The planet Earth is part of the physical universe and the physical universe is part of a system of universes [commonly called "planes"], some of which exist under the compartmentalizing quality called "time."

There are two organizational codes for the system of universes: These codes are "666" and "704".

The code 666 is the structural code for the so-called "lower worlds" [which includes Earth]. These worlds are under the administration of the being most people call "Satan"; his proper name is Kal Niranjan.

The code 704 is the organizational code for the entire universe system [the lower and higher worlds combined] and basically means "seven over four" as there are seven spiritual planes and four planes of lower creation.

The administrator [or Creator] of the entire universe system lives in that area of space beyond logic, nomenclature, and mental activities. An intensely loving and benevolent creature, it has no name.

The lower worlds are called the Mental World, the Causal World, the Astral World and the Physical World. They are all under the administration of Kal Niranjan. Kal has organized these worlds in a system of repetitive reflections. Each reflection gives the impression that it is the highest reality. There are three sets of six reflections, therefore the organizational code is three sixes or 666. Since 666 does not spell any word, scholars have wondered about this so called "name of the Devil," however it is not a name at all but is simply a mathematical representation of the structure of the lower creation.

The code 704, with letters for the number's 7 and 4, spells "GOD." Again, GOD has no name [the uppermost plane where GOD lives is called "Anami" which means "nameless"] and this is simply the structural code for the complete universe system, which collectively is created and maintained by GOD.

Now, we will get into this in a bit more detail.


THE CODE "666"

We will now discuss the structure of the worlds under the administration of Kal Niranjan, the so called "lower worlds."

This chart was developed by Professor Lekh Raj Puri of India.

The chart below represents the structure of the worlds of Kal Niranjan:
SET # 
# of Petals of Lotus 
Guda  Antash Karan  Trikuti 
Indri  Below 3rd. Eye  Lower part of Daswan Duar 
Nabhi  Third Eye  Upper Part of Daswan Duar 
Hriday  Sahans Dal Kanwal  Shaj Dip  12 
Kanth  Set Sunna  Maha Sunna (top)  16 
Behind the Eyes  Trikuti (lower part)  Bhanwar Gufa 

These are the three sets of six planes below the first spiritual region [Sach Khand]. There are seven spiritual planes above here. This is Kal's world and is composed of "copies of copies" or reflections.

THE CODE "704"

The code 704 is the structure of the total universe system. The four is the part covered above and the seven is for the seven spiritual planes above the world of Kal which begin with "Sach Khand" and ends with the highest plane called "Anami."

Since you were born in a Human body, you have the right and the power to leave this place forever and live for eternity in one of the Spiritual Worlds. Animals have souls too, but in an animal body they cannot contact GOD.



Please now refer to the schematic model diagram which follows.

The R-I Region

This is the region of unmodified pure energy and spirit where the Creator resides. It is called "ANAMI" [meaning "no name"] because there is no mental-type functioning here - everything "just is" and time does not exist.

The R-II Region

This is the lower region of worlds or planes that are still purely spiritual and exist outside of time. However, the "bending" we portray schematically here has lowered the operating frequency of the spiritual essence here.

The R-III Region

Here we have a major change. Now, the energy has been lowered to a point where it collapses into itself and forms the "egg shaped" structure shown. Time has now come into existence. R-III is the domain of Kal Niranjan - the Lord of Time. This region contains the four planes: Physical, Astral, Causal [Force] and Mental. And, down near the very bottom of this "egg" is the Planet Earth.




Now please refer to the schematic model which follows. [FIGURE #2]

This model is called an "I-Map" or "Intelligence Map." The diamond symbol is the society of the United States.

The numbers at the left are state of consciousness index code numbers which are called the "Symbol Code."

They roughly correspond to the plane number. Therefore, the Mental Plane is at symbol code index 4000; the Causal or Force plane is at index 3000; the Astral at 2000 and the Physical at 1000.

At 5000 we have left the domain of space/time and matter/energy and entered the first Spiritual Plane [commonly known as "SACH KHAND"].

The "Q-Line" is an important marker. It is sort of an "escape velocity" point in as much as one is bound to the society by its propaganda. Once beyond this point, you know too much to be influenced by anything coming from the US Government and are free to go your way. In a practical way, you must be at this point to really be considered an Adult. Otherwise, even though you are physically mature, you are still thinking on the level of a silly, confused child.





