2. "ASTROLOGY INSIDE OUT" By Bruce Nevin PUBLISHED BY: Pare Research, Rockport MA, USA
[The following books are all published by Oxford University press in New York, USA]
GB 332 GOD OF THE WITCHES by Margaret A. Murray
SPECIAL NOTE distributed by: Warner Communications

Please remember that you have no protection from occult forces unless you are under the protection of some type of Master who is familiar with whatever planes you wish to explore. These forces are quite real, powerful, and can kill you. Please be careful.



The Catholic Church uses a "Universal Translate Symbol" in its identification. We gave the Universal Translate Code in Chapter Two and so let's now make some practical use of this and de-code the symbolism of the Catholic Church.

The Symbol they use is:


So here we have a path through one gate and the notion of a special space "to the right". The first gate in the inter-universe system is the gate between the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane. So, since this path only crosses through one gate, it is a path to the Astral World only. The "space to the right" or the top of the "P" simply means that they are going to the positive or "fun" side of the Astral Plane. So the Catholic Church has nothing whatsoever to do with anything remotely spiritual. They can't even get to the Mental Plane, much less SACH KHAND.

Well, that was easy. We don't just make up these codes and things we have discussed in this book - they really work !



Some gurus come to Earth to do legitimate Spuritual work.  Others, however, have a different
agenda.  These gurus generally operate under orders from what are known as the Controllers
of the Third Level (Archangels).

They have students just like Spiritual gurus do, however their motive is quite different.  They
are sent to look for a very specific group of Souls who the Controllers feel are a potential
threat to the status quo which they want to maintain on the planet Earth.  These gurus have
orders to find these Souls and then promise them whatever it takes to get them to follow them.
Their intention is to take the Souls back to the third level where they will be "strung out

Obviously, no one would follow them if they came out and said this.  So, they generally
hold themselves out to be "high masters" and the like and promise to take people back
to God.  These gurus are dangerous because they operate on an "the end justifies the means"

These gurus are not incompetent "fakes" looking for money.  They want Souls and if they
get yours you are going to have a problem.  Therefore you should by all means run every
conceivable test you can when checking out a guru.


Spiritual and some psychic teachers come in what is called an "Esoteric Chain". This means that they were trained by a Master, who was himself trained by a Master, and so on. In the Spiritual Sciences the "chain" of Masters "stretches" from GOD on the twelfth vector all the way down to Earth on the first vector.


The Master at the "bottom" of the chain (the Master physically living) has "effective" powers
due to his connection to the "chain".  However, he may not have many "personal" powers. Additionally, he may not know where the "top of the chain" is located. To be Spiritual, the master(s) at the high end of the chain must be in a Spiritual Region. If they are not, and the new student master does not know this because he can only access the first "link" in the chain, then he is deceived and so are students who follow him.

Obviously, a chain must start somewhere. So the original master is called a direct creation because he had no master and his training was done directly by GOD.

Spiritual Officers are always direct creations.


I want to spend some time cussing the Negative Hierarchy- that group of administrators which includes the entity that Earth people - through their various religions - have come to "know" [in quotes because they really know nothing about him] as Satan or the Devil.


Most of these references refer to Kal Niranjan who is the System Administrator for this section of space. Other entities prominent in the Negative Hierarchy are well known Plane Lords such as Brahm and lesser known administrators such as Krishna.
Crazy as it sounds, I'm sure there are people out there who really believe that Kal spends his time taking candy from babies and pushing little old ladies in wheelchairs into oncoming traffic. This is apparently what most people think of as "evil deeds". Of course this is crazy nonsense.

People like Kal are called "negative" as opposed to "positive" because they have responsibilities in the lower creation which is "negative" as compared to the higher planes which are "positive" by comparison. Also, administrators in the negative creation DO NOT have the duty to help or to teach Souls how to leave the lower worlds and return to GOD. Souls instinctively long to do this because their true home is NOT here but with GOD in the higher Spiritual planes. Consequently, if you want to know how to go home to GOD, the members of the Negative Hierarchy will NOT help you because that is not their job. Consequently, if you worship and follow a member of the Negative Hierarchy, there is NO CHANCE AT ALL that you will ever get to the for real "heaven" which is in the higher Spiritual planes. This is the reason Spiritual people tell disciples NOT to listen to the Negative Hierarchy or to Masters from the "left hand path".

However, in fairness, the thing that they DO NOT tell you- which should be obvious to you- is that YOU PRESENTLY LIVE IN THE LOWER CREATION. Before you get all bent out of shape cursing the Negative Hierarchy, you should realize that it is because of the Negative Hierarchy that you physically exist and have a physical planet to exist on and have a Sun that keeps you warm. The Negative Hierarchy maintains these things. If some religious nut could [which they can't] really "kill the Devil" they would be in for quite a surprise when the Sun went out and their Planet dissolved back to the primary elements out of which it was formed.

People in the Negative Hierarchy do the jobs that result in the stability that you have to live and grow here on your dinky little Planet Earth. If no one wanted to do those jobs, you would not exist here.

Beings who have job assignments in the Negative Hierarchy are completely competent within the scope of their assigned responsibilities.



