We wish now to take up and discuss the US Economic Matrix. Basically, the United States is a "corporate state" composed of public "outer corporations" which are controlled by less public corporations - which are finally controlled by "THE COMPANY" [the CIA].


Anyone can start a company. If it is small and the product or service it provides is meaningless or mundane, no one really cares about it. However, all large corporations are under direct Government control. A "Q-Man" is positioned at a strategic point in the companies' organization so that it is not possible for that company to do anything that the Government does not want.

Also, all labor unions are secretly operated by men from "THE COMPANY." It was publicly exposed during the Seventies, during the period when the US Government was in a state of slight de-stabilization, that George Meany of the AFL-CIO was a CIA Agent.

The basic system is designed to present to the naive public the impression that "free enterprise" is taking place and that corporations are independently operating institutions. The linkage system that connects the publicly operating "private corporations" to the "COMPANY" is, of course, one of the "Top Secrets" of the United States.

The political sector is a similar design. The impression is presented that everyone is free and has freely elected their regulating officials and that the people are in control of the Government. In reality, of course, officials to be elected are Preselected in secret and the Government controlled press then "programs" the masses to vote them in by convincing them that they are the only logical choice.


So, the Government of the United States is the legal owner of its 50 States and assorted territories. And, because you are trapped in its economic matrix and need money to exist, it is the owner of you as well.

But, the US Government is in debt - deeply in debt. And the people to whom it owes the "National Debt" are the real owners of the United States and, therefore, the owners of the 50 states and assorted territories and of the citizens of these.

So, who owns you ? Well, here is the list. They are called "international bankers" and they own the United States and all its politicians and the President and every citizen of the United States.


They own you because you have accepted the philosophy of "Dialectical Materialism" and you express everything in terms of money. They control the money and so therefore they control you.

The owners of the United States are:

1. Rothschild & Morgan

2. Barring

3. Hambros

4. Lazard

5. Erlanger

6. Warburg

7. Schroder

8. Selingamn

9. The Speyers

10. Mirabauld

11. Mallet

12. Fould

Every year the Government pays [only] the interest on its national debt. That payment is 20 Billion Dollars. And, it is split up among the twelve people above. A nice salary, to say the least.

This group of people who are not elected by anyone can, by virtue of the fact that they essentially "hold the mortgage on the United States," order the US Government to do anything they want and it must obey them. It must obey regardless of any US Law or the Constitution for the United States because naked ownership supersedes and overrides all Law and Constitutional authority.

So, that's the story. Incidentally, these twelve men consider the citizens of the United States to be their private "herd of cattle" to be used as they please and to be disposed of as needed.



We wish now to discuss the three principals of the capitalist philosophy.

These are:

1. Scientific Atheism

2. Dialectical Materialism

3. Economic Determinism

Scientific Atheism

GOD is not welcome in the United States. Religious philosophies have ethical points on which there can be no compromise. The US Government needs a situation where everything has a price and where, for enough money or other compensation, a person will do virtually anything. People with any deep religious convictions just do not fit in with this and can't be dealt with. They are generally called "psychotic" and locked away.

Dialectical Materialism

Translated into ordinary words this simply means to "speak of everything in material terms" - and that we do. Everything has a price in America. Lawyers have set the price of a newborn human baby at $10,000 US - you have the bucks: the kid is yours !

We are so programmed to think in material terms that it seems strange to look at things any other way.

Economic Determinism

The so-called "American Work-Ethic": the continual push to do more and produce more and boost the gross national product and get the Stock Market higher each day. No one ever asks why we are doing this - it's just an understood compulsion that this is "the right thing to do" and to do anything else would somehow be abnormal.


These three principals are the very heart of the programming that is instilled into all US Citizens from the cradle to the grave. It is the philosophic system that works for America and to alter it would hurt the "national security". Therefore, any alternate philosophies that may compete with it must be stamped out.

In 1990 the US Supreme Court made a major decision concerning the freedom of US Citizens to have an alternate choice of philosophies. The Court reinterpreted the US Constitution which clearly states the right to the "free exercise of religion" to mean that people only have the right to think about religion and do not have the right to actually practice any religion. Therefore, it is now established in US Law that the only authorized philosophy in the United States is a non-religion philosophy which is the philosophy of Scientific Atheism.



