People in the present generation have the opportunity to move into the next century and develop into competent adults (or at least competent "young adults") in the eyes of GOD and to make some real progress.

In this book, we have given out all of the relevant codes and knowledge that is needed to do this. It is plain text, not encrypted, and has no double or triple meanings. Anyone with half a brain who can read should be able to comprehend it.

This is your last chance for a very long time to make it as informed, intelligent, competent people.

Don't blow it !

If you do you will likely end up back in a "dark age" under some oppressive regime which will watch everything you do and make all your decisions fir you and tell you nothing at all. And, you will have to put up with this for a few thousand more years until the opportunity presents itself again and System Administrators and other people from the legitimate hierarchies come here to try once again.


You have the right to all of the things which GOD has provided for you. Things like your Planet, designed to sustain life in your particular physical form. You have the right to the fulfillment of all the normal needs that people need in order to live and grow such as adequate food, the knowledge to be comfortable against the elements of nature, good air and water and the like. You have the right to ALL knowledge stored in the CC-1 database on the Mental Plane (cosmic consciousness). You have the right to choose to have a mate IF you are willing to accept the karmas that will be generated by such a situation.

YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to use any of the knowledge and abilities that you may learn to violate the laws of GOD by hurting other people for no legitimate reason or trying to make other people your slave or exploiting them because they know less than you do.

You, as well as all other life forms, have the right to life. You have the right to defend yourself using any power at your command if threatened with extinction by another life form. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to over react to non-threatening situations or because your feelings are hurt or because you feel scared because you are personally inadequate to deal with some situation.



In this discussion we want to go into some of the technical details of the Left and Right hand paths.

At the top of the mental plane at vector reference 5.000, the life force which comes from GOD and which creates and sustains all that exists in the created universes is split into two streams. One goes to the left and supports and sustains the NEGATIVE HIERARCHY. The other, to the right, similarly sustains the POSITIVE HIERARCHY.

The Positive Hierarchy has its primary responsibility in the Spiritual Planes, above vector reference 5.000. The Souls that live there are under its rulership. It is an eternal zone and is not subject to dissolution at any time.

The Negative Hierarchy has the sole responsibility of Creating, Maintaining and Destroying the lower physical creations which includes the planet Earth. They also have the continuing responsibility of insuring that life forms there progress according to the wishes of GOD and in accordance with GOD's PLAN, which we have discussed elsewhere.

When representatives of the Positive Hierarchy are doing assignments in the lower creation, such as Spiritual Masters and Observers, they are NOT in conflict with the Negative Hierarchy because they operate under different protocols.

Spiritual Personnel do NOT interfere with the Negative Hierarchy. They do not tell the various administrators and plane Lords and the like what to do or how to handle their affairs.

When a non-enlightened person joins the Positive Hierarchy, that person's "file", for want of a better word, is taken from the Negative Hierarchy and placed in the Positive Hierarchy. What this means is that the Negative Hierarchy agrees not to bother him in any serious way.


While we are doing technical discussions, let's go through the definition and significance of the "mark of the beast".

People who can be genetically linked to LUCIFER are said to have the mark of the beast. Lucifer mated with Eve to produce Cain. Able was fathered by Adam in a "double pregnancy". Descendants of Cain - called "Canities"- all have the mark of the beast. So do other lines where Lucifer mated with other women. Since Lucifer has an eternal type body and is still alive today, there are obviously countless undocumented cases of "rosemary's babies" all over the world.

A person could establish with genetic testing if they had "the mark of the beast" or not, however the mark of the beast, in and of itself, has little meaning except for serious students of genealogy.

In the past it has sometimes been popular to argue the case for behavior predisposition based on genetics. In the 1950's, there was a movement to kill all baby boys with the special genetics "XXXX" based on the assumption that they were predestined to be mass murderers. Of course this was never done and none of these arguments has stood the test of time.

