We now wish to talk about the so-called family of "Q-Men". These people are the middle-level management of the World. They know of and receive orders from the rulers of the world [who like to keep their existence a secret] and translate those orders into action to take whatever are the desires of the secret rulers and "make it so". Each Q-Man is in an important and influential position and lives rather well. Even though he has essentially "sold his Soul" to the Government in exchange for the Top Secret knowledge he has been given, still, within limits he can do whatever he wants and has a generally better life than most.

In the original planning to create the "race of Q-Men", it was decided that there should be some fail safe system to deal with a malfunctioning agent should he decide not to follow orders or start telling secrets. This was solved by arranging for the Q-Men to be mated to psychiatric nurses. The nurse-agent was supposed to perform all the functions of a wife plus the special function of stopping her man from doing anything he was not supposed to do.

Although this concept still exists, it is only fair to say that life at the top is comfortable. It is an honor to be a Q-Man, and there are many privileges associated with this occupation. There is really little incentive for a Q-Man to defect or do things he is not supposed to do.

Consequently, there is little use for his wife-nurse-government agent to be anything other than a basic girl. Nurses are generally cute and keep themselves clean. They like sex and kids. So, the family life of the average Q-Man is generally pretty good.



I have personally met and had an opportunity to converse with several Q-Men and here I will say what I learned from them.

The first Q-Man I met was assigned to Tulane University in New Orleans. Our conversations took place in the mid-sixties. He was interested in space travel. He stated that the US Government had developed the technology necessary to construct a starship similar to the "Star Trek" idea. The problem, he stated, was financing. Congress saw no use for a starship to go off exploring what would most likely be empty space. They wanted to spend money on other things more practical. Also, since the knowledge of how to make a ship and the ship itself would always be Top Secret and not revealed to the American people, the funding, which was described as "massive" would have to be hidden in the budget some kind of way. He indicated that the estimated cost was extremely high.

The next Q-Man I met, later in the sixties, was assigned to the Federal Office of Police [FOP]. He was older and probably was working here as sort of a "retirement job" from whatever his original work had been. He was kind of silly and perhaps a bit senile.

I said, "Heard any good secrets lately ?". We were just having an idle conversation. I think he may have thought that I was a young Q-Man too. He said, "All the money in the world passes through Washington, D.C. - remember that !" And, I did.

The next and last Q-Man that I am going to talk about was very open. He said his "Q" number was "273". This meeting was very late in the sixties. We talked quite a bit about lots of things. He knew all about the UFO's that had landed or crash-landed here. I was discussing with him more esoteric things that he apparently did not know. In our last meeting, he thanked me and said that he had been notified that his rank had now been elevated from "Q-273" to "Q-10".

In closing, let me just briefly explain the rating system. The number of Q-Men is artificially kept right around 10,000. So, if you join up your rating or number would be Q-10,000. Throughout your life-career as an agent, your rank is advanced, based upon intellectual sophistication. To reach the rank of 273 [out of 10,000] is a significant movement. And, to go from 273 to 10 in a couple of days is VERY significant. The only new event in this man's life during those few days was the conversations we had; and so I have wondered about this because I am obviously not a Q-Man and I do not consider myself to be anything special.



I wish to now go through some rather interesting revelations stemming from meetings with people who were in the "top secret club."

These people have certain religious beliefs. They talk a lot about Jesus Christ. They seem to feel that the Government of the United States receives some type of "guidance". Some refer to Jesus and others - one specifically stated that there was a mechanical [electronic] connection whereby the Government could "call god on the phone" at any time and get answers to problems.

Whatever it is, there is a strong indication that the Government can contact some entity who is not a member of our human race.

There is also a troublesome justification for the acts of creating AIDS and Ebola and other designer viruses. Some "in-crowd" people seem to feel that they are "doing the work of god" as outlined in REVELATIONS 15 when they invent killer diseases and spread them around and deliberately infect citizens. They believe they are the ones "chosen" by god to release the final "seven deadly plagues" upon the people of the Earth.

Unfortunately, REVELATIONS 15 does speak of the seven plagues as "God's will". This is not true. Acts like this would fall into the category of administration of karma. This is handled by the "Lords of Karma" who are under Kal Niranjan's administration.

Many religious groups worship Kal as God because he is the administrator of this section of the Universe. If they have no true Saint to tell them about the upper regions where they would find the for real GOD, then the highest supernatural entity they are likely to locate is Kal. Consequently, they accept Kal as the "ultimate god".

Having straightened that part out, it should be noted next that there is no such thing as a mechanical or electrical device that can be used to make contact with God. All such devices are creations of the lower realities of matter-energy-space and time. None of these creations can cross the barrier between this place and the purely Spiritual regions where the true Lord resides. However, sensitive electronic devices have been used to record voices from the Astral world and make images of Astral entities.


World leaders and their inner circle of followers can be said to practice a form of religion.
However this religion, which we will call "Physical Religion" for want of a better title, is
essentially  180 degree opposite of  "Spiritual Religion".

In Spiritual Religion, the Soul is seen as primary and the body as secondary.  The body
is viewed as a temporary tool of the Soul as it gains experiences which will eventually allow
it to evolve to a higher and non-physical state.

In the Physical Religion of world leaders and controllers, however, the physical body
is considered primary and the Soul - if it is acknowledged at all - is seen as just some
component necessary to keep physical bodies going.

While leaders of Spiritual Religions debate the correct procedure for bringing the Soul
to complete fulfillment, the leaders of the Physical Religion have essentially completed
their research in their quest to make their physical existence permanent.  They have
broken the genetic code, solved the problem of disease and perfected effective methods
for obtaining new physical bodies when the ones they are using cannot be kept going
any more.  Their continued existence as physical beings for "eternity" has been established.

Consequently, the concept of God or higher "realities" is merely academic to them because
they have no intention or inclination to leave this physical reality which they totally control.
In Physical Religion, the "masters of technology" see themselves as gods.  They create and
maintain a reality to suit their fancy and control all other living creatures.  They exercise the
power of life or death over their subjects.  They live with every conceivable luxury and
have all of their desires fulfilled.  What more could a god want.