Let's talk about SIN. What is SIN ? Is there anything that is SIN. What about "original SIN"? OK, here goes:

Let's start with "original sin". This is supposed to be connected somehow with Adam & Eve in the garden - assuming that there ever was a garden. The destabilization event in the "garden" was the act of Adam and Eve taking their attention off of GOD to ponder the knowledge of "good and evil" which they had requested. Letting the MIND wander out to ponder all this stuff was the SIN and as a result of this destabilization they became sort of schizophrenic about life. They became, for example, very self conscious of the fact that they were sexually different and were "ashamed" and "hid themselves with fig leaves". The SIN part of this is the destabilization from unity with GOD. The destabilization event caused all following events and so the destabilization event is the ORIGINAL SIN - the SIN of losing touch with GOD once you have achieved it. Adam and Eve, since this was their natural state, did not know how special they were and what a rare relationship they had with GOD - until they lost it.

What about SEX. No SEX in the original sin at all. And, being realistic, what good would it have done to leave Adam and Eve childless and let them just grow old and die with no offspring. Why give them sex if they were not supposed to have any sex. Does not make much sense, does it.

Actually, if Adam and Eve had NOT asked for the knowledge which caused them to become screwed up in the head, they would probably have had a great sex life. People today go through all sorts of exotic treatments and therapies to try to remove the hang ups which come from worrying about all sorts of stupid stuff [the very same worrying that you can plainly see in the biblical story of Adam and Eve] that they would be better off if they could just forget about.

If Adam and Eve were not the victims of the REAL original sin of being overcome with information [information disease] they would have no doubt mated and had lots of kids who would have had no sex hang ups and would have totally enjoyed the legitimate fun that men and women can have.

People do not develop spiritually by forcing themselves to repress desires. It is true that as one advances in a spiritual direction, desires for things which stimulate the lower chakras such as sex diminish. This is an evolutionary process and simply refusing to stimulate the lower chakras does not cause spiritual development. It is spiritual development that causes diminished attention on the lower chakras.

When people leave the world of children here for the last time to return to GOD, these experiences - only memories now - will not happen again. You would not deny a child its bliss of childhood; don't deny yourself the legitimate and wholesome things that are meant to be part of the experience of life in the human form. These natural things would not have been given to you if they were not meant to be used and enjoyed.

The Physical Universe and the three other Universes of the Lower Creation are not forever. Under the natural laws governing the relationships between mass and energy and the forces such as gravity, eventually the Entropy of the system [of Universes] of the Lower Worlds becomes unmanageable and the Creation must be dissolved and re-set. This point in the cycle of Time is called the time of the Dissolution.

When this time draws near, GOD notifies the Spiritual Masters and they come for their students [initiates] and they take them and leave the lower worlds for the- first Spiritual Plane of SACH KHAND. SACH KHAND is a purely positive spiritual world - there is no mass there and Time does not exist. Therefore, it is not subject to dissolution.

IOC Command notifies IUC command which notifies IGC command which transmits the warning on ISN to all N3 and N0 Galaxy Sectors. N6 Sectors receive no warning, mainly because they would not believe it. So, it does no good to try to inform these "people".

Kal Niranjan then orders his Angles to go down and collect all of the Souls remaining. The [undeveloped] Souls are put to sleep and drawn up toward the Etheric Plane where, sleeping, they patiently await the next creation.


When the Great Lord SOHUNG sees that all Souls are accounted for and that there are no Souls left from the Causal World downward, he gives the nod to the Lord of the Causal World to proceed with the Dissolution.

The Lord of the Causal World then takes the Great Key to the Causal Matrix and makes his way to the DDMC Position at Vector Reference 3.666. At DDMC [Division of Dissolution, Master Control], he places the key into the Matrix and, as he turns it, the Stars go out and the Physical Universe and the Astral World are no more.


We wish to discuss the concept that man will eventually become god. And to begin on a positive note, this concept, as a concept is not really wrong. Problems come in the realization of the concept.


You know you get people who join some Secret club and almost instantly there telling you stuff like "Well, I just got my first secret discourse from the Know It All Brotherhood, INC., and I lit my candle and my chakras are all sexed up and I should be god any day now for sure !"

Well it's a nice idea - and I really honestly don't want to discourage you - but "any day now" is quite a ways off.

There are a couple of key points to make here and we might do better using a lower image of this concept that everyone will understand.

You had a father. If you now have your own family you are a father - but obviously you are not your father because he is a different person - with a different address, phone, and all that stuff. But you are both fathers.

Now GOD is our father because he created our souls.
His house, as it is often called, is the created system
of universes where we now live. Remember, it is HIS
HOUSE. It is not your house.

Going back to the physical father example, certain changes have taken place. You and your father are both fathers but you are not in the same place. You have your house with your mate and he still has his house with his mate. Once you lived in his house - before you left to be on your own and also be a father - but you don't live there any more. That phase of your existence ended before you became a father in your own right. Extending this, you are a father only to your kids - you are not your sister's father or your Mother's father or your brother's father or the father of the guy down the block.

Now you should see that this idea that you will someday become god is a little more complicated than your original guess. As a kid, perhaps you dreamed of a family of your own which you now have. But in between the dream and reality was lots of work.

As essentially a baby [or, perhaps teen-age] Soul, we sometimes have dreams from the perspective of a soul and these dreams may include our future as a god. This future is far away. It involves the higher octave of the example we just gave. First, you need to be able to move out of your father's [GOD's]house. This is HIS HOUSE - if you want to be god, you will have to make your own house - as long as you live in this house you will respect GOD and respect the fact
that it is HIS house and not your house. After you move
out - if you are up to the work - you can go off as a mature soul in Anami and make your own house [universe system] and have your own kids [baby souls]. To them, you will be God - but you will not be my GOD or your sister's God, etc. So, as you can see, the road from the dream to the reality is a little longer than you thought.