For some reason, people get all excited about the "mark of the beast" and neglect to check the instructions GOD gave to Cain [the first man to be "marked"]. Let's review these instructions from GENESIS:4:7:

[The LORD said to Cain] "If you do well, will you not be accepted ? And if you do not do well, sin is couching at the door; its desire is for you, but you must master it."

This message from GOD to Cain is pretty plain language and has nothing to do with genetic marks. It is also valid for all people. People who do good will be accepted. If it is hard to do good because of temptations to do otherwise, then you must master them. Cain fell out of favor with GOD because he DID NOT follow these instructions and murdered his brother. He could have just as well chosen to be good. If he had he would have been "accepted". The concept of genetics does not come into play here: But a person's use of his free choice definitely does.



As we move into a new century, people in the present generation will be living in a very unique phase of Earth history.

As we have discussed elsewhere, the supervisory responsibility for this section of space and, therefore, the planet Earth, is vested in Kal Niranjan, the System Administrator [SA-1]. Kal does not live on the Earth, but from time to time when things get too far out of line here, he physically comes to straighten the mess out.

In psychic and new age circles you may hear mention of Maitraya Acharya. The story is that this person is born and grown up now and ready to do his thing. Maitraya Acharya is the tenth incarnation of Kal (or possibly a representative with equal power and authority). He is in the class of creatures known as the Avatars of Vishnu and, when he comes, he will order the government of the Earth to make certain changes. They cannot refuse these orders and Kal has full authority and power to force the government of Earth to obey should it refuse. He also has the option to destroy the Earth.

Since there have been only nine previous incarnations of this type in all of Human history, considering the amount of time which has passed since humans first settled here, this is a rare and brief moment and the present generation, which will definitely be alive physically to see the results of this, are granted a unique opportunity to observe.

In addition to Kal, we also have physically present at this point in time various legitimate Spiritual Masters [SM-0] as well as Spiritual Observers [SO-1] on the set.

This combination of "heavyweights" is unique and does not occur all that often, therefore we can expect to see some rather rapid and decisive changes here within the lifetime of the present generation.



PRIMARY COLONIZATION was the period when man explored the home planet Earth and discovered where all the useable land was and set up house there.

SECONDARY COLONIZATION is the period when man leaves Earth and explores the physical universe and sets up - or tries to - set up house there.

Secondary Colonization began for the Planet Earth in the year 1941 when the planet had its "first contact" experience. The civilization which made contact with the Earth gave the government leaders the technology for space and time travel and also the cures for all diseases. Unfortunately, they chose not to share this information and use it for the common good of all the peoples of the Earth because they feared the "economy" would collapse.

Using this technology, a secret plant to manufacture UFO's was built in Canada. By the time someone spotted a UFO in 1947, the plant had been in full production for some time.

Whether the government ever intends to get around to the job of telling everyone this is not clear, but you can bet that all the various governments of the several nation-states of the Planet are quite up to date and very well informed.

Secondary Colonization offers essentially a reflection of Primary Colonization. That is, people leaving, making a "new world", fighting with the "parent world" over "taxation without representation" (or something), going to war, and all that good stuff.

The day to day problems of man do not change in Secondary Colonization no more than they would if you moved to another state or country - people are still people with all the emotional and psychological stuff that goes along with that.

However, it is another "exploration phase" to stimulate the mind of man and prompt him to "quest into the unknown".

A key consideration in Secondary Colonization, however, is the human body. It is aligned to match with this place (Earth) and other planetary systems do not operate on the same vibratory frequencies. These are more problems to keep molecular biologists busy for a few hundred years and guarantee them some job security.

Unfortunately, the chance for having "star trek" like experiences of meeting new "exotic aliens" everywhere seems bleak. Advanced probes report that the rest of the universe is essentially empty.

The "star trek" aliens, if they exist, are therefore likely to be in the physical universe on another sub-plane, which would require "transcendental drive" in addition to "warp drive" to get to. Also, they just might fight back - bigtime.



Because literature is available today which was hard to get in earlier times, it is easy to learn certain occult and spiritual things [intellectually] and then "fake people" into thinking you're special and start some cult. The following tests will weed out most of the fakes, but still there is no 100% guarantee.