A few notes here on this classic science fiction movie:

Recall the fail-safe mechanism in the "secret, UNDERGROUND laboratory." It was a nuclear bomb at the bottom of the lab complex and was theoretically supposed to be used to "protect the Earth" if some germ was so powerful that it could not be contained. Of course, the personnel working there would be vaporized too.

Well, it seems that it's not fiction after all.

The National Laboratories, such as the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, are reported to have a nuclear bomb under them - waiting for the signal from the Illuminati to explode.

It's not to "kill germs." It is a fail-safe method for controlling the scientists who work there.

You see, scientists are smart people. In fact, they are generally smarter than the politicians who control them by giving them the money to operate.

There is always a chance that the scientists might begin to wonder what the technology they are producing is being used for. They might decide to "get moral" and talk back to the Government and refuse to work or threaten to go tell the press about all the black project stuff they do.

Well, we can't have that, can we ?

Enter the BOMB - just a little reminder to them that if they ever step out of line they, their labs and all the secrets they know will "melt into the desert", to use the Government's phraseology.


If you are a young person contemplating Government Service as your career, you may want to reevaluate your life's ambitions.

You would be better off to "just say NO" to government recruiters and work somewhere else where you would not have to sign your life away in secrecy agreements and risk the constant threat of jail or death because you got into a conversation with someone and innocently said some classified stuff.

The choice is tempting - sell your Soul for all the goodies the Government can offer you including a bran new physical body when you get old and ready to "die" - but is it really worth it. Please realize that you are giving up your right to realize GOD for a very long time - perhaps in the area of trillions of Earth years - so at least sleep on your choice !



To appreciate this discussion you will need the diagram above AND a US ONE DOLLAR BILL so you can refer to the pretty color picture of the pyramid on the back.

Refer to the symbol on the Dollar Bill. This Pyramid symbol represents the prototype for US Society. The symbol existed before the United States did. It is the model that was used to CREATE THIS SOCIETY - and, it IS A CREATED SOCIETY and is NOT a "spontaneous democracy formed by random people wanting freedom."

First, notice that the sides and top of the Pyramid are "illuminated." Notice that the bottom of the Pyramid is "dark or darker". Logically, if a light source shone on a pyramid in such a way as to illuminate all sides, the bottom should be equally illuminated - but it is dark. THIS OCCULT SYMBOL MEANS that there was never any intention from the inception of the concept of the United States that ordinary people should EVER see the light or learn the truth about ANYTHING at all and it was always and still is intended that they should be kept stupid and in the dark about essentially EVERYTHING. "THE LIGHT NEVER REACHES THE BOTTOM" where the masses [called "the mob" by the Elite] live.

We will now go into a detailed discussion of the various areas we have labeled on the above diagram [FIGURE # 7] and discuss the characteristics of each group.



Here we have the poor, the homeless, people in prisons and people in various institutions. This is a classless, socialized group. It is "socialized" because these people are "taken care of" with money from the main working population because they can't care for themselves.


Here we have the average working person - the "Average American." This group is not socialized. People in this group must work hard for everything they get and are literally taxed to death to pay the cost of the operations in the other "socialized" segments of the population that we will discuss.


The "Q" Area is the area just below the Elite. People in this area must be told some things about the Elite that the general population does not know. They all must have "security clearances" which means that they must promise not to tell any truths that they learn to ordinary people under pain of death. These people are basically "high class slaves". Although they are treated quite well as long as they do their job and keep their mouth shut, nevertheless they are not considered to be equals of the ELITE.

The preceding classes are called "N6" which is the state of consciousness identifier in the Universal Series for this type of society.


Once we move across the interface zone, we have a situation like night and day. The ELITE are in an "N3" rated society. [The Planet Earth presently enjoys a dual classification: part of the planet's population is identified by the Galaxy- Sector ID# "N-6-129" and part by "N-3-254" because when the Governments started playing around in deep space they needed to be given an "N3" ID. It is not normal to split a planet and allow such a schism and eventually the entire planet population will have to be included in the "N3" category.] This group is not classed and is socialized. They can enjoy a socialized existence because everything they need to be completely comfortable is provided to them by the slaves in the N6 zone through their hard work and tax money. The slaves do not even know that this special world of the Elite exists.

