TEN YEAR WARNING United Nations "Agenda 2030" requires that the population of Homo Sapien Sapiens be reduced to five-hundred million by the year 2030

IGC, the Intergalactic Council, has lawful jurisdiction over the physical universe.  Its authority is part of a logical chain of command beginning with the System Originator, the SO-0.

The primary responsibility of IGC is to enforce the "Prime Directive" which basically states that positive Spiritual evolution shall not be blocked.  Interference with positive Spiritual evolution violates the Prime Directive and justifies ICG intervention.

IGC is primarily concerned with planets capable of travel outside of their native solar system and/or planets which have developed the capability of travel in time.

Other than the single restriction of the Prime Directive, sovereign planets may select any code of social interaction they choose without any concern about IGC interference as long as they do not violate the Prime Directive or interfere with some other civilization in a manner which violates the Prime Directive.

The Planet known as Earth is under the jurisdiction of IGC even though most Homosapiens have never known of it.  The Planet Earth is a special concern for IGC because, even though the general population remains completely unaware, the leaders of Earth have now developed both the capacity for interplanetary travel and time travel.  Of grave concern is the fact that the leaders of Earth refuse to acknowledge the Prime Directive and violate it essentially continuously.

As a citizen of the Earth, therefore, it is felt appropriate, at this point in time, that you are made privy to some of the Council Notes from its deliberations concerning your planet.


Even though the  Homosapien was manufactured from whatever genetic trash was easily available to the alien scientists who made them, they are technically Humanoids and are therefore capable of Spiritual development.

Therefore, in considering any intervention, we must observe the IGC Prime Directive [The Prime Directive, which is the basis of all IGC law, is the principle that all Spiritually capable life forms must be provided with an environment conducive to positive Spiritual progress.  Attempts to interfere with positive Spiritual progress are considered to be Prime Directive violations].

In the past, the opportunity for Spiritual development has existed on the planet Earth and this fact has influenced prior council decisions.

However, it can now be successfully argued that Spiritual progress on the planet has halted and, if anything, the population is Spiritually devolving.

Let us consider the evidence:

The government has embarked on an ambitious program to effectively "weaponize" Spirituality.  They are actively training military personnel to cultivate psychic talents and use them to gain military advantage over "the enemy".  For example, the Vision Quest, used by many cultures in the past for positive purposes such as finding food and avoiding impending disasters, has now been renamed "Remote Viewing", classified "top secret" and is used for military intelligence.

Because the government considers Spiritual skills to be "secret military weapons", it has also embarked upon a program to prevent ordinary people from developing those skills by such means as radio frequency interference and chemical inhibitors added to processed food.
At the same time, it is working overtime to develop all varieties of so called "black magic" skills in its military operatives.

Religious groups, which may actually possess constructive Spiritual knowledge, do not share it with their followers but, instead, use whatever knowledge they have to control and scare those under their influence for the purpose of monetary profit.

Consequently, there is essentially no Spiritual progress occurring on the Earth.


The planet Earth poses no acute threat to galactic security.  However, we dare not underestimate the latent threat to galactic security should these savages embark upon serious interplanetary travels.

If the Earth Homosapien should be allowed to gain a foothold in space, it would, in all likelihood, export its home grown system of deceit and desire for conquest to other susceptible worlds.  We can safely predict, for example, that the Homosapien would likely go to some peaceful and unsuspecting planet, set up an underground nest like it has on the Earth, and then proceed to systematically destabilize the native society by such mechanisms as creating designer viruses and infiltrating the unsuspecting people with agent provocateurs with a goal of making the planet's inhabitants slaves of the Earth Homosapien.

Once such a process started, it could reach a point where it would be very difficult to reverse.

Therefore, it is recommended that this situation be "nipped in the bud" and that the Earth Homosapien be stopped now, before it causes serious and perhaps non reversible damage to other peace loving planets throughout the galaxy.


The planet commonly known as Earth is inhabited by a race known as Homosapien.  Homosapien, which are technically related to the much larger class of beings known as Humanoid, were manufactured eons ago by genetic engineers from an advanced civilization for the specific purpose of slave labor [mining gold is the generally accepted excuse for creating them].

The genetic encoding of the Homosapien is crude and sloppy using the simplest viable method of double strand DNA [other civilizations are based on at least three and usually four or more strands of DNA].
By error or incompetence, the Homosapien has a genetic predisposition towards violence against essentially everything [the lower animals, etc. - and also against fellow Homosapien].  It does not appear that this error in the encoding can be reversed. This ineptness in the manufacture of the Homosapien can possibly be explained away by noting that the slave labor force was originally designed to be temporary and was to be destroyed when no longer needed.  Indeed, attempts were made and recorded in ancient Earth books to do exactly this.  However, they were not entirely successful and the Homosapien survived and repopulated the Earth.

Today, the original manufactures and warders are long gone and the Homosapien has been left to its own devises and inclinations which have resulted in a society based on deceit where various groups of Homosapien constantly try to take over the planet resulting in a state of never ending war.  Also, on a lower level, individual and small groups of Homosapien spend their time scheming up ways to gain advantage over other Homosapiens in an effort to accumulate material goods.

There have been many contacts with Earth leaders, especially during the last 100 years, from benevolent advanced civilizations who have tried unsuccessfully to persuade Earth leaders to reform and seek a path which could allow it to join the society of advanced civilizations.  Earth leaders have been offered a variety of advanced technologies which could be used to improve the lives of the population.  In some cases, the offers were simply refused, Earth leaders preferring business as usual to any legitimate progress.  In other cases, offers were accepted only to have the technology misused to further enslave and generally harm the masses of the Earth.  We see no legitimate reason to continue to play with Earth leadership in the hope that they may someday decide to change their ways.  There is ample evidence to support the argument that this will never happen and continuing interaction with Earth is a simply a fruitless waste of time and effort.

In the past, the Planet Earth has been treated as a curiosity by advanced civilizations, its bizarre activities being confined to its own solar system.  Some souls from highly advanced civilizations have even chosen to incarnate into a Homosapien body to seek the thrill of a lifetime in a place where all civilized codes of human interaction had long ago been abandoned.

However, this passive approach is now impractical because the planet has developed the means to leave its solar system and such an event would pose a threat to the peace and security of the galaxy.  Therefore, the point has now been reached where a final solution has become necessary.

In summary, we find ourselves faced with a planet run by genetically enhanced Orangutans whose creators have abandoned them and who have evolved into a race of violent, unpredictable warriors, developed space travel capabilities and, having trashed the Earth, now seek to exploit and dominate peaceful societies on other planets.

Regardless of the mechanics of the solution ultimately adopted, the existence of the Earth Homosapien must end.  Physically, it is a manufactured creature, an abomination of nature, which therefore has no natural [GOD given] right to exist.

----Respectfully submitted to DDMC Command by WWSV,  SOIC ;