Let us quickly refresh here by reviewing the chart from Chapter One which we re-display below:


Spiritual Sciences are those sciences concerned with comprehending Region II and Region I.
To reach Region I is the goal of Spiritual Science.  Region I is the original "un-modified"
space from which all other spaces and sub-spaces were formed.  It is called by many names
such as Anami [which translates to "no name"] and the region of the Clear Light [which again
suggests the original and un-modified state].

Region II has  attributes  which are different from Region III.  In Region  III, levels of existence
have obvious differences.  For example, a physical form and an astral form are obviously not
the same type of form.  Their natural existence spaces - the physical plane and the astral plane-
are clearly not the same.  However, in Region II there are only Souls - "naked" Souls with no
associated forms.  Consequently, breaking up Region II into "planes" is not so straight forward
as it was in Region III.  Since this entire region "blends" together in a spectrum of gradually
increasing energy levels, there are a number of systems in use for subdividing the region into



When a Spiritual Master is born on the Earth [or elsewhere] he is likely part of an esoteric chain of Masters. He does not know that it is his destiny to be a Master, however, the present Master whom he will succeed knows who he is and generally keeps tabs on him and protects him.

Under the protection of ignorance, the young Master begins a normal life with education and extended education and chooses a career. He generally marries and starts a family.

When the present Master knows it is time for him to leave this world, he causes the new Master to come close to him. He will then tell this person personally - or if he has already left the Earth World he will leave detailed written instructions - that he is the chosen person to be the new Master. It is only at this point that the young Master consciously realizes what his purpose was in coming to the Earth.

Being a legitimate Spiritual Master is not an easy job. A Saint, at the time of death, is free to return to GOD. However, the Spiritual Master cannot do this: he must wait around, generally manifesting in his light body or Astral form, and take care of his students [initiates] until all of them are established at least on the first Spiritual Plane. Only then can he quit the lower worlds and seek rest with GOD. Consequently, it is not uncommon for newly chosen Masters to try to run away and avoid this responsibility.

By contrast, the many phony Masters who operate in the United States actively seek publicity, run magazine ads, and set up "800" phone numbers advertising themselves as some "great supreme master" or whatever and soliciting students. The more the better because these people intend to charge the student for "initiations" and "spiritual guidance" and so each new student brings dollar signs into the eyes of the "master". Of course, real Spiritual Masters do not charge money and also they do not accept anyone as a student but only those souls whom GOD has marked as acceptable.

Spiritual Officers do not receive the gift of ignorance. Because they are sent to Planets in crisis where often the evil rulers have already killed the Spiritual Master and other spiritual people, the Spiritual Officer must be able to "bring through" in to the physical world all of the data and instructions he will need to do his mission. Consequently, the Spiritual Officer knows who he is and what he was sent here to do from a very early age. He generally has little time for a "childhood" and essentially no adolescents but must get to work so as to complete on schedule. However, when he completes his assignment, he gets "R&R" time for the remainder of his lifetime and, of course, has no students to linger and take care of when he leaves the physical plane.



KARMA is the system of "cause and effect" that controls a person's personal life and also controls the events of the world and the interactions of civilizations, planetary administrations, and the physical planets and other "stuff" which exists in the Physical Universe. KARMA controls the experiences of all Souls who have not accessed the first Spiritual Plane, known as SACH KHAND. Kal Niranjan is in charge of KARMA for all souls except those souls who are under the protection of a Perfect Saint [Spiritual Master].


Q-CLEARENCE is a Universal Concept and, what we will describe here has no relationship to the "Q-Clearance assigned by the United States and other countries. These are merely "dim reflections" of the real thing.

Attempting to clear karmas by straightforward methods does not work. Even if you hired a legitimate Psychic, read all the records of your past lives, and paid off every drop of karma you could find, you would not be clear.

This is because karma involves some subtle "tricks".  If you went to Kal Niranjan and said "Kal, I have paid all my karmas and here is the receipt and I have no karmas left now and so I demand that you open the gate and let me go home to GOD !", Kal would simply reply, "But, you forgot CATCH-22.", and he would send that soul back to Earth for another incarnation.

You see, opening up the gates of Heaven is not part of Kal's responsibility. He has no obligation or inclination to do this. And, he may not even know how to do it if he wanted to.

This is the responsibility of the Spiritual Masters. They have all the correct codes, chants, phonetic pronunciations, and code keys that are necessary to get from here to GOD. Their services are always absolutely FREE and will cost you nothing. So, get serious and seek a legitimate Saint.


KARMA, as we have said, is a system of cause and effect. If you do good things, you earn good karmas. Similarly, bad deeds earn you bad karmas. Generally, karmas are "paid" in terms of the quality of life you have between incarnations on the Astral Plane. Good karmas can be traded for good times and bad karmas earn you a stay in one of the HELL worlds. Good karma cannot but you a ticket to GOD.