1. Asking for money or other compensation to perform a Spiritual initiation. 2. Asking for money or other compensation for ANY reason. 3. Suggesting, implying or giving orders that followers should try to change the World, take over the Government or "uplift mankind". [These sometimes noble goals are part of the duties and responsibilities of the NEGATIVE HIERARCHY and to allude to them means the person is NOT a high Spiritual master of the POSITIVE HIERARCHY which is the only one that can help you get legitimate Spiritual Enlightenment.]


Early in the next century we have some unique astrological events scheduled which should result in a slight nudge upward in the overall consciousness of mankind here on the Earth. Any competent Astrologer can give you the exact dates and times if you're curious, but the main point is that there should be some permanent changes in man's thought processes and he will just have to learn to cope with that.


The life forms of the Universe of matter-energy-space-time, consisting of the four planes known as Physical, Astral, Causal and Mental, are the children of GOD. These four planes are contained in a finite structure which would look like an egg if you saw it from the outside. The plan of GOD is for the children to grow up here and then leave the "egg" and return to HIM where they will then live with HIM as mature Souls. The gate which leads from the inside to the outside of the egg [golden gate] cannot be opened by immature Souls or by souls on the "left-hand path" to enlightenment.

It is GOD's PLAN that young Souls make consistent progress toward the day when they will return Home. It is NOT GOD's PLAN that people should tremble before local dictators, terrorists, masterminds, sorcerers and other various and sundry persons practicing the black arts. It is NOT the purpose of GOD's Plan that people should be enslaved by oppressive governments who just want to use them for slaves and have no interest in seeing them evolve. When these things occur, corrections need to be programmed into the system which is the responsibility of the Negative Hierarchy which must keep this place livable and in such a state that Souls can realize GOD's Plan. The Positive Hierarchy, while it has the same abilities, does not have the responsibility to maintain suitable conditions in physical reality but, rather, has only the responsibility of identifying the legitimately good Souls who are ready to leave here and helping them to do so.



Under GOD's PLAN, all Souls have basic rights. The most basic are:






[This requirement is the basic regulation governing the "negative hierarchy". All legitimate operations of the hierarchy including dark places such as "hell worlds" have to be so constructed that, even though the Souls there are not having a good time, they are, nevertheless, making forward progress and are going through experiences they need to have to correct past transgressions.]


The human mind can be compared to a personal computer. It has space for some data and can get more data by connecting to a mainframe server which has all the data it needs. On the Mental plane is stored ALL KNOWLEDGE AND ALL POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS OF KNOWLEDGE. The personal knowledge people have is a small subset of this. People with "total access" to all knowledge are said to be in "Cosmic Consciousness".

As you can see, KNOWLEDGE is sort of in the same category as the AIR you breathe and the WATER you drink. These are PROVIDED THINGS. No one "owns" them. You don't say to a newborn baby, "Want to breathe some air ? We OWN the air and unless you pay some money or sign a contract to pay us, we'll cut off your air supply !" Knowledge is the same way.

Unfortunately, in today's' world, people have somehow come to the conclusion that they can "own" knowledge and whoever learns something first has the right to lock it up and then go after someone else who discovers the same thing claiming that they "own" this knowledge or that it is "secret knowledge" or "forbidden knowledge" or whatever.

This makes about as much sense as the baby and the air. Anyone has a GOD GIVEN right to have any knowledge that they want and have the ability to obtain and comprehend. It is FREE, just like the air.



Here we wish to discuss how things change in meaning and importance with perspective.

The inside area of a playpen is very important to a baby because, of course, that is all it knows. Grade school is "important" to grade school kids and things like devices for inter dimensional travel and warp engines (devices) are important to the Government. The inside of a playpen is not important to the government and warp devices are not important to the kid in the playpen who has no idea what that is.

Now, let's talk about night and day. Generally, we sleep at night - although there are exceptions. At night, kids are generally sleeping and their parents may be up late doing little adult things. They may be talking about the future of the kids - all safely tucked away. Thoughts of how to pay for college are not important to kids but quite important to parents.