This is an open society - no knowledge is hidden: there are no secrets - no security clearances - no "sensitive" information. Anyone can order books that tell the complete truth about anything they want to know. The books, published by the same major companies that publish books for ordinary people, are complete and stripped of all disinformation. Books sent to the lower levels where the N6 population lives are highly censored and contain tons of deliberate dis-information in order to keep the masses down.

REAL BOOKS (like those available here) are called TEXT and the phony books that ordinary people can get are called X-TEXT (Bad text - meaningless text - text full of misinformation and propaganda).

At the center of this area, symbolized by the "eye" of the pyramid, is the NEGATIVE CORE GROUP - The DIRECTORATE of US SOCIETY.



Here we find the "ILLUMINANTI" - "The Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages." This is a PERMANENT POPULATION. The men who live here do not die. True, they get old, but they have ways of transferring their Soul directly to a new young body with minimal inconvenience. Therefore, the people here are the same ones who set policy in the past and they fully intend to remain in control as long as there is a Planet Earth to control - until, quite literally, the end of time.

What are the "secrets" that these "guardians" are guarding ? Well, we've covered most of them in this book and if you have been comprehending this stuff you now know the same things they do.

Also, PERMANENT MONEY is in use here. Wonder where all the Gold went - wonder why your paper money is called "FIAT" or "faith money" with no real value ? Well, it went here - the Elite use real money - money based on Gold and Silver. After all, when you live forever, you sure don't want inflation eating up your nest egg !


This is the structure of the Country / World you live in. This is ALL OF IT - all of it that involves the HUMAN POPULATION that is.

The "GREY PEOPLE", with whom the US Government HAS LEGITIMATE TREATIES also partially live physically inside of United States Territory. However, they have a different social order of their own.

UNDER THESE TREATIES, The Gray People agree not to use their superior technology to attack the US and the US agrees not to attack the Gray People. The US also agrees to give the Gray People food and whatever else they want [one thing they want is the freedom to pick up ordinary people and use them for medical experiments] IN EXCHANGE for ultra high technology light years ahead of what ordinary people know so as to guarantee that the Government will always be the boss and that the little man WILL HAVE NO HOPE OF FREEDOM.

This is the plan, at any rate. Things do change, but that is the way it is NOW and that is the way it is INTENDED TO BE FROM NOW ON.

If you don't like that, you have to do some hard work: You (ordinary people) have to "get smart," wake up out of your dream world of beer and sports games, and do the work it takes to ENLIGHTEN yourself as to the TRUTH about the Planet you live on and the Society you live in. If you won't do that - and it seems most people do not want to - then you have no one to blame for your situation other than yourself because you are a immature, stupid, miserable excuse for a Human Being ! And you deserve just what you get - shit.



We are all familiar with local hierarchies such as States, Federal Government, United Nations and the like.

Theoretically, some type of continuity is supposed to exist throughout all hierarchies to facilitate the fulfillment of GOD's PLAN.

However, in the case of present day Earth, it appears that there is some break in the connection because decisions and long range plans seem to be reflecting the personal desires and whims of specific elite planners and NOT the legitimate desires and wishes of GOD.

In such a situation, when the connection is broken to the legitimate hierarchy, the planet becomes a "rogue planet" and someone from the legitimate hierarchy must come here generally bringing whatever force is likely to be needed and "set things right". This is one of the responsibilities if the Negative Hierarchy, under the direction of Kal Niranjan.

There are indications that Earth has reached a point of degeneracy now where such interference is indicated and that it is "on the way".



In the schematic on page 14 [FIGURE # 2], we show the position of US Society relative to the other things in existence.

This is the "Playing Field".

However, not everyone here is "playing". In fact, only about 25% of the American people work. The others do not and they are supported somehow by those who do work.

The other people who are not playing are in various situations.

About 25% are in holding zones called "prisons".

About 25% are in holding zones called "mental hospitals".

And, about 25% have relationships with someone who is working and who supports them.

The people on the playing field are those people on whom the propaganda has been successful.

The others have rejected the propaganda and so must be kept away from the people under the influence of the propaganda so that they will not become disillusioned.

The kids are in holding areas called "schools".

The old people are in holding areas called "nursing homes".