ZERO KARMA is the requirement to get back to GOD.

However, "zero karma" is essentially impossible to achieve because every tiny thing which happens
from moment to moment generates Karma.  It can get downright ridiculous.  Let's say you somehow
managed to leave the physical plane with NO karma.  But then it could be argued that you killed
germs or bugs or whatever on/in your dead body by leaving it and therefore leaving them with nothing to eat so they died. Basically, then, you need to reach a point where you say, "enough,  I won't
play this game any more" and simply break out of karma.  Therefore the best approach is not
to make a big deal out of karma but to take sensible steps to keep it to a minimum and then
simply "break" the remaining karmas by elevating your consciousness above the point where
karma originates on the Causal plane.





In the text, we have been referring here and there to the concept of a Perfect Saint and that you need to find one while physically alive in the Human body in order to initiate your return to God. Now we will define what a Perfect Saint is in terms so clear that there can be no mistake about it.


We have mentioned previously the Third Eye. It is an "opening", roughly in the center of the forehead, through which you can view other planes of existence. You can do this consciously - while fully awake - while also looking at this world as normal people do with the two physical eyes - all at the same time Through the third eye, people at different levels of advancement see different things. As stated previously, the "Magician" sees the Causal World.

In the case of the Perfect Saint, he sees GOD. He is conscious of and viewing - through the third eye - the R-I region of the Universe System at all times. This is the "Twelfth plane". The creation consists of seven spiritual planes and four lower planes - for a total of eleven planes. GOD lives "above the creation" and therefore he lives in the Twelfth Plane.

The living Saint sees GOD at all times. Essentially, he and GOD are one. In standard Universal Translate Code, this is called "OO" clearance or level. The letter "O" is the symbol for completeness and for the human soul.

The Perfect Living Saint is essentially one with GOD - he is GOD, for all practical purposes and acts with the full power of GOD and is therefore in total and absolute control and mastery of all Planes of existence.

This is the power of the fully developed Human Body - this is the full potential that you have.


In order to "prove" that a man is a Perfect Saint you would have to be a perfect Saint yourself. You would have to be able to talk to GOD and so know and recognize another who was your contemporary. This is not likely to be the case. Therefore, you must use approximate methods. You should know that the Perfect Saint has no ego - no desires at all. GOD's desires are his only desires. He does not relate to economics. He does not charge money. Also, unfortunately, he is not likely to be easy to find. This is because in order to do the things necessary to be "easy to find", such as setting up large organizations and communications networks, you must use your students as slave labor to accomplish this. Therefore, if truly legitimate, you would be defeating your purpose and so would not do this.



The Soul is an immortal creature. Once created by GOD, it cannot die - no force can kill it or harm it in any way - it will remain in existence from the point of its creation forever.

However, the newly created Soul is a brainless creature and it knows nothing at all. It has only one attribute and that attribute is the simple childish pure love of the Son [Soul] for its Father [GOD]. This is GOD's only gift to the new Soul. But, it is a very important gift because it is the gate key that will, someday, allow the soul to return home.

Then the new Soul is sent down to the lower worlds. Kal Niranjan greets the innocent and helpless creature. Since the new Soul has no Karmas, Kal invents some Karmas and these weight down the Soul as it descends to the Physical Universe. It will stay there uncounted millions of years.

Kal also has a gift for the new Soul. Kal gives the new Soul a MIND - which is linked to the Universal Mind on the fourth vector [Mental Plane]. The soul likes its mind, and it enjoys its mental powers of logic and calculating reason. It uses the mind to get what it wants and it forgets that simple, pure, childish Love that was its gift from GOD.

Over time, the soul matures. One day, it puts aside its mental powers and gives up its emotions and desires. When it does this, it recalls its original state - the pure love and the childish innocence. At the instant it does this, the game with Kal is ended. Its time has come:
All inter-dimensional gates open for the soul and it returns to GOD, its loving Father.

What does an "Adult Soul" do. Does it sit on cloud 9 and aimlessly stare off into infinity ?

The Spiritual Masters do dot talk of this. But I will personally tell you my feelings - although I cannot confirm this.

It makes sense to me that the relationship between an adult soul and GOD would be similar to an adult and its parents. GOD would accept the Soul as fully developed, and send it on its way. It would live on the Twelfth Vector [Anami Region] with - but not close to, GOD, its Father.

It would have all the power of GOD: It would not be "our GOD", but it would be GOD. It would wish children, like our GOD did and does. It would create new souls and train them. This is my feeling of the GRAND PLAN of GOD - a mission that defies any human comprehension.


I want to now go through the "official list" of classic desires that people have. These are the things that - if not resolved and given up in your present physical lifetime - will cause you to come back to the physical plane for a future lifetime.