The physical universe we live in goes through four distinct cycles called the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age which is the present Age. At the end of the Iron Age, the physical universe is dissolved and for a time does not exist. You might say it was "nighttime". When it is re-created, it is BRIGHT daytime considering all the fireworks that occur with the "big bang" of the creation event.

This period consisting of the existence period [DAY] and the nonexistence period [NIGHT] is called a "DAY" in the life of GOD. It is day now. GOD's children are awake - they are doing their little stuff they do and HOPEFULLY thinking about HIM and that they would like to return to HIM which is HIS wish. After the dissolution, the immature Souls will be "sleeping" or in an inactive state while they wait for the "new Heaven and new Earth" to be (re)created. This is "nighttime" for GOD. But, like concerned parents, HE is awake, thinking about the future and planning the best for HIS kids.

Now the Christian bible quotes Jesus as saying as to the time of the dissolution (end of the world), "No one will know - comes like a thief in the night - not even the Angels know the time." The dissolution is an event that is originated from OUTSIDE OF TIME; therefore, no one living INSIDE OF TIME can know. The "Angels" are people who died and now live in the Astral world - bad Angles are called "Devils". The Astral world is what many people think Heaven is, hence the statement: "Heaven and Earth pass away..." because both are dissolved in a dissolution.

However, the higher planes are not dissolved and the Souls who live there see things from the same perspective as GOD, i.e., the simple "passing" of night and day over and over again.



Here we want to take up and discuss the apparent conflicts between predictions of visionaries [like Jesus, e.g.] and the modern complete sciences dealing with temporal theory.

From the distillations of essentially all ancient writings and religious and mystical societies we have the concept of a limited duration universe that we live in. The standard cycle is four ages preceded by a creation event and followed by a dissolution event. These cycles continually repeat.

There was a point where there was no physical universe. At that point, would it make any sense to say, "The physical universe is not created yet - but we plan to create it next week for sure."

The term "next week" has no meaning. It refers to a measure of time. We are OUTSIDE of time here. Time is a property of the physical universe. It is not yet created. "Next week" means nothing at all.

Now consider that the physical universe exists. We say, again from the same perspective as before outside of time, "The physical universe exists, but it won't last long and will be gone 'soon' ."

"Soon" has the same meaning as "next week" - no meaning at all because it is an observation from OUTSIDE OF TIME.

Consequently, when great Mystics, Teachers, Prophets and the like receive revelations from outside of time, they have some prediction of impending doom that will come "soon".

All Mystics are in general agreement that the physical universe does not last for an indefinite period and that it is not a permanent place. Is it a big lie when - across the ages - respected teachers constantly say that the universe will end "soon". Well, not really - in fact, from their point of view it is absolutely correct.

The mechanism of creation and dissolution is outside of time. It is not a time function and effects all points inside of time at the same moment. Consequently, if the dissolution would occur, people living in the year 35 would say, "That guy Jesus that the government put down a couple of years ago was right - he said we had little time left and sure enough everything is falling apart !"

People in present time would say, "The TV Preacher said it was almost the end of the world and sure enough he was right 'cause there it goes !"

People in the year 5000 would say, "Our ancient computer records show that a subversive named Jesus said 5000 years ago that our world would end and - sure enough - we don't know what's happening here and our scientists can't stop this. The time machines will not operate."


It is similarly incorrect to argue, "I hopped in my time machine and went to the year 2057. I observed that the Earth was still there, that there were people living on it, and that things looked OK. Therefore, I conclude that the "end of the world" cannot be before the year 2057."

