We will now discuss the Top Secrets of the United States. The Top Secret level of clearances is called the "Q-Level" and it consists of fifteen subgroups which are simply called TS1 thru TS15. TS15 is the highest level [in the legitimate Universal Series TS15 is roughly equal to vector reference 3107]. The industrialized nations of the world are all operated by a common directorate which is coordinated from the secret city located in central Africa between two large lakes. So, at level TS15, all the nation-state governments come together and share plans, secrets, and work toward a common goal. This common goal is called the NEW WORLD ORDER.

We shall now discuss the specific Top Secrets that currently exist by category:


The breakfast menu for active Air Force Pilots is Top Secret. Any historical fact that may embarrass the President or other high ranking official is Top Secret. [People who know these things are generally killed somehow as more and more people have been noticing lately]


The pure sciences, that is, Physics and Chemistry - Electrical Engineering and Biology and the like are taught in all Universities. However, key information is withheld. So, even if you get a Ph.D. degree in one or more of these sciences, you are incompetent. Certain changes have been made and logical pathways established to deliberately lead scholars off in the wrong direction [like changing Einstein's original E=Mc (cubed) to read E=Mc (squared)]. In the case of Electrical Engineering, there are a group of "original secrets of electricity," many of which were discovered by Nicoli Tesla, which show the way to do things which ordinary published theories would lead you to conclude were not possible. In electrical generation and transmission, for example, the Planet Earth has two natural frequencies: 60 Hz in North America and 50 Hz in Europe. Electrical generation systems [secretly] pulse quartz deposits in the Earth and greatly multiply their output. Actually, the "national grid" makes more electricity than it uses - making electricity essentially a "free resource." Because people do not know this, tremendous profit is possible.

If you get a Ph.D. degree and then sign up with the Government and promise never to leave them and to obey them and their mentor LUCIFER, you are then told the missing knowledge.


Medical Science is considered by the Government to be the ultimate tool for the control of the masses and, through it, the Government perceives itself as a god with the power of death - and eternal physical life for its special people.

The cures for classic diseases: AIDS and Ebola [manufactured under CIA project "MK-NIAOMI"], Cancer, etc. exist and are Top Secret. A technique to override the natural protection system which prevents different species from mating and producing offspring [like a dog mating with a cat or a horse] has been developed and is Top Secret. Methods to accelerate time have also been developed.



Although the US Government denies the existence of other realities, it is very aware that they exist. It is especially interested in the Astral World. When the government does projects with people [spies / assassins] who have been trained to do Astral Projection and to leave their physical body and use their Astral form to spy on or attempt to kill others and then return to their physical body and report, it calls this "remote viewing" [project Sunstreak] and this research is Top Secret.




We have been talking a lot about top secret this and that. We wish now to present the formal coding and layout of the standard security clearance credential used worldwide.


First, it should be noted that, in the industrialized world, all security clearance credentials [just like passports] look the same. The fact that they do indicates that a World Order or World Government already exists in place - it just has not been "externalized" to the point where it has become obvious to the average man on the street.

The basic design of the front of security clearance credentials presently in use in the industrialized world is shown above [FIGURE #8]. On the right side of the picture there is a colored stripe which indicates the actual level of security clearance.

The color code is:









There is optional information on the left of the picture such as an expiration date. At the bottom of the card there is either a symbol, such as a diamond or circle or triangle, or there is the crosshatch pattern as shown in FIGURE #8. This crosshatch pattern is a schematic of the design of compartmentalization under which the society is designed. At the level of top secret and above, there is no longer the need for this compartmentalization. It is used to keep the masses separated and ignorant and confused so that they may be easily controlled and used. The symbol below [FIGURE #9] is the schematic design or organizational model for US Society:


What this schematic model says is that the factor which separates rulers from slaves is knowledge. The masses are trained to specialize and learn about only one thing and then practice that one thing all of their lives as a trade or livelihood.

But, the rulers know of ALL parts of knowledge and the perspective of an overview of the interactions of the world and so are not constrained by this "compartmentalization".

On clearance cards with special symbols, the "star" indicates authority and the color of the star indicates the source of the authority. Other symbols such as the circle, triangle, and diamond symbol may contain letters or additional symbols inside of the primary symbol.

For example, the bottom of a Secret Service credential uses the diamond symbol [for local planet government] and the two letters "SS" inside the diamond. Now you might guess that "SS" is for secret service but you would be wrong. "SS" is a schematic for the "double helix" of the DNA molecule and its use here means that the agent has been genetically selected for his "master race" qualities - just like Hitler's "SS".

The reverse side of the card contains the sponsoring Nation information. Security clearances issued by the United States say "Property of the U S Government". Similarly, cards from other countries would say "Property of [UK, RUSSIA, or whatever]". This information is usually written in the language of that country.

On the front side, all the cards look the same - regardless of origin.

Some cards also have colored borders. The colored border indicates access to a place where only people with security clearances equal to or better than the color of the border can enter. For example, if the border [all around the edge of the card] is yellow, then this is a place where only Top Secret clearances and above may enter. No one else within this place is cleared any lower than Top Secret [which would include the maids, janitors, etc.] The secret underground cities are examples of such places.