The list is:

1. Lust
2. Anger
3. Greed
4. Attachment to Material Things
5. Vanity
If you have any of these desires and they are not resolved at the time of your death you will most likely have to return to the Earth or some planet in the Physical Universe to resolve these Desires [which are a form of Karma].

So, I want now to discuss these Desires and point out some things that may help you resolve them.


Lust is not Love, but simply a desire for "release" of sexual desire. Married couples may have "great sex" on a regular basis or they may find that they do not want sex every day [or three or four times a day]. Of course, Spiritual Masters will tell you that the ONLY purpose for sex is for reproduction and that unless you desire a child there is no reason to have sex. However, even Spiritual Masters are human and they recognize that sex is fun. In the evolutionary process, the "chakra" or energy center in the human body that relates to sex is quite low. Therefore, if a couple are both the initiates of a legitimate Spiritual Master, and they follow the Master's instructions relating to Meditation, they will rise above this level and will probably not desire physical sex.

In the special relationship of a married couple, Love can be expressed and felt in ways other than physical sex. Just being close to each other may result in something equivalent to an "orgasm".

In the older cultures, such as the Japanese, there are techniques [in Japan it is called "KAREZZA"] where a couple spend the night physically sexually joined but do not achieve orgasm.


It is not generally a good idea to harbor ANGER because to do this interferes with Spiritual progress.
However, we must not confuse ANGER with recognition. The rule here is "Forgive, but NEVER forget". In other words, when another person harms you, you do not harbor Anger for that person but you also do not forget what that person did to you.



Greed is a desire for "nothing". That is, that there is nothing in the Physical World that has any meaning at all. Money is an illusion - and, the entire Physical Universe with all of its precious "GOLD and SILVER and Precious Stones" is subject to dissolution so there is no reason to assign any special value to these things because they are all temporary any they are not "forever" by any means so why be attached to them.


To think of yourself personally as "something special" is not correct. We are all essentially "Souls" and all souls are equal. There is no such thing as a "master race" or "special people" who are "better" than other people. These concepts have developed over recent years but they are simply not valid.

In all cultures - on the Earth and also on other Planets- GOD provides these cultures with a living SPIRITUAL MASTER. The RACES of these cultures make no difference at all. They may be Green, Red, White, Black, or Brown. It does not matter: A member of this race will be chosen to be a Spiritual Master because it must be so to fulfill GOD's Plan that there will ALWAYS be a pathway for true seekers to return to GOD.

Therefore it is NOT correct to think that you are special because of your race Also, it is not correct for you to feel that you are special because of your education. Please remember that your "mind is simply a "subset" or a part of the UNIVERSAL MIND located on the fourth vector. Any entity - on any planet - anywhere in the Physical Universe - can access the same Master Data Base that you can [namely the Universal Mind "AUM"] and so they are your equal.

Consequently, there is no reason at all for any person or group to feel that they are "superior" to any other person or group.


Under the IGC Standard, Enforcement teams generally do not interfere with Karma because to interfere with Karma simply delays events and these delays may carry over into a future lifetime.

For example, in the case of domestic violence - husbands beating up wives and so on - it is recognized that this man and this woman are together in this lifetime because they have serious karma between them which must be settled. If there is outside interference in this event, then this man and this woman must come together again - in a future lifetime - to work out their karmas. In past relationships, these two souls may have had very violent encounters - one may have even killed the other - and this is why, under the law of karma, they have been brought together now to "settle up".

Therefore, it does no practical good to interfere with karma because karma will complete somehow and if it cannot complete in this lifetime it will continue to be transferred until it does complete in some future lifetime.


Karma can be modified. For example, when a soul as a human being accepts a Spiritual Master, his or her karma is modified. Administration of Karma is transferred: The Spiritual Master takes all the initiates karma away from Kal Niranjan and takes this karma upon himself. Consequently, karmas that Kal might have used to give this soul a hundred or so future lifetimes can be "managed" in such a way that it can all be resolved in the present lifetime.

This process can be compared to the selection of a competent or non-competent lawyer. Say you have some legal problem, or you need advice on money management. A competent, sincere, lawyer can tell you things to do that will get this "over with" in the shortest possible time.

However, if you choose an incompetent, insincere and "money hungry" lawyer, then he can just as easily never solve your problem and string you out as long as he can and milk you for all of your money.

This is the concept of Karma Management. Karma cannot be made to just "go away". Once you - by your actions - create Karma, it must be paid. However, it is quite different if your Karmas are managed by Kal (who is the administrator of Karma for all uninitiated souls) or by a Spiritual Master who has a duty to GOD to uphold your best interest and to get you out of this Creation [the Lower Worlds] as soon as he possibly can.