This argument, like the others, misses the boat. The origin event and dissolution event fort the universe have no relation to time as observable inside the universe. Dissolution, when it comes, comes for 1998, 2057, 35, 5000 b.c., etc. at the SAME moment - a moment that cannot be specified by ant reference to "time". (therefore no one can know the time)

Now, let's take a closer look at a "moment". A moment is a slice of time with no thickness - no quantity of time is contained in a moment. However, there are at least two different things in a moment. One is the creation event and the other is the dissolution event. These two events effect all time simultaneously. Therefore, our slice of time must contain them also. Additionally, if we are in a "moment" there is a third event because we are there also. Creation and dissolution are opposite events, so there should be some "space" between them and we are somewhere between creation and dissolution so in our "moment" we should be between these two events. The moment, then, represents a new vector which has a quality of "length" - in its own way- along a new direction that we do not normally travel in our everyday world. So, one might want to contemplate what else is in this fifth dimensional vector. What is on "the other side" of the creation event or the other side of the dissolution event within the moment. What other goodies might there be hiding inside of our moment. Trying to lock yourself in to a moment is a key step in all meditation exercises. So this discussion is a scientific way - for those who relate to science - to conceptualize where people "go" when they claim to "go somewhere" in mystic trance or meditation.

It is from the new perspective we get from travel along this vector that many concepts in the various sacred books come. When evaluating these concepts, then, we must judge them from the perspective where they originated - where they will likely be found to be completely valid and correct - instead of from the usual perspective where they are likely to look senseless or confusing at best.

It is apparently from this perspective that we get statements like, "Well, the universe comes and goes in just the wink of an eye.", and so on.

Concluding, the general advice of Spiritual people to live "in the moment" seems to be a very good survival skill to master. It is something everyone can do if they try and it offers escape opportunities that will still work when space and time machines fail to operate - as they must in a dissolution phase because time itself is dissolved.



Let's begin with a little discussion of the Garden. We all know the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

Now, we don't want to get sidetracked here arguing whether there really was a garden, or whether GOD personally made Adam and Eve or whether they were manufactured by reptile people from the Orion Empire.

The point is, the people are here now. They have Class I bodies that contain all of the five elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. The fact that they have the "Ether element gives them the power and right to contact GOD and leave this place and go home to HIM.

Now, back to the Garden. Recall the statement of Lucifer, "Eat all you want of knowledge - you won't die"; and recall the statement of GOD, "If you do this you will surely die." Also recall the warning later, "Because you made this choice, you will eat knowledge all the days of your life: misery, suffering, etc. will come to you now..."

These statements and questions by GOD and Lucifer are trick questions. And, so everyone understands, let's go see just what they mean:

Let's start with the original condition in which Adam and Eve existed. Since they had no "knowledge of good and evil", what knowledge did they have. Well, more than you probably do. Adam and Eve were placed in a state of perfect balance, that state which all living Saints have begged us to try to return to - the state where the mind is stilled - the state where we can personally realize GOD. This was the state of Adam and Eve. And, any time that they had wanted to, they could have quit the human form and returned to GOD.

Now, we begin to see the trick of Lucifer. Asking for "the knowledge of good AND evil" is essentially asking for instability because this knowledge causes the mind to run out and contemplate all sorts of things which destabilizes the perfect balance and so cuts off the contact with GOD.

So, GOD was right when he said "You shall surely die" in the sense that they would lose touch with HIM and Lucifer was also right - physically speaking -to say, "You won't die - you'll know what GOD knows !"

The problem with knowing what GOD knows as an immature Soul is that you are quickly overwhelmed with knowledge and are utterly confused.

Clearly, we see this happening in the Biblical description of what happened next: Adam and Eve were all shook up just by realizing that they were of opposite sex and immediately wet and grabbed leaves to hide their private parts from each other.



Before the invention of language, enlightened creatures communicated by musical notes. Even today, when multiple languages come into play, identification is done with universally accepted tones. For example, international broadcast stations have as their registered identification a short song which is equivalent in international law to a station call sign.

Below we give the access codes for basic universal services which can be used by anyone:

ACCESS TO THE IG UNIVERSAL TRANSLATE NETWORK "NPTFTS" Maintained by IGC, the Intergalactic Council as a public service to all advanced life forms:


X-TEXT message:"I peaked in to say good night, and then I heard my child in prayer: 'All I want are SCARLET ribbons- scarlet ribbons for my hair.' "








ARTICULATION: "HU" is a non-directed sound made by the vocal cords when some sound is wanted but no effort to articulate is applied.