The map above [FIGURE #3] shows the relevant dimensional vectors. These vectors are used, among other things, for deep space and time travel.


The first three vectors are the ones everyone is familiar with - the classic X, Y and Z coordinates of ordinary three-dimensional space.


Time is the 4th. Vector. Time Machines use this vector to go back into the past or forward into the future.


The 5th. Vector is the Transcendence Vector that takes you to the other planes and sub-planes. It also takes spiritually adept people back to GOD.


The machines that are used to travel physically throughout the universe system are INTER DIMENSIONAL SPACE VEHICLES and TIME MACHINES.

Both machines use technology based on the FORCE which is known to Physicists as the "STRONG FORCE."

CRYSTALS composed of LITHIUM-6 are central to the operation of both devices.

ADDITIONALLY, communications devices use special techniques to send messages to ships that travel faster than light and to bases on Earth and other planets which are located in other periods of TIME.

SPACE SHIPS operate on the standard acceleration formula for "WARP" which is: Warp 1 = c [cubed]; Warp 2 = c[to the 9th. power]; Warp 3 = c[to the 81st. power], etc. The highest Warp is 9. Test vehicles exceeding this have not returned.



We call this the "N" Cycle because, as you can see, it looks like the letter "N".

This is the cycle most people go through as Humans.

The vertical path on the LEFT is the "Left-hand Path." The vertical path on the RIGHT is the "Right Hand Path." The slope line between paths represents the "FALL" that people on the Left-hand Path must eventually take.

In this cycle, people thinking about occult, psychic stuff first go on the left because it is easier. They can use drugs and stuff here (like LSD-25) to accelerate progress.

Eventually, they long for more and they find that the Spiritual Regions are off limits to them because there is no exit from the Left-hand Path to the PURE Spiritual Regions above. So, they must come all the way down again and begin anew on the Right-hand Path.

Both the Left and Right-hand paths have Guru's and Masters who help. Both have certain ethical guidelines for Masters and Students. Masters from the Left have similar powers with Masters from the Right.

However, Masters from the Left WILL USE THEIR POWERS to get whatever they want and Masters from the Right WILL NOT. They have the same abilities, but the Good or Right hand path Masters use very tight restraints on their powers and will only use them on rare and highly justifiable occasions.

The Book "TIBET'S GREAT YOGI, MILAREPA," local stock #GB-260 by Evans-Wentz available through Oxford University Press, is the story of a man who became a Master of the Left and then realized his limitations and gave that up and became a Master of the Right all in one lifetime.

You don't have the luxury of time right now, so choose the Right-hand Path and save yourself a lot of misery !



[The Physical Universe is a created place. In order for it to operate properly, certain advanced Souls have duties and responsibilities to keep the place going - also to dissolve it when that time comes. These Souls, who serve at the pleasure of GOD, are given access to certain "Command and Control Codes" which would be useless to the average Soul unless he was a black magician or mastermind who wanted to cause trouble. Consequently, these codes are not given out. They are generally classed in area AO-1 (Alpha/Omega-1) and are for use by System Administrators and Spiritual Personnel only. This is one of the codes. However, Earth scientists have now broken it and so that no one group gets to use it to their advantage, we will publish it for all to use.]

You will notice in the above diagram that the chemical model makes a little "house" where something lives. In this case, it is Iron [Fe] because the cycle of Time we are in right now is the "Iron Age." [You see how simple this is - that's why it's a secret !]

Now, you might guess that in the Golden Age, Gold [Au] lived in this "house" and in the Silver Age Silver [Ag] lived in this little house.

When different things live in the "house", the life span of the bodies changes.

It is for Gold (Golden Age) 100,000 Earth Years, for Silver (Silver Age) 10,000 Earth Years, for the "Bronze Age" 1,000 Earth Years and for the "Iron Age" 100 Earth Years.

Now, there are links to other systems that operate in the energy channeling process that also change from Age to Age so simply altering one variable does not complete the whole sequence. The other links in the sequence are still classified and will not be given out.

It is doubtful that Earth scientists will discover the complete sequence before the dissolution takes out the planet and the Physical Universe is reset for another cycle of Ages.