I want to a little experience which may save you some time. The average citizen in the United States goes to public school and is fed a diet of pure Scientific Atheism. He does not know anything about GOD or that he has lived before or that he has other "bodies" besides the physical which he can use to travel beyond the physical plane of existence. Some people never learn anything about the inner worlds or GOD and their first "out of body" experience comes only when they are actually dying. Other people have "experiences" and some people actively seek GOD which eventually leads them to locate a Spiritual Master.

For people who are spiritually and psychically "virgin", the first experience they have could be quite frightening or they could look upon it as "no big deal". Someone who "wakes up" in their Astral body and realizes that this is not their physical body because they can see it asleep in the bed may seek guidance from some Psychiatrist. Of course, their life is totally ruined then because Psychiatrists are trained to deny the inner worlds and to damage people with drugs so that they cannot have inner experiences. So, this poor soul will be kept on drugs for the rest of its life and will probably die an untimely death due to the damage these drugs cause to the body.

Other people [with a little common sense] would know better than to seek this "help" and might then consult with a close friend or a psychic professional such as a doctor of Metaphysics, a Psychic Astrologer, or a legitimate Psychic and would be therefore told the truth about their "other bodies" and that what they experienced was perfectly normal.

Basically, there are two main places where people who have died who WERE NOT the initiates of a Spiritual Master end up. The first is the Astral Plane and the second is the Mental Plane.


The Astral Plane at vector reference 2.00 through 2.99 has many sub-planes and the surface of the Earth is Astral Plane number one.
When people learn about the Astral Plane, it's natural to want to "go there" and look around. I want to explain to you now why this is not a good idea. The Astral Body relates to "emotion" and the Astral Plane is the "plane of emotion". The citizens of the Astral World - with the exception of the Plane Lord there and advanced souls which help him with his duties - are emotionally unbalanced. If they were emotionally balanced, they would not be on this plane but would have "moved up" to the Mental Plane.

Consequently, any astral entity that you meet is emotionally. sick in some way and has "unresolved emotional karmas". This is the reason they were sent here. So, unless you feel some morbid desire to visit the "Universal Nut House", there is no reason to go to this plane.

Astral Entities have all kinds of problems and misconceptions and if you get involved with them they are going to try to "dump" their problems off on you. They may tell you, for example, that they have "great revelations" for the people of the Earth and you should let them dictate a book to you so you can deliver these "great revelations". It is understandable that to the "virgin" meeting an Astral Entity for the first time these things may seem very real and urgent. But please remember, these entities once had physical bodies - they had their chance to seek a Perfect Saint and they FAILED. They have "fucked up" now and must wait for their next incarnation. They are "in limbo" and they are in a worse situation than you are because you can seek a Spiritual Master and return to GOD and they cannot do this.

Therefore, once you realize the truth about this plane, this should help you curb any desire you may have to go on regular "trips" to the Astral World.


The Mental Plane relates to the MIND, of course. As we discussed with the Astral Plane, the citizens of the Mental Plane are there because their mind is out of balance. They have unresolved mental Karmas and this is why they were sent here. Spiritual Students are trained to "drop their mind", i.e., to stop thinking. The less they think, the clearer the true Spiritual realities become. Souls who become Saints, i.e., souls which can access the first Spiritual plane of SACH KHAND or one of the higher Spiritual planes have "given their mind back to Kal", which is to say that their mind has merged back into its source which is the Universal Mind. You see, your personal mind is sort of like a remote computer terminal: In its "local memory" it has some data and it can access the "mainframe computer" which is the Universal Mind to get more data. But the mind is NOT YOU. It is simply a tool that you need to have and use to manifest as a human in the Physical Universe. Fully developed souls that live in the Spiritual planes have no mind - they dropped it when they crossed the border between the Lower Worlds and the Spiritual Worlds. They are in a situation where everything "just is" and there is no need to "think about it". Also, they are outside of Time. So Gurus tell us to "still the mind" so that we may understand the legitimate Spiritual Truths. Again, citizens of the Mental Plane cannot do this - they cannot stop themselves from thinking and so they cannot escape from this world. So, again, please recognize that developing any relationship with one of these entities is simply wasting your precious time that you could be using to locate a Spiritual Master and begin making your preparations to return to GOD.


In this discussion we want to go into some of the technical details of the Left and the Right hand Paths.


At the top of the mental plane at vector reference 5.000, the life force which comes from GOD and which creates and sustains all that exists in the created universes is split into two streams. One goes to the left and supports and sustains the NEGATIVE HIERARCHY. The other, to the right, similarly sustains the POSITIVE HIERARCHY.

The Positive Hierarchy has its primary responsibility in the Spiritual Planes, above vector reference 5.000.

The souls that live there are under its rulership. It is an eternal zone and is not subject to dissolution at any time.

The Negative Hierarchy has the sole responsibility of Creating, Maintaining, and Distorting the lower physical creations which includes the Planet Earth.
They also have the continuing responsibility of insuring that life forms there progress according to the wishes of GOD and in accordance with GOD's PLAN, which we have discussed elsewhere.