TEXT MESSAGE: "Listen children to a story that was written LONG AGO; about a kingdom on a MOUNTAIN and a valley FAR BELOW..."

Song is a classic scenario repeated countless times in various civilizations on Earth and also elsewhere and signifies that the diplomat is familiar with standard crises that all civilizations encounter





Happy ? Content ? All stuffed with the best food your gold can buy ?

Riding in your bulletproof car - on your way to the underground tunnel that leads to your underground golf course ?

You might notice, on the street, as you pass, some brainless street person, limping along on his way to look for some food in a dumpster. Perhaps, you might think to yourself, "We should authorize a black project to spray poison in dumpsters to get rid of these useless eaters - they really are not a pleasing sight !"

You won't notice the little sparkle in the old bum's eyes as he limps along, wrinkled and worn by the elements.

But, as you speed away, with your security escort, there's a little something you should know:

That brainless creature - can't read, can't write, with no home, phone, e-mail address, satellite receiver - can leave this place: The "Golden gate" at vector reference 4.999 will open for him; but it will not open for you.

You will never leave this place. The progression of the ages will come over and over again - golden age to iron age - uncalculatable expanses of time - your supercomputer would blow a fuse searching for the number - and you will still be here.

Happy in your hole in the ground plugged in to your satellite spy camera ? You know this stuff gets old after a few trillion years go by. But hopefully, you won't get bored because that can be awful frustrating. Kind of lonely too.

You lost the key - missed the boat. All the gold in the physical universe can't buy that key back - it's gone.

The old homeless guy has the key. He would probably sell it to you for a hamburger. But, he can't. He doesn't know he has it. It's not a physical thing - can't find it in his pockets. Psychologists can't wrench it out of his brain - 'cause he's brainless - he doesn't even know how to spell or write the word "key".

Gee, life sure is unfair. Work your way to the top and find that you actually worked your way to the bottom. Not your fault. They did not teach you in the private schools and Ivy League colleges. When you joined the Order, they said knowledge was power - that a person who did not develop his intelligence and use it to get wealth and power was stupid. So, how were you to know any better ?

Boredom is Hell, don't you think ?



In the standard King James Bible, in Revelations, the vision of a "new Heaven and new Earth" is discussed.

What this is a peak into the next cycle of time following the present cycle of time. We are in the Iron Age now. This is the last phase of the present cycle of ages. At the end of this age, the physical universe (Earth) and the Astral universe (Heaven) will be dissolved. Souls will then be in an inactive state (except for the advanced souls have left for the higher planes) and will wait while the "new" Heaven and Earth (Physical plane and Astral plane) are created. They will then all return and be placed according to their karmas to begin a new phase of their existence in the Universe of forms and matter.

In the new "Earth" which will now start in the Golden Age, everyone will be there. The Builderberger people, the Tri- laterial people, the Illuminati people will all be there too. You won't notice them, however, because they will be the trees.

Big, beautiful trees - trees that live for millions of years. Trees that bear luscious fruit that actually has vitamins in it.

If the trees could talk, which they can't, they would tell you about their plans for a new world order and all about money and economics and interest rates. They would complain that you should be paying for their fruit instead of getting it for free. But, who listens to trees !

Eventually, through the natural progression of the ages, the Iron Age will come again. By then, the "trees" will have gradually earned the right to get the human form again and will have a chance to do all their good stuff with money, mind control, and power playing once again.

These are the cycles of Time and the inevitable laws of Karma at work. These systems, although managed by Lords of various rank, are under the final control and authority of GOD. No one escapes the Law of GOD - not on time machines, space ships or unified field subspaces - no one escapes: now or ever. However, some people never give up trying. But, that's all right. They can keep trying - knock themselves out with physics, chemistry and biology till the end of time (literally).

Will Adam eat the fruit in the next "golden age". Well, stay tuned to find out !