Most people living on the Earth today have lived here for a long time - in other bodies. In a manner of speaking, everyone here "lives physically forever" because they keep coming back over and over. But, because most people do not understand that life is continuous, they feel that the present life they have is "special" and that they are "new creations" and they probably also feel that death is "the end" and so they want to cram all the fun they can into the present life. Such an attitude essentially GUARANTEES future lives here on the Earth.


The BUDDHIST LAMAS make no secret that the life of a High Lama is continuous. When a Lama dies, everyone knows that he will be reincarnated "somewhere". Because people inclined to the Right-hand Path do not wish to go against the will of GOD, the incarnation details are left up to HIM and so could be in any family anywhere on the Earth. The students of the departed master do various rituals and consult Oracles to guess where the young child, who was [and still is] their Master and guide has been reborn. Then they test the candidate by spreading out before the child an assortment of trinkets - some of which were the favorite things of the departed Lama. When the right child is found, he invariably picks the special things which he remembers from his past life. He is then taken back to the Monastery where he is raised and cared for until, as an adult, he continues his duties as a High Lama.


There are techniques given in Witchcraft training books for guaranteeing that the next incarnation will be human and that it will be a "good life".

Essentially ALL groups which study the mysteries know of some technique that they use to keep continuity between lifetimes. Only the ordinary, ignorant masses are TOTALLY at the mercy of the Law of Karma and Reincarnation.

Members of the Right-hand Path under the hierarchy of the Spiritual Masters are not subject to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation because the Law is part of the Negative Hierarchy. The Spiritual Master alone determines the future of his students.


Tyrants and dictators who kill millions of people in their quest for power and glory do not qualify, under the Law of Karma and Reincarnation to receive another Human body. They would normally be sent back as a lower form [dog, etc.].


Clearly, these wealthy evil masters do not want to be a dog or a cat or whatever - they want to continue to be human and they want to avoid being taken for judgment by the Angles of Death who come and take ordinary people away when they die.

With their gold and power and influence, they spend a good part of their energy on the goal of everlasting physical life in the Human form regardless of how seriously they have transgressed the Laws of GOD or how many innocent people they have killed and tortured to get to the position of power they are presently in.

Enter the "steal-a-new-body-machine".

We call it this for want of a better word and it is an electric / magnetic device that creates the illusion of a separate Universe [unified field] in which things can be tailored to the wishes of the elite.

Consequently, when a crooked politician ages and is near death, he goes to the secret underground center where this equipment is set up.

In the artificially created "universe" are only three things: The old man, a "freshly pregnant girl" and the unborn child of the girl which, because she is "freshly pregnant", does not yet have a soul. The Law of Karma, which is mechanical in nature, searches for the appropriate candidate for the reincarnation of the old man. If he would have died "in the open" this would likely be a dog, cat, rat, etc. to "reward" him for his life of evil.

However, the only possible candidate is the "freshly pregnant" girl's unborn child because the special fields generated by the "steal-a-new-body-machine have "tricked" mother nature into believing that the Universe contains only the man girl, and unborn child. The man is not available because his body is now dead. The girl already has a soul and so the only choice mother nature can find in this "fake universe" is the unborn child and therefore the crooked politician gets that body.

At about the age of five, teams of psychologists work with this "child" to break down the natural barriers that prevent him from remembering his past life using chemicals [like LSD-25]. Once the "waking up" process [that's what they call it] has been completed, the dictator, in his fresh new body, picks up all his gold from his past life which has been kept for him by his brothers in the Illuminati and continues on his way.

The process is reported to have reached complete perfection in the 1960's and it is said to now be 100% safe and effective.

If you get the feeling, when you watch government people, that they are very arrogant, this is one of the reasons why: They physically live forever and their personal wealth consistently increases with the passage of time.




This is a "new variable" used in top secret physics. The time pressure is not the same in different parts of the physical universe. Changes in time pressure determine the stability of elements. For example, high weight elements such as Einsteinium are unstable on the Earth but are very stable at a different "time pressure" such as that found on distant planets.


Not that hard. The theories on weather have been completely re-written. What you know by listening to TV Weathermen is mostly hog wash and dis-information. Weather control machines operate by using high power radio frequency transmitters on select frequencies to alter the electric charge of particles in the atmosphere.


Augmented people have been produced in a variety of models. Continuing in its quest for medical knowledge via Hitler style mad-scientist medical experiments, the Government has learned quite a bit [at the cost of millions of lives of innocent citizens, of course, but the end justifies the means]. There are physical implants to make people do essentially anything as well as intelligence enhancing drugs to convert people (children are generally used) into super geniuses who have four or five Ph.D. degrees by age twelve. The intelligence technique involves the removal of ALL Uric Acid from the person's system which then allows the brain to be used at 100% of its potential. The government uses children because they have no wisdom and are too young to have a sense of morality. Therefore, they willingly work on black projects that no sane adult would touch.