When representatives of the Positive Hierarchy are doing assignments in the lower creation, such as Spiritual Masters and observers, they are NOT in conflict with the Negative Hierarchy because they operate under different protocols.

Spiritual Personnel do NOT interfere with the Negative Hierarchy. They do not tell the various administrators and Plane Lords and the like what to do or how to handle their affairs.

Consequently, because of this "non-interference" agreement, there is no fighting or conflict ongoing between the two Hierarchies. CONFLICTS ARE ONLY IN THE STUDENT, in his mind he may see "good" fighting "evil", but it is an illusion of his own mind and is NOT real.


Because literature is available today which was hard to get in earlier times, it is easy to learn certain occult and spiritual things and then "fake people" into thinking you're special and start some cult. The following tests will weed out most of the fakes, but there is still no 100% guarantee.



1. Asking for money or other compensation to perform a spiritual initiation.
2. Asking for money or other compensation for ANY reason.
3. Suggesting, implying, or giving orders that followers should try to change the World, take over the Government, or "uplift" mankind. These sometimes noble goals are the duties and responsibilities of the NEGATIVE HIERARCHY and to elude to them means the person is NOT a high spiritual master of the POSITIVE HEIRARCHY which is the only one that can help you get legitimate Spiritual Enlightenment.]


1.  If the "master" passes the test of not asking for money but appears to have lots of money and resources,  consider that he might be financed by some (Spiritually) questionable source.  This source could be the intelligence agency of some government which uses the movement as a cover for some of its activities.  Check for possible links to high-profit international operations such as drug smuggling or arms trading.  Because most Spiritual "seekers" are naive and trusting - and because
they really believe in their leader (even though he may be a total phony), they make an excellent
cover for establishing a worldwide network.

2.  Try to find people who were once associated with the movement you are checking but have now left the movement.  Their insights and reasons for leaving may be useful.

3.  If you can, run a series of psychic tests to determine if the promises of the "master" are really being fulfilled.  For example, in an esoteric chain, deceased masters should not re-incarnate.  If a psychic can find them reincarnated somewhere, then something is clearly wrong.  Also deceased
students of the "master" should not be easy to locate because they are supposed to be on high planes.  If a psychic can find them somewhere in the Astral world,  then the "master's" abilities should be seriously questioned.


One of the psychic abilities people have is the ability to create what are commonly called
"thought forms".  A thought form is a subtle energy matrix which has a definite form but no
consciousness or Soul which one can generate by "thought" to look like anything you please.
You could make a "thought form dog" or a "thought from horse" or a "thought form image
of some real or imaginary person".  You can see the thought form "inside" and so can other
sensitive people.


In Witchcraft, techniques are given to deliberately create thought forms and then send them
out on "missions" for the purpose of influencing or controlling others.  One witchcraft text
states, e.g., "appear in someone's dreams and thereby convince them to do whatever you wish."

There is no legitimate Spiritual use for thought forms.  They are a creation of the lower realities
and cannot exist in the Spiritual zones of Region II or Region I which are "beyond thought".
If you are somehow linked or attached to a thought form, then you cannot enter these regions
either.  You will be limited to the thought forms natural home which is the third or Causal Plane
in Region III.

When witches and sorcerers create thought forms, they know what they are doing.  They
also know techniques to dissolve the thought from when they are finished with it.

However, unsuspecting people who may never have heard the phrase "thought form"
can be tricked into generating them and taking them for something other than what they really
are.  This trick allows many phony "masters" to convince people they are for real by
inticing them to concentrate upon them so intensely that they actually create a thought
form in the image of the phony master.  Since they can "see" the thought form they conclude
that the "master" is watching over them.  One phony group invented an imaginary
"history" complete with totally fabricated "ancient masters" to convince members that
they had existed for a long time.  Artists painted pictures of the "imaginary past masters".
Some members then began to "see" these nonexistent masters and claimed that they were
present at meetings and were protecting them, etc.  Another "trick of the mind" used
to dupe the unaware.

When people work in groups and share experiences on other planes of existence, (such
as witches, remote viewers, etc.) they "see each other inside".  However, this is a real
event and can be externally verified.  In an awake/alert state the people involved can
compare notes and remember events they had in the altered states of consciousness.

However, experiences with "thought forms of masters" are totally internal to the
experiencer.  The "master" has no knowledge whatsoever of any details of this.
If you are working with a master, then, it is important to make sure that any "internal"
experience can be "externally" verified.  If you are unable to confirm this because
your questions get ignored or answered by "doubletalk" or evasive statements, it
is time to seriously consider that your "master" might be a fake.

If you are linked to a thought form at the time of death, you will not be able to
rise above the plane where thought forms generate which is the Causal Plane.
It is not possible to enter the legitimately Spiritual Regions attached to a thought
form.  It is not possible for a thought form to "guide you" to any legitimately
Spiritual Region.

