We will now discuss the American Family. Specifically, we want to look at major changes that have taken place over the last thirty years or so because they are significant and have radically altered family life.

These changes were caused by three main processes:

1. Compartmentalization of the family 2. Commercialization of the family 3. Professionalization of the family


In the beginning the family was a special, natural group. Mates stayed together and grandparents stayed with the family and remained useful and helpful. There was a continuity of life and a linkage between the young and the old for several generations. This no longer exists.


The continuity between young and old has now been destroyed by the system of Nursing Homes. Old people are shipped away to these "death camps" where they are manhandled and drugged senseless until their last dying gasp releases them from constant torment. The "mind control" drugs they are forced to take destroy their memory of their life and so break the linkage between the past and the present. They could not carry on a coherent conversation with their grand kids if they wanted to. However, their grand kids have been programmed by Government propaganda that old people are always senile and so [not realizing it's the drugs] they don't ask or visit.


Today's family is seen not as a natural unit but as a company. Women do not want kids [25% of pregnant US women get abortions]. They sometimes ask to be "paid" by their husband if he wants her to walk around for nine months uncomfortable. There is no love. Women immediately run away if their man is hurt or disabled and look for a new man. They only want money. Their likely answer to "Would you go out with me ?" would be, "Do you have a major credit card ?" Children are now a commodity to be bought and sold. Lawyers have established the price of a newborn baby to be US $10,000.00. You can buy a baby or sell a baby. You can sell yourself for nine months to have a baby for someone who is rich and does not want to be annoyed by getting pregnant. You can sell your sperm; you can sell your eggs. If bills get too high, you can sell [or rent] your wife.



This process is perhaps the most damaging of all. It begins by promoting the propaganda that "you are incompetent" and so "you need expert advice for everything" and is enforced by arguments like "you should have consulted [and paid] an expert and you did not so this went wrong and so you are guilty of..."

Professionalization seriously disrupts the natural model of family life. To think that at one time a man took his woman and went off on a farm or somewhere and they worked together and had kids and took care of everything and nothing went wrong. Today's' girl would say that was impossible.

Besides being disrupting, this process costs you money - lots of money. Lets look at some of the things modern society has invented and in many cases passed laws to order you to buy and pay for.

You can't touch your kids. That's child abuse. If a father kisses his daughter, it's rape. Taking nude pictures of your baby is child pornography. But, to discipline your kids you can hire a Psychiatrist. He can legally brain damage your kids, have real sex with your daughter, and lock up your kids in an institution where the "professional" staff will beat them, tie them up and lock them away for days or weeks in a solitary confinement cell. They can even kill them. And, it's all legal and no one is going to say anything about it because "they are professionals".

And let's not forget the "regular" medical establishment. To begin with, to have a kid in the first place you must contract with a doctor and a hospital. If you want to do it yourself you can be arrested. Now that you paid them off for bringing this kid into the world, you can start paying for "routine maintenance". You have to keep taking your kids to the doctor whenever they complain about anything because if you do not you can be arrested for "neglect" in case anything goes wrong.

And if you are a professional "modern woman" you will also want to buy: Counselors, Tutors, Guidance Experts, Special Testing, Genetic Counseling, Psychologists and other assorted "professional" helpers.

We won't go through the list of "professionals" that will be into your bank account if your child is declared "abnormal".

Now, besides spending money on your kids, since you have been conditioned to believe you are incompetent and need professional guidance for every step of your life, you will no doubt want to hire and pay: Marriage Counselor, Divorce Cost Analysis, Cooking Classes, Social Clubs, Health Clubs, Weight Programs, Make-up consultant, Personality Consultant, Public Speaking Class --- well, the list just goes on and on.



A human being is essentially an immortal Soul. The composition of a soul is raw energy and it can exist outside of space and time - in fact, that is its true home.

However, to come into existence on the Physical plane as a human man or woman, the Soul [which has no sex itself] must interface with four levels or dimensions of non-spiritual material in addition to its natural dimension of pure energy of Spirit. Therefore, a Human being is a five dimensional creature. When a couple mate intending to produce a child, they mechanically create a body for a Soul which already exists and has had countless previous lifetimes.

We now wish to discuss a short poem by John Donne titled: "The Ecstasy". This poem describes what must be done to correctly bring a Soul into this world as a human being.


Where, like a pillow on a bed,
A pregnant bank swelled up, to rest
The violets reclining head,
Sat we two, one anothers best;
Our hands were firmly cemented
With a fast blame, which thense did spring,
Our eye-beams twisted, and did thread
Our eyes, upon one double string;
So to entergraft our hands, as yet
Was all the means to make us one,
And pictures in our eyes to get
Was all our propagation.
As twixt to equal Armies, Fate
Suspends uncertain victory,
Our souls, (which, to advance their state,
Were gone out,) hung 'twixt her, and me.
And while our souls negotiate there,
We like sepulchral statues lay;
All day, the same our postures were,
And we said nothing, all the day....
This ecatasy does unperplex
(We said) and tell us what we love,
We see by this, it was not sex,
We see, we saw not what did move:
But as all several souls contain
Mixture of things, they know not what
Love, these mixed souls does mix again,
And makes both one, each this and that....
When love, with one another so
Interinanimates two souls,
That abler soul, which thense doth flow,
Defects of loneliness controls.
We then, who are this new soul, know,
Of what we are composed, and made,
For th'atomies of which we grow,
Are souls, whom no change can invade....
So must pure lovers' souls descend
T'affections, and to faculties,
Which sense may reach and apprehend,
Else a great prince in prison lies.

John Donne is describing a couple mating. However, they are not concerned with the physical sex that must take place between them. Their Souls "have gone out" and they are interfacing and helping the new Soul for which they are creating a human body to smoothly and competently enter into a lifetime as a human being in the Earth World. Mr. Donne warns in the last line: "Else a great prince in prison lies". That is, if this is not done, if a man and a woman do not know what the facts of life are and what is happening when they conceive a child, the new soul will be confused and trapped in its new human body [prison]. It will be essentially in the same condition as a beast.

Unfortunately, no one follows this procedure - no one knows the procedure. Young people, educated on Scientific Atheism are told they have no soul and that nothing exists except the very gross matter of the Physical plane.



We just want to point out certain relationships and principles just in case you want to know the rules, from the viewpoint of GOD.

A PHYSICAL LIFE FORM cannot remain living unless it is in an association with a SOUL. If the SOUL leaves, the life form dies - regardless of any medical tricks to try to keep it alive.

LIFE FORMS are the PROPERTY of the SOUL with which they are associated and NOT the property of the manufacturer of the physical form [parents are the manufacturers of their children, etc.]

UNBORN CHILDREN DO NOT NECESSARILY HAVE SOULS RIGHT AWAY, however, this is a tricky area and it is better to assume that they DO HAVE SOULS than to assume that they do not.

When there is a pregnancy that will result in a live birth, the SOUL which is scheduled for that new physical life develops an association with its new body quickly. Also, by virtue of the SOUL's status, It may know from looking ahead into future time what kind of life it will have in a certain family ASSUMING that the female becomes pregnant. This is a PRE-ASSOCIATION. If there is a pre-association, all rights over the unborn child with respect to the parent end instantly at the moment of conception.

HOWEVER, parents are not obligated to honor a PRE-ASSOCIATION because the female can choose not to get pregnant. There is no "wrong" associated with such a decision. It would be comparable to having an orphan kid wandering around by your house begging to be adopted. You have no obligation to help the kid - he is not your responsibility - but if you should choose to adopt the kid and sign all the papers, then you would be stuck with him.