Research into the SUN indicates that its mass is a constant. Therefore, the Sun is a permanent fixture. The reactions which produce light and heat do not consume the mass of the Sun because it is "time-stabilized" and "wobbles" in and out of the space-time continuum at a frequency of 70 Hz. All SUNS operate this way and when there is a problem with a sun it is due to some external event and not because the sun "ran out of gas". FUSION BALLS made in the lab behave the same way and are the technology for the manufacture of "Star Trek" like "phasors". A hand held fusion ball weapon could be used to "slice" skyscrapers in a major city like a hot knife through sticks of butter.


There is more stuff underground today than on the surface of the Earth. Tunnels, dug by lasers powered [pumped] by nuclear devices can cut giant tunnels essentially instantly. Today, the planet Earth looks like a lump of Swiss cheese and the whole world is covered and connected by the secret tunnel system. Underground cities, complete with golf courses, parks, "skyscrapers" of 60, 80 and more levels can be found there. This is the private world of the elite which YOU PAY FOR !


There are supposed to be about 2000 channels of satellite TV available to the elite who are given the special receivers to decode them. Top secret TV covers all subjects and does not contain dis-information. You might see a documentary on our latest colony on another planet - or the Top Secret Evening News that tells the truth about the political state of the world.


The internet ordinary people use is overlaid over the "original" internet which was begun by the government to interconnect the elite. This "original" internet is top secret because it contains essentially all information that exists on everything. From the top secret internet, for example, you could tune into pictures of any event in the past - get a video of yourself being born even though video cameras had not been invented then. You could communicate with the base the US Government maintains 60 years into the future to see what life was like 60 years from now. You could request X-RAY videos of anyone you were curious about - videos of them in their home taken by the X-RAY satellites [wonder why lead paint was outlawed ?].



A personal computer is the most deadly "Trojan horse" that you can possibly bring into your home. Everything you do on it can be directly seen in real time by anyone with the computer tapping technology which is not even a secret. A computer transmits radio frequency energy which can be intercepted and decoded by someone out front your house in a surveillance van or by satellites.

Additionally, when you connect to ANY online service, the people running the service can get your personal data. Computer microprocessors from P-6 up have special circuits built right into the chip itself so that the government - not you - will have final control over your computer and will have total access to anything you have stored in it. The "ordinary people" should really wake up and realize this.


The Government is engaged in a program to identify ALL live human births that take place on the Planet Earth and to record and document them.

One possible use of this would be a reincarnation tracking system to identify people not by who they appear to be (the son/daughter of so-in-so) but by actually assigning identification numbers to individual souls who will have more than one physical lifetime as a human being.

The most likely reason to spend money on this as a high priority project is to try to determine - as was attempted in the time of Jesus - where there is a newborn child who might be an important soul (like a future leader) and then hurry up and kill the child before he grows up and does something that might upset "the establishment".

There is no legitimate reason for the US Government to want all the records of live births from other countries unless it is to compile some type of shared database for the use of all the countries involved in the "new world order".


One of the new gadgets being used by police crime labs is a Genetic Code Analyzer.
The government supplies this secret device which is said to contain 256 computer processors.
When given a sample of  DNA, the analyzer provides you with a photograph of the person
and the person's fingerprints as well as other data.  Now you might guess that if this machine
is in current production, the complete DNA code was  broken by government researchers
some time ago and promises that the code will be broken sometime in the future are propaganda.


The deep space port linking the Planet Earth with the rest of the physical universe is supposed to be located on the dark side of the Moon. If you check old books, you will find it recorded that the Moon had a slight "wobble" - one side stayed towards the Earth but it was not PERFECTLY STILL - it moved a bit from side to side over time. Now, however, it is PERFECTLY STILL and to make this so some engineering team with some equipment of a sizable nature had to have gone there and stabilized it.


There is a "photon belt" which sort of runs through the physical universe like a river. The photon belt will cross paths with the planet Earth on December 21, 2012. This date also just happens to be the "last day" of the ancient Mayan Calendar.

The effects of the photon belt include temporal anomalies and psychological effects upon humans in the form of consciousness acceleration. It is estimated that about 66% of the human population of the Earth will be unable to cope with this consciousness acceleration and will die as a result at that time (Information Disease).

The planet Earth is already experiencing the effects of the photon belt even though the full force will not hit the planet for about 15 years. Effects include temporal changes shortening the effective length of a day by about two hours and psychological effects on short term memory. These effects - usually noticed only in older people - are now being observed even in children.

It should be noted that any human casualties as a result of this event are wholly preventable because the deaths will occur when people in undeveloped states of consciousness cannot cope with the acceleration effects of the photon belt. People can choose to elevate their state of consciousness and fifteen years is enough time for anyone who does not want to die to get themselves into a high enough state of awareness that this event will not adversely effect them.

The period from 2013 onward looks like it will be a more enlightened period for humanity - simply because those who are not enlightened will be dead. However, this is NOT a new Golden Age. The keyword for the Golden Age is "innocence". Thoughts of evil did not exist in the minds of men. Wise men can compensate and control evil thoughts resulting in a society that may look equivalent to a Golden Age; however the evil still exists even though it is in a dormant state.