Early in the next century we have some unique Astrological events scheduled which should result in a slight nudge upward in the overall consciousness of mankind here on the Earth. Any competent Astrologer can give you the exact dates and times if you're curious, but the main point is that there should be some permanent changes in man's thought processes and he will just have to learn to cope with that
The life forms of the Universe of matter-energy-space-time, consisting of the four planes known as Physical, Astral, Causal, and Mental, are the children of GOD. These four planes are contained in a finite structure which would look like an egg if you saw it from the outside. The plan of GOD is for the children to grow up here and then leave the egg and return to him where they will then live with HIM as mature souls. The gate which leads from the inside to the outside of the egg cannot be opened by immature souls or by souls on the "left hand path" to enlightenment.

It is GOD's PLAN that young souls make consistent progress toward the day when they will return home. It is NOT GOD,s PLAN that people should tremble before local dictators, terrorists, masterminds, and other various and sundry persons practicing the black arts. It is NOT the purpose of GOD's Plan that people should be enslaved by oppressive Governments who just want to use them for slaves and have no interest in seeing them evolve. When these things occur, corrections need to be programmed into the system which is the responsibility of the Negative Hierarchy which must keep this place livable and such a state that Souls can realize GOD's Plan. The Positive Hierarchy, while it has the same abilities, does not have the responsibility to maintain suitable conditions in physical reality but, rather, has only the responsibility of identifying the legitimately good souls who are ready to leave here and helping them to do so

Under GOD's Plan, all Souls have basic rights. The most basic are:







[This requirement is the basic regulation governing the "negative hierarchy". All legitimate operations of the hierarchy including dark places such as "hell worlds" have to be so constructed that, even though the souls there are not having a good time, they are, nevertheless making forward progress and are going through experiences they need to have to correct past 'transgressions']

The human mind can be compared to a personal computer. It has space for some data and can get more data by connecting to a mainframe server which has all the data it needs. On the Mental Plane is stored ALL KNOWLEDGE AND ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS OF KNOWLEDGE. The personal knowledge people have is a small subset of this. People with "total access" to all knowledge are said to be in "Cosmic Consciousness".

As you can see, KNOWLEDGE is sort of in the same category with the AIR you breathe and the WATER you drink. These are provided things. No one owns them You don't say to a newborn baby, "Want to breathe some air ? We own the air and unless you pay some money or sign a contract to pay us, we'll cut off your air supply" Knowledge is the same way.
Unfortunately, in today's world, people have somehow come to the conclusion that they can "own" knowledge and whoever learns something first has the right to lock it up and then go after someone else who discovers the same thing claiming that they "own" the knowledge or that it is "secret knowledge" or "forbidden knowledge" or whatever. This makes about as much sense as the baby and the air. Anyone has a GOD GIVEN right to have any knowledge that they want and have the ability to obtain. It is FREE, just like the air.


Here we wish to discuss how things change in meaning and importance with perspective.

The inside area of a play pen is very important to a baby, because, of course, that is all it knows. Grade school is "important" to grade school kids and things like devices for inter-dimensional travel and warp engines (actually devices) are important to the government. The inside of a play pen is not important to the government and warp engines are not important to the kid in the play pen who has no idea what that is.

Now, lets talk about night and day. Generally, we sleep at night - although there are exceptions. At night, kids are generally sleeping and their parents may be up late doing little adult things. They may be talking about the future of the kids - all safely tucked away. thoughts of how to pay for College are not important to kids, but quite important to parents.

The physical universe we live in goes through four distinct cycles called the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and the Iron age which we are presently in. At the end of the Iron Age, the physical universe is dissolved and for a time does not exist. You might say it was "nighttime". When it is re-created, it is bright daytime considering all the fireworks that occur with the "big bang" of the creation event.

This period consisting of the existence period (day) and the non-existence period (night) is called a "day" in the life of GOD. It is day now. GOD's children are awake, they are doing their little stuff they do and hopefully thinking about HIM and that they would like to return to HIM which is HIS wish. After the dissolution, the immature souls will be sleeping or in an inactive state while they wait for the "new Heaven and new Earth" to be created. This is nighttime for GOD. But, like concerned parents, HE is awake, thinking about the future and planning the best for HIS kids.

Now the Christian Bible quotes JESUS as saying as to the time of the dissolution (end of the World), "No one will know - comes like a thief in the night - not even the Angles know the time !". The dissolution is an event that is originated from outside of time; therefore no one living inside of time can know. The Angles are people who died and live in the Astral World - bad angles are called Devils. The Astral World is what most people think Heaven is, hence the statement: "Heaven and Earth pass away..." because both are dissolved in a dissolution. However, higher planes are not dissolved and the souls who live there see things like GOD, i.e., the simple "passing" of night and day over and over again.


We want to run through some of the basic techniques used by cults to keep their followers loyal and "in line".  Many cults are clearly phony but, despite the availability of documentation which clearly shows this, they continue to grow and prosper.  How do they do it ?  Let's look at a few ways.


1.  Isolate the disciple

Convince the disciple that you are the only source of the truth.  Convince him to only read literature that you provide or that you approve of.  In this way, even if you are exposed, your disciple will not learn of it.

2.  Use a "positive-filtered" feedback loop to control  information

In this technique, you simply ignore all bad news and pretend that it does not exist.  For example,
if 95% of your disciples write to you and say they are having a terrible time,  you simply throw the letters away and ignore them.  Then you take the 5% of letters that complement you and make a big deal out of them and put them in your "official newsletter", etc.

3.  Take credit for talents and skills that your disciples already have

Convince disciples that any skills or talents they have are "because you willed it".  Of course, the plain truth is that they have what they have because of their hard work and effort.  But, many people buy into this.

4.  Terrify the disciples

Make an image of yourself that is so superior and powerful that the disciples will not want to dare to think you might be a fake for fear of what might happen to them.

5.  Maintain a covert "swat team" to attack those people whom you cannot control

Constantly threaten news or investigative people who know you are a fake (and so cannot be
controlled by other methods) that you will sue them if they dare to say anything about you.
A favorite method is to make up unique key words and register them as trade marks.  Then
you can control their use.  For example, instead of saying, "I am god and you are my student",
you could say "I am  'The Great Blip'(TM)  and you are my 'Blipski'(TM).  Then, if anyone complains in public that they are an unhappy 'Blipski' or an abused 'Blipski' or that the
'Great Blip' is a sex offender of whatever, you can sue them for using your registered trademark.


The ability to leave the "EGG of BRAHM" and journey to and become established on the plane of SACH KHAND, at vector reference 5.0 is the true definition of a "Q- Clearance".


The people to whom the US Government has assigned a Q-Level clearance are not legitimate, i.e., they are not established as residents of the first Spiritual Plane known as SACH KHAND. They are representatives of one of the "reflections" of Kal which duplicate the true Spiritual Worlds, but in a more gross and lesser reality which is wholly contained within the Lower Worlds.

The Q-level clearances issued by the Government of the United States are simply an authorization to know the truth about the secret heathen cult that controls the Earth World at the present time. They are not legitimate Q- Clearances as defined in the Universal Series. A person with a legitimate Q-Clearance is assigned an N- Number and is registered with the administration of the Lower Worlds and is recognized as legitimate by all the Plane Lords of the Lower Worlds. The Q- Clearances issued by the US Government at the present time do not meet these requirements and are not recognized as valid in the "Universal Series".

All that these clearances mean is that the "cleared person" has been given data which is not available to the general population of the Earth Planet and is, therefore, in possession of the "complete truth" as far as the US Government knows the complete TRUTH about its situation and the system of Universes in which it exists. This knowledge is quite limited and so, therefore, the Q-Level Clearances issued by the United States are also quite limited and are not equivalent and not valid in the Universal Series.

Legitimate people with Q-Level Clearance are essentially residents of the first Spiritual Plane known as Sach Khand. They are established there and they have cleared from any compulsion to ever have to return to the Lower Worlds for Re-Incarnation.

The worlds of Kal Niranjan are assembled in a series of "reflections" as one would see in a mirror. They are designed to confuse the soul and persuade it to accept a reflection of true reality as legitimate true reality.



Clearly, the easiest way to make Spiritual progress is to find someone who will teach you.  Living Saints or Spiritual Masters will do this, of course, but first you have to find them.  In ages past,
perhaps because people were more honest and innocent,  calling someone a Spiritual Master actually meant something.  Today, it appears to be just another way to make money and have influence.

This does not mean that legitimate Saints no longer exist.  However, the process of sorting them
out of the growing collection of fakes has become much more complex.

Therefore, here we want to run through some basic principles of Spiritual techniques and give
a general idea of their meanings and uses.


People are guaranteed to have at least one Spiritual experience.  That experience will happen when
they die.  If it is their only Spiritual experience, then their ability to handle it is likely to be limited.

The purpose of meditation, when used for Spiritual purposes, is to cause the event sequence which
takes place at the time of death to happen earlier when the person is nowhere near death.  The common phrase is "Dying Daily".  The reason to "practice dying" is to solve problems in the practice sessions which, if  left unsolved, will be likely to result in re-incarnation.

Let's take an example from the Tibetan Book of the Dead:  A person dies.  He sees a bright light.
The light frightens him.  Then he notices a "safe dark cave" and goes into the cave to get away from
the bright light.  But, the "safe dark cave" is really the womb of some pregnant creature (hopefully
human, possibly not) and so a new physical lifetime begins.

This experience cannot be changed because it occurred at the time of "for real death".  However,
experiences in "practice sessions" are not permanent because the physical body still lives.
Consequently, if the person in the above example had learned the truth about the "safe dark cave"
in a practice session, then the incarnation could have been avoided.

Early meditation experiences are highly individualized and are a function of that person's karmas.
Consequently, there is no "handbook" for what one will see.  At higher levels, there are standard
landmarks, such as the Causal plane landscape, which everyone who passes through will see.

The aim of meditation is to go as far as you can into the inner worlds as you can while alive
so that anything that could be a problem later can be safely experienced and solved now in
the practice or "simulation" sessions.

Third Eye

The Third Eye is not physical.  However, when it opens it appears to be an opening in the forehead above the "ordinary" eyes.  There is no "eye" there, however it appears to the experiencer that there
is actually an extra "eye" because he can see the usual things with the usual two eyes AND see
something completely different above with the "Third Eye" at the same time.  It's really pretty neat.

For Spiritual purposes, the use for the Third Eye is "look but don't touch".  We want to know what
exists on the various planes but do not want to become involved or "strung out" with what we see going on.

For psychic purposes, the Third Eye is used to solve practical problems such as psychic healing.
In legitimate psychic healing, the healer is "looking" at the patient's Astral body with his Third Eye.
When he touches the patient with his physical hands he is really reaching "into them" with his
Astral hands from his own Astral body which extends slightly beyond the physical body.  He works on the patient's Astral body in this way to solve the problem.

Projection Methods

Astral Projection methods involve separating the Astral body from the physical body and using it to go on little trips.  In Astral Projection the physical body is not animate.  It must be somewhere safe and quiet - like in bed.  It does not die because of the "silver cord" connection but it also does not
move around.  Astral Projection can be used to "shop around" the physical and Astral planes but
obviously it cannot be taken to higher planes where it is too gross to interface with the finer matter there.

Soul or Consciousness Projection methods are different in that the Astral body remains with the physical body and the physical body is still animate.  In these methods the physical body is apparently being operated by "remote control" by the Soul/Consciousness which has projected
to another location.  This appears to be the method used in the government "remote viewing"
technique because the physical bodies of the viewers are talking at the same time their projected consciousness is viewing.

Projecting as a naked Soul will allow one to go to any plane that exists.  However,  you must know how to get there first which re-emphasizes the desirability of having a competent guide if you can possibly locate one.



Direct Access Rights concern the notion that a child has the right to guidance from its parent(s) and that the parent(s) have a duty to give such guidance if it is requested.

In this case, of course, by the child we mean a Soul and by parent(s) we mean GOD.

To use Direct Access Rights, we make certain assumptions or affirmations. These are:

1. The act of creating a new Soul is an act of Love.

2. Because it is an act of Love, there exists a link from GOD to the Soul.

3. Because creation is an act of Love, GOD has a concern for his child's welfare.

4. Therefore, if the child (Soul) has a sincere request for help, such a request would not be refused.

Consequently, we, as the "children of GOD" have the right to make contact and communicate with HIM.

Direct Access Rights use channel "O" telepathy and are available to beings who can access this channel which includes Humans.

Direct Access Rights are not for frivolous requests. It will not work for them. Success is determined by the purity of the request and the subject of the request. GOD exists in the original zone or region which predates all subsequent creations. There are three main things which HE can give. The first is everlasting life which is a birthright and you already have it. The other two things are TRUTH and LOVE.

All of the other things you may be tempted to ask for are commonly called MAYA (or illusion) and were created as secondary events at lower levels.

Pure TRUTH and LOVE are powerful elements. Should you reach the point where these are all you want and nothing else you have reached the level where Direct Access Rights operate.

Direct Access Rights allow one to bypass the Positive and Negative Hierarchies and all the Plane Lords and assorted forces of the various levels of the Creation.

Remember, however, that if your request for TRUTH is granted, nothing else will remain. Friends, family, possessions, associations, surroundings, etc. are all MAYA and will be dissolved by pure TRUTH. You and your Creator; Truth, Love, and eternity. These are the only things that are truly "real" and, therefore, the only things that will survive.


When a married man and woman both become the initiates of a legitimate Saint; they should realize that their karmas will complete more rapidly.


It is KARMA, not LOVE, that really causes two people to get married. When a young man says to his woman "I Love you," what he is really saying is, "We have business that must be done - so let's get on with it."

When a couples' karmas end, they may think about splitting up because the force that brought them together [karma] has now dissolved and they do not feel this attraction any more.

Many times couples will go to their Spiritual Master for advice about this and say they want to divorce. The Master always tells them not to do it; and invariably they do it anyway.

Life in today's world is lonely. We all need a "special friend" to share experiences with. You should really consider this and stay together, even if you live like brother and sister sharing a common place to stay.